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Title: Career Mode
Post by: Aquila on December 25, 2012, 06:13:50 AM
An idea for a carrer mode will be, to halve the starting spellbook points from 120 to 60 and reduce the total life points by ten!
I have tried it, and the mages are very limited to their basic tactics, this way! But this was okay!
After each game, the winner receives a fixed amount of spellbook points, a little more than the Loser!
Lets say, 20 points for the winner and 17 points for the Loser! So balancing is preserved and no one can outgrow the other one! Also everyone gets 2 more total life points, after each game!
The distinctiveness is, that every destroyed card, stays destroyed! So if one creature dies in the arena, it's gone from your book for further games!! If you want to have it in your book again you must spend the points to add it.
If it's not possible to make progress with the mage this way, maybe the reward must be higher!

Tell me what you think about that!

Merry Christmas everyone!  :P
Title: Re: Career Mode
Post by: Trufs on January 07, 2013, 04:49:07 AM
Sounds cool but also a little hard because even though you win and u get more and more points for spellbook you get less and less creatures to choose from. Also the fact that the winner is getting stronger is also kinda weird/bad. I mean it makes sense but when someone wins there's a chance that the won because they are a little better (or just had luck) and next game they play with better terms so the gap can widen and it can be much harder for the loser to get back at him. How about loser gets more so he can have a bigger chance to win ? :)
Title: Re: Career Mode
Post by: Aquila on January 07, 2013, 03:52:57 PM
You're absolutely right! We've tried it and it realy not worked!
As you said, in the end the mages get weaker with time and the gap widens...
Title: Re: Career Mode
Post by: Gimick on January 21, 2013, 01:36:07 PM
This is an interesting idea and got me thinking about it. I think the way you have it proposed would be imbalanced and probably wouldn't work out long term (as stated). Here was a couple ideas on other ways to do this. This is just theroycrafting and would need some play testing to get the proper balance (all numbers are being used as examples and would need to be tested to be confirmed).

Each players starts with normal stats and 120 point spellbooks. But, spellbooks are limited to 30 cards total. Players must stick with the same mage throughout their "career".

After the first game:

Winner = Gains access to one new school of magic. Or if they select the school that is their opposite, it goes from costing x3 to x2. (Example, if the Warlock selected Light, light spells would now cost twice as much, instead of three time. If he selected War spells, they now cost face value, instead of twice as much). Additionally they can have +3 more cards in their book (total 33 cards, still 120 point limit).

Loser = 2 additional cards in their book (total 32 cards, still 120 point limit) and gains +1 channeling.

This gives the winner more flexibility with their spell books. Spells cost less, but they are limited to the number of spells. The loser doesn't get that flexibility, but has the possibility to expand their books (to help counter the winner spell book. I see this as a type of side boarding) and they get a slight advantage of being able channel more to counter the winners flexibility.

So the way I see it, if a winner keeps winning, their spell book becomes more flexible, allowing them to adapt their strategies and change them in unpredictable ways. While the losers book becomes more specific, trying come up with the winning tact and being able to execute that strategy more quickly (due to higher channeling).

I could see some sort of tier system, if someone wins/loses enough matches they gain additional benefits. Perhaps increasing the spell book points, starting mana, life, etc. Could also grant starting equipment, critters, or conjurations. But it all needs to have some semblance of "balance" to it. You can't give the winner more things to let them win more quickly. It needs to be balanced, and if anything giving the loser more ways to win. This system rewards flexibility to the winner, giving them options to try out weird strange combos that usually wouldn't be available to them, while the loser gains more power to execute their spell book more efficiently.
Title: Re: Career Mode
Post by: alex02144 on January 22, 2013, 09:17:24 AM
I think that with a 30 card limit and the full 120 points flexibility wouldn't be an issue because you could just take out of school cards and not care.  The higher card limit and extra channeling is significantly better in this format imo.  Maybe limit peoples spell level and add one to that limit if someone wins?  You could also, instead of limiting number of cards, start with less spell points and add spell points as a reward as the orginall poster suggester.