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General Discussion / Essential cards pack
« on: June 19, 2017, 09:18:58 PM »

I'm sorry if there is, but I could not find a topic about this issue.

I've not been around the foruns for a lot of time, but my love for MW is persistent from 2013, and even since then, I've always missed an essential cards pack. I got 3 core mw box and 2 of every expansion, and, even like this, I get short of essential cards for spellbook construction.

Why don't you guys develop a pack like that? I think it would sell like water.

By essential cards I mean:

-Lesser Teleport
-Seeking Dispel
-Arcane Ward
-Force Push
-Mage Wand
-Acid Ball

And maybe toss inside the pack 1 or 2:

-Brace Yourself
-Leather Boots
-Leather Chausses
-Leather Gloves
-Leather Belt
-Bear Strenght
-Mongoose Agility
-Minor Heal
-Regrowth Belt
-Wall of Thorns
-Battle Forge
-Enchanter's ring
-Elemental Cloak
Any other suggestions guys?

So, if there is a topic in that matter, please move me there to give my support for the cause!  :D

General Discussion / Mysterious red box!
« on: July 05, 2013, 03:56:56 PM »
People, I know this question must be very silly for you guys, but I didn't figure out yet what is the purpose of that red acrylic red box (with MW logo in Yellow) that arrived here with my kumanjaro expansion... o.O
I mounted it (I don't know if correctly) but I don't see any purpose for it. Help me!  I'm curious!

Thanks! =D

Strategy and Tactics / Beastmaster vs Ranged
« on: April 08, 2013, 07:10:30 PM »
So, I was playing yesterday with a Ranged focused Walord, and my friend with a Beastmaster (Classic V2.0 build). And the duel was a lot frustrating (for him  :silly: ) because everytime he sent his creatures to attack me (and my conjurations) I shooted him with my Sniper, Ivarium Bow, Ludwig, or than double strike them with Sir Corazin.
And when he came with the Bear, I quicksand him and he sink down to hell!  :evil:

He ended the duel with the conclusion that there's no way for a beastmaster (with no ranged units) to beat a ranged focused mage.

I was trying to find some discussion about that issue around here and did not find it. So, I'm making it for you guys to help me (and him) with these strategies.

1) I think maybe is a good thing for the beastmaster to wait until it has a good number of creature gathered before beggining the attack (to overwhelm the ranged creatures), but then I could also (in this time) gather more ranged creatures, like goblins slingshoters. So, don't know if this could help.

2) If the BM casts a lot of falcons to pass through my melle (that were defending the ranged units), of course the ranged would focus in the flying and beat them down.

3) Maybe use an Elemental wand with jet stream or Geyser to keep dazing and/or pushing my creatures would be a good tactic, but he didn't have an elemental wand in his deck. Maybe i'll put one in the BM deck. Would you use this tactic?

What else would you recomend us (young padawans  :P ) to do in that situations??  

(And sorry for some bad english usage, I'm from Brazil, and english is my 2nd language)

Rules Discussion / Mangler Caltrops vs Flying Creatures
« on: April 01, 2013, 12:56:39 AM »
When a flying creatures attacks in a zone that has Mangler Caltrops, the Caltrops make the attack against the flying creature?  Since it lost its flying as long as it attacks.

If so, MC is a very good way to damage or hinder flying creatures!

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