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Mages / the book that the priest is holding in his card art?
« on: July 23, 2017, 08:56:09 PM »
Is that a holy equipment that hasn't been released yet? It occurred to me just now that he's the only non-academy mage that's holding a book in his card art. So far we've got two book equipments: libro mortuos and mordok's tome. what's with the one in the priest's card art that never appeared in the set and no one ever seems to have talked about or even noticed? Is it an actual spell which we might see in the future?

General Discussion / How can we make mage wars more popular?
« on: July 05, 2017, 10:17:43 PM »
I was considering finding another game to be my main hobby game, and make mage wars more of a side game. the following are what im looking for in a hobby game:

-affordable to play both casually and competitively
-customizable strategy
-mostly skill based (no mana screw)
-tabletop game (as opposed to videogame)
-it's well-balanced
-it's not obscure

Thing is, I looked and I looked and I looked, and it seems that there are literally zero games in all of existence that meet these six criteria. Mage Wars meets all of the criteria on this list except for the last one, and it makes me rather frustrated.

Seriously, meeting the bare minimum of quality, accessibility and organized play shouldnt make a strategy game automatically obscure unless its chess go or bridge. that's just ridiculous. a game as good as mage wars doesnt deserve to remain obscure forever. i have my own suspicions on why mage wars is so obscure, but i would like to know what other people think. why exactly is mage wars obscure, and what can be or is being done to fix this if anything?

NOTE: I'm NOT saying mage wars is failing or going away anytime soon. Being obscure is not the same thing as losing popularity. But Mage Wars is kind of an obscure game, and I was wondering what any of us can do to fix that if anything. Or perhaps it isn't worth it to do so, and if so why?

I feel kinda stuck. There are no other hobby games that will satisfy me like mage wars does, but no one plays mage wars in public in my area, and ive looked and looked and i CANNOT find another hobby game suitable to replace it.


Rules Discussion / Question about Force Bash and Wall Bash
« on: July 05, 2017, 03:20:43 PM »
If Force Bash pushes a creature against a wall, will the creature still be slammed after the wall bash? Or does the target have to actually leave the zone in order to be slammed? And if it does get slammed after wall bash, can you still slam another creature in the same zone? The text on the card seems a bit confusing and it's not clear what the intent is.


I was just thinking about mordok's tome. it seems that if you're trying to be super aggressive and win really early in the game, one of the problems is that it takes a lot of prediction. if you mispredict your opponent ever so slightly it will cost you the match. A lot of people have talked about attack spell rushes not being viable in tournaments, just a good training tool. I suspect however, that if you have more spell choices (not necessarily more spell actions, but more spell choices) you'll be able to do exactly what you need to do each round to foil your opponent's attempts to stop your rush. I'm thinkinig maybe r1 wizard's tower and mordok's tome, then r2 or r3 start attacking.

Another fun idea might be a slightly slower more controlling attack spell "rush". Throw down a wizard's tower and a mordok's tome, but instead of trying to kill the enemy mage as fast as possible with fireballs and hurl boulders, use lightning bolts on them over and over again, as well as jinxes to make it harder for them to fight back.


Mage Wars Academy / Academy over Video Chat
« on: June 19, 2017, 04:44:41 PM »
Hi! Is anyone still interested in playing Academy over Video chat? Some people tried to start it a while back and it never successfully took off. I've been trying to convince people to play it over video chat for a long while now and have had almost no success. If anyone's interested please shoot me a pm. My username on Skype is ZebraofPower.


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Fan Fiction / Terrenia: People of the Dawn
« on: June 17, 2017, 02:01:10 PM »
AN: just a plot bunny that was in my head. Not entirely sure where I'm going with it so bear with me.


“O People of the Dawn. Will you rise to the morning Sun? Or will you fall back to the mud whence you came? None to guide you. None to save you. No Gods. No heroes. No justice. No second chances. Only you.”
The young forcemaster smiled a bitter smile. It was time to begin his work.
In another world so near and yet so far away, things were different. Gods roamed the land, magic ran wild and the world was filled with otherworldly creatures. Gods were a double edged sword. They were old and experienced and full of secret lore, which allowed them to accelerate the evolution of mortal beings at a far greater pace than they otherwise would be able to reach. But they also fought against each other using mortal beings as their pawns, to be discarded after use.
But in this world, things were different. The Elemental Lords had fought a great battle against each other near the dawn of time, far more fiercely and violently than in that other world. At the end of the battle, there was a great explosion as their attacks collided, and all four Elemental Lords were blasted to smithereens. Their remains spread across the universe to form stars and planets. However, without the Lords' conscious guidance, it was almost impossible for life to form. For many eons there was no life at all. Then one day, it mysteriously began to spontaneously replicate itself into existence, on a tiny little speck of a world called “Terrenia”.
This is a story about the beings who lived on that world. It is a tale of adventure, heroes and villains,  love and friendship, loss and hardship. But more than that, it is a tale of endless never ending horror and boredom, in a beautiful and ugly world where the stakes are high and the odds are poor, where the heroes often lose and the villains don’t fare much better, where the greatest minds are often astoundingly foolish, the most powerful are almost powerless to do anything in the end, and where everyone else just gives up without even trying or pretends that things are not as grim as they truly are. It is a tale of magic and mundanity, of bloody wars and damn bureaucracy and endless paperwork and people going hungry and the endless search for answers.
Welcome to Terrenia.

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General Discussion / I'm at origins. Anybody here?
« on: June 14, 2017, 05:02:10 PM »
Hi! I'm at origins game fair. Who is here today?

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Spells / What exactly happened with gate to hell?
« on: June 13, 2017, 09:53:01 AM »
So it seems the gate to hell is still unusable and unsalvageable even after errata. How did that happen? It would be really cool if the gate could work because the warlock would love an arena wide attack.

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Spellbook Design and Construction / Max copies of a spell?
« on: June 08, 2017, 03:55:10 PM »
Have you ever made a good competitive book which used max copies of a particular spell and if so what spell was it?

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Needs a way to deal with Siren' s call
=either multiple big creatures or psychic immune or no creatures
Needs a way to deal with psychic conditions and enchantments
=dispel and priestess's ability or use psychic immune or no creatures
Needs a way to remove armor
=dissolve and dispel

The only psychic immune creatures in the core set are skeletal sentries, and they're kind of frail. They die really fast without reassemble and there's only two of then in the core set. Which means you would need them to do as much damage as possible to the mage or to a big threat before they died. Problem is they can't gain elusive, so the only they can handle enemy guards using only core set is if you use knockdown or tanglevine/force hold. This is fine if there's only one enemy guards. If there's two or more you're going to have a hard time constantly reapplying knockdown, you don't have astral anchor to stop them teleporting out of your tanglevines, and you dont have enchanter's wardstones not arcane wards to protect your force holds. And before you suggest just including more copies, more copies takes more spellppints to include in your book and more actions to keep putting them back on after earlier copies get dispelled. Not to mention thr core set only has two copies of force hold anyway.

With the core set you can get up to 7 armor if you invest the spellppints. It only takes a rust and three acid balls to whittle it down to 0, and that's if you even have the actions to get that much armor. A battle forge in your corner is still very vulnerable to bring being destroyed early if you're not putting pressure on the enemy especially if you're facing druid or siren and you dont have any creatures to reliably protect it because only the sentries are psychic immune and you dont have intercepting creatures and you dont have mind shield. Against forcemaster you need unavoidable attacks or to restrain her so she gets lower def rolls. If you try restraining her with tanglevine shell teleport out because you dont have astral anchor nor a way to protect it if you did and shell also dispel your force holds easily enough for same reasons. The only way to get unavoidable attacks in core set x1 only is perfect strike or brogan bloodstone or flameblast. There are only two flameblasts in the core set and if you put on an elemental wand it will just get dissolved because flameblast is range 0-1. you try to use priestess's ability to deal with psychic conditions on brogan and to remove corrodes and weaks while using dissolve and dispel it get rid of enemy armor and a combination of evade on a mage wand and Mongoose agility to get past guards , and minor heals to keep him alive he while he attacks, that could possibly work as a tanky  rush deck against everyone except the siren because siren' s call has no removal cost.  Summoning multiple big creatures that aren't psychic immune could work if you could give them all elusive to get past guards. There are only two monoose agilities in the core set, so you would need one of your creatures to have innate elusive. That basically just means cervere. But cervere is expensive since he costs 15 mana. And if they dispel any of your Mongoose agility you could be in trouble. Not to mention you have no way to deal with swamp except to push or teleport both your threats and the enemy mage out of it. As soon as they have a swamp with astral anchor and an arcane ward, that's basically gg.

So how to stay viable while buying the minimal number of expansions?

That depends on what you're doing. If you want to rush with a buddy that isn't psychic immune, you need mind shields. That would mean forcemaster vs warlord.

If you want to do a solo rush with attack spells you need acid balls to deal with armor. Dissolve is range 0-1 and the majority of lasting mage armor is equipment which means if you try to get rid of their armor first you often won't be attacking until at least round 4.
That means druid vs necromancer.

If you want to tank the enemy out with dot, you need things that do dot the majority of which comes from enchantmentst. Ghoul rot and magebane are in the core set but they're often not enough. You either need to get force crush (forcemaster vs warlord) or you need astral anchor and stranglevine (druid vs necromancer and battlegrounds: domination). In either of these two cases you would need enchanter's wardstones to protect your enchantments, so you would need conquest of kumanjaro.

The list goes on. Core set x1 only spellbooks are no longer viable in competitive play. The last potentially viable core x1 only book after druid vs Necromancer was likely some kind of priestess book, and with Siren's ability such a book has become unviable.

Have computer back temporarily. Mage Wars on octgn anyone? I have limited time tonight.

Alternative Play / RTS Mage Wars Academy
« on: May 29, 2017, 10:17:40 PM »
Test your reflexes!

No rounds. No turns. Everything can happen simultaneously, except that if there's a timing conflict between opposing player's effects the player who begun to declare their effect first gets to decide the order.

Mage channeling = 1 mana / second
A creature has a charge time of 4 seconds before it can be activated for the first time in the game, and then 2 seconds before it can be activated again. Your mage's quickcast action can be used without charging it.

(1 second = about 2 human-perceived instants).

Hope you like!

General Discussion / I'm Leaving
« on: May 29, 2017, 12:49:35 PM »
I've been looking for people to play mage wars with for the past four years. I've been looking literally everywhere imaginable reaching out a LOT all over the place. I only ever got two people to play with me offline outside of conventions. I have only ever played two games of Mage Wars Arena offline outside of conventions. Until this year Mage Wars was a lot more popular with people in my area, but I couldn't find anyone to play with. Everyone would just drive up north to Hero's Haven where I couldn't transport myself to, and seems to have blatantly ignored all of my attempts to reach out to them. I don't know why this is, but I suspect it's because they just don't like me for whatever reason. But I do not know for sure. If other Mage Wars players just don't like me then why don't they just TELL me that so I can stop wasting my time with this game.

If I don't have anyone to play with on a semi regular basis by the end of this year, and I still don't have any answers to why not, then I'm just going to stop playing. There's no point in investing a bunch of time effort money and energy into a game if no one wants to play with you.

I've only ever gotten to play two offline games of Mage Wars Arena outside of conventions in the past four years despite the fact that this game's local community was still thriving until some time last year. I'm tired of waiting.

Custom Cards / Goblin Tinkerer and Wooden Fence
« on: May 23, 2017, 10:29:50 PM »

Wooden Fence
School: nature
Can only be cast with the effect of Goblin Tinkerer
Range 0-1
Target: zone border
Quick action
4 life

Goblin Tinkerer
Lv1 war
As a quick action, this creature may cast a conjuration spell directly from your spellbook at range 0-0.


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