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General Discussion / Re: Magnetic Status Boards - Video included
« on: August 24, 2014, 09:01:20 AM »
Is this going to be exclusively in the store or can we expect to see them in other retailers kind of like the playmats? I'm hoping to see it on Amazon (prime eligible) but I may be just way too selfish then.

I just want to gain some kudos to you for your win and report. It truly made me sit back and think more about this game and how to tinker with my books based on my meta. Very insightful and love seeing it all work out!

General Discussion / Re: Help Build My Spellbooks PART 2
« on: August 16, 2014, 08:07:42 PM »
I personally would like to see zombies just because I love seeing that. Using Idol of Pestilence, Plague Zombies and so forth versus the Druid that can regen every single time and how to deal with the zone control the Druid can do.

At least, that's my vote.

YEAH! You just composed my tonight plan. Bottle of wine, some candels, bbq and beastmaster vs necro :)

There's a joke here but don't want to be flagged for inappropriate!  ;D

That's pretty cool how you got a video up while managing to be at Gen Con! Can't wait to check this out! :)

Can't wait for it! :)

...I think something is wrong with me...I am so amazed at it's feathers and how the bird looks...yes, the card is pretty awesome as well but...that bird...why is it so well groomed?!

Yes, I know I'm weird!

General Discussion / Re: Arcane Duels, New game play videos
« on: August 05, 2014, 08:34:21 PM »
Any idea when the next video will be up?

General Discussion / Re: Wrinkly Spellbook
« on: August 01, 2014, 01:02:00 PM »
If you contact customer service we can get you taken care of. It's actually a pretty simple fix, so don't worry we want you to have the best experience possible.

They aren't kidding about this. I remember my pre-order didn't have promos and they sent me a those and "a couple more". Yeah, they definitely do take care of you. If you do have any issues, I know they will resolve it so don't hesitate.

I got a couple of friends who play but would definitely like different perspectives. Sorry, this post is kinda lame. :/

Hmm, thats a very deep idea. Right now, game play videos are just for actual players. Make it a watchible for ppl from "outside" that could be a challange.

First, you would probably need some gifted comentator. I had a chance to stumble over some guys who could be pros, when i was playing Company of Heroes (pc game). Even my friends, which didnt even play the game once could watch it and have a fun despite they didnt fully know the game.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tXsEKvETRM&list=PL3E9E854E7695E073 - Harlequin, i miss this guys :(

Second, you will need more camera angels. Sometimes, you need to check some details, sometimes, all action is happening in a distant corner and would be also nice to had a chance to look at each players spellbook and "drawn" cards.

But thats just me mumbling for my self :) You are doing a great job and i cant wait for another episode :)

Yeah, it's a pretty lofty dream. The only way poker could have done it was because they had the players and base to be able to try something huge like they did in 2003 when they first televised the WSOP. It was a smart way of being able to show their product. I think for MW at it's infancy/early childhood that we need to first create enough buzz through the players we have (Ambassador program, YouTube, etc.) to be able to grow. This is why this gameplay video is so important because it gives a tangiblity (is that even a word?!) to the game and you can see it in action.

It's not ready for the commentators and multiple angles just yet because the base doesn't exist yet. Once we can though, then we should explore that option. It technically can be done now with the right budget (in a way, they will need a mini-studio similar to the make up of YouTube celebs) but whether or not it's worth the invest at this point is really what holds it back.

Sorry for this long winded conversation about a video instead of the game. I'm not criticizing it but just mentioning it's growth potential which I'm sure AW knows. Keep cranking videos because this will inspire people (like me) to perhaps dabble in it to grow the fan base. :)

Events / Re: Wounded Warrior Tournament: Charlotte NC
« on: July 25, 2014, 07:30:46 AM »
This is awesome! I am going to ask my buds if they are willing to do a road trip that weekend...you would probably hook us up on some good places to eat, right? ;)

Thanks for continuing these LoW.  Like others have said, I love having game play videos available, so I appreciate you going through the effort of making/posting these. 

When all else fails, throw fire at their face!   ;D

I don't know which player you are but I was rooting for the Priestess to pull off the comeback so I was disappointed when he gave it away, but it was a good game none the less.  Did raise a couple of questions to me about the game in general, though, namely about aggression vs. the long game and playing to win as opposed to playing to not lose. 

Good stuff, gents!

Thank you sir!

I probably should have mentioned which Mage I was :P I was trying out the Adramelech Warlock.

& I was obviously trying to swarm, which didn't work so well. At least against the Priestess. I'll have to try it again vs another Mage, but probably won't record that match. Both my matches so far have featured the Adramelech Warlock so I'll probably use something else next time.

You definitely fixed many of the concerns people had so props to you. I loved what you did in the second one with showing the cards just in case people didn't catch it or whatnot but the next step would be HQ vids and so forth. If poker can figure out a way to televise their stuff and increase their popularity, I'm sure MW community can (potentially an intern or someone who's in charge of social media marketing). I think my friend and I may try to do something like this too and experiment since we got some down time.

As for the gameplay, mid-late game Warlock is rather tough due to mana constraints. I'm wondering how Sesiryx would have done if he got out. I like that he curses and can cast which saves actions. I'm also wondering if LoF can come out any time except the beginning? I wonder if a LoF turn 2 and then Pentagram+Harmonize turn 4 would work.

Keep up the vids and you got my sub on YouTube! :)

Strategy and Tactics / Re: Gremlin Power
« on: July 20, 2014, 11:18:44 AM »
Im interested in an official ruling.

I have always played with that gremlin can get charge bonus with his teleport ability.

The FAQ says: Teleporting to a zone counts the same as a move action for the purpose of the number of actions you can perform in a round, but are not “move actions” for any other purpose.

So I do not think that you can use Lion Savagery and Teleport twice to get the charge buff. However you could teleport once (say through a wall or past a Vine Marker) and then a regular move into a second zone to get the charge buff.

That makes sense if it's a mage who has Lion Savagery on it to use QC for Teleport and then move to activate the Charge. Our question is on Wildfire Imp, Grey Wraith and Blue Gremlin. From the way the wording dictates, I was under the impression that only Gremlin would get the Charge as the other creatures teleport instead of their move action.

Strategy and Tactics / Re: Gremlin Power
« on: July 20, 2014, 10:26:20 AM »
So WildFire Imp will also benefit from Lion Savagery... hmm...

My understanding is that it won't work with Wildfire Imp because it teleports instead of taking a move action which would not allow it to get the charge from Lion Savagery but I could be wrong here.

So I recorded a match between the new Warlock and the Priestess the other day. The first part can be seen -->HERE<--. Let me know what you think! This is my 2nd time using her. I lost the first time against this very same Priestess. Hopefully I can get my vengeance!

Audio has some issues until about 5:00 in, sorry about that! Video and audio quality is something I'm always trying to improve and is a work in progress. I've never done any videos before so I'm kinda learning as I go along.

I'm trying to upload videos as frequently as I can. The reason I'm doing this is because there aren't nearly enough gameplay videos out there and nobody else was doing it so I figured I would. Please hit the subscribe button to know when I post more videos! Comments/feedback are always appreciated!

I actually enjoyed it and left some feedback on your video on YouTube (same handle FYI) and gave you props for fixing some of the issues before. I think the best way would be to get a camera from top view and having the game play to do that. Maybe using a FlipHD camera to do that and finding some way to make it work. I know I have one and have a tripod for my video projects here and there.

I think that it truly is something that can make this fan base increase with videos and such. It teaches the mechanics through live play, come up with strategies/techniques and just create an all around buzz. When my bud comes back, I may take a dabble at it too.

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