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Spellbook Design and Construction / Double Forge Jedi
« on: June 08, 2018, 07:18:59 PM »
Double Forge JediA Forcemaster Stats Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBBA Forcemaster Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack1 x Telekinetic Bolt2 x Force Hammer1 x Acid BallConjuration1 x Mana Crystal2 x Battle Forge1 x Mind's EyeCreature1 x Invisible Stalker2 x Psionic Cobra2 x Psionic Scarab3 x Thoughtspore1 x Tomb Guardian1 x Meditating MonkEnchantment1 x Akiro's Favor3 x Blur2 x Arcane Ward1 x Force Shield1 x Armor Ward1 x Bear Strength1 x Cheetah Speed1 x Critical Strike1 x Falcon Precision1 x Force Orb1 x Force Sword1 x Forcefield1 x Redistributed Power1 x Rhino Hide2 x Telekinetic Bomb1 x Reverse Attack1 x Poisoned Blood1 x Summoning Circle1 x Marked for DeathEquipment1 x Dancing Scimitar1 x Enchanter's Ring1 x Force Armor2 x Symbiotic Orb1 x Galvitar, Force Blade1 x Gauntlets of Strength1 x Illusory Leggings1 x Leather Boots1 x Psi-Orb2 x Wispwillow Amulet1 x Regrowth BeltIncantation1 x Sleep1 x Force Push1 x Teleport1 x Lesser Teleport1 x Minor Heal2 x Dispel2 x Dissolve
Total cost: 120 pts

T1 (20): Forge (12) to the right and move down 1-cast Wispwillow (9)
T2 (20+1): Deploy enchanter's ring (19), either Forge 11) in corner or move right 1 and Forge on bottom, and FD enchant (10) (depends on opposing mage)
T3 (21+1+1): deploy leather (20) and gauntlets (18) (if slower) or scimitar (16) & galvitar (6) (if aggressive), FD enchant-attack or FD enchant-monk/cobra/fd summoning circle

Rules Discussion / Face-up/Face-down enchantment
« on: April 05, 2016, 01:12:14 PM »
Can you have a revealed enchantment and then have a face-down enchantment of the same name to counter a double action that pops an arcane ward and then dispels a card?

Basically, I'm wondering if to save myself as a Forcemaster with 1 life, I can have my revealed Forcefield protected by an Arcane Ward which can be negated with 2 dispels/1 seeking dispel-1 dispel, but then just reveal a facedown Forcefield to save myself? Because it doesn't seem right that a solid defensive strategy is so easily countered and can't be stopped by any means currently available.

Spellbook Design and Construction / All or Nothing Beastmaster
« on: April 04, 2015, 11:10:46 PM »
Got a pretty big tournament in a week and think I'm gonna try this book. It's pretty unique and might not be workable but I wanna give it a try. Basically the idea is to wall myself in early and use the Forge, Fellella, the flowers, and Otto to build up myself and a Pet DireWolf as much as possible before rushing in and beating my opponent. The first few turns would be:

1: Mana Flower/Battle Forge
2: Harmonize Forge/Mana Flower
3: Extended Wall/Mana Flower
4: Fellela
5: Otto
6: Wall if necessary
7: Pet Wolf

WW April BeastmasterBeastmaster
Attack1 x  Hurl Rock1 x  Force Hammer1 x  Acid BallConjuration2 x  Rajan's Fury3 x  Wall of Earth3 x  Wall of Thorns3 x  Mana Flower1 x  Tanglevine3 x  Wall of Bones1 x  Battle ForgeCreature1 x  Dire Wolf1 x  Timber Wolf1 x  Fellella, Pixie Familiar4 x  Thunderift Falcon1 x  Otto Kronig, Master EngineerEnchantment2 x  Akiro's Favor2 x  Block1 x  Reverse Attack1 x  Reverse Magic2 x  Nullify2 x  Mongoose Agility2 x  Enchantment Transfusion1 x  Harmonize2 x  Bear Strength2 x  Falcon Precision2 x  Cheetah Speed1 x  Bull Endurance1 x  Regrowth2 x  Rhino Hide1 x  Cobra Reflexes2 x  Lion SavageryEquipment1 x  Regrowth Belt1 x  Staff of Beasts1 x  Hunting Bow1 x  Bearskin1 x  Elemental Cloak1 x  Sunfire Amulet1 x  Elemental WandIncantation1 x  Dispel1 x  Teleport1 x  Minor Heal
Total cost: 120 pts

Spellbook Design and Construction / Wounded Warrior Priestess
« on: November 04, 2014, 05:30:15 PM »
This is the base of the book I want to use at the upcoming tournament at MACE. As you will see, I am very far above the points limit so I'd love some advice on what to take out. I need to get to about 110 points in order to fit in some promos I plan on using (Altar of Iron Guard, Elric's Life Ring, 2 Temple High Guards). So I come to you, the experts and ask what I should take out and what I might even need to add.

WW PriestessPriestess
Attack2 x  Flameblast1 x  Surging Wave1 x  Force Hammer2 x  Fireball2 x  Acid BallConjuration2 x  Tanglevine1 x  Temple of Asyra1 x  Archer's Watchtower1 x  Hand of Bim-Shalla1 x  Etherian Lifetree2 x  Mana Crystal1 x  Mohktari, Great Tree of LifeCreature1 x  Asyran Defender1 x  Brogan Bloodstone2 x  Guardian Angel1 x  Highland Unicorn1 x  Knight of Westlock2 x  Royal Archer2 x  Asyran ClericEnchantment2 x  Block1 x  Bear Strength1 x  Divine Intervention1 x  Cheetah Speed1 x  Force Orb1 x  Force Sword1 x  Harmonize2 x  Hawkeye1 x  Healing Charm2 x  Nullify1 x  Reverse Attack1 x  Sacred GroundEquipment1 x  Fireshaper Ring1 x  Elemental Cloak1 x  Sunfire Amulet1 x  Staff of Asyra1 x  Regrowth Belt1 x  Eagleclaw Boots1 x  Reflex Boots1 x  Crown of Protection1 x  Dragonscale HauberkIncantation1 x  Teleport2 x  Dispel2 x  Dissolve2 x  Force Push1 x  Heal1 x  Group Heal4 x  Minor Heal
Total cost: 146 pts

I normally play a defensive strategy but I've been having a little bit of success recently by feigning defense and when my opponent charges, throwing everything I can at them, but I want to have some flexibility to play my style as well.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Straywood Bloody Straywood
« on: July 07, 2014, 09:27:17 PM »
So, normally I play a Priestess but I felt like switching things up so I created a Straywood Beastmaster book and finally got to get a few games in with it over the weekend. The first time I played the book, I tried to play it like I had been playing a Priestess and that was an epic disaster but I had a friend actually play the book against me and he utilized it very well it gave me some ideas. So anyways, here's the book. Let me know what you think. I'll post my typical first few rounds under the book but what I really have liked about this book in contrast to how I play a Priestess is that there's more flexibility.

Straywood Bloody StraywoodBeastmaster
Attack1 x  Hurl Boulder1 x  Surging WaveConjuration1 x  Battle Forge1 x  Lair2 x  Mana Flower1 x  Rajan's Fury2 x  Tanglevine2 x  Wall of Thorns1 x  Animal KinshipCreature1 x  Cervere, The Forest Shadow1 x  Redclaw, Alpha Male1 x  Fellella, Pixie Familiar1 x  Feral Bobcat1 x  Galador, Protector of Straywood2 x  Bitterwood Fox1 x  Spitting Raptor1 x  Steelclaw Grizzly2 x  Thunderift Falcon1 x  Timber Wolf2 x  Dire WolfEnchantment2 x  Bear Strength2 x  Rhino Hide1 x  Regrowth2 x  Nullify2 x  Mongoose Agility1 x  Harmonize2 x  Falcon Precision1 x  Eagle Wings2 x  Cheetah Speed1 x  Bull EnduranceEquipment1 x  Staff of Beasts1 x  Eagleclaw Boots1 x  Elemental Cloak1 x  Enchanter's Ring1 x  Gauntlets of Strength1 x  Mage Wand1 x  Moonglow Amulet1 x  Regrowth Belt1 x  Sunfire Amulet1 x  Ring of Beasts1 x  BearskinIncantation1 x  Battle Fury1 x  Shift Enchantment2 x  Rouse the Beast2 x  Minor Heal1 x  Dissolve2 x  Dispel2 x  Call of the Wild
Total cost: 118 pts

My start is normally pretty slow
Turn 1 w/Mana (19) - Mana Flower & Battle Forge
Turn 2 w/Mana (16) - Harmonize Forge & a second Mana Flower
Turn 3 w/Mana (18) - Deploy a Moonglow Amulet, and then I can figure out if I can continue to play slow with a Lair or speed things up and start getting out creatures (either a Falcon or Fox).

What I'll do after that is basically get out a Direwolf soon and make it my pet and start buffing that while at the same time using the Battle Forge to buff myself with a Staff, Gauntlet, and if I can find the time/place, an Animal Kinship.


Spellbook Design and Construction / My Priestess Book
« on: April 14, 2014, 04:19:32 PM »
I'm pretty new to Mage Wars and was introduced by The Silverclaw Grizzly who posts here. I played my first few games with a generic Priestess book as I liked the idea of healing and fighting for the side of light. But over the weeks now, I've made some tweaks and would like opinions on the book itself and strategies I should use. I'm doing this off the top of my head with regards to what's in the book, but I think I have everything. Also, we're allowed to use some promos in our games so those are included:

Mage Wand x1
Elemental Wand x1
Sunfire Amulet x1
Eagleclaw Boots x1
Ring of Asyra x1
Elemental Cloak x1
Crown of Protection x1
Storm Drake Hide or Dragonscale Hauberk x1

Mana Crystal x2
Archer's Watchtower x1
Altar of Iron Guard x1
Battleforge x1
Temple of Asyra x1
Wall of Thorns x1

Dispel x2
Dissolve x1
Group Heal x1
Heal x1
Minor Heal x2
Power Strike x1
Teleport x1

Asyran Cleric x2
Brogan Bloodstone x1
Gray Angel x1
Guardian Angel x1
Highland Unicorn x1
Knight of Westlock x2
Royal Archer x2
Samandriel, Angel of Light x1
Valshalla, Lightning Angel x1
Asyran Guardian x1
Joseph Trueblood, High Cleric x1

Thunderbolts x1
Lightning Bolt x1

Bear Strength x1
Cheetah Speed x1
Divine Intervention x1
Harmonize x1
Hawkeye x1
Sacred Ground x1

I think that would be 120 with the promos as I'm at 111 in the card builder, Trueblood is 3, Defender is 2, Iron Guard is 2 and I'm probably missing a 2 point card somewhere but can't recall. So, what say you Mage Wars forum? What do I need to add/get rid of? What strategy should I employ?

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