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General Discussion / Gen Con Academy pre releases
« on: August 01, 2018, 11:35:11 AM »
Academy Necromancer

Academy Monk

Events / Bloody Kansas 08/29/2015 Results
« on: September 01, 2015, 10:26:16 PM »
My apologies for being a day or two late posting, life is what it is.

So as to always further the ongoing process of data collection for the meta tweakers ;)  I was asked to post our results here for you all to ponder and see how our little slice of the arena is shaping up.

Sat we had ourselves a quick little get together. A 3 round tournament with 6 participants. 75 min round maximum (which only one round got close to this)

The 6 spellbooks for the event were:

1 Johktari Beastmaster
2 Straywood Beastmaster
2 Necromancer
1 Wizard (water)

Placing in 1st - 3rd:

3rd - Straywood Beastmaster

2nd - Straywood Beastmaster


Congratulations go to the player and he walked out of there with a few promos and a GenCon edition (playmat and metal initiative marker included) copy of Academy to boot (that's just how we roll in BK)

and I appreciate him giving me permission to post his book on the forums for us to nit pick and judge and all that :P 

Bloody Kansas winner 08/29Necromancer
Attack2 x  Force HammerConjuration1 x  Battle Forge1 x  Mana Prism1 x  Sacrificial Altar2 x  Tanglevine2 x  Wall of Bones1 x  Idol of PestilenceCreature4 x  Plague Zombie1 x  Ravenous Ghoul1 x  Zombie Brute2 x  Zombie Minion2 x  Blood DemonEnchantment1 x  Akiro's Favor2 x  Block2 x  Nullify1 x  Agony2 x  Bear Strength2 x  Cheetah Speed1 x  Lion Savagery1 x  Magebane1 x  Ghoul Rot1 x  Poisoned Blood1 x  Vampirism1 x  Chains of AgonyEquipment1 x  Cloak of Shadows1 x  Leather Boots1 x  Veteran's Belt1 x  Gauntlets of Strength1 x  Libro Mortuos1 x  Demonhide Armor1 x  Deathshroud StaffIncantation2 x  Dispel2 x  Dissolve2 x  Seeking Dispel3 x  Teleport2 x  Zombie Frenzy
Total cost: 120 pts

If you will be in the Kansas City area towards the end of the month and would like information on the next tournament send me a message.

General Questions / Force Bash query
« on: June 27, 2013, 07:01:24 PM »
Does the secondary target effect of force bash only apply if the original target enters a new zone?

So lets assume I have two falcons in the corner of the arena. Could the opposing forcemaster use force bash to knock one into the arena wall and then have it bash the second bird in that zone?

Rules Discussion / Clarification requests
« on: June 18, 2013, 07:24:04 PM »
Okay so i am going to try and make this as clear as I can, I apologize if I lose you along the way.

*** 1st Hypothetical situation***
I am playing a force master. I mind control your knight of westlock. I then reveal an essence drain on the same knight of westlock. During the upkeep phase (because I control the creature and enchantments) I choose which upkeep to pay, or not pay, first. I choose to let the essence drain go first and do not pay the upkeep. The creature dies. Awesome (expensive) but the closest thing this game has to an instant kill! (which I think it is?)

***Enchantment Transfusion***
So by the wording in the FAQ (see decoy), enchantments are ALWAYS revealed when destroyed. So Enchantment Transfusion can send any enchantment to a new legal target when that creature dies because it is revealed and the effect happens when it is revealed.

***Healing Charm and Bull's Endurance***
Another interesting situation that occurs when the creature dies. Enchantments are forced to be revealed, and the creature heals for the amount on 4 die of damage and / or gains +4 life.

 The cool part here is that damage and destruction, then subsequent heal, happens during the damage and effects stage. Creatures do not get destroyed at the end of the action or round, but whenever the damage dealt equals / exceeds their life total, which triggers the enchantments to be revealed, which changes the life total before the phase ends.

So could either, or both, of these cards save a dying creature?

In my gut I am going to guess that they can not, but I figured that I would post them up and see what the general consensus was.

Thanks for the feedback

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