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Strategy and Tactics / Performance Log: Unholy Summoner
« on: January 02, 2016, 04:45:25 PM »
I made this book a bit ago called the Unholy Summoner, which we talked about in the 4th episode of the Mage Cast. In this thread I didn't particularly care to talk about the actual book but rather, the performance log I used to keep track of the book's progress. I feel that these notes brought the book much more success than it would have had normally. I'm so sold on the idea that I'll do it for every book from here on and I recommend every one else do it as well.

By making a performance log for a book you've just started you can keep track of its strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to make your book as perfect as possible; by "perfect" I mean that it has reached its limitations in what it is and what it can do.

Here are the sections I've come up with so far:

Change Log
Name each iteration. Whole numbers for expansion releases or complete changes in concept, and decimals for each set of alterations. Tell each card added or removed in each iteration.

Card Considerations
In between matches, whenever you're thinking about Mage Wars and the thought comes to mind, "Oh man the book could really use THIS card!" go ahead and write it down in this section. If you play a match and your book was hung up on some flaw then write it down. If a card would be fun to include... write it down.

Card Analysis
After a match think about what cards were definitely useful or not. When a card performs well then take note on it, that way if later you are considering removing that card the analysis will remind you why you included it in the first place. If, on the other hand, you look at a card during a game and realize you've never cast it and that it's wasting space then also write it down so you can start thinking of a replacement. This section can also be useful for later builds.

Write down every match you had in between each iteration. Who you played against, the mage they used, the basic concept of their build, and then whether you won or lost. After that, write down a synopsis on what went well and what didn't, regardless of the outcome. Point out any glaring weaknesses your build had and what you could have done better. The most important thing here, is to be honest with yourself. Don't coddle your book or blame it on bad rolls. Your build isn't going to improve and you aren't going to learn from the experience if you point blame at the dice. I can't stress that last part enough  ;)

So that's what I have for the structure so far, I hope you can provide me with some insight to make this format as helpful as possible. Thanks for reading, without further ado, here's the Unholy Summoner's Performance Log:

Performance of the Unholy Summoner
Change Log:
Removed a jinx
Removed a Poisoned Blood
Added in a Deathlock
Added Adramalechís Torment
Took out one Enfeeble
Took out the Devilís Trident
Removed Hurl Boulder
Removed a Ghoul Rot
Took out a Bear Strength
Removed Purge Magic
Removed a Force Push
Added in an elemental wand
Added in a Dissolve
Added in two Hurl Rocks
Added another Dispel
Added in a teleport
Added in Seeking Dispel
Added in Decoy
Added Drain Life
Removed Agony
Removed Magebane
Removed one Hurl Rock
Added in Force Hammer

Cards Considerations:
Take out Marked for Death
Another Ivarium Longbow
Take out Adramalechís torment once the wildfire Imps are out
Leather Chausses for the Leather Boots
Add in a tanglevine
Add in Flame Hellion
Add in Nullify
Scratch a Hurl Rock for another Surging wave or knockdown.
Add in a Mage Wand
Add back in the second Jinx
If the imps come out then cut an ignite
Dancing Scimitar
A wall of some kind
Molochís torment for Adramalechís torment
Morning star
Wand of Healing
*Arcane Corruption to fill the void of Mass Dispel???
Akiroís Favor
Rouse the Beast
Circle of Fire
Cobra Reflexes

Card Analysis:
  • Agony has never been cast. If a creature needs to be dealt with Iíd rather destroy them, then hopefully convert them. (Removed)
  • Death Link has been useful but itís pricey. Itís not the best at dealing with creatures and itís a prime dispel target.
  • Magebane comes in pretty late in the game so itís not very efficient. One benefit s it still hurts Necromancers. (Removed)
  • Rise Again is just amazing. When they lose a creature and I get one for cheaper itís incredibly effective.
  • Vampirism has helped me win a game before, but overall I donít get enough melee attacks in to make it worth it.
  • Vampirism has helped me win a game before, but overall I donít get enough melee attacks in to make it worth it.
  • Adramalechís Torment is worthless, the only reason I run it is for the imps. I should reconsider them for flamebrand imps.
  • Ring of Curses hasnít been particularly useful since I donít cast a ton of curses.

Games so far:
*(Adoryc? Maybe, I canít remember.) Poison Necromancer - Win by burst from a few creatures. Should have started taking notes on this book immediately, now I donít remember this match very well.
*Sharkbaitís Ranged Warlord - Win by burst swarm after ďkidnappingĒ mage with Teleport. Jinx was crucial to setting up the kidnapping and getting the mage away from all of his ranged units.
*Puddnís melee/ranged Warlord - Win by destruction of all creatures and conj. I probably lost focus and spent too much time on objects other that the mage.
*Rocaís Unicorn Priestess - Win by creature race with Pent, Forge, and Rise Again. Was very unstable for a while and it took a bit to take down even one unicorn, risky.
*s3chaosí Medium Swarm Necro - Lose when I couldnít deal with spawnpoints and couldnít get pentagram down. Outplayed, and quickly at that. I wanted to dissolve Libro but he had a few big zombies on the field and it was a bit suicidal to get too close.
*Ringkichardís Rush Creature BM (no spawnpoint) - Win, Some adjustments were very helpful, losing the bear strength kind of hurt. He rushed with a Cervere and petted bitterwood, I played a lot of regenerate and stabalized. Eventually I killed the creatures and prevented him from casting any more. Wild Fire Imps were very helpful.
*Ringkichardís Academy Rush Creature BM - Win, Bitterwood fox into Cervere again. Later he cast Slavorg. I didnít cast the mana crystal, which helped immediately but hurt the long game. Taking out the mass dispel really hurt me in this match. This was very tough for the first 7 or so turns until I finally Rised his Cervere. Careful movement and Enfeeble really helped. The Pentagram was cast turn 2 and once his threats were removed I outdamaged him. Very long match and the bloodreapers didnít help but they drew attack spells.
*Poopstarís Vampiress Warlock - Win, Super tough match. I got rushed and brought down to 2 health. This book has taught me to keep a steady head even in the face of danger, where armor and regeneration really helped. He conceded after awhile of not summoning creatures but what he didnít know was that I was actually out of creatures (had about 3 on the field). On average he had 3 to 5 armor at any given time with the vetís belt. Rather than destroying the armor right away I pinged him with small amounts of damage and dealt with whatever he cast, this prevented me from falling behind. However, had I dealt with the armor earlier I might have been able to take him off guard and finish him. The rush almost destroyed me, I need to develop a better counter aggression.
*DrMamboís Idol Necro - Loss, incredibly hard loss. I didnít have a way to deal with the Grey Wraith and so my creatures just kept getting destroyed without much effect. Combined with Essence Drain and Meditation Amulet he also overpowered me with mana.  I eventually just conceded because he Rised one of my creatures and had me outnumbered 4 to one on creatures. My losses so far have been from Necromancers/creatures I wasnít able to destroy.

That's about all I have for now. Things are still in progress, but what do you think so far?!

If you haven't listened to the fourth Mage Cast then I highly recommend it, as it outlines the basic concept behind this book as well as Sharkey's Pentagrammatically Correct Warlock.

Either way, I want to preface this post with saying that I appreciate everyone who has helped me with this build. Whether it was in a match or with deep book analysis, your cooperation has helped shine light on a card/build concept many thought wasn't viable. Thank you!  :D

Here's the book, but I recommend you read on after it because there's more to this build than the cards.

Unholy SummonerWarlock
Attack2 x  Acid Ball2 x  Fireball2 x  Flameblast1 x  Force Hammer1 x  Hurl Rock2 x  Surging Wave1 x  FirestormConjuration1 x  Battle Forge1 x  Mana Crystal1 x  Pentagram1 x  DeathlockCreature1 x  Blood Demon2 x  Dark Pact Slayer1 x  Infernian Scourger3 x  Wildfire ImpEnchantment1 x  Brace Yourself1 x  Chains of Agony1 x  Death Link1 x  Decoy1 x  Enfeeble1 x  Ghoul Rot1 x  Hawkeye1 x  Jinx1 x  Marked for Death1 x  Poisoned Blood1 x  Regrowth1 x  Rise Again1 x  Rust1 x  VampirismEquipment1 x  Leather Gloves1 x  Adramelech's Torment2 x  Dragonscale Hauberk1 x  Eagleclaw Boots1 x  Elemental Wand1 x  Fireshaper Ring1 x  Ivarium Longbow1 x  Lash of Hellfire1 x  Leather Boots1 x  Cloak of Shadows1 x  Regrowth Belt1 x  Ring of CursesIncantation3 x  Dispel2 x  Dissolve1 x  Drain Life1 x  Force Push2 x  Ignite1 x  Seeking Dispel2 x  Teleport
Total cost: 120 pts

So here's the basic gist of the build:
The Pentagram is often considered one of, if not the weakest spawnpoints because of its limitations, cost and potential fragile structure. I've heard recommendations that it should be harmonized so when you cast it turn one, you'll get as much value out of it as possible. However, what if you didn't cast it early game?

The answer to using Pentagram might be in its text. In order for it to get extra mana you need to attack a creature with a friendly creature. So instead of throwing the Pentagram down early, instead cast it the turn that you are about to deal damage to a creature.
  • You'll never need to harmonize it or put additional resources into it.
  • You'll be able to cast a creature the following turn, practically guaranteed.
  • Your Pentagram will be safer since it can't be attacked in the earlier turns.
  • Your spawnpoint can be closer to your enemy since you're casting it on the turn you're attacking. This allows you to be naturally more aggressive, a boon to the Warlock.
  • You're being proactive since you're damaging something. This kills two birds with one flameblast, since you're working on long game as well as mid-game aggression.
  • You'll have a few turns to set up without fear of committing to a strategy.
So this Pentalock in particular is designed to be a control build. Since the Pentagram can give you two additional mana from attacking two different creatures you'll get more efficiency out of it if you are attacking their creatures as well as the Mage. So many of the books cards have been chosen around controlling the battlefield and out "creaturing" them.

Opening plays go something like this:
  • 19M: Battleforge, Mana Crystal
  • 16M/1BF: Ring of Curses(BF), Two FD enchantments(preferably Hawkeye and Decoy or Brace Yourself)
  • 21M/1BF: Ivarium Longbow (BF), Pentagram, shoot something (Hopefully reveal Hawkeye)
On turn two if you can avoid casting the second enchantment or cast a decoy with the intent to reveal it the next turn to get your mana back, then you'll have the resources to reveal the Hawkeye. It's important to pass turn if you're outnumbered until your opponent is down to one action so your Spawnpoint won't take any early damage.

I use the Ivarium bow here to ensure that I'll get an attack on something. If, however, my opponent is being aggressive and is already close to me, then it's best just to cast the lash and attack in melee. Even if you use the bow and the opponent gets close to you, you're still a Warlock so you're formidable in fisticuffs.

The only true saturation in this book is the creature pool. Even the curses are scarce and each have a specific purpose. When playing something like this I highly recommend you be as flexible as possible rather than focusing on one train of thought. If you have the choice of saving your life now or casting the Pentagram, choose yourself. Warlocks have amazing recovery options and once you stabilize against the aggression you can cast the Spawnpoint then. Don't rush the strategy, be patient and careful, then lash out with all of Hell's vengeance once you have the upperhand.

Last two things I want to mention are probably the main reasons this book has worked out. I've had 9 games with it and have adjusted the cards based on the threats I've faced. I've also been keeping track of things, I have a pretty full performance log written for it. Taking notes and being organized with the book's progress may have been the most useful skill and piece of information I've gained out of the whole process. I'm so happy with it, I'm going to post a whole new thread just talking about what I did differently with that Performance Log.

I'm interested to hear your feedback, and I hope you try out the Pentagram again if you've passed it by.

**Edit: I made the thread for the Performance Log Here

General Discussion / A lot of new players lately, look at that community!
« on: November 11, 2015, 04:33:05 AM »
Recently, through our email, Coshade and myself have received more than the average amount of requests for personal MW interaction from newer players. After looking back through our messages I'm happy to say that we've really accomplished what we originally set out to do:
Bring new members into and strengthen the Mage Wars community.

This is a little off the cusp but I just wanted to extend my personal feelings toward this realization.

This is the best non-virtual game I've played (I realize that's specific, but I'm extreeeeeemely picky) and I can tell that a lot of you feel the same way. No matter how much bickering there can be on the occasion it only shows how much you care for this game. I'm serious, some of you go way out of your way to try to make MW better in your own way, and we all appreciate it. You make this game even more amazing than it already is. No art is complete without fans to admire and care for it.

These new players are looking for a positive experience to get into a wonderful game. Remember the best part of Mage Wars that pulled you in: Whether it was the mechanics, the theme, the originality, the community, or whatever. Use that and invite them into the an incredible experience. Right now, they need you, we all need you, to grow this community into something that's unbreakable.

On a personal note; I realize some of you may be wondering why we may have not been as 'active' as before. I assure you, we have. We've been trying to get people to join the stream so we can have a more consistent group of players, we've been heavily involved with the playtesters, we've been bringing more people into the fold, and we've also been working on one of our ultimate goals. I'm not going to tell too much since we haven't figured out all the details, but I can say: Keep playing, and keep practicing  ;)

Events / Arcane Duels - Youtube Streaming
« on: August 27, 2015, 02:04:15 PM »
Hey guys,

So I noticed that Youtube just released their gaming.youtube platform. Although it isn't anything amazingly new, it is shiny and is meant to compete with other streaming sites.

We haven't had too much experience with live online playthroughs but we're interested in trying. However, neither of us had a strong enough following on Twitch so we didn't bother with it.

I'm thinking of just setting up a stream on our Youtube channel next week and doing a test run. If I (maybe coshade too if we're lucky) did a night of streaming playing on a board or on OCTGN would you be interested in watching? And which days would work best for ya'll.  :D

Bored tonight, jumping on OCTGN. You all should come join me, we can chat, play some games, talk strategies and what-not. Hey, if it goes well maybe we can even make it a semi-regular thing.

Check out the short 16 minute episode to see what it's all about


Attack3 x  Acid Ball1 x  Devil's Trident1 x  Force Hammer2 x  Hurl Boulder1 x  Surging WaveConjuration1 x  Sacrificial Altar1 x  Deathlock1 x  Mana Crystal1 x  Rolling FogCreature1 x  Ravenous Ghoul3 x  Acolyte of the Bog Queen1 x  Gargoyle Sentry1 x  Skeletal Knight4 x  IchthellidEnchantment1 x  Decoy1 x  Fumble2 x  Enfeeble1 x  Force Sword2 x  Brace Yourself2 x  Ghoul Rot2 x  Maim Wings1 x  Marked for Death1 x  Poisoned Blood1 x  Rhino Hide1 x  Rise Again1 x  Death Link2 x  AgonyEquipment1 x  Storm Drake Hide1 x  Deathshroud StaffIncantation3 x  Dispel1 x  Dissolve1 x  Drain Soul1 x  Force Push1 x  Force Wave2 x  Teleport1 x  Purge Magic1 x  Seeking Dispel
Total cost: 120 pts
I've thought a lot about this build and exactly what would make it work efficiently; this is what I've come up with.

1)Ravenous Ghoul, mana crystal (if no rush)
2)Ichthilid, FD enchantment
3)Acolyte of the Bog Queen, Sacrificial Alter

On turn 3 play an Acolyte, have the Ichthilid attack it, sacrifice the aco then have the Ravenous Ghoul eat the remains. One small creature for so many benefits!

Other questions might be addressed in the video, if not, then throw them at me!

This book concept was originally talked about in the following thread as well. Props to Rodriguekhalil

General Discussion / Arcane Duels: The Wait is Over
« on: March 29, 2015, 02:37:29 AM »
Hey all!

So we haven't posted a video in awhile now and I just wanted to say that we're still active and around. Things have been crazy the past few months, but it looks like we'll be releasing videos again soon.

During our absence we've had to work at a lot of conventions (Part of our day job), we joined the playtesters program for Arcane Wonders, started reformatting the Arcane Duels videos, and had some health issues. I was sick/in the hospital for a few weeks because my gallbladder tried to kill me, but I destroyed it for its traitorous actions first.

Enough excuses though, on to the good stuff!
  • We hired one of our friends as an editor so we can have better video quality and get the shows out faster.
  • We came up with some improvements that should make things more interesting.
  • The Quick Cast short episodes we promised have been formatted and are in production
  • A few videos have already been recorded and are just waiting for some finishing touches to be posted.
  • We'll be breaking our episodes into shorter segments from here on so it's easier to watch it in short bursts.

In addition to all of this we'll be starting a Patreon. If you're unaware of the website it basically allows you to be a patron for artists and the such where you can support them for each product (video) released or month that passes. This will help us get better equipment to improve and speed up the process.

Our main goal here is to help bring this community together. We all love Mage Wars and we want to improve the experience with better communication and more frequent matches.

This being said, Arcane Duels would appreciate it if you shot us some feedback. What could help take this community to the next level? We've talked about weekly Skype chats, structured OCTGN matches, in depth breakdown of cards and decks readily available, etc. What would you like to see, what have you been wanting with Mage Wars that we can assist with?

We'd love your input, thanks for you time.

Spellbook Design and Construction / The Johktari RUSHmaster
« on: December 07, 2014, 01:03:08 AM »
This is what I used in episode 14 of Arcane Duels.

Johktari Beastmaster
Attack3 x  Acid Ball3 x  Hurl Boulder2 x  Hurl Rock1 x  Jet Stream3 x  Lightning Bolt2 x  Surging Wave2 x  Arc Lightning1 x  Force HammerConjuration2 x  TanglevineEnchantment1 x  Lion Savagery1 x  Hawkeye1 x  Bear Strength1 x  Reverse Attack1 x  Vampirism2 x  Mongoose Agility2 x  Akiro's Favor1 x  Brace Yourself2 x  Jinx1 x  NullifyEquipment2 x  Dancing Scimitar1 x  Elemental Cloak2 x  Morning Star2 x  Eagleclaw Boots1 x  Elemental WandIncantation2 x  Dissolve2 x  Dispel3 x  Teleport1 x  Sleep1 x  Knockdown
Total cost: 120 pts

So the strategy here is obviously to throw attack spells at your opponent until they're nothing but a pile of rubble on the field.

1. Open with two face down enchantments: Hawkeye and Akiro's Favor.
2. On turn two run two spaces forward and take advantage of the fast trait, blast them with two hurl boulders after revealing the two enchantments. That's 8 dice of damage between two attacks and you get one reroll
3. On turn three you'll get just enough mana for a 5 cost and 8 cost spell. I usually like to go with an acid ball in case they throw armor on and a lightning bolt in hopes that you can stun them (higher chance with the reroll).

If your opponent walls off then spend a turn preparing with the dancing scimitar and whatever else will be useful, then the next turn walk over with eagleclaw boots and continue your assault.

If they throw armor on you should have enough corrode to deal with it. If they counter you with aggression then try to daze/stun them. And against a Forcemaster surging wave does wonders since it's unavoidable and will probably slam them.

Also if the opponent has a lot of creatures then you can keep teleporting the mage away and as long as you have mongoose agility on you can keep striking them while moving too far away from their minions. Perks of being fast!

Overall I tried to put enough contingency spells in that will ward against aggression, so far the book's done pretty well.

Episode 14 comes in with spells ablazing! ViolentRay and Myself go head to head in an unlikely clash.

Part A can be grabbed HERE!

And Part B, where we played another game (the first one was a bit quick) is RIGHT HERE.

I'll post my build, and ViolentRay will get his up when he has the chance.

Coshade and Harry Poppins go head to head as spells and creatures go flying through the arena! This is one result you can expect from a rush deck against a mid-creature build.

I'll get Poppins and Coshade to get they're deck builds up here soon.


General Discussion / Arcane Duels Episode 11 - Priestess vs the Fire Wizard
« on: November 11, 2014, 03:38:51 AM »
Me and my friend Harry Poppins (Nick) go at it again with the forces of light and arcane. This game was definitely interesting...

You can find the match Right Here

We'll post our builds soon too.

I introduce: The Packmaster 2.0
I made a few adjustments based off some feedback from the last build.

Johktari Beastmaster
Attack1 x  Jet Stream1 x  Force Hammer1 x  Geyser2 x  Acid BallConjuration1 x  Lair2 x  Wall of Stone1 x  Stranglevine1 x  Wall of Thorns1 x  Rajan's Fury2 x  TanglevineCreature1 x  Dire Wolf5 x  Bitterwood Fox1 x  Redclaw, Alpha Male4 x  Timber WolfEnchantment1 x  Regrowth1 x  Akiro's Favor1 x  Brace Yourself1 x  Harmonize1 x  Maim Wings1 x  Agony1 x  Enfeeble1 x  Rhino Hide2 x  Bear Strength1 x  Cobra Reflexes1 x  Hawkeye1 x  Lion Savagery1 x  Force Hold1 x  NullifyEquipment2 x  Hunting Bow1 x  Eagleclaw Boots1 x  Elemental Cloak1 x  Dragonscale HauberkIncantation1 x  Defend1 x  Knockdown2 x  Dispel1 x  Charge1 x  Call of the Wild2 x  Rouse the Beast1 x  Evade1 x  Teleport2 x  Dissolve1 x  Heal2 x  Force Push
Total cost: 120 pts

This is mostly a defensive, creature control build. Throw down the lair in the back and start pumping out creatures. Starting out with a Timberwolf or two will add some pressure then based off what the opponent plays you can phase into bitterwood foxes early on. Since you will most likely have more creatures then them take advantage of your numbers and crush whatever they summon.

Keep more creatures on the field then them, and when you have a clear advantage start throwing dice at the opposition. The Hunting Bow is there for a final push, it helps trigger the Wounded Prey marker and strikes down the enemy mage once your creatures are swarming them.

As stated it's mostly a defensive build, at least at first. So there are a number of spells and equipment that can ward off aggression so if you get rushed just stack on some armor and keep your opponent where you want them. Use defending creatures, walls, tanglevine and force push to lock them down.

This is the deck I used in Arcane Duels Episode 9.

Wychwood PunisherDruid
Attack2 x  Jet Stream1 x  Force Hammer3 x  Acid Ball1 x  Arc LightningConjuration1 x  Mana Flower1 x  Mangler Caltrops1 x  Nightshade Lotus1 x  Wall of Thorns1 x  Vine Tree3 x  Bloodspine Wall2 x  TanglevineCreature3 x  Vine Snapper4 x  Thornlasher2 x  Raptor Vine1 x  Kralathor, The DevourerEnchantment1 x  Jinx1 x  Bear Strength1 x  Rhino Hide2 x  Nullify1 x  Marked for Death1 x  Stumble1 x  Agony1 x  Barkskin1 x  Fumble1 x  Brace Yourself1 x  Cobra ReflexesEquipment1 x  Wand of Healing1 x  Mage Wand1 x  Elemental Cloak1 x  Eagleclaw Boots1 x  Vinewhip StaffIncantation3 x  Force Push1 x  Seeking Dispel1 x  Disarm1 x  Rouse the Beast2 x  Dissolve3 x  Burst of Thorns1 x  Heal1 x  Knockdown1 x  Renewing Rain2 x  Teleport2 x  Dispel
Total cost: 120 pts

For an explanation of how it works check the thread on the original post.

Episode 9 is up! This time I played with my friend Nick for his first video. The match was intense before the blows really started to land home and board/creature control was the most important factor.

Here's the Druid build lovingly nicknamed the Ford Assembly Line:

Wychwood PunisherDruid
Attack2 x  Jet Stream1 x  Force Hammer3 x  Acid Ball1 x  Arc LightningConjuration1 x  Mana Flower1 x  Mangler Caltrops1 x  Nightshade Lotus1 x  Wall of Thorns1 x  Vine Tree3 x  Bloodspine Wall2 x  TanglevineCreature3 x  Vine Snapper4 x  Thornlasher2 x  Raptor Vine1 x  Kralathor, The DevourerEnchantment1 x  Jinx1 x  Bear Strength1 x  Rhino Hide2 x  Nullify1 x  Marked for Death1 x  Stumble1 x  Agony1 x  Barkskin1 x  Fumble1 x  Brace Yourself1 x  Cobra ReflexesEquipment1 x  Wand of Healing1 x  Mage Wand1 x  Elemental Cloak1 x  Eagleclaw Boots1 x  Vinewhip StaffIncantation3 x  Force Push1 x  Seeking Dispel1 x  Disarm1 x  Rouse the Beast2 x  Dissolve3 x  Burst of Thorns1 x  Heal1 x  Knockdown1 x  Renewing Rain2 x  Teleport2 x  Dispel
Total cost: 120 pts

The basic idea here is to lay down the vine tree to spread tokens all over the field. You want to establish board control early so a thornlasher will hit the field within the first couple turns. You then cast a bloodspine wall since it doesn't block line of site and combined with the caltrops you start pulling their creatures through. Kill their creatures, establish "damage" control by having more potential damage on the field. Follow up by spreading the Thornlashers around one space apart so you can pull the enemy mage or other creatures through more walls.

If the enemy mage lays it on too hard in the beginning then just make one dedicated space filled with creatures and spines and lure them to their demise. If larger creatures are causing a problem then get them away from you and tanglevine to buy some time as you pummel the mage. If they teleport away then drop the 6-12 mana needed and put them back in range of your creatures.

This is one of the hardest builds I've had to play, it was pretty alien to me. When planning and taking your actions you need to consider not only what your opponent is going to do but what's going to happen the turn after. So try to have a hand of answers, and play accordingly. Nullify them, acid ball for armor, pushing them within range, stumble to mess with moving, Rouse the beast to get a surprise snatch affect off, Night shade lotus to deal with creatures that stray too far away from the enemy mage. Get in your opponent's head.

When I played this match there were too moments that I made a good call with my planning. He countered aptly and it made for a great game.

As for Nick's build. The Bloodwave Warlord... We lost the deck build, but I'm going to have him respond on this thread to explain how the book works.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Arcane Duels Episode 8 - Forcemaster
« on: October 11, 2014, 10:00:43 PM »
This is the Forcemaster build from our 8th episode.

Attack1 x  Jet Stream1 x  Force Hammer1 x  Geyser1 x  Hurl Rock3 x  Acid Ball1 x  FlameblastConjuration1 x  Hand of Bim-Shalla1 x  Battle Forge2 x  Mana CrystalCreature4 x  ThoughtsporeEnchantment2 x  Brace Yourself1 x  Lion Savagery1 x  Akiro's Favor1 x  Force Orb2 x  Force Hold2 x  Marked for Death1 x  Maim Wings1 x  Bear Strength2 x  Agony1 x  ForcefieldEquipment1 x  Elemental Wand1 x  Wand of Healing1 x  Storm Drake Hide1 x  Dragonscale Hauberk1 x  Defense Ring1 x  Leather Boots1 x  Eagleclaw Boots1 x  Regrowth Belt1 x  Meditation Amulet1 x  Dancing Scimitar1 x  Dispel Wand1 x  Deflection Bracers1 x  Galvitar, Force Blade1 x  Elemental CloakIncantation1 x  Battle Fury2 x  Dispel3 x  Force Push1 x  Teleport1 x  Purge Magic1 x  Repulse1 x  Seeking Dispel2 x  Dissolve1 x  Disarm1 x  Knockdown
Total cost: 120 pts

The idea here is to throw down Thought Spores with spells bound to them that cater to the situation. After you control the board you follow up with Galvatar and other attack spells.

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