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General Discussion / Origins 2013- Did you attend?
« on: June 17, 2013, 09:02:29 AM »
Any reports from those who attended??

How many players were there?
What was the meta like?
Who won?
Any new set reviews?

General Discussion / Re: Any events at Gencon 2013?
« on: June 05, 2013, 10:15:06 AM »
Can anyone confirm whether the 24 player qualifiers (nearly sold out now) were supposed to be 64 players?

If not, can someone explain how the Championship seats 24 players as well?

Rules Discussion / Re: Sweeping/2 or 3 strikes/Battle Fury and Daze
« on: June 05, 2013, 10:10:52 AM »
I don't understand this either...

So, sweeping takes place at the "End Attack" step, but must reroll the daze condition because you're targeting a new character?

I understand Double & Triple strikes do not reroll daze because they do not use the "declare attack" steps.

But Battle Fury does or doesn't reroll daze??...   When in the attack sequence does Battle Fury actually kick off?  End Attack Step?  or After that step? (if it's after, wouldn't the daze condition be removed then?)

I'll be out there around 3pm today!  See everyone there!

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Forcemaster Builds
« on: May 30, 2013, 12:53:37 PM »
Koz, I couldn't agree more with everything you said.  ;D
I was calling the Hand of Bim Shalla and Battle Fury THE two power cards from the core set way back when the game first came out, and an expansion later it still seems like that is the case.  The Hand's are just so versitle, cheap and effective.  They should have at least been spell level 2 IMO so that it actually hurt a bit for non-holy mages to put them in their books. 
Absolutely.  Or create something to slow them down...
Something like:
20 Mana- Target Conjuration
Seismic Tremors
Make a 10 attack roll against target conjuration and all other conjurations in the arena with the same name.
Seismic Tremors cost 3 mana less for each additional conjuration.

Another trick against the Forcemaster with swarms is to make use of Charge.  Feral Bobcats are great because they are cheap, effective guards with their Defense die and if they get Pushed they hit really hard when they come back in with their Charge trait.  This can also work with Foxes and Falcons with Rajan's Fury out.  Make that Forcemaster pay for moving your guards out!
I played against a deck dubbed "missiles", who spammed Rajans and just ran around casting foxes & falcons...   Very strong against mages who ignore creatures.

I think Jinx is an excellent way to slow the Forcemaster down.  If she can't use her quick action to Push or cast Battle Fury or whatever, she will be much less effective.  An Agony is also good (as it is against any beat-down build). 

As the Priestess, it's worth the 12 mana to Divine Intervention the Forcemaster back to the other side of the board early in the game (like say right when she goes to make her first attack against you).  You'll buy yourself an extra 2-3 turns before you're in danger again, giving you more time to get your defenses up.

Also, if the Forcemage is running a bit high on upkeep (like say Forcefield and Dancing Scimitar going), don't be afraid to Dissolve her Forceblade.  Yes, it's a Cantrip item, but recasting it should be pretty painful for her because it leaves her less mana and actions to Push or Battle Fury...and if she can't recast it for a turn because she has to save, all the better.
Quote For Truth...  Although the Forcemages I've played usually have no problem with mana, so I tend to save the dissolve strategy for turns they have initiative and I'm about to get doublestriked. (make sure you decoy/seeking dispel the turn before on the end turn quickcast).  Now that you've dismantled their turn, you've got room all the way into your next initiative before they can equip again.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Forcemaster Builds
« on: May 30, 2013, 12:02:59 PM »
Be careful about using Wand of Healing in this type of build....  If you need to use it, that usually means somethings gone awfully wrong.

Granted, the builds I've played with and against have been quite different than Shadow's, but the same concept.

You want to stick to your main core strategy as much as possible because it takes soo much effort from your opponent to disrupt it.   I find many turns playing one card per turn.  I pick a plan A and Plan B.
Plan A is usually Battle Fury or an Attack Spell
Plan B is meta...  often Seeking Dispel or Teleport depending on what I'm expecting the opposing mage to do.
I try not to spend any actions attacking non-mage creatures, conjurations, or dispelling curses like magebane or agony.
The strongest opposition I've found is the opponent running, blocking, and reverse attacking.

If rot tokens are killing you, try ignoring them and speeding up your gameplay and focus powerful attacks on the mage only.
The beastmaster can attack with 3 bats on turn 2, but even that cannot out damage your blade and battle fury.

If weak tokens are killing you, try to anticipate them early.  Yes, a wizard can surprise you with a rouse'd Gorgan... but any Gorgan should only get one attack against this deckstyle.  The core strategy takes so little room in these builds, so you have many, many options to deal with threats.  (Hint- use cards with big payouts for short time periods)

Also, you can always heal with the hands in a pinch!

Expect many of these builds at the Gencon tournaments!  8)

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Forcemaster Builds
« on: May 30, 2013, 08:13:14 AM »
From my experiences, "Hand-solo" is the easiest build to run with now but it is not unbeatable.
The hands are indeed the most broken cards in the game, and spamming them combined with Battle Fury can seem overwhelming.  This has been a popular deckstyle in our local scene.

The "buddy build" is very effective at countering this strategy.  You simply summon something big, and spend the rest of the game pestering the opposing mage while your buddy does the damage...   When he dies, summon another buddy.  Use your turns to keep the opposing mage Agony'd, Dazed, Stunned, Restrained, etc.  Don't waste time destroying the hands and make sure you're winning the damage war right away.

The "swarm build" is also fairly effective.  You start off losing the damage war, but summon small creatures like mad to keep her hindered.  If you can move around summoning many creatures, eventually she will be overwhelmed and the damage war will tilt back in your favor.  This leaves her with only full action options like Electrify.  Thunderift Falcons are great at surviving an Electrify- barely.

In all options foresight is the key.  Successfully predicting what the opponent's next move is will help keep you one step ahead.  Never, ever let him get his full attack off.  Keep moving, jinxing, blocking, reverse attacking, and try to be unpredictable. 

Hand-solo can easily kill your mage in four turns...  if you let him. 

And sorry again to bum you guys out about the Teleport rule...   ;D  Heh heh.
Pssh...  ...actually "reading" the cards is for sissies, lol!

General Discussion / Re: Conquest of Kumanjaro - SPOILERS
« on: May 29, 2013, 10:27:07 AM »
If this and Poisoned Blood are attached to the same creature, how does the timing work if both players choose to reveal at the same time?

We had some amazing games last night!   It was great meeting Snotwalker!  Hopefully his friend can make it up next time!

A couple notes-
The question regarding order of actions during upkeep was ruled incorrectly.  The initiative-turn player's actions do not automatically resolve first, they have the *choice* to resolve actions in any order they choose. (pg. 11 of rulebook).

Also, we haven't decided yet if we can make it down to Fantasy Flight for additional gaming and players...  Doug, can you talk to some of the playgroup there and see if they'd be willing to come up to Outpost?

Also, any Fantasy Flight Mage Wars players interested in playing some organized tournaments??  Post here!!

Hope to see you all next week!

Rules Discussion / Re: Rings together with Familiar
« on: May 23, 2013, 01:42:01 PM »
Actually, that made me laugh harder than I should have.   :P

General Discussion / Re: Any events at Gencon 2013?
« on: May 23, 2013, 10:06:48 AM »
I think I've found answers to some of my questions-

On the Origins site, Mage Wars is listed the exact same way, except each qualifier is limited to 64 (not 24) players.
This makes perfect sense for each pod winner (max 8 per qualifier) would participate in the Sunday Championship (24 max).

Whoever listed the Gencon events, listed them at 24 max each (I'm assuming by mistake).  This creates a 9 player max "Championship".

I'm VERY interested to hear about the Mage Wars tournament at Origins next month!  64 player qualifiers sounds more what I was expecting from a major event!

General Discussion / Re: Any events at Gencon 2013?
« on: May 23, 2013, 08:57:46 AM »
How are there still 12 slots left for the Mage Wars Gencon Tournaments!? (16 on Friday!)

What was the tournament attendance at Bashcon, Origins, and Kublacon?

This means that aside from my local weekly playgroup (we've already signed up), there's only opportunity to play with 4-8 new players worldwide at Gencon??

Apparently Mage Wars is far less popular than I thought it was...

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Nullify
« on: May 21, 2013, 09:47:45 AM »
I am Darkforcemaster's opponent, and we do appreciate all the strategy feedback!

Some additional background info-
I've fallen in love with Nullify.  This quick surprise shield is usually game-changing for my builds.
This game greatly favors being unpredictable as well as knowing what your opponent will do next (this makes it difficult to playtest with my son alone).  Nullify protects against so many "forks" that could pop up in your road to victory.
I build very aggressive blitz decks accompanied with Jinx & Nullify to seal the deal.

The Wizard "usually" starts his game by Teleporting one zone and summoning a Hydra.  Then, on turn 2, gives him a Nullify and Teleports him to start the beatdown on the opposing mage.
The Warlock "usually" starts the same way with a Werewolf and tries to create a 2 on 1 fight against the Forcemaster. (these games have been close, he's able to defeat the pet before the Forcemaster dies, but my "emergency" push/thorns is enough to take care of the rest at that point.
The Beastmaster starts with Lair and swarms with Falcons/Wolves.  I usually plant a Jinx on the Forcemaster followed by an Agony whenever I have initiative.

Seeking dispel followed by a Nullify is brutal against my playstyle, but that takes both cards for the turn.  This is tough to do against an aggressive build.

We're looking for more ideas to counter these playstyles.  The ones offered so far have been great!!

General Discussion / Re: Any events at Gencon 2013?
« on: May 21, 2013, 09:27:07 AM »
Thanks for the reply, Tom.

I'd still like to know how they intend to fill 24 players for the Sunday Championship aside from the 9 Pod winners.
I don't think the top 2 from each pod could be decided in three rounds (could be multiple 2-1 records + ties).

Random invites? Ambassadors? Winners from other events (origins, etc)?, Open Championship tickets for sale after Saturday qualifier?

What chance to I have to compete in the "main event" if I lose my qualifier(s)?

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