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Title: Tools of the Trade - The Comprehensive Mage Wars Guide for all players
Post by: drmambo23 on January 15, 2018, 05:49:50 PM
General Uses For All Mages/ Mage Types

As Necromancer/Siren use the equipment spawnpoints + Altar of the Iron Guard, to spawn guards on the mage as necessary.
-   Keejchen

Guarding with rage creatures is a nice way to help you get the rage token (or deter attacks if they don't want to give you the token), plus they get to counter with the newly gained rage token.
-   Keejchen

Agony affects normal attack/strikes but also affects double, triple, and counterstrikes.
•   A darkfenne hydra’s base triplestrike with agony only rolls 3x1 dice and the counterstrike only rolls 2 dice

If you have 1-2 corrode tokens on you and have an equal amount of armor on, preferably a chest piece, you can put a rust on yourself to drop your armor amount there by removing the corrode tokens.  Then, use enchantment transfusion to move rust to an enemy creature.
-   Charmyna

Use Nullify with enchantment transfusion to counter a teleport or any other spell that will foil your plans!
-   Echephron

If you suspect your opponent to purge magic your enchantments on them or one of their creatures, have a nullify and enchantment transfusion on another creature within 2 zones.  When they reveal purge magic reveal enchantment transfusion during the counter spell step and move nullify to the purge target.  The nullify will cancel the purge.  You do spend more actions and set up time but the overall outcome will be in your favor if this works correctly.
-   Mystery

If you reveal poisoned blood (especially against a holy mage), prep a deathlock (assuming you have one) and cast it in the first QC to ensure they keep finite life and don't heal back up.
-   Sharkbait

Cast reverse attack on the creature you intend to put a hate token on when casting chant of rage on an enemy.
-   Sharkbait

When a target gains/ has a +X trait such as “lightning +1” the damage dice and the effect die are both modified.  Likewise, if the target has “lightning -1” the damage dice and effect die are still modified.  This also works with attacks that state “+X vs flying, non-living, etc.” Both damage dice and effect dice are modified.

If you are facing a warlord with strategist helm, put magebane on the warlord.  If he uses the helm he will take 3 damage per turn instead of 2.
-   Farkas1

Casting 2 mana generators such as 2 crystals/ flowers, 1 flower and 1 wispwillow/ moonglow amulet is considered a “soft opening” because it does not reveal any plans to your opponent, only increases channeling.
-   Intangible

Battleforge placement can dictate what side of the board you or your opponent want the fight to take place since the forge can still target a mage at range 2.  Placement near your starting corner typically, but not always, means a slower build is being played.  Placement in the center or near the center of the board may reveal that the fight will take place sooner than you may expect.
-   Coshade

Use force push to push an enemy through wall of thorns. If you push a mage through the wall they will take 10 dice of damage.
-   Biblofilter

Spells that help against non-living and undead, especially in a necromancer mirror match:
•   Curse of decay does not have the poison subtype.
•   Agony works on non-living and undead to reduce the amount of dice they roll.
•   Chains of agony works against undead and non-living creatures to deal direct damage when they move.  This helps especially since most undead/ non-living are slow or lumbering and will not be an immediate threat but will still take the damage.
•   Marked for Death adds one die to any creature that attacks the enchanted creature. This is very helpful for dealing with resilient and incorporeal (the more dice the better!)
•   Enfeeble will keep a lumbering zombie at a distance for a while and keep them from guarding or attacking your wounded creature.

Grey Wraith and Blue Gremlin do not need line of sight to teleport and can use this advantage to teleport through a wall.

Chain lightning can be used on a flyer or a wall to hit the next target on the other side of a wall.

Putting reverse attack on yourself then melee attacking a big guard will help take the guard down faster.
Steal equipment can still be used if the enemy has champions gauntlets equipped.

Whirling Strike and Sweeping Strike can be used with the Water Elemental to hit creatures in different zones.  The effects from your first attack resolve before your next (sweeping) strike which allows you to push the first creature into the next zone, follow it, and then use sweeping to hit another creature.  With whirling strike you can move the elemental 3 zones if you get the push each attack and hit 3 different targets, one in each zone.
Use sleep to target a flame immune creature when fighting the adramelech warlock.  She, most likely, will not be able to attack it and wake it up. 

Galvanize can be used remove the stun gained from overextend allowing your soldier to activate next turn.

Altar of Infernia only affects melee +X traits.  Any card that specifically states that dice are added in any way other than melee +X, such as marked for death, straywood scout, focused strike, academy weapons, etc will still provide bonuses because they are not listed as melee +X.  Also, attacks and traits that add dice such as light +!, flame +!, +2 vs. non-living, etc will still work with the altar because they are not listed as melee +X but as adding dice.
This means that these cards are not affected by the altar:
•   Ranged +X
•   Piercing +X
•   Charge +X
•   Bloodthirsty +X
•   AC Warlock’s Bloodreaper
•   Necromancer’s Eternal Servant
•   Lightning raptor
•   Afflicted demon
•   Ballad of courage
•   Smite
•   Zombie frenzy
-   iNano78

An elemental wand with an attack that deals direct damage or can put on corrode markers is a great way to deal with resilient.

Purify removes not only poison conditions but enchantments with the poison subtype, poisoned blood, plagued, and ghoul rot

Immediately after you reveal telekinetic bomb play siphon energy.  This will remove 1 dissipate, heal you mage, and the bomb will detonate on the following upkeep.

Run a goblin bomber in a zone with a few enemies then use overextend.  The bomber will then be able to detonate, making a zone attack, and you do not have to deal with the stun from overextend.

You do not have to pay for the mandatory reveal on enchantments if you think it will set you back mana.  Choosing to not pay voids the spell but can save you mana.

The steps for casting a spell are as followed: 1. Declare Spell, 2. Pay Costs, 3. Counter Spell and 4. Resolve Spell.  First, you must follow all steps for casting, just like any spell. Then, if the spell is not countered, you must resolve the attack, following the steps for attacking.  The attack sequence begins during step 4, the resolve spell step.  When you cast an attack spell, it is both a spell and an attack. The target of the attack is always the same as the target you chose when you cast the spell. The rules also state that “When a spell resolves, if you find that the target of the spell is no longer a legal target or has moved, then the spell is cancelled”.  You check for targeting of the spell during step 1, declare, and step 4, resolve.  If the target is legal during both checks the spell is not negated and is completed as normal.  This being said, Eagle Wings can’t be revealed at any point during the attack steps which begin at step 4 of the cast spell sequence, but can be until any point after counter spell, step 3, of casting a spell. This can be tricky but you have a small window when the target is established, costs are paid, and spell is revealed to counter a spell that does not target flying creatures such as Quick Sand Seismic Burst, Stalagmite, Surging Wave, Swell, Tsunami, Whirlpool, Tanglevine, Stranglevine, Earthquake, and the effect from Vinewhip Staff since it is a quick spell.  *Tsunami, while it is a zone attack, it only attacks non-flying objects.  Revealing Eagle wings will only cancel the attack on that creature and all other legal targets will still be attacked.  Revealing Eagle Wings does not work with countering enchantments such as Stumble and Tangleroot since there is no reveal step for an enchantment after another enchantment is revealed.  It also will not counter Gate to Hell as that effect is instantaneous.
Following this method of revealing eagle wings to cancel certain spells, the same can be said with maim wings. 

You can reveal maim wings on a flyer to drop them behind a wall or into elephant grass to block line of sight from the attack.
-   Puddinhead

Poisoned Blood cannot be revealed to counter a Healing Charm because there's no counter spell step for revealing enchantments.
-   Puddinhead

Poisoned Blood must be revealed before a creature takes an action to drink from the Renewing Spring.
Don't wait until you have 20+ damage to heal.  Heal when you've got 12 damage.  Most people don't Finite Life that early.
-   Puddinhead

Zone attacks will attack invisible objects and/or creatures.
Giant wolf spider get a +4 to its effect roll if the creature is restrained.  Tanglevine is one of the most efficient ways to assure the creature is restrained and the spider gets the buff.
-   Farkas1

Deathlock is a good way to prevent a necromancer from healing since poisoned blood cannot be used on him.

Unmovable is a good trait to have, especially when facing a siren, forcemaster, or druid.  Eagleclaw boots are very reliable if you are anyone but a war mage.  If you are a war mage then steadfast boots are your spell of choice.  In rare cases, you may even find the need to tanglevine a friendly creature to keep them out of harms way against these 3 mages.

Whirlpool has no effect on flying and aquatic creatures.  These are easy to recognize as the traits are listed on the card and in the subtype section of a card. Whirlpool also does not work on uncontainable creatures; incorporeal and unstoppable creatures also have the uncontainable trait. This list of creatures includes:
•   Devouring jelly
•   Magma golem
•   Water elemental (aquatic)
•   Sardonyx, blight of the living
•   Talos
•   Invisible stalker
•   Whirling spirit
•   Fire elemental
•   Grey wraith

Title: Re: Tools of the Trade - The Comprehensive Mage Wars Guide for all players
Post by: drmambo23 on January 15, 2018, 05:50:01 PM
Dark Mages

Summoning Circle works with Animate Dead.
-   Keejchen

Curse Item can target equipment at range 2.  This allows you to stay obscured from the enemy while dealing with equipment.

If you choose to run Temple of Light, for action and damage output, and happen to run zombies, run ziggurat of undeath.  This will allow you to reanimate your enemies as zombies and allows you to get an extra die with the temple of light because they both have the temple subtype.

Drain soul is fantastic but I would suggest also running drain life and/or siphon life as these can both be used in a on a necromancer while drain soul cannot.

Holy Mages

Cassiel can only cast spells with the healing and protection subtypes.  This list is extensive but do not forget these cards are also on that list: Resurrection, Enchanters Wardstone, Desperate Focus, Jeweled Scarab, Siphon Energy, Wand of Healing, Sunfire Amulet, Renewing Rain, and Armor Ward.

Summoning Circle works with resurrection.

Eye for an Eye is fantastic against resilient and incorporeal creatures because it deals direct damage to the attacker.

You can reveal divine intervention to teleport to the top of a steep hill, friendly or enemy, then cast tsunami.
-   Biblofilter

Life Link combined with Healing Madrigal allows you to heal the target creature 5 damage a turn and your mage will only take 1 damage a turn instead of 3.

Divine Intervention will interrupt any action.  Use this to your advantage by teleporting you or a friendly creature out of the way of an attack, cancel a creature summon from the enemy mage, or get out of range of an incantation or enchantment.
-   DevilsVendetta, Reddicediaries, iNano78

Divine Intervention a big creature to the enemy’s zone on turn 2.

Divine Intervention can be revealed to counter an opponent’s Mana Siphon. Mana Siphon states that the controlling mage must, not may, choose a mage within 2 zones to have channeling -2.  If you teleport out of range the caster must choose their mage and lose 2 channeling until they destroy the siphon.
-   Boocheck

Remove curse targets an object, not revealed curses so you can have Cassiel can cast remove curse for 0 mana to give you 2 mana.
-   Puddinhead

If you couple divine intervention with an enchantment transfusion, you've got an on demand counterspell.
-   RomeXero

Fight near your Temple of Asyra so you can deploy a Messenger of Bim-Shalla and get a heal before Quickcast.
-   Puddinhead

Nature Mages

Fellella is nature only so druids can use her.
-   Farkas1

Fellella can cast maim wings on herself.  If she is flying in a zone with elephant grass, you can reveal maim wings to counter the spell because she is then obscured.  This works especially well if they somehow make the attack unavoidable with the help of focused strike, sniper shot, or fire at will.
-   Puddinhead

If you want to get some fire damage on the enemy there are other options besides fire spells which you pay triple for.  Take a look at:
•   Firefist Brawler
•   Combustion demon
•   Flaming hellion
•   Firebrand imp
•   Unstable fire imp
•   Hellfire trap
-   Werekingdom
Title: Re: Tools of the Trade - The Comprehensive Mage Wars Guide for all players
Post by: drmambo23 on January 15, 2018, 05:50:10 PM

If your creature gets hit with chant of rage, you can siren's call to semi nullify the problem. You may have to move to do it, but two mandatory actions can give you the ability to save your creature.

You can Siren’s Call twice per turn allowing you to call two friendly creatures to get the buffs or call an enemy closer and then call a buddy get stronger and hit them once they are in range. That being said, you only have 1 siren's call token so you have to wait until the first creature activated before you can call the second.

Sirens call with your quick cast then guard with your full action to save your creatures from taking a big hit.

Put agony on an enemy creature in her sea to make their attack roll 3 less dice.

The swamp is also an aquatic terrain which means apart from its utility to hinder board movement, it also allows the siren to regen 1 and naiya to channel 2 if they are in that zone.

Araxian Crown Warlock

With the Araxian Crown you can cast a bridge troll then Deathlink and Theft Of Life on him. You can essentially gain an extra regen 3 on top of regen 2. If they kill the troll you get Deathlink back, if they only go after him he can also choose to regenerate 2 if you want.
-   Coshade

Curse weave Rise again to reanimate multiple creatures.

Rise again a flame immune creature when fighting an adramelech warlock.

Curse weaving works on friendly creatures too.  Some helpful curses for this ability are demonic bloodlust and demonic link.

Adramelech Warlock

If an enemy already has burns on them, put demonic link or demonic bloodlust a friendly creature and use adramelechs torment to place a burn on them and fireweave it over to the enemy.
-   Sharkbait

Range attacks trigger demonic reward for the mage and sersiryx.

The flame+1 trait enemies obtain from your curses also works if they are attacked by a wall of fire, hellfire trap, circle of fire, and explode.

While wearing the demonhide mask, during the declare attack step you can reveal enchantment transfusion to move a demonic link to your mage.  This will give your mage melee +1, let the mage heal 1 damage, and benefit from her demonic reward ability.

Marked for death and rust are both dual purpose curses.  Marked for death allows you to roll 2 additional dice when dealing flame damage and rust allows you to roll 1 additional die and give them armor -2.
-   Sharkbait


Since the Adramelech Warlock focuses on burning but still wants to use curses to fuel the flames and the Araxian Crown Warlock focuses on curses but still wants to watch the world burn, it’s a good rule of thumb to use 2 Fireshaper Rings and 1 Ring of Curses with the Adramelech and 2 Ring of curses and 1 Fireshaper ring with the Araxian Crown.

If you use your quick cast to drop pentagram and then your or a friendly creatures full action to attack right after, you will immediately gain a mana on the pentagram and be able to spawn from it next deployment.
-   Intangible


If you use the Giant wolf Spider and Tanglevine trick mentioned above, the druid can deploy a tanglevine or stranglevine anywhere on the board that has a vine marker further assuring the restrained creature doesn’t get far.

As a Druid, use Tattaree and Meredias Blessing on top of the bond to heal your tree for 7 life per turn. Even better with Etherian Lifetree up.
-   Keejchen

If an enemy creature is giving you trouble and you are running vine tree, deploy a creature on the opposite side of the board and use chant of rage on you quick cast. The hate token will go on the creature you just summoned and the enemy will spend a few rounds running across the board and by you some time.
Altar of iron Guard combos with the vine tree and Casting vine snappers or any plant creature.  This is very effective for killing things and guarding important conjurations.
-   Farkas1

Bloodwave Warlord

A creature does not have to be a soldier to receive a Vet token
Vet tokens work on skeletons which is perfect because most are soldiers and have no armor to start with.  The skeletons that are soldiers and will also benefit from your commands, formations, and battle orders.

Anvil Throne Warlord

Given that the Dwarf has the Tough -2 trait, colossus belt would allow him to have tough -4.  You can also use the halberd with a battle order to give him another tough -2 bringing him to tough -6.  This will also stack with cards such as raincloud and elemental cloak.


Use Conquer to remove a Druids bonded tree, without having to deal with the 7 regen if they used the combo listed above.
-   Keejchen

The target line for gear up is mage, not friendly mage.  So if you suspect you have a nullify on you, you can cast gear up on the enemy mage and then put up to 3 equipment cards on to your mage.
-   Coshade

Drop ballista on the final quick cast when your opponent has initiative.  This ensures that you will be able to strike with the ballista first on your initiative.

The zone attack on Akiro’s Hammer can be used to hit invisible and obscured objects/ creatures in the zone.
Play Akiro’s Hammer on your turn then ballista on your next turn.  Because they need 2 load tokens to fire, you will then be able to shoot with one every other round and keep them both from being idle on the same turn.
-   Laddinfance

Summon 3 goblin legionnaires while you have altar of the iron guard in play to have 3 guards in 1 turn.  If you already have armory out, they come in guarding and also have melee +1 and armor +1. 


Auras can work on undead/ non-living creatures. Example: If a Paladin felt so inclined to use a Skeletal Knight with the Martyrs and Resolute Auras activated, the Knight would get armor +2, tough -2 and the Paladin could take 2 damage instead of the knight. 

Martyrs Aura will also work on incorporeal creatures.  Incorporeal creatures have the finite life trait, but this does not stop transferring damage.  This does, however, stop healing so the cleansing aura will not work on them.

Use song of love on your challenge target.  This way you get to reroll your dice but they will not get that benefit.
-   Puddinhead

You can challenge an archer within 2 zones, as you have line of site.  As long as you keep out of range of the archer or keep the threats up so they feel the need to shoot targets other than your mage, you can gain a valor every time they shoot any non-mage object, conjuration or creature.

Sword of Radiance states that when “radiant slash attack deals 5 or more damage, gain 1 valor.”  The attack does not specify enemy creatures so you can bash down conjurations, friendly creatures, etc to gain valor.  Killing or damaging a tanglevine with the sword, dealing at least 5 damage in the process, to potentially free your mage or friendly creature while gaining 1 valor is a perfect example.
-   Puddinhead

Don’t underestimate or look over auras.  The paladin has a dual school training but the auras are what make his mage unique!  More importantly, these auras cost no spell book points or mana! They are activated a quick action and valor.

You can use temple of the dawnbreaker to force your challenge target to reroll all of their dice after they have already used their challenge reroll.
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Post by: drmambo23 on January 15, 2018, 05:50:17 PM

Holy Avenger also triggers if a holy conjuration is attacked.  Don’t overlook this – this could make Holy Avengers very useful and powerful in a book that works around holy temples and Metatron as the front line or support.
Putting your mage on guard with Radiant Breastplate is a good, in school way, to help trigger your holy avenger ability.

Holy Avenger something level 1 early (Dawnbreaker's Initiate is a good one) It's only 2 mana and you get double HP and at the very least the enemy will focus on that creature before your other ones. Otherwise, you'll get a lot of extra damage out of it!
-   Puddinhead


The restore ability can be used to remove ANY condition marker but also can be useful for:
•   stuns from your creature when you remove mind control
•   daze and/or burns placed on by the priest
•   burns from the adramelech warlock
•   a stun from overextend

Equipping Sunfire Amulet allows the priestess to passively gain up to 2 life per turn.


Use Sacrificial Altar with an Eternal Servant Plague Zombie.  Sarifice the zombie with the altar to bomb the zone of living creatures with rot conditions then reanimate it.  Repeat.
-   Keejchen

Use idol of pestilence to damage your opponent without taking damage yourself because you are poison immune.  If you are using udead or non living creatures they are also immune to the idol of pestilence and the plague zombies rots, if you use the tip mentioned above.

If you run zombies, the ziggurat of undeath and graveyard have perfect synergy!  You can reanimate your enemy and get mana on the graveyard.  In one enemy creature death you have gained 1 more action than your opponent, mana on your spawnpoint, and another poison immune creature.

Grey Wraith is a great incorporeal creature for any dark mage!  However, the wraith cannot be an eternal servant or be deployed from the libro mortuos because it does not have the undead subtype. The wraith can be deployed from the graveyard, though.

Death Ring allows you to have a discount from your spawnpoint (libro mortuos or graveyard) and when your mage summons an undead creature.  This also works if you decide to run the libro and graveyard, you still will get the discount from each if you deploy from both.

Death ring, if you use a spawnpoint or plan to play a necro or undead spell just about every round, can be a mana flower/ crystal supplement. You save 1 sbp and you are potentially saving more mana if you cast 2 spells a turn that receive the discounts.

If you choose the undead/ non-living creature route you will find there is not much need to buff them with enchantments/ incantations; they are very solid creatures and can stay around for a long time.  That being said, most enchantments that will buff a creature only target living creatures.  This is advantageous for the necromancer because he does not have to worry about spending precious spell book points on enchantments for creature support but can instead spend those points on curses, attacks, incantations, or conjurations.

Straywood Beastmaster

 Use a Dragonclaw Wolverine with the pet token (and other lifegain) since healing removes the rage tokens.
-   Keejchen

Quick summoning lvl one animal puts immediate threat on board.  Falcons and asps draw the most hate.
-   Farkas1

Quick summoning and rouse the beast super effective at getting two creatures out per turn.  Combo with wychwood fairy and ring of beasts to get out Two creatures more mana efficiently.
-   Farkas1

Double call to the wild with an animal swarm. Basically a hurl Boulder, only 2 spell book points and 8 mana.
-   Farkas1

Pet a thunderift falcon and enchant it with lion savagery. The falcon will be flying, fast and roll 6 dice, when it is not in the same zone as the beastmaster, and have piercing one.  Very cheap and mana efficient pet!
-   Farkas1

Mana efficiency wise it's better to have pet marker on lower level creature 4 mana enchantment is the standard.  3 may be more standard in academy.  So pet ability for only 2 mana on a level is great. Saving ideally 2 mana.  A level 2 animal is still pretty good.  After that it gets to be closer to a regular cost enchantment. Although it is still pretty good and one of the best creature buffs in the game. 
-   Farkas1

Equip the Packleaders cowl and use the beastmaster’s quick summoning ability to have instant guards.  Not all level one animals are good options for this but wychwood hounds and feral bobcats can be quite effective.
-   Farkas1

Johktari Beastmaster

Wounded prey is not only limited to giving her animals +1 melee; this ability also gives the johtari beastmaster an extra die is a free action for free mana! Don’t overlook this ability

Marked for death is an easy way to stack another die with wounded prey. Another option, which is in school for the beastmaster, is the straywood scout.  The scout can help you get action advantage and stack dice for your creatures.

Because of her fast trait, on turn 1 you can run 2 spaces and drop a lair on the enemy’s side of the board and have mana left over for a wispwillow amulet or an enchantment.


Tomb Guardian, Force Gremlin, Force Caracal, Force Golem, Psionic Cobra, and Psionic Scarab can all be casted through mind’s eye as they are all quick cast spells.

Unlike the Invisible Stalker, the 6 force creatures mentioned above are corporeal and may be targeted by any spell that targets corporeal objects as long as non-living does not affect the spells targeting. Battle Fury is a good example of this.

While you may not be able to mind control familiars from a different mage, you can mind control an opposing thoughtspore.
-   Puddinhead

Force Scarab is great for dealing with resilient creatures, especially zombies.  The aegis 2 and non-living traits mean that a zombie brute, with no buffs, will roll a maximum of 2 dice against it and all of the damage the scarab deals can be critical damage which negates resilient.

You can forcepull yourself up a steep hill through mind’s eye to avoid using your full action
-   Puddinhead

Use mind control a flame immune creature against the adramelech warlock
-   Puddinhead

Reveal galvanize right after mind control.  This will allow you to drop the stun and use the creature immediately.
-   Puddinhead

When you reveal chant of rage, put the hate token on a force gremlin.  Chant of rage does not state that you must target the creature for the hate token.  The gremlin is invisible, so as long as you keep it out of the same zone as the enchanted creature they will be forced to chase after it.
-   Beldin

Lesser Invisibility only becomes removed when the enchanted creature makes an attack.  Put Lesser Invisibility on a thought spore with an incantation to get the best bang for your buck.  The enchantment can also be extend another turn with Headdress of Stasis.
Title: Re: Tools of the Trade - The Comprehensive Mage Wars Guide for all players
Post by: drmambo23 on January 15, 2018, 05:50:26 PM

If you have the first quick cast of the game then play the Gate of Voltari as your first quick cast.  This will allow you to get maximum mana generation at the start of the game.

 If you are facing a warlord with strategist helm, every time they use their free action to cast battle orders you get a mana on the Gate of Voltari.  You can acquire 3 mana per turn instead of the normal 2.
-   Farkas1

If you play Mordok’s Tome and wizard’s tower then you have the possibility of 1 attack, 3 prepared spells to choose from, a melee attack, and the arcane zap – 6 options for you to choose from and your opponent to worry about.  If you have either elemental wand or mage wand equipped then you have 7 options to choose from!

The Voltaric Shield combos very well with leather armor and Veteran’s Belt.  Running a battleforge is recommended but not required to pull this off. You will nullify 3 damage with your shield and then any damage done after that for the rest of the round should be soaked up by armor and the belt.

Huginn can only cast level 1-2 incantation spells.  While this list is extensive, I would like to recommend a few that will help the familiar stay useful and out of danger:
•   Defend on a friendly gargoyle so that it may intercept any attack.
•   Disarm since that spell is range 2 and will allow your mage to capitalize on a quick cast right after
•   Heal – 8 dice of healing at range 2 is great!
•   Sleep – you use the ravens full action but force the opponent to react to your plans now and take a potential threat off the board for a turn
•   Explode – this will not keep him out of danger as it is range 0-1 but it can be a crucial turning point in the game

Huginn can peek at hidden enchantments so that you are never surprised!

Hawkeye is an excellent card for the wizard since he is the only mage with a built in range attack.
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