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Title: London, UK Mage Wars Tournament
Post by: Alex the banks on July 16, 2015, 05:13:03 PM
Edit 28/07/2015

So we have the details for the (first?) London Mage Wars tournament

Date: Sunday 16th August
Time: 12:15-18:00
Venue: Dark Sphere, 186 Hercules Road, London, SE1 7LD

About the Tournament

Dark Sphere is a hobby shop that mainly caters to the miniatures gaming crowd, but also runs tournaments for games like Magic the Gathering and Android: Netrunner, so has plenty of tables. I have booked 8 of these for our tournament, with the option for more on the day if needed.

It is a 10-15minute walk from Waterloo station or a 3 minute walk from Lambeth North station, one stop away from Waterloo on the Bakerloo line.

Also we have been in contact with Arcane Wonders and will be receiving Prize Support for this tournament, so stay tuned for more details on that.

What we need from you

Right now please confirm below if you will be attending based on the above info, and also tell us if you will bringing any more people who aren't on the forum. Even if you have expressed interest before it will be helpful to have a final confirmation on here, so that we can track our expected final numbers. This will influence the number of rounds for the tournament, and also how we divvy up the prize pool.

For those attending we may ask for a small donation to help us cover the costs of booking the venue, but it will be max. 3 so we hope that won't put people off.

We will continue to send out more specific details as the date draws nearer, and hope we can see a bunch of you in the Arena on the 16th!
Title: Re: London, UK Mage Wars Tournament
Post by: Slymnloves on July 17, 2015, 10:32:22 AM
I'm be there and I can probs bring my bro along too. Had a great time playing in UK expo tournament,would be good to see some of you guys there for this one too!
Title: Re: London, UK Mage Wars Tournament
Post by: Alex the banks on July 23, 2015, 07:54:30 AM
For those interested, it looks like the likely date for this will be either Saturday 15th or Sunday 16th August.

We may end up choosing the day based on which will work venue wise, but if people can let us know if one or both of these days would work, just so we can start getting an idea of numbers, that would also be helpful.

Our aim is for us to play 3-4 games in a Swiss system so would be 4-5 hours total.

You can find further discussion of this on BGG and both UK Mage Wars Facebook pages.