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Title: Game redesign: modular board and paper miniatures
Post by: camilo on September 22, 2019, 01:47:58 PM
I really like the game except for the mess of the cards on the board so I decided to redesign it a bit. There is a few pics of the work in progress, although it's almost done:



I made double side tiles with exterior and interior design and added walls to the second ones. Every tile is divided into nine cells. I also replaced the creatures cards with small versions of the cards standing on paper bases and used other tokens for the zone cards. In the next image you can see all the new tokens in more detail:


The purpose of the previous tokens from left to right are:

The following image shows how the base works. The idea for that base is from (


The concept to zone remains, but it's redefined as the 3x3 cells centered in a character or token. When placing a zone token you can put them in any cell, not only the center of the tile. If you put a zone token corresponding to a zone card which is zone exclusive, their zone can't overlap the zone of another zone token corresponding to another zone exclusive card.

Movement is orthogonal and you can move up to three cells (or six cells using the quick action for movement). That's equal to moving one or two zones. Your creatures can move through friendly ones, but not through enemies. A cell can contain only one creature. Any creature can move through zone token and end his movement on a cell containing a zone token, no matter who is the owner of that one.

The melee attack is orthogonal and characters must be in contiguous cells. The range attack is a bit tricky, the length of a zone is equal to three cells, so you must multiply the range by three. Next, you must check the distance from your character to any target cell. If it's equal or less than the range, you can attack any creature of the zone corresponding to the target cell, if you have a line of sight to that creature. Line of sight works like in descent, from a corner from the cell of the attacker to a corner of the cell of the target creature.

Guarding works the same way taking into account the new concept for zones. If you attack another creature and their zone contains another creature with the guard token, that creature will be the new target.

For the walls, you must put up to three wall tokens over the cells divisions, and they must be contiguous. If you want, you can put only one or two walls.


I feel the game a bit more tactical because you need to plan what path to follow in the interior tiles and you need to plan better the melee attacks because you need to move your characters to the cell adjacent to the other character. Anyway, I still need to finish all the tokens, including the ones for battleground domination and test it more.
Title: Re: Game redesign: modular board and paper miniatures
Post by: keejchen on October 10, 2019, 10:11:26 PM
Wow, this is an amazing conversion. Well done!
Title: Re: Game redesign: modular board and paper miniatures
Post by: RobMurray on October 11, 2019, 10:07:38 AM
Wow, very impressive. Is there a way you could integrate the creature's action marker onto the base? That way you, and your opponent, could quickly see which creatures have acted / not acted? (Instead of looking across the board at the other person's action markers)
Title: Re: Game redesign: modular board and paper miniatures
Post by: drmambo23 on October 15, 2019, 08:09:08 AM
Well done sir. Can't wait to see it finished!
Title: Re: Game redesign: modular board and paper miniatures
Post by: echephron on October 16, 2019, 04:27:34 PM
looks great