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Title: Aurora Assault Wizard
Post by: Sailor Vulcan on December 08, 2016, 07:57:44 PM
Aurora Assault WizardA Wizard (Air) Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack3 x Firestream2 x Piercing ThunderstrikeCreature1 x Aurora Lucere, Dawnbreaker's ChosenEnchantment2 x Arcane Ward3 x Shrink1 x Hoodwink1 x Gator ToughnessEquipment1 x Leather Chausses1 x Wychwood IronvineIncantation3 x Disperse3 x Crumble2 x CureConjuration
Total cost: 40 pts

R1: enchant self with face down gator toughness and equip leather chausses
R2: Summon Dawnbreaker's Chosen

This spellbook is very aggro. Have Dawnbreaker's Chosen guard you. Most creatures in academy are minor creatures, they will be unable to remove Dawnbreaker's Chosen's guard marker because she treats them as pests. If there are any major enemy creatures, use shrink to give them pest too. Remove things like armor and aegis etc and keep throwing attack spells at the enemy mage until they die. If necessary, use dawnbreaker's chosen to attack the enemy mage when it is safe to do so. Cure is good for dealing with pesky weaks on ur dawnbreaker's chosen. If enemy shrinks dawnbreaker's chosen, dispserse it!

Hope you like it! Enjoy!

Edit1: don't be afraid to attack the enemy Mage with dawnbreaker's chosen sometimes.

Edit2: replacing both copies of arcane ward with reveal magic. This is necessary so you can save your disperses for shrinks.

Edit3: don't be afraid to use cure on dawnbreaker's chosen to heal it, even if she has no condition markers on her.