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General Uses For All Mages/ Mage Types

As Necromancer/Siren use the equipment spawnpoints + Altar of the Iron Guard, to spawn guards on the mage as necessary.
-   Keejchen

Guarding with rage creatures is a nice way to help you get the rage token (or deter attacks if they don't want to give you the token), plus they get to counter with the newly gained rage token.
-   Keejchen

Agony affects normal attack/strikes but also affects double, triple, and counterstrikes.
•   A darkfenne hydra’s base triplestrike with agony only rolls 3x1 dice and the counterstrike only rolls 2 dice

If you have 1-2 corrode tokens on you and have an equal amount of armor on, preferably a chest piece, you can put a rust on yourself to drop your armor amount there by removing the corrode tokens.  Then, use enchantment transfusion to move rust to an enemy creature.
-   Charmyna

Use Nullify with enchantment transfusion to counter a teleport or any other spell that will foil your plans!
-   Echephron

If you suspect your opponent to purge magic your enchantments on them or one of their creatures, have a nullify and enchantment transfusion on another creature within 2 zones.  When they reveal purge magic reveal enchantment transfusion during the counter spell step and move nullify to the purge target.  The nullify will cancel the purge.  You do spend more actions and set up time but the overall outcome will be in your favor if this works correctly.
-   Mystery

If you reveal poisoned blood (especially against a holy mage), prep a deathlock (assuming you have one) and cast it in the first QC to ensure they keep finite life and don't heal back up.
-   Sharkbait

Cast reverse attack on the creature you intend to put a hate token on when casting chant of rage on an enemy.
-   Sharkbait

When a target gains/ has a +X trait such as “lightning +1” the damage dice and the effect die are both modified.  Likewise, if the target has “lightning -1” the damage dice and effect die are still modified.  This also works with attacks that state “+X vs flying, non-living, etc.” Both damage dice and effect dice are modified.

If you are facing a warlord with strategist helm, put magebane on the warlord.  If he uses the helm he will take 3 damage per turn instead of 2.
-   Farkas1

Casting 2 mana generators such as 2 crystals/ flowers, 1 flower and 1 wispwillow/ moonglow amulet is considered a “soft opening” because it does not reveal any plans to your opponent, only increases channeling.
-   Intangible

Battleforge placement can dictate what side of the board you or your opponent want the fight to take place since the forge can still target a mage at range 2.  Placement near your starting corner typically, but not always, means a slower build is being played.  Placement in the center or near the center of the board may reveal that the fight will take place sooner than you may expect.
-   Coshade

Use force push to push an enemy through wall of thorns. If you push a mage through the wall they will take 10 dice of damage.
-   Biblofilter

Spells that help against non-living and undead, especially in a necromancer mirror match:
•   Curse of decay does not have the poison subtype.
•   Agony works on non-living and undead to reduce the amount of dice they roll.
•   Chains of agony works against undead and non-living creatures to deal direct damage when they move.  This helps especially since most undead/ non-living are slow or lumbering and will not be an immediate threat but will still take the damage.
•   Marked for Death adds one die to any creature that attacks the enchanted creature. This is very helpful for dealing with resilient and incorporeal (the more dice the better!)
•   Enfeeble will keep a lumbering zombie at a distance for a while and keep them from guarding or attacking your wounded creature.

Grey Wraith and Blue Gremlin do not need line of sight to teleport and can use this advantage to teleport through a wall.

Chain lightning can be used on a flyer or a wall to hit the next target on the other side of a wall.

Putting reverse attack on yourself then melee attacking a big guard will help take the guard down faster.
Steal equipment can still be used if the enemy has champions gauntlets equipped.

Whirling Strike and Sweeping Strike can be used with the Water Elemental to hit creatures in different zones.  The effects from your first attack resolve before your next (sweeping) strike which allows you to push the first creature into the next zone, follow it, and then use sweeping to hit another creature.  With whirling strike you can move the elemental 3 zones if you get the push each attack and hit 3 different targets, one in each zone.
Use sleep to target a flame immune creature when fighting the adramelech warlock.  She, most likely, will not be able to attack it and wake it up. 

Galvanize can be used remove the stun gained from overextend allowing your soldier to activate next turn.

Altar of Infernia only affects melee +X traits.  Any card that specifically states that dice are added in any way other than melee +X, such as marked for death, straywood scout, focused strike, academy weapons, etc will still provide bonuses because they are not listed as melee +X.  Also, attacks and traits that add dice such as light +!, flame +!, +2 vs. non-living, etc will still work with the altar because they are not listed as melee +X but as adding dice.
This means that these cards are not affected by the altar:
•   Ranged +X
•   Piercing +X
•   Charge +X
•   Bloodthirsty +X
•   AC Warlock’s Bloodreaper
•   Necromancer’s Eternal Servant
•   Lightning raptor
•   Afflicted demon
•   Ballad of courage
•   Smite
•   Zombie frenzy
-   iNano78

An elemental wand with an attack that deals direct damage or can put on corrode markers is a great way to deal with resilient.

Purify removes not only poison conditions but enchantments with the poison subtype, poisoned blood, plagued, and ghoul rot

Immediately after you reveal telekinetic bomb play siphon energy.  This will remove 1 dissipate, heal you mage, and the bomb will detonate on the following upkeep.

Run a goblin bomber in a zone with a few enemies then use overextend.  The bomber will then be able to detonate, making a zone attack, and you do not have to deal with the stun from overextend.

You do not have to pay for the mandatory reveal on enchantments if you think it will set you back mana.  Choosing to not pay voids the spell but can save you mana.

The steps for casting a spell are as followed: 1. Declare Spell, 2. Pay Costs, 3. Counter Spell and 4. Resolve Spell.  First, you must follow all steps for casting, just like any spell. Then, if the spell is not countered, you must resolve the attack, following the steps for attacking.  The attack sequence begins during step 4, the resolve spell step.  When you cast an attack spell, it is both a spell and an attack. The target of the attack is always the same as the target you chose when you cast the spell. The rules also state that “When a spell resolves, if you find that the target of the spell is no longer a legal target or has moved, then the spell is cancelled”.  You check for targeting of the spell during step 1, declare, and step 4, resolve.  If the target is legal during both checks the spell is not negated and is completed as normal.  This being said, Eagle Wings can’t be revealed at any point during the attack steps which begin at step 4 of the cast spell sequence, but can be until any point after counter spell, step 3, of casting a spell. This can be tricky but you have a small window when the target is established, costs are paid, and spell is revealed to counter a spell that does not target flying creatures such as Quick Sand Seismic Burst, Stalagmite, Surging Wave, Swell, Tsunami, Whirlpool, Tanglevine, Stranglevine, Earthquake, and the effect from Vinewhip Staff since it is a quick spell.  *Tsunami, while it is a zone attack, it only attacks non-flying objects.  Revealing Eagle wings will only cancel the attack on that creature and all other legal targets will still be attacked.  Revealing Eagle Wings does not work with countering enchantments such as Stumble and Tangleroot since there is no reveal step for an enchantment after another enchantment is revealed.  It also will not counter Gate to Hell as that effect is instantaneous.
Following this method of revealing eagle wings to cancel certain spells, the same can be said with maim wings. 

You can reveal maim wings on a flyer to drop them behind a wall or into elephant grass to block line of sight from the attack.
-   Puddinhead

Poisoned Blood cannot be revealed to counter a Healing Charm because there's no counter spell step for revealing enchantments.
-   Puddinhead

Poisoned Blood must be revealed before a creature takes an action to drink from the Renewing Spring.
Don't wait until you have 20+ damage to heal.  Heal when you've got 12 damage.  Most people don't Finite Life that early.
-   Puddinhead

Zone attacks will attack invisible objects and/or creatures.
Giant wolf spider get a +4 to its effect roll if the creature is restrained.  Tanglevine is one of the most efficient ways to assure the creature is restrained and the spider gets the buff.
-   Farkas1

Deathlock is a good way to prevent a necromancer from healing since poisoned blood cannot be used on him.

Unmovable is a good trait to have, especially when facing a siren, forcemaster, or druid.  Eagleclaw boots are very reliable if you are anyone but a war mage.  If you are a war mage then steadfast boots are your spell of choice.  In rare cases, you may even find the need to tanglevine a friendly creature to keep them out of harms way against these 3 mages.

Whirlpool has no effect on flying and aquatic creatures.  These are easy to recognize as the traits are listed on the card and in the subtype section of a card. Whirlpool also does not work on uncontainable creatures; incorporeal and unstoppable creatures also have the uncontainable trait. This list of creatures includes:
•   Devouring jelly
•   Magma golem
•   Water elemental (aquatic)
•   Sardonyx, blight of the living
•   Talos
•   Invisible stalker
•   Whirling spirit
•   Fire elemental
•   Grey wraith

Off topic / Happy New Year
« on: December 31, 2017, 10:09:50 PM »
What better way to celebrate my 500th post than wishing all you guys a happy new year!

Strategy and Tactics / Call to all MW players...Tools of the Trade
« on: December 26, 2017, 05:14:46 PM »
The official tool of the trade post can be found here:


So I have been thinking for a while now of making a "tools of the trade" type post, either 1 that has all mages separated in it or a different one for each mage...i lean more towards the former.  Regardless, I want this to be a community project that I update weekly.  This gives everyone a chance to share their ideas and have them all found in one location.  If you found the idea from someone else's book or video, if you can find a link to the original post please send it to me.  This allows others to view the content in context and gives the originator some credit as well.  If it is your own idea dont provide any links.  If you can't find a link just let me know you heard it on an AD vid or saw it in a book about x,y, or z, etc.

Anyways, the premise is going to be "tips and tricks" for a mage wars player, new or experienced.

These could be anything from

use idol of pestilence to damage your opponent without taking damage yourself because you are poison immune


Charmyna's rust yourself to drop corrode markers then transfuse rust to the enemy (i believe he was the original one who posted that)

But you get the idea, anything that is helpful is welcome.

I dont have my notepad in front of me but a few i remember off the top of my head are

AC Warlock:
*Curseweave rise again
*riseagain a flame immune creature when fighting an adramelech warlock
*curseweave works on friendly curses (demonic bloodlust, demonic link)

Adramelech warlock:
*demonic link or bloodlust a friendly creature and use adramelechs torment to place a burn on them and fireweave it over (sharkbait)
*Range attacks trigger demonic reward for the mage and sersiryx

*forcepull up a steep hill through minds eye to avoid using your full action (puddinhead from an AD vid)
* mind control a flame immune creature against the adramelech warlock
* reveal galvanize right after mind control to use the creature immediately

*Sirens call with your quick cast then guard with your full action to save your creatures from taking a big hit

*Curse of decay is helpful in a mirror match

those are just a few examples.

But if anyone has something they have found is helpful with a mage and wants to share, please share.  Useful combos with paladin auras, movement manipulation, ways to work with sirens call, forcepull, etc.  I am open to all ideas.

Also, there will be another "general" section where I will post ideas that apply to most (holy, dark, mind, etc) or all mages.

Please send me all ideas in a pm with the subject line "Tools of the trade" and then post your ideas in the body.  I will compile them and post them in the original post so people do not have to hunt through a page or 2 to ideas for 1 mage.

I want to have this up and running by 1/15/18 so any ideas I have before then will be in the original post.  Any ideas people send after that will be added the following week.

Thank you all for reading and I look forward to seeing all of your guys ideas!

Spellbook Design and Construction / Feraligatr and Friends - Siren
« on: December 09, 2017, 05:08:47 PM »
So this is my new experimental siren book I have been working on.  It doesn't really focus on one strategy but tries to be prepared for many other strategies and work around them.

Feraligatr and FriendsA Siren Stats Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBBA Siren Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack2 x Flameblast2 x Acid Ball2 x Surging Wave2 x SwellConjuration1 x Gravikor1 x Bed of Urchins2 x Coral Barrier1 x Wall of Earth1 x Whirlpool4 x Shallow SeaCreature1 x Blightheart1 x Deptonne Berserker1 x Deptonne Bloodshaman3 x Shoalsdeep Thrasher1 x Merren Harpooner1 x Naiya1 x Shoalsdeep Crocodile1 x Devouring JellyEnchantment1 x Agony1 x Ballad of Courage1 x Chant of Rage1 x Lullaby2 x Song of Love1 x Healing Madrigal1 x Decoy1 x Brace Yourself1 x Force Orb1 x Glancing Blow1 x Hawkeye1 x Hydrothermal Vent2 x Gator Toughness1 x Rust1 x Poisoned BloodEquipment1 x Hunting Bow1 x Shoalsdeep Trident1 x Elemental Wand1 x Echo of the Depths2 x Eagleclaw Boots1 x Ring of the Ocean's Depths1 x Ring of Tides2 x Leviathan Scale ArmorIncantation1 x Battle Fury1 x Reassemble1 x Siphon Energy1 x Mending Wave1 x Lesser Teleport2 x Dissolve1 x Remove Curse1 x Dispel1 x Shift Enchantment
Total cost: 120 pts

The strategy I try to focus on is the Croc and Bow.
I want my siren to be out of combat for a bit so i plan to start off with the spawnpoint, echo of the depths, and then transition to the bow when I have the croc and 2 to 3 other creatures out.  The bow allows you to get piercing +1 when that creature was attacked by a friendly animal (croc) and then get 7+ bleed (50% chance).  Then, the deathroll can do 6 dice 4+ bleed if in a sea.  So get a grapple off with the croc, shoot the bow at the prey, and have the croc and sharks attack!

So bleed is one option for the book.

If the bow gets dissolved I have a trident and an elemental wand.  The wand is in here mainly for a necromancer using zombies (wand + acid ball) or a druid (wand + flameblast).  The trident is used for just about everything else such as flyers, pushing through walls, stabbing a big buddy in my face, etc.

The jelly and blightheart are also in here to combat necromancers and druids.  The resilient trait on the jelly helps a lot and the fact that he can spit out corrode markers for extra damage against zombies and most skeletons is fantastic and why I chose it over an iron golem or zombie brute; granted the jelly is slow but resilient combined with the reconstruct and still rolling 4 dice in a sea makes him a strong competitor for the enemy. 
Blightheart is amazing in his own right, but against the necro he is especially helpful and his effect rolls for the druid, if i can get a rot off, will help offset the regen going on.  Granted, meridias blessing can remove the rots but its more planning the enemy will have to do.

Wall of earth is here only to have a cheap wall and block los if I really need to.  Plus it has a hydro weakness so if I need to knock it down quick and move in I can.

Siphon energy is here, ideally to use on an enemy object, but if i need to snag a dissapate off a fermata song I can.

Gravikor helps tremendously against any book running flyers.  Sure, I can use the wand or trident to hit them but my creatures are useless unless I take care of pesky flyers.  And, if i need to protect it, i can sirens call and then guard gravikor.

Song of love is used for naiya and the shaman.  Now I have found out a way to manipulate the love tokens if you have 2 song of love tokens on the field because song of love states "destroy A love token in play" not the original love token for this enchantment.  It is not always optimal and it is tricky dicky to pull off.  But, if you have creature A attacking one guy and creature B attacking another guy.  song of love A one turn then B the next.  When one Song of love goes away, B may be inclined to move and hit A.  If they move away from B, just remove the love token from B when the first song of love fully dissapates.  Then B will still have a song of love on them and can still not hit the creature they thought they could.   If that was confusing I appologize but that is the best way I can describe it without showing you on a game board :b.   This also works with 2 chant of rage cards.

Shift enchant is to manipulate the songs even more to get more benefit out of them if I need to or make sure one of my creatures stays alive longer.  I only chose this over enchantment transfusion because of the 1 sbp I save.

Battlefury for the Beserker!  2 double strike attacks, can't go wrong there!  It is also nice for the siren using a trident.

Force orb is for my siren.  Having her in the sea makes melee attacking her harder so spells fly at her.  This will help mitigate that until it is dispelled.

gator toughness targets vary depending on the matchup but it is usually for the beserker, sometimes the shaman, sometimes the harpooner, and the mage. Like I said, it varies.

But like I said, this is an experimental book I am working with that can go:

1. croc and bow with sharks
2. spawnpoint and swarm
3. push pull through walls
4. jelly and blightheart
5. wand and trident

The only things I really wish I had in this version are another poisoned blood, agony, a knockdown and a nullify.  But only 120sbps so you gotta make it work.

I am open to constructive criticism so please share!

Spellbook Design and Construction / Untouchable - Forcemaster
« on: November 10, 2017, 03:11:37 PM »
Here is the latest gimmicky book I made :)  I am not going to lie, I played a game with this one the other day and it is clunky as hell! It's tough to work right, but it does the job it's supposed to do - annoy the heck out of the enemy by avoiding every attack and win while laughing (with good sportsmanship)

UntouchableA Forcemaster Stats Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBBA Forcemaster Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack2 x Force Hammer3 x Telekinetic BoltConjuration2 x Wall of Force2 x Mana Crystal1 x Temple of the Dawnbreaker1 x Mind's Eye1 x Hand of Bim-ShallaCreature1 x Thoughtspore2 x Tomb Guardian2 x Darkfenne Asp2 x Force Gremlin1 x Jade Gremlin2 x Blue GremlinEnchantment1 x Reverse Attack1 x Nullify3 x Lullaby1 x Confusion1 x Forcefield1 x Lesser Invisibility2 x Redistributed Power1 x Telekinetic Bomb1 x Repulsion Field1 x Mind Seize1 x Falcon Precision1 x Galvanize1 x Bear StrengthEquipment1 x Illusory Leggings1 x Tempered Faulds1 x Wychwood Ironvine1 x Force Armor1 x Galvitar, Force Blade1 x Shifratar2 x Defense Ring2 x Dancing Scimitar1 x Symbiotic Orb1 x Force RingIncantation1 x Purify1 x Clear Mind1 x Seeking Dispel1 x Teleport1 x Lesser Teleport2 x Dispel2 x Minor Heal3 x Force Push2 x Dissolve
Total cost: 120 pts

The main premise is the use as much defense as possible to avoid as much as possible.   If they have unavoidable attacks, they will hopefully throw them at the annoying gremlins or asps that keep biting their ankles.  The temple of the dawnbreaker helps keep the defense success rate up!  Reverse attack is a nice spell to mix it up, just be careful because all of the unavoidables will mess that card up :/

I have been able to justify the points for the gremlins and asps because while they are full action casts, I can still qc a force gremlin through the eye to keep some pressure off of my mage or just put a guardian in my zone.  2 creatures a turn isnt that bad.  Then the gremlins can teleport wherever they need to.  Same with the asps...minus the teleporting, sadly

To keep with the theme of avoiding attacks, I added repulsion field to get myself or a creature out of a tight spot, forcefield to keep myself out of a bad situation, symbiotic orb to help keep my creatures alive if their defense has been used already, dancing scimitar, defense ring, confusion so hopefully the enemy will hit themselves or another enemy, and 3 lullabies to keep the daze and stun chance. 

Like I said, it's gimmicky but it is really fun!

I started out with
T1 double crystal
T2 blue gremlin and minds eye
T3 blue gremlin and enchant mage or gremlin

Spellbook Design and Construction / Vamplock jr.
« on: November 05, 2017, 08:19:36 AM »
Vamplock jr.A Warlock Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBBA Academy Warlock Stats Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack1 x Lightning Jolt3 x FirestreamCreature2 x Sanguine Hunter2 x Naraka VampiressEnchantment2 x Gator Toughness1 x Theft of Life1 x Giant Size1 x DodgeEquipment2 x Wychwood Ironvine1 x Leather Vest1 x Leather Chausses1 x Demonhide MaskIncantation1 x Siphon Energy2 x Disperse1 x Siphon Life2 x CrumbleConjuration
Total cost: 40 pts

This is my newest academy book that I have been working on.  Got to play a few games with it last night and it worked really well!  I had more defeats than victories, but that's the way mage wars go.

T1 leather and fd gator toughness on my mage
T2 vampire and gator toughness on the vampire
T3 hunter (damage on vampire) and crumble if I can or leather

siphon energy is nice for the wispwillow amulet or an enemies giant size, force creatures, etc.

I have played where I did hunter T1 and vampire T2 then another hunter T3.  That worked ok but ideally I want to put the 2 dmg on the vampire.

We dont have physical fm warlord academy sets yet. So this is my version if i had them. I believe i played with a panther stealth and another dodge instead of the new cards in the book list last night. But it was still fun too.

Vampire with theft of life and giant size wrecks! Just watch out for staggers :/

But, that's what I got so far

Spellbook Design and Construction / Creepy Crawlies - Druid
« on: November 02, 2017, 10:02:27 PM »
As with the other books I have posted lately, here is another fun book I have been tinkering with.

Creepy CrawliesA Druid Stats Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBBA Druid Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack2 x Acid Ball2 x Swell2 x Surging Wave2 x GeyserConjuration1 x Mana Flower5 x Tanglevine1 x Etherian Lifetree1 x Mohktari, Great Tree of Life3 x Wall of Thorns1 x Corrosive Orchid1 x Meredia's Blessing2 x SwampCreature1 x Colossal Crab2 x Ichthellid1 x Giant Wolf Spider2 x Death's Head Scorpion1 x Lightning Beetle2 x ThornlasherEnchantment1 x Gator Toughness1 x Enchantment Transfusion1 x Glancing Blow1 x Hydrothermal Vent1 x Cheetah Speed1 x Barkskin2 x Regrowth2 x Bull Endurance2 x Bear Strength1 x Falcon Precision2 x Rhino Hide2 x Eagle Wings1 x Rust2 x Agony2 x Marked for DeathEquipment2 x Mage Wand1 x Eagleclaw Boots1 x Enchanter's RingIncantation1 x Shift Enchantment1 x Extinguish3 x Dissolve2 x Dispel1 x Seeking Dispel1 x Remove Curse2 x Burst of Thorns1 x Teleport2 x Lesser Teleport3 x Force Push2 x Rouse the Beast
Total cost: 120 pts

The premise of this book was to use "arachnid" type creatures like the icthelids, spider, crab, etc.  Then I transitioned into Arthropods in general to include the scorpion and beetle; the thornlashers are thrown in for the hell of it because they are good for snatching guards, help with flyers, and I am making a druid book..I have to have at least 1 plant creature in here.  The butterfly was in here but it had to go because its effect was pointless.

I am not using the vine tree because I dont really need it and I wanted to try a book without it.  I had the samara tree for a bit but seedling pods and the insects became to much to juggle.  So I have the lifetree to help   the insects and the tree of life to drop in the center of the map, or wherever the action is taking place, to further support my creatures.  The lifetree puts the scorpion at 4 armor 8 life.  If it is in a swamp then they cannot run away from it and it has a chance to do 2 taints a turn. The beetle would have 4 armor 9 life  and can daze/stun.  So the insect work pretty well, they just need some help. 

Shift enchant is used mostly for moving eagle wings to another target.  If i really need to get an insect out of a swamp I can give them wings and they can continue on to the next zone.  I will either shift enchant that or just lesser teleport a wand. 

Force push with walls because.....yeah

The psychic immunity of the icthelids, beetle, and spider help for forcemaster and siren antics and the spider and scorpions ability to taint help with just about any living creature as long as they can stay alive long enough to do damage. 

But that is the book so far. :)

Spellbook Design and Construction / Trololololz - Warlord
« on: October 31, 2017, 04:43:06 PM »
This is a fun book I have been working on.

TrololololzA Warlord Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBBA Warlord Stats Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack2 x Flameblast1 x Lightning Bolt2 x Hurl Rock1 x Hurl Meteorite2 x Hurl Boulder1 x StalagmiteConjuration1 x Ballista2 x Wall of Earth1 x Consecrated GroundCreature4 x Bridge Troll1 x Torgo, Pit TrollEnchantment1 x Galvanize1 x Regrowth2 x Akiro's Favor3 x Brace Yourself2 x Critical Strike1 x Form Ranks1 x Dig In2 x Defend Me1 x Fortified Position1 x Standard Bearer1 x Healing MadrigalEquipment1 x Champion's Gauntlets1 x Elemental Wand1 x Regrowth Belt1 x Morning Star1 x Harshforge Plate1 x Leather Gloves1 x Leather Boots1 x Leather Chausses1 x Commander's Cape1 x Ring of Command2 x Helm of CommandIncantation1 x Siphon Energy1 x Minor Heal1 x Purify1 x Dispel1 x Flank Attack1 x Battle Fury1 x Whirling Strike2 x Sweeping Strike1 x Gear Up2 x Focused Strike2 x Evade2 x Lesser Teleport2 x Dissolve2 x Flame Strike
Total cost: 120 pts

I am tied up on time atm, but I will elaborate later on what is in here and why...and just realized that purify is in here twice..I will fix that and add the correct spell upon my edit :b

The idea is to use the trolls to troll! (trolololz)

A bridge troll should stick around for a bit and vet tokens with brace yourself, defend me, and fortified position should help them stay around even longer!

Torgo is in here because he is 1: a troll and 2 he is cheaper than a bridge troll.  He has his uses but if you can afford a bridge troll play it!

The commands should allow the trolls to bash faces even harder!  Flank attack and dig in work great together!

The helm of command is usually set aside for focused strike but sweeping strike and flank attack are both excellent choices too!

Siphon energy is only in here if I come across a chant of rage, new force creatures, or a wispwillow amulet.  Preferably the former 2 and not the latter because I doubt I will close the distance by the time the amulet is still around or care enough about it to get rid of it; the option is there, though!  Likewise, if healing madrigal is out and I need a quick heal I can use it too.

Consecrated ground is here to get rid of any annoying terrain in my way but also to have a little tech against necromancers! :)

Gear up is only to be played as needed and the equipment thrown out really just depends on the situation. Helm of command, ring of command, and cape or leather are usually my go to spells, though

Just in time to have a Halloween themed book!  This is a fun book I have been working on.  The only thing I really want in here but haven't added yet, is gravikor.  Other than that it seems to hold up on its own and it pretty fun to play!
The ideas for this book came from:
1) I saw a idol and sunfire necro book posted and thought the idea was great!
2) Just wanting to have a necro that used lightning spells because I think that would be sick and it's mage wars where you can do just about anything you want to do. So, why the hell not? :)

Nikola KarloffA Necromancer Stats Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBBA Necromancer Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack1 x Lightning Jolt2 x Arc Lightning1 x Chain Lightning2 x Lightning Bolt1 x ThunderboltConjuration1 x Idol of Pestilence2 x Mana Crystal1 x Battle ForgeCreature3 x Zombie Crawler3 x Skeletal Minion2 x Zombie Minion1 x Skeletal Archer1 x Blightheart1 x Zombie BruteEnchantment2 x Agony2 x Marked for Death2 x Poisoned Blood1 x Hawkeye1 x Akiro's Favor1 x NullifyEquipment1 x Libro Mortuos1 x Cloak of Shadows2 x Elemental Wand2 x Mage Wand1 x Leather Gloves1 x Leather Vest1 x Leather Chausses1 x Leather Boots1 x Sunfire Amulet1 x Lightning RingIncantation2 x Reassemble2 x Lightning Strike1 x Teleport1 x Lesser Teleport1 x Force Push1 x Dissolve2 x Dispel
Total cost: 120 pts

The opening usually goes
T1 double crystal
T2 forge and idol
T3 deploy amulet, libro hawkeye
T4 deploy elemental wand, deploy crawler, reveal hawk and shoot lightning bolt

from there, just keep shooting, spawning creatures and go to town!

Ideally the mage wands are for lightning strikes on a brute

The -3 life for libro shouldn't be an issue due to the amulet.  Having the idol, forge, wand, libro, and amulet all out early game "should" make it difficult for the enemy to focus down a certain one without getting punished from the others.

Creative / Mage Wars Meme-day
« on: October 09, 2017, 04:04:46 PM »
So I made MW memes while I was at work last week and declared Monday the official Mage Wars Meme-day and I am going to post 3 every Monday.  A forum user suggested I share them with the community so I present to you the first MW Meme-day post! Here are 6 (3 from this week and 3 from last. and 1 for shark)

There will be 3 more next Monday! Stay tuned!

Dark Mages and Douchebags

Honest About Wizard Probs

Mage Wars Probs

Not Sure if Overextend is...

SharkBait be like

Four Hour Games

ET Headaches!

Spellbook Design and Construction / Force-fed Demise - Forcemaster
« on: July 08, 2017, 07:24:41 PM »
Since Arcane Duels has shown off the new forcemaster set on their youtube channel, I thought I would try to take those cards shown in the video and build a deck using them.  The forcemaster is probably one of my weakest mages and hardest mages to build a book with.  Her style is so different from any other mage.  But these new cards make me want to build forcemaster books and I thought I would take a shot and share what I came up with.  The cards from the set can be seen in the Arcane Duels videos:


Force-fed DemiseA Forcemaster Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack1 x Telekinetic Bolt
1 x Invisible Fist2 x Force HammerConjuration1 x Tanglevine1 x Hand of Bim-Shalla2 x Mind's Eye2 x Wall of Force1 x Battle Forge1 x Enchanter's WardstoneCreature1 x Thoughtspore1 x Invisible Stalker
   2 x Force Gremlin
   1 x Force Golem
   1 x Psionic Cobra
   2 x Psionic Scarab
   1 x Tomb Guardian

Enchantment2 x Mind Seize
   2 x Telekinetic Bomb
   1 x Desperate Focus
   2 x Repulsion Field
   1 x Force Shield
   2 x Redistributed Power
   1 x Lesser Invisibility

1 x Forcefield1 x Fumble2 x Stumble1 x Confusion1 x Chant of Rage1 x Slumber1 x Block1 x Dodge1 x Critical Strike1 x Rhino Hide1 x Nullify1 x Rust1 x Akiro's Favor1 x Lullaby1 x Arcane Ward1 x Regrowth1 x Reverse AttackEquipment1 x Jeweled Scarab
   2 x Symbiotic Orb
   2 x Illusory Leggings
   1 x Force Armor
   1 x Shifratar
   1 x Headress of Stasis

1 x Dancing Scimitar1 x Leather Gloves1 x Leather Boots1 x Leviathan Scale Armor1 x Force Ring1 x Defense Ring1 x Galvitar, Force BladeIncantation2 x Dissolve1 x Lesser Teleport1 x Teleport1 x Knockdown2 x Force Push1 x Seeking Dispel2 x Dispel
   2 x Siphon Energy
Total cost: 120 pts

The name is cheezy but its the best play on word title i could think of

This is a jack of all trades, master of none kind of book.  I do have a few ideas for books using these cards that revolve around a specific strategy, but this one is just a mishmash of a lot of the new cards and is made to outlast an early agro and let my force creatures go (wave 1)and advance my mage and stalker mid game (wave 2).

Start off with battleforge to equip up, use the dissipate creatures to press an early attack through minds eye, bring out the stalker mid game and rush in with the forcemaster. 

The guardian would be used when i am about to advance my attack so i can have a guard if i need one.  lesser invisibility is to be used on the thoughtspore with an incantation. I believe since the card says it goes away after the creature makes an attack, I can keep the thoughspore invisible for 2 turns while it does its thing (using an incantation), 3 turns if I use the headdress of stasis. 
The enchantments are mainly used to outlast a rush while my weenies are out and to play games with the opponent using fun mind spells (chant of rage, lullaby, slumber, confusion, stumble, fumble, reverse attack, telekinetic bomb, lesser invisibility, mind seize). 
I have a ton of equipment so a second forge is most likely needed but i got to find 4 points to squeeze one in.  Agony is also on my radar since most of the force creatures have aegis 1 or 2, 2 les dice wont hurt :) it would also be nice to help my mage against the attacks too.

With the new cards, something I have been thinking about is 1 mind control vs 2 or 3 mind seize.  mind seize is only for 1 turn so there is no upkeep, it only cost 2 sbps instead of 6 i believe, but is very situational!

The cobra is used only as a dissipate farm for the orb or siphon energy if i really need it.  But siphon energy is best used for the bomb :) and the scarabs are for if i have zombies on the other side of the board.

The force armor seems nice for 1 sbp and 4 armor but if it ends up not being a shining card then another leviathan scale armor will take its place.

Anyways, thats what I have so far.  Check out the youtube videos that Arcane Duels posted showcasing the cards and get excited to start building books for the Forcemaster!

Spellbook Design and Construction / Siren Book
« on: July 04, 2017, 11:34:48 AM »
So this is a new siren book I made, mostly to experiment with the siren but also because I haven't seen many siren books on here. This is not made as a competitive book, only for fun.  I dont understand the sirens workings enough to try and make a tournament book with her lol.  But this concept is to use the tree, a concept i got from another player, to buff my creatures, allowing them to stay around longer, give them vamprism, support them and go to town. I have the vorpal blade only as a "if they get in my face and I have no other options" measure - but like i said, this book is just for fun.  I got a friend coming over in a few days so I will get to play with it then and make adjustments.  Cards i am considering adding are poisoned blood(s), more brace yourself, and iguana regrowth(s) for the shaman and/or thrashers.  But that aside here is the book:

Insert Title HereA Siren Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack2 x Surging Wave2 x Swell2 x Acid Ball1 x Jet Stream1 x TsunamiConjuration1 x Coral Barrier1 x Wreck of the Viridian Lace1 x Tanglevine1 x Etherian Lifetree3 x Shallow SeaCreature1 x Kraken1 x Blightheart1 x Colossal Crab3 x Shoalsdeep Thrasher1 x Deptonne Bloodshaman1 x Deptonne Berserker1 x NaiyaEnchantment1 x Brace Yourself1 x Decoy2 x Glancing Blow2 x Healing Madrigal1 x Lullaby1 x Song of Love1 x Ballad of Courage1 x Chant of Rage2 x Rust1 x Nullify1 x Arcane Ward1 x Hydrothermal Vent1 x Marked for Death1 x Agony1 x Divine ProtectionEquipment1 x Mage Wand1 x Ring of Tides1 x Ring of the Ocean's Depths2 x Leviathan Scale Armor1 x Eagleclaw Boots1 x Echo of the Depths1 x Shoalsdeep Trident1 x Vorpal BladeIncantation1 x Force Push1 x Reassemble1 x Extinguish2 x Battle Fury1 x Purify1 x Knockdown1 x Shift Enchantment1 x Seeking Dispel2 x Dispel3 x Dissolve2 x Teleport
Total cost: 120 pts

I also thought of making a druid book using a similar strategy with the smaller sharks and fallella.  Use the vine tree and the life tree.  Cast sharks, use fallella to put iguana regrowth or gator toughness on them. throw out some shallow seas and such. then use the vine tree to sprout tanglevines, snappers and lashers where needed.  It sounds hard to pull off but also sounds pretty fun so I may work on that next.

Con Carolinas NecromancerA Necromancer Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
AttackConjuration1 x Idol of Pestilence2 x Wall of Bones1 x Deathlock1 x Mana Syphon1 x Graveyard1 x Gravikor2 x Tanglevine2 x Mana CrystalCreature3 x Zombie Minion1 x Zombie Brute1 x Skeletal Knight1 x Skeletal Archer2 x Grey WraithEnchantment2 x Marked for Death2 x Chant of Rage1 x Death Link1 x Agony1 x Curse of Decay2 x Curse Item1 x Stumble1 x Brace Yourself2 x Theft of Life2 x Poisoned Blood2 x Nullify1 x RustEquipment1 x Leather Gloves1 x Leather Boots1 x Leather Chausses1 x Chitin Armor1 x Demonhide Armor1 x Cloak of Shadows1 x Regrowth Belt1 x Wispwillow Amulet1 x Mage WandIncantation2 x Dispel2 x Seeking Dispel1 x Knockdown1 x Mend1 x Dissolve1 x Drain Life1 x Siphon Life2 x Force Push1 x Reassemble1 x Teleport2 x Lesser Teleport
Total cost: 120 pts

This is the book I used at the Con Carolinas event hosted by silverclawgrizzly!  With this book I went 3-1

I opened with:
T1 - graveyard, amulet
T2 - deploy minion, mana crystal, leather
T3 - deploy minion, mana crystal, leather
T4 - if they are still not closing the distance deploy archer, and prep brace yourself and seeking dispel or, if they are close enough mana siphon

from there pump out creatures, use cheap spells like seeking dispel, curse item, leather, nullify, lesser teleport, chant of rage, etc to save mana each turn while you can keep them reacting and push the offense.

I counted up the cards I used and the spell book points only came out to 60% of my book.  So literally in 4 games I didnt touch 40% of my book - I used about the same cards every game.  This gives me room to work on the book and take out what isnt necessary to make the book stronger.

The card I was most pleased with, and this was my first time using it in a tournament setting, was Stumble!  I used this card in 3 of the 4 games and it saved me so much damage, allowed me another round to react because I was short on mana at the time, and then take the game back where I wanted it to be. I mainly used it as "I only have 3 or 4 mana but really need to tangle vine or let my zombies get 1 space closer so they will be in striking distance next round...I will just use stumble" and it worked every game.  The turn after I was able to tanglevine the target and take advantage.

Some highlights were:
me dying to the Alfiya dragon :)
Using 2 chant of rage cards to deter a teleport thought spore
using 2 curse items to get rid of dancing scimitar and chest armor
winning 1 game by my necro punching a warlock
winning 1 game by drain life on the forcemaster

The matches I played were against:
1. priest - dragon and clerics (L)
2. lady warlock - solo aggro hellfire lash (W)
3. forcemaster - solo with buddy thoughtspore (W)
3. necromancer - blightheart and boulders (W)

Any questions just comment

Thanks again to Silverclawgrizzly for hosting the event! It was a blast and there were so many good games played with great sportsmanship!

Boo!A Necromancer Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Conjuration2 x Wall of Bones2 x Mana Crystal1 x Gravikor1 x Idol of Pestilence1 x Graveyard1 x Deathlock2 x TanglevineCreature1 x Skeletal Archer1 x Skeletal Knight3 x Zombie Minion1 x Plague Zombie4 x Grey WraithEnchantment1 x Rust2 x Poisoned Blood2 x Theft of Life1 x Brace Yourself1 x Plagued3 x Chant of Rage1 x Agony1 x Death Link2 x Marked for Death1 x Curse of Decay2 x Curse Item2 x NullifyEquipment1 x Meditation Amulet1 x Cloak of Shadows1 x Leather Chausses1 x Leather Boots1 x Leather Gloves1 x Demonhide Armor1 x Chitin Armor1 x Mage Wand1 x Regrowth BeltIncantation2 x Force Push1 x Drain Soul1 x Knockdown1 x Teleport2 x Lesser Teleport2 x Reassemble1 x Siphon Life1 x Mend1 x Seeking Dispel1 x Dissolve2 x DispelAttack
Total cost: 120 pts

I had a fun idea to run as many grey wraiths as I could at one time. This is the result.

T1: graveyard and amulet
T2: Deploy archer, meditate, mana crystal
T3: deploy minion, meditate, mana crystal
T4: Deploy minion, cast minion, leather
From there start pumping out wraiths, drop the idol, and go to town.

The reason the wraiths are dropped so late is because the upkeep can catch up to you with everything else going on and if you face a wizard or another opponent you know carries ethereal you dont want to throw them out early to just die.  You can throw them out later or not at all and just use your other creatures.

Mages / Darkfenne Necromancer Part 2
« on: April 16, 2017, 06:55:12 PM »
Part 1

Equipment: There is not a whole lot to say in regards to the number of dark school equipment.  There are 3 pieces of equipment for dark mages only – sectarus, demonhide armor, and cloak of shadows.  Likewise, there are only 3 pieces of equipment that are necromancer only – death ring, deathshroud staff, and libro mortuos.  That being said, the necromancer can make due with what he has available in school.  You have a portable spawnpoint, a ring that provides a discount when you AND a spawnpoint summons an undead or necro spell, a cloak that makes you obscured, a chest piece with a damage barrier, a staff to buff the undead, and a sword to deal damage and put curses on the enemy.  Now, the necromancer is not one to typically get in the face of the enemy so leave the sword alone for now.  But, looking at his other equipment, you can see that he is meant to stay in the shadows, out of combat, spawn enemies and get a discount while doing so.  If the enemy gets close enough you have an in-school chest piece to punish them with a damage barrier that deals critical damage.  Similar to my enchantment argument, the limited amount of mage specific equipment allows the necromancer to spend his points elsewhere; he can dip into all other schools of equipment and can take all of the leather if needed.  This is another area where the necromancer can really shine as he does not have to spend tons of spell book points on an armor build and only needs to pick the bare minimum items that allow him to execute his strategy.

Incantations:  The necromancer is not lacking in this area.  Some spells that he does great with are Reassemble and Unholy Resurgence.  These 2 cards let you reconstruct skeletons so you can keep you swarm or big buddies going.  Zombie Frenzy allows you zombies to gain fast and have extra bloodthirsty.  Drain Soul puts tainted conditions on your opponent and allows you to gain life. I would say these 4 cards are a necromancers best in-school incantations.  Combined with his creatures, the reconstruct and frenzy spells allow you to keep your hoards of undead alive, keep action advantages, gain a positional advantage, and bring the hate that much more.  Drain Soul is perfect in that the necromancers starting life is on the lower side; gaining life is a huge plus but putting 2 tainted markers on the enemy so they lose  6 life is detrimental to them.  Not to mention you can use this card over and over, stacking taints, and combo it with the plague master ability. 

Going out of school: Every mage does this and the Necromancer is no exception.  With training in only 1 school and no training in any subtypes he has to find something out there that is not in the dark school.  Like I stated before, because he does not have to worry about a vast majority of holy and nature incantations and enchantments to buff his creatures and that his equipment selection is very limited, he can spend a decent amount of his spell book points out of school.  Positional and action advantage cards are where I believe his points should be spent in this area, though.  Force wave and force push if you are running zombies, tanglevine, teleport and lesser teleport for board control, seeking dispel to stop your enemies before they can gain an advantage, mage/ elemental wand to recycle spell book points, gravikor to negate flying since he cannot put eagle wings on zombies or skeletons, regrowth belt to stay alive to just name a few.

Strategies: Basic Necromancer tactics that work well

Swarm: Using a graveyard or libro to swarm is a very common tactic.  Use the death ring to get your discounts and pop out 2 creatures a turn.  I will say that this can be a little more easier said than done.  Be wary with the libro. One dissolve or curse item and it becomes a harder game for you. The graveyard is more “durable” but it is much easier to take out than a lair.  Whichever you choose, or choose to use both spawnpoints, protect them.  Once these go down it can be difficult to recover from.  I would recommend with zombies sticking to minions and brutes.  It is ok to throw in venomous zombies, plague zombies, and crawlers, but I feel the creatures to give you the best “bang for your buck” are the minions and brutes.  Skeletal knights and sentries are fantastic when backed up by a small swarm of skeletal minions.  Zombies can stay around for a long time and I will swear by them every chance I get!  The zombie swarm will not die fast so pump as many as you can out but remember that they are lumbering and your board advantage is crucial to making that swarm succeed. If they get separated from one another they become a much less gruesome threat.  If your mage gets stranded from a well-timed teleport, your zombies are going to take a few turns to get there, no matter how many you have. Board position and control is key to running a zombie swarm.
Posse:  Running a buddy build with a necromancer is a dangerous game!  I would recommenda mix of 2 to 3 brutes/ knights, a grey wraith, and possibly a blood demon.  The plus side to this is your eternal servant ability lets 1 of your buddies stay around the whole game.  The down side is that once the others go, unless you have attack spells for days, you are basically SoL.  Playing this game requires a finesse.  Supporting your buddies is the biggest problem.  The best way to help a skeleton is with command incantations or a reconstruct spell.  Zombies have zombie frenzy and that’s about it. I believe this makes conjurations the saving grace of a build like this. If you can take the heat off of your buddies by using deathlock, ziggurat of undeath, idol of pestilence, etc then your buddies may be able to stick around long enough to take care of the mage.  Chant of rage is also your best friend in this situation.

Super Mage: Making a super mage necromancer is like trying to play Battletoads on an expert difficulty.  You don’t have battleskill, you can armor up but what are you going to do then?, your best option for dishing out damage is the deathshroud staff combined with the gauntlets of strength and bear strength - because of the rot condition -  but then you are only using half of the cards ability and spending 3 spell book points on it.  Sectarus is another option but keeping it around is just as hard as keeping a blue gremlin in a tanglevine.  All of the necromancer’s support cards revolve around undead and necro spells.  You could make it so you can melee and use multiple drain souls to taint the enemy to death. But there are more contingencies to build in, more counters to worry about, and hoops to jump through to get this running strong.  But who knows, someone could make this work someday, who am I to say?

Tools of the Trade:

I thought I would share a few tips I have learned along the way that may help you guys in necromancer play.

Always plan some sort of healing.  This seems like common knowledge but I have seen many people just use drain soul - don’t just rely on drain soul.  This card can be countered with jinx and nullify.  I have had great success with regrowth belt, death link and theft of life. Also, throw in a siphon life or drain life for mirror matches – drain soul will not work on another necromancer. Mend is also a nice option since it is a novice spell.

Cloak of shadows and curse item work really well together.  Stay obscured and put the enchantments on instead of running in to dissolve and losing your cloak.

Keep some cards that are beneficial to you but will also work on zombies and skeletons in case of a mirror match. Cards such as marked for death, curse of decay, agony, chains of agony, enfeeble, etc.

Brace yourself and Nullify are a necromancer’s best friend early game.  A typical necromancer swarm using the libro will get rushed.  Nullify can be baited but make the enemy work that much harder to stop your strategy.  If they rush to dissolve you have nullify. If they rush with attacks you have brace yourself.

The more moving parts you have the more contingencies you have to plan for.  Deathlock, graveyard, idol of pestilence, creatures and equipment – juggling all of these at once can be a handful. What if my spawnpoint goes down? What if deathlock goes down, do I have poisoned blood? What equipment is essential and do I need multiple copies of?  This is crucial for the necromancer because you are trying to do multiple things at a time. Try to keep it simple yet effective. 

If you are using zombies, destroy the opponent’s elemental wand with acid ball ASAP!

Lastly, have fun making and playing whichever kind of necromancer build you make!

That’s my write up for the Necromancer, my favorite mage! There is so much to cover for a dark school mage but any questions or comments that you guys have, comment below and I will get to them!

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