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Title: MMO play by post Text Academy duels!
Post by: Sailor Vulcan on March 02, 2017, 06:56:27 PM
Build a 10-spellpoint academy deck. Your mage's life stat is lowered by 10. You can join the game at any time, you don't have to wait for it to finish.
When your mage dies you can respawn immediately. When you respawn, all your cards are returned to your spellbook, all your condition markers are removed, all damage is removed from your mage, and your mana is set back to your starting mana plus channeling.

You can leave the game whenever you feel like stopping, and you can jump back in whenever!

Have fun!

Note: It is your responsibility to keep track of your own channeling, mana and upkeep effects, as well as to know what your own cards do and anything else regarding spells and objects under your control. You also must do your own setup rounds before you post. No one is going to wait around while you prepare to enter the fray.

Also be courteous to other players and give them a chance to take a turn sometimes too. Don't monopolize the action phase.

Also if you want to keep track of your daily win/loss rate simply subtract the number of times your mage died from the number of times you killed a mage.
Title: Re: MMO play by post Text Academy duels!
Post by: keejchen on June 11, 2017, 06:19:58 AM
I'll bite. So how do we play?
Title: Re: MMO play by post Text Academy duels!
Post by: Sailor Vulcan on June 11, 2017, 08:00:06 PM
I'll bite. So how do we play?

Just build a ten spell point academy spellbook, do your setup rounds and then post what you've got in play. Probably good idea to have one row for each creature. Zone enchants can go in their own shared row at the bottom. Also good idea to use abbreviations.


Bm LCh
WwH1 FD enchant


Doesn't really matter what abbreviations you use or how you organize your post as long as it's clear what cards you have in play and what's attached to what.

It probably helps to have the cards youve got in play out in front of you IRL in order to keep track of things better but I'm not sure that's absolutely necessary.

Then each subsequent post you make will be a creature activation. Once you've run out of creatures to activate, say "end my round" and then wait for all the other currently active players to finish their rounds too. After about 30-60 sec of inactivity if no one posts a creature activation or says they're done with the  round, you can start the next round.

This might be easier to do on our discord channel.