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The spell has to resolve in order to trigger those effects. So, no, it doesn't work. Romeo is just explaining why it doesn't work.

Alternative Play / Re: introducing Academy mages into Arena play?!?!
« on: June 16, 2018, 08:07:58 PM »
Oh man, that upgraded Forcemaster looks so sexy!  8)

Alternative Play / Re: introducing Academy mages into Arena play?!?!
« on: June 14, 2018, 09:19:59 PM »
I would take the Academy Forcemaster's ability over my Deflect as an Arena FM any day.

Creative / Re: Mage Wars Meme-day
« on: June 13, 2018, 10:41:07 PM »
My attempt at some spicy memes! I was gonna insert the images in the thread, but I am n00b, so you get clicky links instead.





This one is for you Puddn:

Thanks for the shout out keejchen! I'm still waiting for someone to try it.

I see a nature mage trying to be a dark mage.

Granted, I'm no dark mage expert or anything, but it looks like your Straywood made a pact with the devil and turned his bears into vampires.  Where's the Magebane or the Ghoul Rot?  Drain Life?  Chains of Agony for the blokes trying to run away from your uber-vampires? I'd swap the Hellstar for a Lash of Fire to synergize better with your Fireshaper Ring.

General Discussion / Re: The biggest problem MW has: rule-uncertainty
« on: June 06, 2018, 08:57:53 AM »
Just to further clarify and enhance shark's explanation:
The rules for revealing enchantments are that you may reveal an enchant immediately after any "step" in a sequence. The current upkeep phase has zero steps in it. It is illegal to reveal any enchantment during upkeep. However, the steps to a game round are:
Initiative, Channel, Upkeep, Planning, Deployment, etc. Therefore there is a step (channeling) after which you have mana and can reveal enchantments that will affect upkeep.
My proposed upkeep change has no effect on this mechanic. All it does is streamline interactions during upkeep while keeping the enchantment reveal problem out of the phase.
Honestly, Pillar of Righteous Flame should do its attack at the end of the round because it adds steps to a phase that shouldn't have them.

General Discussion / Re: The biggest problem MW has: rule-uncertainty
« on: June 05, 2018, 08:28:19 PM »

Forbidding enchantment reveal obviously is obviously out of the question. Curse lock already is pretty weak and that would make him downright unplayable.

For what it's worth, you can't gain the effect of enchantments revealed during upkeep right now as it is unless it's part of an attack sequence.  DoT must be revealed before the beginning of the upkeep, same with Regen.

What I'm saying with my change proposal is that all the effects that will affect each object during the upkeep go into a pool at the beginning of the upkeep.  If those effects have a cost, that cost must get paid BEFORE they go into the pool and I would propose to fix dissipate to be removed at the end of all effect resolutions hence:

1) Pay costs
2) resolve effects
3) remove dissipates.

The problem is that introduces steps into the upkeep phase which allows for crazy enchantment reveal timings.  THIS is why I say "no enchantment reveals during upkeep".  Another way of putting it would be "effects which were not in effect before the beginning of the upkeep do not get added to the pool of effects to resolve".

so... was I right?

if the mage is attacked and killed, he will not counterstrike but his barrier will attack.
or somehow els?

My understanding of the above rules is that the damage barrier would be attached to the mage and therefore destroyed along with the mage.  So you would not get a damage barrier roll if you were killed.

I think that this is a false problem, at least when it comes to upkeep, as the rulebook has simple and straightforward rules.  First, effects always occur in Initiative Order.  Second, players always decide the order of the effects on their objects unless there is a timing conflict between the effects of objects controlled by the player with the Initiative and the effects of objects controlled by the player without the Initiative.  Third, since effects always occur in Initiative Order, the player with Initiative decides the order when a timing conflict exists.

I'm in the camp that thinks the other guy shouldn't be able to decide whether MY creature regens or takes damage first.  The "Initiative Decides" rule causes so many pauses and hiccups between players on what triggers when and who decides stuff and is, ultimately, a capital 'S' Stupid rule.

The Fact that I can lose a dissipate off of something just by playing it on the wrong initiative is a PROBLEM.

Deathlink, Whirlpool, Lullaby are all significantly affected by this timing issue thing.  That's really what needs to be cleaned up.  It may have been fine in the original core set, but there's been too much bloat that hasn't had a robust follow-up with rules changes.

Movement got a significant change in the 4th edition update to solve some movement interaction issues.  I think Upkeep should have the same--a breakdown into steps.  I also think that it's more than a little important to restrict enchantment reveals during upkeep otherwise you create even more problems.

Events / Re: ADMW Open 2 - An Open Online Mage Wars Tournament
« on: May 25, 2018, 10:04:18 AM »
Just a reminder to all participants: You have 15 days to complete the group stage!  Let's get those matches scheduled!

The solution I propose for "the initiative problem" keeps the control of your stuff in your hands:

New Upkeep Phase:
1) Pay all costs.
     This includes life (sardonyx), Seal tokens (need reword), Upkeep +X
2) Trigger all effects
     All of the triggered effects go on a "stack" per creature. At this time your Deathlink triggers 2 damage on an enemy creature and 2 healing on your mage, you whirlpool triggers damage and your pillar triggers an attack. Here we follow the rule that all effects triggered on your own creatures are resolved in whatever order you choose
3) Remove Dissipates
     This is when Pillar, lullaby, madrigal, etc are destroyed.

Enchantments may not be revealed during upkeep. (EXCEPTION: if an attack occurs during the upkeep then only enchantments that affect that particular attack sequence may be revealed)

General Discussion / Re: The current state of MW
« on: May 23, 2018, 11:09:04 AM »
Well, you can if you restrain the guards or have an elusive creature.  Alternatively, you can have a creature that does not deal fire damage attack.  This is the weakness of theme decks.  A fire themed warlock is going to have problems against another fire themed warlock, since you can actually make a deck that deals only fire damage and every creature with flame immunity.  A hydro themed siren is going to have problem against a druid, since plants are hydro immune.  The key is to keep some diversity in a spellbook to deal with any such unpleasantness.

This is why Mage Wars is so fun to me.  Even if you've got a horde of fire damage creatures in your book, all you have to do is displace or restrain a guarding creature and your problem is solved.  Another reason why I like Forcemaster so much...displacement is her game!  The opponent also has a lot of counter measures to your plan as well so it's a back and forth, guess and figure until someone comes out on top.

General Discussion / Re: The current state of MW
« on: May 23, 2018, 09:03:21 AM »
Replying in honesty as well :)

The examples you're giving are correct.
It's also possible in mtg however for a creature with pro white to block a white creature, deal damage and take no damage in response.

In MW you cannot use a pro fire creature to block an opposing fire creature. That's a real miss imo.

By Guarding with a Fire Immune creature in Mage Wars you have basically 'blocked' the entire zone from a fire creature.  Seems pretty similar.  The difference being in Magic you'd also get to deal your damage to the fire creature.  The system of guarding vs blocking is what's causing the mismatch, I think.

Immunity is an interesting puzzle to solve in current Mage Wars.  Other simplifications I'd be in favor of are conditions and targeting.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Priestess
« on: May 22, 2018, 06:35:32 PM »
The element of surprise is also a useful tool. I lost a game once to a priestess that sported 4 boulders. She used everyone to kill me before my creatures could finish the game.

I put my cards in groups of 10 or 20 sbps.  I can sort them into types when I put them in the book.

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