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Title: Multiplayer Domination: Wizard
Post by: iNano78 on May 27, 2016, 08:16:55 AM
Here is an Air Wizard I'm toying with for multiplayer Domination. 

The Schoolyard BullyWizard (Air)
Attack2 x  Bolt of V'Tar1 x  Chain Lightning1 x  Electrify2 x  Forked Lightning
2 x  Jet Stream1 x  Sandstorm1 x  Voltaic Discharge
1 x  V'Tarrian Energy Wave2 x  WindstormConjuration1 x  Gate to Voltari1 x  Mordok's Obelisk2 x  Poison Gas Cloud1 x  V'Torrak Gate1 x  Wall of Pikes1 x  Wizard's TowerCreature1 x  Azurean Genie
3 x  Blue Gremlin1 x  Darkfenne Hydra1 x  Gargoyle Sentry1 x  Jade Gremlin
1 x  Lightning Raptor
1 x  Redcrested Cockatrice
1 x  Sailfin Hydra
1 x  Whirling SpiritEnchantment1 x  Cheetah Speed1 x  Circle of Lightning1 x  Essence Drain2 x  Giant Size
2 x  Harmonize1 x  Hawkeye1 x  Minor Essence Drain
4 x  Shrink
2 x  Teleport Trap1 x  V'Tar Force SentryEquipment1 x  Gale Force Ring1 x  Lightning Ring1 x  Mage Wand1 x  Staff of Storms
1 x  Sistarran Robes
1 x  Repulsion Cloak
Incantation1 x  Cascading Force Wave1 x  Crumble
1 x  Disperse
1 x  Force Bash1 x  Group Heal1 x  Repulse1 x  Seeking Dispel1 x  Steal Enchantment1 x  Teleport
Total cost: 120 pts

It's going to get off to a slow start, but then hopes to overwhelm in the late game by bullying opposing creatures and messing with the board state.  This book is far more about screwing up the plans of the opposition than simply grabbing and holding down orbs.

A Harmonized Gate to Voltarii would be a decent start.  Then a Jade Gremlin gets summoned to poke the nearest Sslak and "phase out" to dodge its counterattack.  A Hydra (of either size) could get summoned next and double/triple strikes to do serious damage to Sslaks, not to mention makes for an intimidating threat.  Or a Lightning Raptor might make a decent second creature, but it won't be very effective for several rounds (and for that reason might get cut... but I do like that it can Stagger).

After that, a Wizard tower tossing Jet Streams or Bolts of V'tar can really mess with opposing Guards.  And all those full-action attack spells do similar when cast by my mage, either Push or Daze or Stun or Stagger.  And when all else fails, Shrink turns an opposing Guard into a Pest, while Giant Size can make a Sslak much harder for an opponent to take out.  If I need another threat to distract the opposition, Mordok's Obelisk is a terrible bane to the swarmy tactics that traditionally dominate in Domination... and it's somewhat asymmetric in this book (e.g. hurts other mages more than mine), especially if there's time to get Sistarran Robes on.

The weaknesses I see are (1) lack of walls (aside from Pikes to guarantee LoS from the Tower), (2) expensive friendly guards (e.g. generally take a full round of mana to summon), and (3) generally fewer creatures than most would run.  This might be the first mage that considers summoning his own Sslak via Vtorrak, as they're cheaper and just as useful as many of the creatures in this book.

I'm not sure it's "good," but worth trying and seeing if I can get it to work while figuring out how to improve it.


* This is part of a series of spell books designed for Free-for-all Multiplayer Domination.  The main discussion can be found here. ( *
Title: Re: Multiplayer Domination: Wizard
Post by: iNano78 on July 06, 2016, 12:42:33 PM
Interestingly, no changes required based on last night's announcement ( although I'm at least a little concerned about the lack of duplicate attack spells now that Wizard's Tower lost the spellbind trait.  Still, I probably have enough attack spells for the 7-10 rounds of typical Domination match, where creature actions are generally more useful than dealing damage, and most attack spells are included for their effects rather than raw damage (with the exception of V'Tarrian Energy Wave).