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Events / Gen Con 2018 Tournament Prep Event
« on: July 20, 2018, 11:28:31 PM »
As a reminded we're having a tournament prep session on Thursday August 2nd at Gen Con. It's free to attend and you can test your books before entering the big one the next day. Even if you're not entering it's still free and you can get some casual games in. Your judges will be present to check in books(please check in your books) and give advice based on previous Gen Cons.


So this is a book I've been knocking around and I have to say it's probably the most fun book I've run in a long long time. To me the Araxian will always be "Big Sexy" a hard hitting man who can scrap with the best of them. Even using your average Blood Reaper he still has more like than most mages. This book is about vampires, every big man needs a good woman and this book has two:

WarlockA Warlock Spellbookbuilt by http://www.spellbookbuilder.com
Equipment1 x Dragonscale Hauberk1 x Elemental Wand1 x Enchanter's Ring1 x Fireshaper Ring1 x Hellstar1 x Leather Boots1 x Leather Gloves1 x Mage Wand1 x Tempered Faulds1 x Wychwood IronvineConjuration1 x Mana Crystal1 x TanglevineCreature1 x Blood Demon1 x Dark Pact Slayer2 x Necropian VampiressEnchantment1 x Agony1 x Akiro's Favor4 x Bear Strength2 x Brace Yourself1 x Chant of Rage1 x Cheetah Speed4 x Critical Strike2 x Demonic Bloodlust1 x Demonic Link1 x Enchantment Transfusion1 x Mongoose Agility2 x Nullify1 x Poisoned Blood1 x Regrowth4 x Rhino Hide1 x Rust1 x Theft of Life1 x VampirismIncantation2 x Dispel1 x Dissolve1 x Heal1 x Siphon Life2 x TeleportAttack4 x Fireball2 x Flameblast1 x Surging Wave
Total cost: 120 pts

Events / Con Carolinas Battle Against Cystic Fibrosis 2018
« on: March 22, 2018, 03:55:19 PM »
June 1st-3rd we'll be hosting a charity Mage Wars tournament to help fight Cystic Fibrosis at Con Carolinas here in Charlotte. This will be a 1 day tournament with lots of matches the day before and after.

Many of my cities best players will be competing. I will offer free crash space to any out of town mage warrior who wants to come take a crack at it. Entry for the tournament is $10(US dollars) and all proceeds go to fight a disease that's a straight up child killer.

Events / Origins 2018
« on: March 18, 2018, 11:58:07 PM »
So as I'm gonna be in town for Origins I thought I'd do what I'm famous for and arrange a little tournament. Anyone up for it if I do? Oh I uh don't think I'll judge it though, think I'll play.  8) Note this won't be a sanctioned Arcane Wonders event, but a casual event just to see who's best at Origins? Yeah we can manage that.

Events / Gen Con 2018
« on: March 18, 2018, 07:07:47 PM »
It's that time again folks! Arcane Wonders and the Charlotte Mage Warriors are proud to announce we'll back for another round of Mage Wars tournaments again this year! Both Mage Wars Arena and Mage Wars Academy will have fully supported tournaments this year! Plus we're bringing back the HIGHLY popular Thursday night practice session! Update on the new rules format will be forth coming soon!

Start practicing now mage warriors cause the road to the championship starts NOW!

Spellbook Design and Construction / Sire: Curse of the Depths
« on: February 18, 2018, 08:32:45 PM »
A while back I asked what mage I should run for a small local event. It ended up being overwhelmingly Siren and I did pretty well with it. Here's what I ended up with:

SirenA Siren Spellbookbuilt by http://www.spellbookbuilder.com
Equipment1 x Leather Boots1 x Leather Chausses1 x Leather Gloves1 x Leviathan Scale Armor1 x Ring of the Ocean's Depths1 x Ring of the Tides1 x Shoalsdeep Trident1 x Voice of the SeaConjuration1 x Coral Barrier1 x Mana Flower4 x Shallow Sea2 x Tanglevine1 x WhirlpoolCreature2 x Colossal Crab1 x Merren Harpooner1 x Naiya1 x Shoalsdeep Crocodile1 x Water ElementalEnchantment2 x Agony1 x Akiro's Favor2 x Ballad of Courage1 x Bear Strength1 x Brace Yourself1 x Divine Protection2 x Healing Madrigal1 x Hydrothermal Vent1 x Magebane1 x Nullify1 x Rhino Hide2 x Rust1 x Song of LoveIncantation1 x Crumble1 x Cure2 x Dispel3 x Dissolve2 x Force Push1 x Minor Heal1 x Purify1 x Remove Curse2 x TeleportAttack2 x Acid Ball1 x Hurl Boulder2 x Surging Wave2 x Swell1 x Tsunami
Total cost: 120 pts

The basic idea is Sirens die fast due to the short life. Someone people say "Is it really that big a deal?" to which I reply "Yes. Yes it's a big deal." The idea then is find artificial ways to stretch that 30 life out some. This includes reducing the number of dice coming at you. Thus the Divine Protection and Agonies in the book. It means board control thus the Shoalsdeep Crocodile, Colossal Crabs, Water Elemental,, Tangle Vines, Force Pushes, Teleports, Coral Barrier, and Whirlpool. The armor and healing methods are self explanatory but the Siren more than any other mage is NOT trying to get hit in the face for large burst damage all at once. A Force Master hit me for 10 damage on a supped up hit with some hot dice and I thought "Well crap there's 1/3 of my life!" If she'd have been able to follow up I'd have been dead fast. And that's the thing to ALWAYS remember with a Siren: Things can go very bad for you very quickly. Don't ever ever for any reason get complacent or think it's in the bag.

You can armor but they can pierce just as fast now. You can heal, but they can lay it down faster than you can remove it odds are. So do not get hit that hard to begin with. Your creatures can also lay the heavy beat down pretty quick and you can just remove armor so play to that strength. I had a Paladin get surprised when a Colossal Crap swung 5 on it's quick attack against him thanks to Siren's Call. Also remember Acid Balls are guaranteed damage against enemies without armor.

In all I went 3-1 at the event. Fought 2 Force Masters, a Paladin, and a Necromancer. Lost to the Necromancer as she was just hitting on all cylinders and making no mistakes today. I have to say though I'm happy with my Siren and would confidentially run it against anyone you'd care to name.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Bayley Siren
« on: January 18, 2018, 09:28:01 PM »
Got to tinkering with the Siren book I'll be playing at Nerd Nexus and decided people are right when they say the Siren needs more love. With that I've based a book on hugs and snuggles, then named it after one of my favorite female pro wrestlers(Google it.) Not really looking for ideas but just posting this as a record of my process since it was asked that a reasonably good player take a shot at this mage. I've tested it 4 times and am 3-1. My one lost came from a Paladin who went nova on me way faster than I was expecting.

SirenA Siren Spellbookbuilt by http://www.spellbookbuilder.com
Equipment1 x Leather Boots1 x Leather Chausses1 x Leather Gloves2 x Leviathan Scale Armor1 x Ring of the Ocean's Depths1 x Ring of the Tides2 x Shoalsdeep Trident1 x Voice of the SeaConjuration2 x Coral Barrier1 x Mana Flower1 x Mohktari, Great Tree of Life5 x Shallow Sea1 x WhirlpoolCreature2 x Colossal Crab1 x Kraken1 x Naiya1 x Shoalsdeep Crocodile1 x Water ElementalEnchantment1 x Akiro's Favor1 x Ballad of Courage1 x Bear Strength2 x Brace Yourself1 x Chant of Rage1 x Circle of Protection1 x Hawkeye2 x Healing Madrigal2 x Hydrothermal Vent1 x Nullify1 x Rhino Hide2 x Rust1 x Song of LoveIncantation1 x Crumble1 x Disarm2 x Dispel3 x Dissolve1 x Force Push1 x Purify2 x TeleportAttack2 x Acid Ball1 x Force Hammer2 x Surging Wave2 x Swell1 x Tsunami
Total cost: 120 pts

As you can see I Grapple with this book a fair bit. I've gotten lucky with the Grapple rolls so far and I'm thinking of some other fun ways to make them nastier.

General Discussion / Net Building.
« on: January 11, 2018, 12:52:50 AM »
Here is a post where we can debate the pros and cons of sharing your book online and using a book you see online. My views are simple enough. I will play a book I find online if I want to test out that style or to help a new player learn a mage I don't play much. I've never entered a tournament or even casual play meeting with a book I got online as I personally prefer to make my own. I'm cool with anyone using my books, in the unlikely chance I have to fight a mirror match I probably play it better.....or I'll learn something new.

General Discussion / Favorite aspect?
« on: January 06, 2018, 01:15:02 PM »
What's your favorite aspe t of Mage Wars? What I mean is what do you live most about it.

For me it's the competition I have locally.

General Discussion / What Mage Should I Play?
« on: January 05, 2018, 09:13:45 AM »
So next month we have a small tournament to benefit at risk kids in our area. Thing is, I'm not organizing it or running it. Yep one of my players decided to run her own event. Some of you have met Sarah at Gen Con, she's a nice gal and capable judge. I hadn't given it much thought other than "Go play in the thing" so I haven't picked a mage. Just to keep things interesting I'll play whatever mage gets the most votes. Love to hear peoples reasoning too. I'll keep the poll open for lets say two weeks? That'll give me time to make and practice a book if it's something I don't already have.

General Discussion / Organized Play
« on: December 18, 2017, 10:30:59 AM »
Just throwing this out for discussion, and I ask that it be polite discussion not a debate. The organized play format hasn't been updated in years, if changes were to be made what should they be?

Keep in mind that many tournaments by necessity have to be timed and that certain strategies, cards, and play styles are exceptionally strengthened or weakened by this.

General Discussion / Practice Report.
« on: December 03, 2017, 09:14:25 PM »
So a few of us got together for some practice today. Sadly one of our new players is moving a little further away but he's playing a lot on OCTGN now and he's hoping to make it for our big events.

I made two books to practice, siren and a wizard. Of course I left them both at home so I ended up practicing with my Warlord some more(the Straywood doesn't need practice I ran him a few days ago and owned.) Warlords coming along nice but I need more non-living in the book.

I fought a Force Master from Littlenog today. Seriously he's getting terrifying. I won due to a mistake he made....he won't make it again.

Fought a new and improved Necromancer book from Jimillia. She's going back to basics and trying an entirely different approach. It's scary if you're not ready for it. Why don't more people use Rise Again and Animate Dead? If you can manage your mana they're insane.

Events / Nerd Nexus: The Relatives Tournament, Charlotte NC.
« on: December 02, 2017, 06:05:25 PM »
SUNDAY!!!! SUNDAY!!! SUNDAY!!! February 18th we'll be hosting a tournament on the campus of UNC Charlotte! Come test your night against the strongest meta there is! The Charlotte Mage Warriors are raising money for The Relatives youth crisis center! Tournament starts at noon.

Mages / Araxian Crown Warlock
« on: October 09, 2017, 10:22:49 AM »
I'm back with another in depth look at a mage. I asked good ole Romeo for a suggestion as to which mage to do and he gave me the AC Warlock. I'm one of those idealistic fools who think this mage has just gotten a bad rep lately and is still pretty viable. I am not however idealistic enough to think I'm about to change a whole lot of minds but hopefully I'll give you some food for thought at least.

Lets get started with his stat card.

Base Stats: 38 Life and 9 Channeling. So immediately we're setting him apart from every single other mage in the game with a higher starting life than anybody else. Obviously there's a good reason for that with his abilities but it's good knowing you can most likely survive slugging it out with just about any other mage in a straight fight. Of course Mage Wars is NEVER a straight fight given the defenses that can be brought to bear but every advantage helps. Also the extra life as I said plays in well with one of his key abilities. The 9 Channeling is common among most mages so I'm not going into that other than to say this mage has some mana economy if he wants to go that route later.

Training: Dark and Fire. This is actually probably the best combo in the game(shut up Paladin.) Dark is by far one of if not THE most diverse schools in the book, right up there with Nature honestly. You get offensive and defensive gear and some sneaky enchantments I'll discuss more later. Fire gives you good solid attack spells and access to some conjurations others won't have the available SBPs to mess with. Both schools give interesting creatures.


Curseweaving- Why does nobody pay attention to this? He's literally the only mage that can put non cantrip spells back into his book! Know what's great about Curseweaving? You can freely cast it on non-mage creatures and not worry about it going away if you kill it. Ghoul Rot Cervere, Posion Blood the Thornlasher, and Mage Bane Fellela! Who cares? You're getting it back anyway so long as you pay attention. This combos awesomely with Death Link and with your own familiar. Another good trick is this combos with Demonic Bloodlust and Demonic Link, so if you beef up your heavy attackers and they die....eh you get it back to try again with Minion #2. It's all about making your book go longer than normal and it's a great ability to do it.

Blood Reaper- Ok lets get into the meat and potatoes shall we? This is frankly one of the main reasons the mage has 38 starting life. Giving him a strong starting life means you don't have to worry about sacrificing some of it to get your Blood Reaper out. It doesn't cost mana so that's a huge bonus and even if you sacrifice 4 life to get something good out you still have more starting life than the majority of other mages. In fact only three other mages have more than 34 only two tie it. Now a lot of people are going to tell you the best Blood Reaper is the Blood Demon and it's really hard to argue against that logic even. 6 dice against an injured enemy is hard to pass deny as are it's built in survival advantages presented by Vampiric and Flying. A Gators Toughness makes it a real pain in the butt to take him down. Now the advantage of a Blood Reaper other than beefing up the attack dice on a demon is it gives you PASSIVE healing. See without easy access to the quick and dirty heal spells warlocks really depend on that passive healing that doesn't take mana or an action on their part to heal. It's a good idea to have your reaper attacking smaller swarm creatures just to heal you the 2 a turn. Never ever ever underestimate passive healing and the advantage it gives you.

Battle Skill: Don't ever underestimate a 4 dice melee attack either. Other mages have to spend mana to get to that point and you're already there. His attack being non-elemental gives him more versatility than his female counterpart. The AC Warlock is a stud and he's meant to get in there and FIGHT. This is an obvious sign towards that.

Now lets look at schools shall we?

Attack Spells:

What can I say he's got some of the best in the game. He is fully trained in 9 attack spells, not a one of which is even remotely subtle. Fireball has been around since the core set and it's still amazing. 6 dice and a very good chance at a Burn token is pretty fair for the mana cost and the 2 range lets him fire at fleeing opponents or irritating conjurations in the back. He's got built in methods of dealing with dodge creatures with the obvious Flame Blast but remember Ring of Fire will do it too. In fact Ring of Fire is only 1 of the ways he can deal with swarms as Firestorm is great for the mana if you see the enemy gathering or for archers on a nearby hill. I think Devil's Trident is one of the most under rated attacks in the game and it synergies well with his equipment. Speaking of obviously he's got a ring that makes each and every one of these spells stronger so keep that in mind as well as Hawkeye can sometimes be worth it for him.


From the fire side he's got cheaper access to Battle Forge than most and that's important given how good his gear can be. He also has access to Wall of Fire, which is a great way to set up a nice Force Wave trap for undead hordes or other swarms. It does 5 dice after all which is insane for a passage attack. The other wall he has access to is Wall of Bones which is a cheap and resilient way of keeping people locked in or at bay. The Sacrificial Alter is actually pretty cool if you're about to lose a creature and want to make the best of a bad situation. The rest of his conurations are controversial at best and bad ideas at worse. I'm not going to get into the Pentagram debate but I have found a use for it by casting it then immediately attacking. Alter of Infernia is honestly a bad idea for this mage.


Whoa boy here we friggin go lol. He has access to 48 creatures completely at cost and another at partial with the Magma Golem!! The powers of Darkness are mightly to behold!!!!! Now among those creatures a few stand out for him. I already mentioned the Blood Demon but it bears repeating it's his best flying option. In terms of low Level 1 creatures there's a lot of good options but I tend to think he's best off with the Level 2-4s unless you just feel like having a bat or two for kicks(not a terrible idea.) I'm going to say it now I think he works better without the spawn point and just hard casting a squad of buddies. That's not to say you can't make it work with a swarm, but this guys more a in your face beater. That being said your Necropian Vampiress, Dark Pact Slayer, and Flaming Hellion are all amazing fighters you can easily buff. Demonic Link on a Dark Pact Slayer is a sexy sexy thing my friends. For back up an Infernian Scourger is pretty cool, especially if you put Sanguine Thirst on them. But lets not forget the Warlock can cast every single undead creature also! Zombie Brutes make for fine body guards while guys like Mort and Blightheart should make any non-Necromancer tremble. A lot of these guys get passive healing by themselves or can be given access to it easily so make the most of what you got.


Obviously the big deal here are the curses and like I said with Curseweaving they can stick around a little longer. The warlock is a big beefy fighter so you want to focus on the spells that are going to keep him around longer and help him kill. Curses like Agony, Enfeeble, Poison Blood, and Theft of Life can help keep things in his favor. Remember you can have more than one Theft of Life out at once if the enemy happens to be running more than one Regen creature(say for example a Druid) you can get a lot of healing off one zone attack. Don't forget that enemies HAVE to deal with certain curses like Ghoul Rot or Mage Bane when you cast them early or they're going to be in trouble. Marked for Death is so good it should be in most swarm books even outside Dark. New spells like Mass Cowardice are pretty cool for that turn you need to switch the momentum as you deal with a threat. Also Chant of Rage on a big threat like a Fire Elemental can help destroy the enemies own big guns. Vampirism is such an old stand by but you get amazing results from it when applied correctly. Remember passive healing is your friend. As I mentioned earlier Demonic Bloodlust goes great on a Blood Demon as they already have Bloodthirsty so you're not losing anything there. Curses are versatile enough now that they allow you to both weaken your enemy and beef up your own creatures now. He's also one of the only mages with an in school damage barrier which is actually pretty decent. Also his version of Dissolve is called Curse Item and it works at 2 range, even if it doesn't get rid of the item it still hurts the other mage. Good spell that can be cast from his familiar.


Half the mages in the game have in school access to the Elemental Wand and fortunately he's one of them. The obvious utility is it lets him stay in the range game for hard to access enemies. I honestly suggest either a Fireball or an out of school utility spell so long as the range is 2. You're good enough in close you don't need to bind a 0-1 range spell to your wand. He's got three choices for armor which is cool, the protection from Dragon Scale means he doesn't fear his own walls as much especially if you got out of school and get an Elemental Cloak. Demonhide is also cool if you don't want the enchantment damage barrier. Don't discount the Burning Cuirass  though as it's cheap and combines armor with a one shot damage barrier of sorts. Cloak of Shadows gives you the option of with drawing from a fight to lick your wounds but you may also want to consider the Cloak of Fire as a passive way to set things on fire. His rings are designed to increase his mana efficiency and damage out put which are both welcome. Now we've all seen the trick of casting an Eye of Baal on an unsuspecting enemy without demons, it's a sneaky and nasty trick thats worth trying. In terms of weapons He's got three good options but if you go with the big curse sword you need to plan around actually using it. I like both the flame weapons but remember the Hellstar is NOT doing flame damage so it's not going to get bonuses from the ring or any super fire vulnerable creatures. Your best bet is still probably the Lash of Hellfire. As with every other mage the warlock can also cast all the leather you want, which combined with the whip gives him sort of a BDSM theme....


You want to capitalize on your strengths and as I've said earlier his larger than average life is a strength for him, with that in mind Drain Soul actually works great for this guy! Even if he's got a strong Blood Reaper out he's at 42 life now! Drain Soul actually works best to kill off irritating creatures in my mind as a mage can get rid of those taints easily. Siphon Life is making it's way into more and more books and for good reason. Animate dead can make their lost assets your new strength and it's worth trying out. His other version of Dissolve is called explode and it's awesome! Just save up some mana and blow their stuff up. As you need to be spending most of your turns punching stuff with him anyway saving up some mana isn't actually all that hard. I'll be honest though he's a little limited here but that's likely to change with new expansions coming forth.

Going Out of School:

It's a given that every mage is going to go out of school eventually. Staples like Nullify and Dispel are going to be needed. I'd even suggest a Mage Wand as you'll need a way to protect yourself from enemy enchantments and Dispel on a wand is the best way. Just try to protect it as best you can. Might consider a Mana Crystal too. Looking at his "enemy" school I honestly do suggest a Hand of Bim Shalla. It's only 3 spell points and you can get a lot of use out of it. That being said I also recommend Cure to take care of conditions, you rely heavily on your mage and you just can't afford to let him get bogged down. Nature provides you with good buffs such as Bear Strength, Wolf Fury, Regrowth Belt, and Rhino Hide. Just don't get crazy with these. Novice spells like Brace Yourself, Mend, and Glancing Blow you can go stack up for great effect. He's not super reliant on Teleport except to get rid of Tanglevines and lets be honest he'll fight out of those in a turn most likely. Pack a Sweeping Strike if you want to attack the vine and your enemy. Use Rust to get rid of armor on heavy creatures and remember you can get it back too. For the most part though this guys got what he needs in school. He should focus on dropping big attacks as often as possible and he's covered there with Fire and Dark.

Basic Strategies:

Squad Build:

The warlock like most mages needs a little back up. With a squad you can get a crew of about 3-5 creatures going and just try to storm the enemy. Clearly Blood Demons are among these creatures as they make excellent reapers but you also want to focus on other big hitters. It's a toss up if you want to use Mhegedden as you've got the life to take the loss and could regain it back with a Drain Soul, but that's going to cut into your Blood Reaper ability....may be worth it though especially given how cheap he is to cast. The main thing to remember with a squad is not to ignore your own needs so if you need to take a turn off from casting to get some cheap gear on then do so. You can get 2 Blood Demons and 2 leather pieces in the first two turns though so it's not like it's super hard to get guys out. Just be sure to do your math and be conservative when you need to in casting. With a good squad a warlock can generally beat down other forces as his anti-swarm ability is excellent so you don't need to fear the weenies and you can reduce enemy big threats with liberal amounts of curses and high damage attacks. Remember: You do big attacks EXTREMELY WELL so do them as often as possible.

Flame Rush:

Yes this mage rushes exceptionally well. With this tactic you want the Fireshaper Ring on fast as well as Hawkeye. Run at the enemy and try to batter them down with high offense fire attacks and remove any and all Flame -2 garbage they try to put on. Sersiryx actually come sin handy here as he can cast the curses you want to soften them up early like Rust and Poison Blood before transitioning into a living Wizards Tower for you. It's a glass canon scenario but if you catch your opponent off guard then they are 100% screwed! This can work solid on Sirens, Druids, and any mage who needs to prepare. If the initial assault doesn't work you can Minor Teleport away and revert back to a more solid ground work. There's a lot to be said for making an opponent use a lot of their defenses early on especially as you should still have more curses, fire attacks, and some more creatures in your book. With your high life and ability to armor up pretty quickly you can recover fairly easily so long as you know when to cut your losses. However if you get an opponent in a compromised position do NOT let up for a second. Burns go away eventually and healing is far to available unless you went full in with a Deathlok.

Damage Over Time:

Dark has a great number of ways to hurt the enemy bit by bit. With your aptitude for passive healing and excellent starting life you can actually weather an Idol of Pestilence better than they can most likely. Using body guards like Mort, Zombie Brute, and Blightheart you don't really fear it decimating your forces either. True you're not a Necromancer but you can burst damage better than they can and burn the enemy to the ground while picking away at their life. Theft of Life will help you greatly here as you can reduce their ability to deal with the annoyances and keep yourself above all those problems. Chains of Agony is another good option as they're going to want to get at your idol or Deathlok and you may as well make them bleed for that privilege. This tactic transitions well into a more aggressive push mid to late game as well as most of your DoT tactics are fairly cheap mana wise. Ghoul Rot can be expensive yeah but Mage Bane certainly isn't.

So there's my review of the Araxian Crown Warlock, he's a tougher beater with some options most people ignore. As with my previous post I know likely missed some stuff(or intentionally left out to provoke discussion) so feel free to give me your thoughts as well.

As Romeo also talked some smack about another favorite mage of mine I'll be doing another one of these write ups soon.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Araxian
« on: October 02, 2017, 11:25:55 PM »
Here's a pretty straight up beat em down book for a mage who doesn't get enough respect. Some people say his time is over, I disagree and will post an article focusing on him soon.

WarlockA Warlock Spellbookbuilt by http://www.spellbookbuilder.com
Equipment1 x Cloak of Fire1 x Demonhide Armor2 x Dragonscale Hauberk1 x Elemental Wand1 x Eye of Bael1 x Fireshaper Ring1 x Hellstar1 x Leather Boots1 x Leather Chausses1 x Leather Gloves1 x Mage Wand1 x Ring of Curses1 x Wychwood IronvineConjuration1 x Battle Forge2 x Mana Crystal2 x Wall of BonesCreature1 x Blood Demon2 x Dark Pact Slayer1 x Necropian VampiressEnchantment1 x Agony1 x Akiro's Favor1 x Bear Strength2 x Brace Yourself1 x Chains of Agony1 x Chant of Rage1 x Circle of Fire1 x Critical Strike1 x Curse Item1 x Death Link1 x Demonic Bloodlust2 x Demonic Link1 x Enfeeble1 x Falcon Precision1 x Gator Toughness1 x Ghoul Rot2 x Magebane2 x Poisoned Blood1 x Rhino Hide2 x Theft of Life1 x VampirismIncantation1 x Disarm2 x Dispel2 x Explode1 x Knockdown1 x Lesser Teleport2 x Mend2 x Siphon Life1 x TeleportAttack1 x Devil's Trident3 x Fireball1 x Firestorm3 x Firestream2 x Flameblast1 x Ring of Fire
Total cost: 120 pts

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