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Player Feedback and Suggestions / Minor Fixes to Underpowered Cards
« on: December 07, 2013, 04:16:32 AM »
Several spells currently in the game feel so weak...either because they have much cheaper hard counters or they're just lackluster.

I think many of these problems could be fixed with minor adjustments.

Spell: Akiro's Hammer
Problems: Nearly useless if the opponent doesn't have many conjurations, can be shut down completely by a spell 1/3 its level and 1/3 its price.
Possible Solution: Give Akiro's Hammer the Indirect Fire trait. It's a freaking Legendary Trebuchet. Surely the operators would know how to fire over one measly little wall (or bank of fog as the case may be). This would prevent it from being hardcountered by Fog Bank, Wall of Fire, etc without making it too strong. It would still only be used against Conjurations, but at least now it has a chance of being effective.

Spell: Akiro's Battle Cry
Problems: Expensive and Epic
Possible Solution: Lower the price. It's a level 4 Epic spell, so it should actually be awesome, not just costed as if it were. The two most similar spells (Zombie Frenzy and Call of the Wild) also give arena-wide benefits, yet the others are not epic. They're also objectively better (Zombie Frenzy is amazing and Call of the Wild is decently costed for what it does). Akiro's Battle Cry should cost, at most, 10. Additionally, the Warlord should be included in the effects of the spell (reword to 'The Warlord and all friendly soldier creatures'), and it should give a benefit to Veterans (Friendly Veterans instead gain Melee +2, for example).

Spell: War Sledge
Problems: The quick attack is fairly weak for equipment items (actually it is the weakest attack currently on a weapon), and it is two handed. The full attack is decent, but even without other one-handed war weapons many players don't think it's worth using this. Considering that it prevents the use of a wand or shield (not yet released), the attacks need to make up for it. Currently...they don't. At all.
Possible Solution: Since this weapon is two-handed, it should hit harder than one-handed weapons. (If any of you have swung a sword, you know strikes with two hands are much harder than strikes with one). Increasing the dice from 4 to 5 on both attacks should make this weapon more appealing.

Spell: Hunting Bow
Problems: Against anything nonliving (the ever popular Golem Pit and Necromancer builds) this weapon is just a more expensive Ivarium Longbow. Even against Living targets you have to first attack and damage the target with an animal...something many players think isn't worth the time.
Possible Solution: Does this really need to cost more than the Ivarium Longbow? 3 mana for 50% bleed against the right targets in the right circumstances isn't really a good deal. Either the price should be 8 or 9, or the benefit gained should be useful against nonliving foes as well...say gaining the Ranged +1 Trait instead of the extra pierce.

Spell: Garrison Post
Problems: It's presence boosts the channeling of the Barracks, yet the Barracks can't deploy creatures to the Garrison Post
Possible Solution: Just let the Barracks deploy creatures to a friendly Garrison Post.

Spell: Earth Elemental
Problems: Weaker than the lower-leveled Iron Golem in every way (bad example, I know, but it shouldn't be this much weaker).
Possible Solution: Turn "Two-Fisted Power Smash" into a quick attack. This would at least let it take advantage of things like Charge or let it reasonably guard. As it stands now this thing is just too easy to ignore.

Spell: Invisible Stalker
Problems: Expensive and lackluster. It cannot be buffed by either animal enchantments or incantations, it has upkeep, and the attack can often just be ignored with a few pieces of armour.
Possible Solution: Add piercing (I think Piercing +2 would be good) to the attack to make it more threatening.

Spell: Bridge Troll
Problems: Not useful to any of the Nature Mages since it isn't a plant/animal, over-costed for the Warlord to take since it's more Nature than War.
Possible Solution: Turn the spell from 2 Nature & 1 War to 2 War & 1 Nature. This would make it more feasible for Warlords to take, while the Nature Mages (in general) don't lose anything

Obviously I've missed several several spells that could use some attention. I know that all of the above spells are from the 2nd two expansions, so it's understandable that some of them are this imbalanced. However, I think if they can errata cards that are brokenly powerful then errataing some of the weakest cards should also be an option.


Spellbook Design and Construction / Ichthelid Necromancer
« on: December 06, 2013, 08:50:38 PM »
Would a build based around 4 Ichthellid and Sacrificial Altar work?

As soon as I saw the card a couple months ago, I thought that sacing an Ichthellid to the Altar (to give another one bonuses) only to bring it back to life at the end of the turn from a previously placed larva would be pretty cool (and finally a way to use a card I've been thinking about since my first game). It would probably use Skeletons to round out the creatures while avoiding the Bloodthirsty Penalty.

I ask because 95% of the references I've seen made to Necromancer mention zombies (which don't interest me) and I'm not used to Necromancer play at all.

At the moment, I play Mage Wars exclusively with some of my friends.  I've been trying to work out a Warlock deck that's fairly versatile and can ruin all of their plans while I run in and stab things with the new sword.  However, I would love some feedback since I've only played a total of six games so far.

What I'm aiming for is a curse-heavy deck that can shut down creature-heavy builds, which seem to be the staples the people I play with use, while still being fairly scary to creature-light builds.

I am a little worried that I don't have enough attack spells, incantations, dissolves, or buffing enchantments though.  The other thing I'm considering is dropping to four or five creatures and removing the Pentagram, but I don't know if that would be worth it.

Attack spells: 5 (11 points)
2 Fireball
2 Ring of Fire
1 Firestorm

Creatures: 4 (17 points)
1 Adramelech
1 Dark Pact Slayer
1 Goran, Werewolf Pet
1 Necropian Vampiress

Equipment: 11 (18 points)
1 Demonhide Armour
1 Sectarus, Dark Rune Sword - Familiar
1 Elemental Wand
1 Helm of Fear
1 Gauntlets of Strength
1 Moloch's Torment
1 Ring of Curses
1 Elemental Cloak
1 Leather Boots
1 Regrowth Belt
1 Fireshaper Ring

Incantations: 7 (15 points)
2 Dissolve
2 Explode
3 Dispel
1 Drain Life

Walls: 1 (2 points)
1 Wall of Fire

Conjurations: 5 (11 points)
1 Battle Forge
1 Idol of Pestilence
2 Mana Crystal
1 Deathlock

Enchantments: 30 (44 points)
2 Bear Strength
1 Cheetah Speed
2 Vampirism
2 Agony
1 Death Link
2 Ghoul Rot
2 Mage Bane
2 Maim Wings
2 Marked for Death
2 Poisoned Blood
2 Jinx
4 Nullify
2 Hellfire Trap
2 Decoy

Feedback is definitely appreciated.

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