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Title: Double Forge Jedi
Post by: DevilsVendetta on June 08, 2018, 07:18:59 PM
Double Forge JediA Forcemaster Stats Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBBA Forcemaster Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack1 x Telekinetic Bolt2 x Force Hammer1 x Acid BallConjuration1 x Mana Crystal2 x Battle Forge1 x Mind's EyeCreature1 x Invisible Stalker2 x Psionic Cobra2 x Psionic Scarab3 x Thoughtspore1 x Tomb Guardian1 x Meditating MonkEnchantment1 x Akiro's Favor3 x Blur2 x Arcane Ward1 x Force Shield1 x Armor Ward1 x Bear Strength1 x Cheetah Speed1 x Critical Strike1 x Falcon Precision1 x Force Orb1 x Force Sword1 x Forcefield1 x Redistributed Power1 x Rhino Hide2 x Telekinetic Bomb1 x Reverse Attack1 x Poisoned Blood1 x Summoning Circle1 x Marked for DeathEquipment1 x Dancing Scimitar1 x Enchanter's Ring1 x Force Armor2 x Symbiotic Orb1 x Galvitar, Force Blade1 x Gauntlets of Strength1 x Illusory Leggings1 x Leather Boots1 x Psi-Orb2 x Wispwillow Amulet1 x Regrowth BeltIncantation1 x Sleep1 x Force Push1 x Teleport1 x Lesser Teleport1 x Minor Heal2 x Dispel2 x Dissolve
Total cost: 120 pts

T1 (20): Forge (12) to the right and move down 1-cast Wispwillow (9)
T2 (20+1): Deploy enchanter's ring (19), either Forge 11) in corner or move right 1 and Forge on bottom, and FD enchant (10) (depends on opposing mage)
T3 (21+1+1): deploy leather (20) and gauntlets (18) (if slower) or scimitar (16) & galvitar (6) (if aggressive), FD enchant-attack or FD enchant-monk/cobra/fd summoning circle
Title: Re: Double Forge Jedi
Post by: DevilsVendetta on June 08, 2018, 07:32:19 PM
The preliminary changes I'm considering:

- 2 Bombs & 1 Cobra & 1 Lesser Tele
+ 2 Tanglevines
Title: Re: Double Forge Jedi
Post by: silverclawgrizzly on June 08, 2018, 10:07:56 PM
I like this book. I think the addition of at least 1 tanglevine is a smart decision.
Title: Re: Double Forge Jedi
Post by: Biblofilter on June 09, 2018, 03:01:15 AM
I'm a big fan of Battle Forges.  ::)

I do think you should try to put more equipment in, when you plan to have two in play.

You have Psi-Orb which is fine, especially if you keep the Invisible Stalker.
Headdress of Stasis is pretty good as well and a lot cheaper.
Leather Helmet (promo)

You got 2 Wispwillow Amulet.
Unless you got a plan for that early +3 Mana i think Moonglow Amulet is better just because it saves you 2 spellbook points.
Eye of Ball is fun, but i would wait until Grizzly is tired of playing his new Warlock.
Jeweled Scareb is very tempting, especially if you run dissipating creatures.

Dampering Cloak (promo) seems good.
Else i would consider Elemental Cloak or Waterfall Cloak.

Enchanter Ring fine with all the enchantments you got.
Defense Ring i would absolute put in, and cut Force Orb and Force Sword.
Force Ring ?

Force Armor seems obvious. The Piercing -2 kind of makes me want to put in more armor.

^^ Id change Regrowth Belt for Wychwood Ironvine.
Colossus Belt is something im considering in every book these days.

Gauntlet of Strength is another obvious choice. I might even bring a back-up.

Symbiotic Orb x2 - yes :)

Leather Boots fine.
Eagleclaw Boots however might be better.

Leather Chausses is fine.
Tempered Faulds nice as well, especially with Colossus Belt.

Im considering Shifratar - might not be as good as Galvitar, but its a lot cheaper.
I would not mind adding a "bait" wand:
Mage Wand with Seeking Dispel
Ele Wand with Swell, Firestream, Stalagmite, Jetstream, Geyser, Invisible Fist, Hurl Rock, Acid Ball, Surging Wave - something cheap you could cast every round through Minds Eye to bait him/her to come close and dissolve it.
Wand of Healing cheap and good for condition removal.
Title: Re: Double Forge Jedi
Post by: DevilsVendetta on June 09, 2018, 06:36:05 AM
I've thought about a wand but can't play it with the weapon and orb.
Title: Re: Double Forge Jedi
Post by: bigfatchef on June 10, 2018, 03:20:46 AM
Oh I really like that book. Finally I see a good plan what to do with all those qc creatures. Cast them as qc while fighting with your main action and let 2 forges equip you. Nice!

If the posted ones are your standard openings, I don't see a point in the later game to cast
- crystal
- stalker
- 3 spores
Guess you have an alternate plan going monk/crystal/spores/minds eye first and jumping to battle later. Am I right? Maybe with only 1 forge then?

But eher do you plan with stalker?

All in all very nice :)
Title: Re: Double Forge Jedi
Post by: Biblofilter on June 10, 2018, 04:25:26 AM
The Wand was intended as Dissolve bait.

Ele w Firestream
Mage w Seeking Dispel

I mean if he/she keeps the distance you just keep using it.
And then go back to Shield/Weapon.

It meh i guess :)

Ill go a long the lines of bigfatchief.
Why have a Meditating Monk if you donīt intend to open with it?
Title: Re: Double Forge Jedi
Post by: DevilsVendetta on June 10, 2018, 09:26:40 AM
Because I need to move in order to get the forges on opposite sides of the board so the Monk has to wait at least a round or two. Stalker is there if the opposing mage is going to give me time to wait a few rounds before engaging and I'll have the mana saved up for it by waiting on Galvitar for a few rounds.

One of the mistakes I made against Enti in our ADMW game was engaging too quickly. Once I saw he was playing a dark mage, I should have been aware of probable curses and gotten a Thoughtspore out earlier, if not two.

The wand idea isn't bad except finding 4 SBP for either one is going to be hard.

I might actually even cut the crystal. The book originally had 2, but the 2nd was along with the Jeweled Scarab to go with the two Wispwillow strat. I like the dual Wisp over the Moonglow because it is cheaper to play with the double forge and rotate them when they get down to 1 dissipate, and if I somehow need to let 1 die, I still have a backup to deal with an eye of bael strat. I don't think I have enough creatures for a Scarab strat since I definitely plan on cutting 1 cobra.

I will definitely be adding the Mind cloak. I'd love to make the change to Eagleclaw boots but it was one of the last cuts I made to save the single point. I'd also like to get the Faulds in, but there's no way I'm cutting the Elusive Pants so I'd have to find 2 more points especially with how often guards are used in local games.

Title: Re: Double Forge Jedi
Post by: bigfatchef on June 10, 2018, 09:55:35 AM
A general thought.
You have 23 enchantments and no support in casting them.
You have 13 attacks and incantations and 3 spores to help you cast them, but they stay so quantity is just for choice. Only 1 eye is supporting this, though. With a wand you would have even more support in this line.
You have 13 equipment and 2 forges to help you deploy. You want to cast wisp. yourself that leaves 12 for 2 forges. Could be more.

-> without looking deeper into your strategy you should go for less enchantments, since I guess you will never cast them all, even if some stay there for choice. That would give more room for attacks, incantations and equipment (also room for choices here then)