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Title: warlord
Post by: Raidre on January 01, 2013, 09:43:22 PM
just a question im curious about on the warlord. will their be enough earth spells for him to use a earth spell heavy book rather than lots of creatures? Or do his abilities want you to use creatures more?  The reason i ask is i want him to feel more like a mage and not just a commander who sometimes does a spell.  

the beastmaster using lots of creatures still leaves him feeling like a mage because its through magic he has that connection with the animals and is able to take on the animal traits. so his magical ability makes sense to be in a mage arena. Someone that just controls an army would feel less like a mage.

maybe for me and what it comes down to is, how does "War" fit in as a school of magic.
Title: Re: warlord
Post by: Archwizard07 on January 06, 2013, 08:29:33 AM
I would imagine the Warlord to be a manipulator of the battle field, throwing up walls of stone, causing earthquakes to daze/incapacitate waves of weaker creatures, enchanting himself with ancient magical artifacts to wade into battle armored by the earth perhaps?

Possible earth based/war spells

Turning the ground to quicksand beneath your enemy's feet.
Spewing lava from your hand to burn him
opening a crack in the earth that opponents can fall into
and so on....

as to how WAR is a school of magic

enchanting blades to be sharper or hit harder
spells that cause all dice rolled to ignore armor (be considered crits)
striking fear into your enemies
spells that cause opponents attacks to all be considered noncrits
spells that cause armor and weapons to shatter when striking him
lots of options here, but you may be right in that direct damage for the warlord at least will be accomplished best through creatures or attacks and less through spells.

again just my own imaginings.
Title: Re: warlord
Post by: Raidre on January 06, 2013, 02:34:28 PM
i think what im worried about is where his creatures come from. From what we know about the new creatures, they seem more like creatures that would just walk into the arena with him rather than monsters he is summoning.  And if this ends up being the case, it makes him feel less appropriate for an arena and more so for like a war or battlefield.  So thats wwhere i think the earth school comes in to make up for that,