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Title: Warlord Academy book
Post by: shapeshifter on September 17, 2017, 02:39:20 PM
I now have the Warlord Academy pack in my hands
There are a lot of really efficient creatures here.
But only being trained in the War School may be limiting.

I would like to learn other people's impressions and strategies
Haven't got it to the table yet but it looks like this:

1 Strategist's Helm
1 Ivarium Halberd
1 Commander's Cape
1 Tempered Faulds
1 Leather Vest
1 Wychwood Ironvine

1 Torgo, Pit Troll
1 Izimbila, Daughter of Badgers
1 Straywood Scout
1 Royal Armorer
1 Harshforge Construct
2 Harshforge Knight
2 Elven Soldier
1 Temple Sentry

2 Promotion
1 Press the Attack
1 Form Ranks
2 Dodge
1 Akiro's Game

1 Cure
1 Disperse
1 Crumble

Turn One - Commander's Cape + Royal Armorer
Turn Two - Elven Soldier with armor from Royal Armorer + Akiro's Game to be revealed next Reset Phase
Turn Three - Elven Soldier + Promotion (on first Elf)
Turn Four - Form Ranks (on Armorer) + Temple Sentry

Turn One - Ivarium Halberd
Turn Two - Izimbila, Daughter of Badgers
Turn Three - Press the Attack (Izimbila) + Guard/Attack
Turn Four - Torgo, Pit Troll  OR  Harshforge Knight + Dodge (Izimbila)

Spells I would like to try
Attack spells - there are zero attack spells in school and sometimes you need to finish something off
Satyr Gruff - an Arcane Soldier that can stagger consistently with Press the Attack/Promotion
Title: Re: Warlord Academy book
Post by: silverclawgrizzly on September 17, 2017, 04:38:32 PM
Use Telekinetic Bolt for an attack spell. So awesome.
Title: Re: Warlord Academy book
Post by: Puddnhead on September 17, 2017, 08:06:53 PM
First impressions is that you'll never get all of those creatures out in a game.  I'd stick with a couple different ideas for creatures and then trade a lot of those creatures for attack spells.  This gives you the ability to attack with a strong hit (torgo or izimbila) and then follow it up with a quick attack spell.  Could save you a lot of pain in the long run.

Otherwise I like your choices.  It might take too long to get all that equipment put on given your mana constraints, but definitely have a go and tell us how it works out!