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Spellbook Design and Construction / Offerings to the Ghoul
« on: November 18, 2019, 12:04:27 AM »
Offerings to the GhoulA Necromancer Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack1 x Chain Lightning2 x Fireball3 x SwellConjuration1 x Idol of Pestilence1 x Sacrificial Altar1 x Graveyard2 x Wall of Poison Gas2 x Poison Gas CloudCreature1 x Matatoomba, Plagued Spirit2 x Mhegedden, Sealed Demon2 x Ravenous Ghoul1 x Plagued Voidwalker6 x Zombie Crawler6 x Vengeful VoidwalkerEnchantment1 x Brace Yourself1 x Force Sword1 x Force Orb1 x Circle of Lightning2 x Hydrothermal VentEquipment1 x Cloak of Shadows1 x Death Ring1 x Golden ShieldIncantation1 x Abyssal Sacrifice1 x Shift Enchantment2 x Lesser Teleport1 x Fizzle2 x Dissolve2 x Dispel1 x Seeking Dispel3 x Ritual of Kallek2 x Force Push1 x Force Bash1 x Sweeping Strike1 x Focused Strike
Total cost: 120 pts

This is a fun deck that anyone can pick up and play. There is a bit of mana and action management to get used to but other than that it is pretty straight forward.

Use the altar to sacrifice cheap creatures to buff the ghoul.  There are 2 ghouls in case one is destroyed or if you want to just run 2 (they're not legendary)

The cheap creatures are there only for action advantage and to be offerings for the ghoul(s). Mheghedden is in here for the same reason, 6 mana for melee +4 and piercing +4, can't beat it.

If you sacrifice a creature, the ghoul can eat it's corpse and grow but the graveyard also gets mana everytime you do this so the cycle can continue.

If you really need to, you can spawn a creature from the graveyard and hard cast one then kallek one of them. even if it dies prematurely you may still get mana on the graveyard, if not action advantage, ghoul food, and more dice on the board.

Other than that the rest is mostly support for the main creatures and the mage, force orb and sword for the ghoul and a lightning barrier for one of them. shift enchantment one of these if you need to :)

Ritual of Kallek, i know i know..but the creature is just going to die anyways, why not get more mana while I am at it?

The golden shield is just in case they get too close to nullify the cloak of shadows.  it is not meant as a cure all but just as a shield to temporarily hold me over a few attacks. 

I've been digging force bash a lot lately. It may just be me, but on a first quick cast if I can use that, push through a wall (ideally) and get 2 slams? sounds pretty rad to me! i could push into a hydrothermal vent zone, get a bash and daze or stun? or just make is so that the cloak is now effective and you are slammed? its not a fantastic spell but if you have mana or spell book points to fit it in, worth a shot!

The only thing I didnt put in here that all of my other necros have is gravikor and knockdown...they might squeeze in later but for now the book is just a casual fun book.

I just picked the attack spells because I like them! :)

Spellbook Design and Construction / Invisible Realtor - Warlord/ Forcemaster
« on: September 02, 2019, 12:05:26 AM »
Invisble Realtor

A Warlord Spellbook


Attack3 x Flying Side Kick1 x Fist of Iron2 x Hurl Boulder1 x Hurl RockConjuration1 x Gravikor1 x Ballista1 x Construction Yard1 x Barracks1 x Garrison Post2 x Wall of Earth1 x Mana Lotus1 x Freeze Weapon1 x Volcano1 x Meredia's Shrine1 x Mana ShardCreature1 x Goblin Alchemist3 x Goblin Builder4 x Goblin Legionnaire1 x Goblin Bomber1 x Slaknir, Goblin Chieftain1 x Harshforge KnightEnchantment1 x Regrowth1 x Akiro's Favor1 x Ballad of Courage1 x Form Ranks1 x Press the Attack4 x Lesser InvisibilityEquipment1 x Ring of Command1 x Strategist's Helm1 x Leather Vest1 x Leather Gloves1 x General's Signet Ring1 x Leather Chausses1 x Steadfast Boots2 x Ivarium HalberdIncantation3 x Dissolve1 x Rouse the Beast3 x Force Push1 x Force Wave1 x Siphon Energy1 x Minor Heal1 x Remove Curse1 x Upheaval1 x Teleport2 x Lesser Teleport1 x Seeking Dispel1 x Conquer2 x Dispel2 x Fizzle1 x Gear Up
Total cost: 120 pts

This is a fun idea I came up with.  Not sure how reliable it is, it may work out better with a forcemaster since the builders are familiars and can cast through the eye. Also extra channeling would help too.  But I chose the warlord since I am focusing on conjurations; I want to have construction yard available to me to get more benefit out of this play. 

T1: 19 mana
mana lotus in my zone and builder
end: 12 mana

T2: 21 mana
builder cast construction yard in starting zone, mage horizontally and cast barracks 2 zones over from the yard and guards or qc lesser invis on goblin.
end: 2 mana

T3: 10 mana, yard 2 mana, barracks 2 mana
deploy builder
builder run to middle, qc enchant builder that moved with lesser invisibility, move and cast ring of command
end: 2 mana

T4: 12 mana, yard 4 mana, barracks 2 mana
no deploy
qc gear up for 3x leather, either of the goblins cast a wall for 1 if needed or moves to guard or attack, mage enchant second builder with lesser invisibility.
end 2 if I cast a wall, 3 if I did not.

I kept playing with ideas for the first 2 turns to get the most conjurations our as fast as possible and I forgot what I played, mana counts were off and I got lost from there looking at turns 3 and 4.....I had 3  conjurations and a builder out t2. shard and goblin, barracks and yard and guard with mage, more or less

Another option is
T1: 19 mana
lotus and shard in starting corner
end 13

T2: 23 mana
goblin and yard in starting zone
end 11

T3 22 mana, 1 on yard
move 1 cast barracks, builder moves to a zone with no conjurations and guards, qc signet ring
end 8

This is the idea, it is really slow, I know, and mana is very tight.
I do have a lot of low cost spells
gear up, fizzle, seeking dispel, lesser tele, force push, rouse, all equipment, most conjurations and attack spells, most creatures, and battle orders (which are free with the ring). These are mostly here to help offset all of the actions and conjurations.

The overall idea is to have slaknir out to make the builders elusive while they are not invisible and to help with the legionnaires getting across the map faster.  Or push the bomber to blow something up? The builders card states that it can cast any corporeal conjuration (unlike the construction yard which may only cast corporal war conjurations or earth walls). This means that the builders can play volcanos, freeze weapon, meridia's shine, mana lotus, etc which makes the book really fun, in theory.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Imhotep's Return - Necromancer
« on: August 29, 2019, 12:18:37 PM »
Imhotep's ReturnAn Academy Necromancer  Spellbook

AttackConjurationCreature2 x Priest of Abenek1 x Plagued Voidwalker2 x Vengeful Voidwalker1 x Mummified Swordmaster1 x Tjusut, the Risen King1 x The EmbalmedEnchantment1 x Reprisal1 x Terrifying Visage1 x Unholy Reversal1 x Curse of Servitude1 x Curse of Weakness1 x Stench of DeathEquipment1 x Golden Shield1 x Jeweled Scarab2 x Unholy Armor2 x Scepter of Undeath1 x Ramses' Black DeathIncantation1 x Ritual of Kallek1 x Soul Harvest1 x Abyssal Sacrifice1 x Disperse2 x Crumble
Total cost: 40 pts

Elementals/Golems/& a CrocodileA Siren Spellbook
Attack1 x Blinding Flash2 x Acid Ball3 x Swell1 x Tsunami2 x Surging WaveConjuration1 x Pillar of Righteous Flame2 x Coral Barrier3 x Shallow Sea1 x WhirlpoolCreature1 x Shoalsdeep Crocodile2 x Mud Golem1 x Frost Elemental1 x Tide Elemental1 x NaiyaEnchantment2 x Maim Wings1 x Nullify1 x Shrink1 x Song of Love1 x Ballad of Courage1 x Healing Madrigal1 x Lullaby1 x Chant of Rage2 x Rust2 x Deep Freeze1 x Drown1 x Hydrothermal Vent1 x ReprisalEquipment1 x Leather Boots1 x Leather Chausses1 x Leather Belt2 x Shoalsdeep Trident1 x Ring of Tides1 x Ring of the Ocean's Depths2 x Leviathan Scale Armor1 x Voice of the Sea1 x Mage WandIncantation1 x Defend1 x Minor Heal2 x Force Push1 x Remove Curse2 x Dispel1 x Disperse1 x Teleport2 x Lesser Teleport1 x Seeking Dispel2 x Dissolve1 x Rapid Dismantle1 x Crumble1 x Extinguish1 x Fizzle1 x Shift Enchantment
Total cost: 120 pts

So this is a fun book I have been working on.  The idea is to use a bunch of cheaper spells, including sirens call, which I will use for free with Voice of the Sea, so that I can save up for the bigger spells such as the frost elemental, croc, etc.

Reprisal can be put on the mud golem, a 5-6 roll on counter stike seems pretty good!, and defend is used for the croc.

Shift enchant is used mostly for maim wings if I want the croc or golem to kill something. Example, reveal maim wings, grapple with the croc, shift enchant maim wings to another flyer for the golem or my mage to hit. since the first flyer is grappled, I dont need maim wings anymore. Another good target is drown, the upkeep can get expensive but it is only a level 2 spell, so pay 2 mana to shift the enchantment and kill a creature.

Fizzle seems like a good choice for songs, I may put another in.  Reveal a song, fermata the song and before it dissipates, fizzle and then re-reveal.  Also, for a forcefield, damage barriers, etc that the enemy is using.

Shrink in a shallow sea seems worth it, and it is cheaper than agony and cannot be removed with remove curse. The pest trait is what really made me choose this over agony, being hindered can make or break a turn for me and I want to be able to get out if I need to.

Blinding flash, yes it does extra damage against nonliving and 4 out of my 6 creatures are non living...however, with the sirens call, walls, and force push, I should be able work my way into a zone without my creatures.  The 4+ daze is really why I chose this over electrify or telekinetic burst. It also helps against the undead armies I could face.  This is a very risky spell to run with 4 non living creatures in my book, but oh well, gotta have fun and take risks, right?

That is my thought process for this book. It is an experimental book and a work in progress.  Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Martial Mastery - Monk
« on: July 26, 2019, 08:53:57 AM »
Martial MasteryAcademy Monk

Attack2 x Fist of Lightning2 x Dragon-Tail Sweep2 x Fist of IronConjuration1 x Alluring OrchidCreature1 x Oboko, Sohei Master1 x Haruku, Shadow AssassinEnchantment1 x Mind Seize1 x Galvanize2 x Fortified Resolve1 x Miss1 x Chakra of Protection2 x Martial MasteryEquipment2 x Devout Robes1 x Dampening Cloak1 x Illusory Leggings1 x Bo staff1 x Ring of KiIncantation2 x Mend1 x Disperse1 x Cure1 x Crumble1 x Meditation
Total cost: 38 pts

This is a fun Monk book that I have been working on, again this book is for casual play.
*I do play with Haruku, Shadow Assassin as written (he cannot be targeted while active)*

T1: 8 mana & 2Ki
ring of ki, meditate
end 4 mana

T2: 11 mana & 6 Ki
Oboko, Sohei Master
end 0 mana

T3: 6 mana and 9 Ki
(use ring of Ki for 2 extra Ki), Crumble or Disperse if there is decent target out, or face down fortified resolve on mage and reveal, fist of lightning (pay X ki to make the target inactive-- 9 ki is more than enough), Oboku punch enemy mage if possible.

from here play cheap equipment and attacks, mend oboku when needed and save up for the shadow assassin.  Mind seize, miss, martial mastery, bo staff, alluring orchid, and more all help keep your guys alive while being able to dish out damage. alluring orchid and miss are great for protecting oboko. even guarding with your mage while you have the staff is a good way to help him out and helps charge up fortified resolve at the same time!

Let me know what you guys think.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Ehren's Crusade - Priestess
« on: July 23, 2019, 08:18:13 AM »
Ehren's CrusadeAcademy Priestess

Attack3 x DazzleConjuration1 x Meredia's Shrine1 x Healing TreeCreature1 x Temple Sharpshooter1 x Ehren, Enduring Paladin2 x Temple SentryEnchantment1 x Circle of Protection2 x Divine Reversal1 x Second Chance1 x MissEquipment1 x Golden Shield1 x Faith Healer's Staff2 x Asyran RobesIncantation1 x Remove Curse1 x Group Mend2 x Crumble1 x Cure2 x Disperse3 x Mend
Total cost: 40 pts

The priestess is one of my favorite academy mages to play (that's saying a lot because I tend to only play dark school mages)! This book is a casual play book but is more of a thinker's book.

The idea of this book is to Get Ehren going asap and then support him, outlast your opponent, and take the win.

T1: 9 mana
Ehren and Meridia's Shrine
end 0 mana

T2: 7 mana
Healing Tree (heal Ehren), guard with mage, Ehren uses action to pray and heal 2
end 1 mana

T3: 8 mana
Temple Sentry, Dazzle enemy creature, (Ehren heals from the tree), Ehren swings for 5 dice and has a guard ready to take a hit for him.
end 1 mana

T4: 8 mana

From here support Ehren, play another sentry, divine reversal, mend, dazzle for a stagger on a minor creature, group mend, the list goes on.  Support and outlast!

Let me know what you guys think.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Masochist - Warlock
« on: July 21, 2019, 05:54:30 PM »
MasochistAcademy Warlockbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack3 x FirestreamCreature2 x Combustion Demon1 x Mhegedden, Sealed Demon1 x Sanguine HunterEnchantment1 x Unholy Reversal1 x Reprisal2 x Demonic Link2 x Iguana Regrowth1 x Theft of Life1 x Curse ItemEquipment1 x Eye of Bael1 x Wand of Ice and Fire1 x Unholy Armor2 x Soulreaper1 x Rage TonicIncantation1 x Distraction1 x Siphon Life2 x Crumble1 x DisperseConjuration
Total cost: 40 pts

This book isn't terribly successful, I am about 50/50 on my win/loss currently, but it is a lot of fun to play! One of my favorite academy books to play!

The main goal of the book is to push the limits of how much damage you can take, or life you can lose, so you can win the game.

T1: 7 mana
end 1 mana

T2: 8 mana
face down iguana regrowth on mage, sanguine hunter (put the damage on warlock)
end 3 mana

T3: 10 mana
combustion demon (put burn on an enemy creature), eye of bael, attack with hunter (hopefully gain a mana)
end 2 mana if hunter didnt gain mana, 3 if it did

T4: 9-10 mana

from there you just have to fee out the game. You can unholy armor T4 for 2 mana, and demonic link on mheg, disperse or crumble and unholy armor, etc. Unholy armor and rage tonic is another good option.

By T5 I would qc soul reaper and attack.

I want to make room for sweeping strike but not sure what to cut. 

I would only reveal iguana regrowth if both soulreapers are taken out.  One regrowth is for my mage, the other is for mheg.

I have the wand in here because it is a shield so I can have it out with soulreaper. swing in with soulreaper, heal and then add a burn to keep up the pressure on the enemy.

I had, in a previous version, volcano and extinguish for my mage but the payoff want worth it. Yes, zone attack but I want to keep my creatures as healthy as possible and I can already stack the burns with combustion demon, the wand, and firestreams. 

Let me know what you guys think.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Frozen - Elementalist
« on: July 20, 2019, 11:05:27 AM »
FrozenAn Academy Elementalist Spellbook
Attack1 x Twister1 x Gale Burst2 x Beam of Frost1 x Cone of FrostConjuration1 x Mana Shard2 x Ice SpikesCreature1 x Frost Elemental2 x Ice GolemEnchantment1 x Gator Toughness2 x Frost Trap3 x Deep FreezeEquipment2 x Amulet of Attunement2 x Elemental Staff2 x Wand of Ice and Fire1 x Wychwood IronvineIncantation1 x Rapid Dismantle1 x Upheaval1 x Disperse1 x Sweeping Strike
Total cost: 43 pts

This book was made for casual play, no tournament or competitive play in mind though it can be turned into one. I'll let you guys have fun experimenting and playing the book with that direction in mind.

T1: 7 mana
amulet of attunement (activate any glyph), use the amulet to deactivate glyph to gain 2 mana, mana shard (activate earth glyph)
end 0 mana

T2: 8 mana
ice golem (activate air and water glyph), use amulet to deactivate water glyph to gain 2 mana, deep freeze face down on golem
end 0 mana

T3: 8 mana
reveal deep freeze, attack with golem (pay 1 mana to use earth glyph and give golem 2 armor), use amulet to deactivate air glyph for 2 mana, ice spikes (air and water glyph already active so nothing..could use air when golem attacks for guaranteed freeze or water to heal 2 damage if I took any...or just save the mana for the next round.
end 1 mana if I didn't use a glyph, 0 if I did use the second one

This is generally how I play with the book.  Save mana when you can to get the elemental out. the amulet helps with this so much (which is why I have 2). the wand is in here to stack freeze markers and it helps bank mana if I am only using that and possibly punching or guarding with my main action. 

The water glyph and ironvine help mitigate damage to keep my mage alive.

The general idea, though, is to use freeze conditions to DOT enemy creatures and eventually the enemy mage.

I had extinguish in here at one point but I can get so many freeze conditions out with attack spells, creatures, and the wands that I didn't need them.  If I am burned then the wand can offset that with freeze conditions and then I will heal with the water glyph.  I also debated the acid ooze but DOT from freeze makes armor irrelevant. 

Sweeping strike on an ice golem is bananas!

Gator toughness is for my mage, obviously.

Twister is here in case an enemy swarm gets out of hand, and I can activate an air glyph so that my mage or a creature can get +4 on an effect.

The staff is here because  mana for infinite defense is really good.  Yes, I have to pay 1 mana, but I have the shard to offset that, the amulet to off set that, and I will always have a glyph active.   I can have the staff and the wand out at the same time too! add a freeze with the wand, shoot an attack spell (we'll just say 5 mana beam of frost) to active a glyph(s), use the amulet to gain 2 mana, and use the staff to dodge attacks (hopefully). That 1 turn cost 6 mana, I got potentially 3 freeze counters on, dodged an attack, and hopefully I will have a creature to swing in for more freeze counters.  Yes, there is set up but that is a crazy turn!

What happens if I go up against an elementalist using frost creatures? shoot the mage and hope you kill them before they kill you.

Let me know what you guys think. I am eager to get some feedback on this.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Skeleton Swarm
« on: February 17, 2019, 03:38:26 PM »
SkellyzA Necromancer Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack1 x Lightning Bolt1 x Sandstorm1 x Arc Lightning1 x Gale BurstConjuration2 x Wall of Bones2 x Alluring Orchid1 x Graveyard1 x Tanglevine1 x Idol of PestilenceCreature3 x Skeletal Minion1 x Skeletal Knight1 x Skeletal Archer1 x Mort1 x Venomous Zombie2 x Blightheart1 x Zombie Minion1 x Skeletal SentryEnchantment1 x Curse Item1 x Regrowth1 x Song of Love1 x Chant of Rage1 x Lullaby1 x Arcane Corruption1 x Theft of Life1 x Mass Cowardice1 x Stumble1 x Fumble1 x Death Link1 x Agony1 x Galvanize1 x Enfeeble1 x Marked for Death2 x Poisoned BloodEquipment1 x Death Ring2 x Mage Wand1 x Cloak of Shadows1 x Leather Gloves1 x Leather ChaussesIncantation1 x Battle Fury1 x Overextend1 x Sweeping Strike1 x Dissolve2 x Seeking Dispel1 x Dispel1 x Teleport1 x Lesser Teleport1 x Unholy Resurgence3 x Reassemble1 x Focused Strike
Total cost: 120 pts

So the original idea behind this book was to use blightheart and capitalize on his ability with alluring orchids. I didnt have any other basis for making the book, other than that. 
Some ideas that I have for the cards chosen are:

*mass cowardice - blightheart may be able to get the jump on a creature in his zone if they dont run, if they do they are hindered and he can chase them down and still get the bonus effect
*stumble - i love this card anyways but having an automatic swing and a miss so blightheart can get his bonus is nice!
*fumble - if they try to run then stop them in their tracks, get the bonus effect after they act
*lullaby, chant of rage, and song of love - all songs dedicated to the opponent having to attack or move where I want them.  Lullaby is more of a "I hope they miss or lose their action" so I can then swing in.
*Alluring orchid - minor creatures automatically lose their action against blightheart and he gets his bonus
*tanglevine - a staple for all necromancers but if they waste an action getting out then blightheart can move in.
*overextend - wait until an enemy has activated, use blightheart then overextend, then galvanize next turn - this one is really only ideal for killing a big buddy or trying to get the death blow on the mage.
*gale burst will knock out a minor creature that is near me so blightheart can finish it off. - I am pretty sure this will also be helpful against a swarm creature, if I move in and gale burst before they move and attack me.

I think that is it for blightheart strategy.  Everything else is pretty standard necro.  I like to bank mana for a turn or two between turns 3-5 so I will use both seeking dispels on one turn if I can.

All of the commands work on all of the skeletons.

Idol of pestilence is a necro staple card!

My zone attack of choice was sandstorm, because of the 0-2 range.  I can still use that and be obscured at the same time with my cloak.

Lightning bolt is in for a finishing blow on a creature or the mage and because of the daze and stun chance.

Arc lightning is there because it is unavoidable and the daze and stun chance.

Sweeping strike and battle fury are there for any creature but ideally blightheart or venemous zombie

I dig curse item because of the range and the DOT. I can still hit the enemy with it while being obscured.

I think that is about it for my deck analysis.  I look forward to playing some games when I can and tweaking this book.
Thanks for checking it out.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Unholy Orc
« on: February 11, 2019, 08:06:14 AM »
Unholy OrcA Warlord Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack1 x Hurl Boulder2 x Hurl Rock1 x Hail of Stones2 x SandstormConjuration1 x Gravikor1 x Wall of Earth1 x Mana Shard1 x Armory1 x Ballista1 x Barracks2 x Garrison PostCreature1 x Skeletal Archer2 x Skeletal Knight1 x Mort3 x Skeletal Minion1 x Goblin Bomber2 x Rock Golem2 x Skeletal SentryEnchantment1 x Arcane Corruption1 x Lesser Invisibility1 x Press the Attack2 x Promotion1 x Dig In2 x Brace Yourself1 x Standard BearerEquipment1 x Regrowth Belt1 x Tempered Faulds1 x General's Signet Ring1 x Helm of Command1 x Strategist's Helm1 x Commander's CapeIncantation1 x Upheaval1 x Lesser Teleport1 x Minor Heal1 x Unholy Resurgence3 x Reassemble1 x Overextend2 x Sweeping Strike1 x Gear Up1 x Flank Attack1 x Whirling Strike2 x Battle Fury2 x Focused Strike
Total cost: 120 pts

Another book I have been working on for a while.  This one is a lot of fun to play!  It is pretty standard and straightforward.  Mana shard and barracks t1. go from there.  The garrison posts allow you to spread out your troops and get more mana on the barracks.  The commands and formations are really what make the skeletons shine; Vet Tokens are just icing on the cake.  Flank attack with press the attack in a zone, whirling strike followed by overextend, dig in with the battle order On Guard, the list goes on.
Lesser Invisibility on a skeletal sentry, who is in a zone with a formation is fantastic...but lesser invisibility on a goblin bomber is also a fun trick to pull off.
I know swarms are the rage currently, so hail stones, sandstorm, and the bomber are there to help, if i face those. 
A sentry can have 6 dice and 1 armor with just press the attack and armory out.  If it does become a vet then it will have 7 dice and 2 armor with 11 life.
A sentry with no vet and dig in can have armor 1 and roll 5 dice with on guard. If you promote it then it will have 2 armor and roll 6 dice with 11 health while guarding.
These are just a few of the possibilities of the book.
Arcane corruption is just my way of dispel for my warlords, however, it only works if they have a hyper enchant build.  2 rusts would, in theory, be just as good, especially with the creature choices I have.  The easier it is to kill the enemy the better.

Contemplated horn of gothos in the book for on guard command and to battle command but I never really found a good time to have the horn out.  The warlord is usually up front with the troops to help take the hate off the skeletons.  With the high life that he has, its not too much of a concern.  I view a mages life is a resource and as long as I can manage the threats, use on guard when needed, etc, then I should be in ok shape.

Any questions or recommendations let me know below, I am always eager to hear feedback and improve my books. If anyone has a version of the warlord similar to this I would love to see it played sometime!
Thanks for checking the book out!

Been a while since I posted anything on the forums.  Thought I would post a book I have been working on.  I really dig the Wizard and all of the new spells from Academy Elementalist and Druid make the mage even more fun to play!

Overall it is fairly simple.  Wizard does wizard things while wizard's tower shoots things.  But a few additions are:

Voltaric Discharge, Twister, Electrify - basically for any small creature swarm but especially for the new swarm creatures!  Pretty sure that a swarm creature's additional strikes will not be affected by the voltaric shield - attack 1 hits and triggers the shield, then attacks 2-X hit and you have no that is going to be a pain.
Every other attack is pretty self explanatory.  Wanted to have some new freeze attacks in here, because freeze, but also the level 1 spells are lvl 1 air and the freeze conditions can stack up to make creatures lumbering so it is harder to get to the tower, my mage, and the gremlins can rush in and strike!

typically I like to T1: mana shard and battle forge (in the same zone) this gives me the flexibility of having extra channeling depending on the match up or to give the battle forge extra mana if I am going to be rushed and need gear , T2: use extra mana from shard on the forge, deploy the arcane ring for free, play mana crystal and whatever else. What is nice is that mana shard and wizards tower are not zone exclusive so you can have tower, shard, and forge all in the same zone and put the mana where you need it most (attacks or equipment or even incantations if you have Huginn in that zone too!) I have 3 thunderstorms so that I can thunderstorm and double siphon energy with my mage and Huginn on the same round, this means that the last dissipate is removed during the next upkeep and for a total of 8 mana I get a 9 dice attack, multiple stagger chances, and can do it again next turn If i want too.

Everything here is pretty standard except for Galgommon and the 2 frost elementals (yes, they are 6 sbps each) but they are really fun to play.  Galgommon is a cheap incorporeal, which are typically hard to get rid of anyways, unless you are prepared for it.  The elementals are only 15 mana each and roll 5 dice each and can stack 2 freeze conditions each attack.  They are corporeal so focus strike, sweeping strike, and battle fury all work on them! Huginn can even cast those if you need! 

Summoning Circle is used to move the threats around the board easier since I am not using the Gate to Voltari.  3 deep freeze for the frost elementals and then arcane ward the deep freeze card to help avoid dispel.  I also have an extra deep freeze if one does get dispelled or if I need to put it on an enemy so they do not loose the freeze conditions. 2 Reverse Magic because I am a wizard and that is what wizards do!

2 mage and 2 elemental wands...pretty standard for a wizard.  The towers take a lot of hate so I have 2 wands.  2 towers and 2 elemental wands may be  Elemental cloak for all of the new fire, frost, and lightning spells.  Mordock's Tome is a fun card! I know I can have both wands out with the tome.  But an easy set up to get is have a tower and have 1 wand and the tome equipped.  With this set up you can have 6 threats for your opponent to ponder over and 6 options for your turn.
Tower is 1 attack, Arcane Zap is 1 attack, Wand is attack or incantation, and three spell options for the turn. And not to mention you can voltaric shield if you want to during the upkeep. 
The tome gives you plenty of options to deal with what is on the board but also makes your opponent feel more pressure!


Knockdown is the bomb! Battle fury, focus strike, and sweeping strike are for the elementals. Steal enchantment can be useful in times *cough, poisoned blood, cough*. Upheaval is a nice card to have to get through a wall or some other annoying lvl 1 conjuration that you need gone, hand of bim, etc.  Siphon energy is used for the thunderstorms but if a song is on one of my creatures and is mucking up my plan I will use it on that too to get rid of the spell faster. Banish because banish can make or break a game!

So those are my thoughts on this book and why I made it.  The sole purpose was to have a wizard that used thunderstorm and frost elementals.  The rest of the book was made after that concept.   Let me know what you think and I am interested to see what you guys can do with this book concept; everyone has their own style and its fun seeing what everyone makes!

Freezing WindA Wizard Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack1 x Gale Burst1 x Lightning Bolt5 x Jet Stream1 x Beam of Frost1 x Electrify1 x Voltaic Discharge2 x Arc Lightning2 x Lightning Jolt1 x TwisterConjuration1 x Mana Shard1 x Mana Crystal3 x Thunderstorm2 x Wizard's Tower1 x Fog Bank1 x Battle ForgeCreature1 x Huginn, Raven Familiar2 x Blue Gremlin1 x Devouring Jelly1 x Galgommon2 x Frost ElementalEnchantment2 x Arcane Ward2 x Nullify1 x Summoning Circle3 x Deep Freeze2 x Reverse MagicEquipment2 x Mage Wand2 x Elemental Wand1 x Mordok's Tome1 x Elemental Cloak1 x Arcane RingIncantation1 x Knockdown1 x Battle Fury1 x Minor Heal1 x Focused Strike2 x Teleport1 x Steal Enchantment1 x Lesser Teleport3 x Dispel1 x Upheaval4 x Siphon Energy1 x Banish1 x Sweeping Strike1 x Force Push1 x Purify
Total cost: 120 pts

General Uses For All Mages/ Mage Types

As Necromancer/Siren use the equipment spawnpoints + Altar of the Iron Guard, to spawn guards on the mage as necessary.
-   Keejchen

Guarding with rage creatures is a nice way to help you get the rage token (or deter attacks if they don't want to give you the token), plus they get to counter with the newly gained rage token.
-   Keejchen

Agony affects normal attack/strikes but also affects double, triple, and counterstrikes.
•   A darkfenne hydra’s base triplestrike with agony only rolls 3x1 dice and the counterstrike only rolls 2 dice

If you have 1-2 corrode tokens on you and have an equal amount of armor on, preferably a chest piece, you can put a rust on yourself to drop your armor amount there by removing the corrode tokens.  Then, use enchantment transfusion to move rust to an enemy creature.
-   Charmyna

Use Nullify with enchantment transfusion to counter a teleport or any other spell that will foil your plans!
-   Echephron

If you suspect your opponent to purge magic your enchantments on them or one of their creatures, have a nullify and enchantment transfusion on another creature within 2 zones.  When they reveal purge magic reveal enchantment transfusion during the counter spell step and move nullify to the purge target.  The nullify will cancel the purge.  You do spend more actions and set up time but the overall outcome will be in your favor if this works correctly.
-   Mystery

If you reveal poisoned blood (especially against a holy mage), prep a deathlock (assuming you have one) and cast it in the first QC to ensure they keep finite life and don't heal back up.
-   Sharkbait

Cast reverse attack on the creature you intend to put a hate token on when casting chant of rage on an enemy.
-   Sharkbait

When a target gains/ has a +X trait such as “lightning +1” the damage dice and the effect die are both modified.  Likewise, if the target has “lightning -1” the damage dice and effect die are still modified.  This also works with attacks that state “+X vs flying, non-living, etc.” Both damage dice and effect dice are modified.

If you are facing a warlord with strategist helm, put magebane on the warlord.  If he uses the helm he will take 3 damage per turn instead of 2.
-   Farkas1

Casting 2 mana generators such as 2 crystals/ flowers, 1 flower and 1 wispwillow/ moonglow amulet is considered a “soft opening” because it does not reveal any plans to your opponent, only increases channeling.
-   Intangible

Battleforge placement can dictate what side of the board you or your opponent want the fight to take place since the forge can still target a mage at range 2.  Placement near your starting corner typically, but not always, means a slower build is being played.  Placement in the center or near the center of the board may reveal that the fight will take place sooner than you may expect.
-   Coshade

Use force push to push an enemy through wall of thorns. If you push a mage through the wall they will take 10 dice of damage.
-   Biblofilter

Spells that help against non-living and undead, especially in a necromancer mirror match:
•   Curse of decay does not have the poison subtype.
•   Agony works on non-living and undead to reduce the amount of dice they roll.
•   Chains of agony works against undead and non-living creatures to deal direct damage when they move.  This helps especially since most undead/ non-living are slow or lumbering and will not be an immediate threat but will still take the damage.
•   Marked for Death adds one die to any creature that attacks the enchanted creature. This is very helpful for dealing with resilient and incorporeal (the more dice the better!)
•   Enfeeble will keep a lumbering zombie at a distance for a while and keep them from guarding or attacking your wounded creature.

Grey Wraith and Blue Gremlin do not need line of sight to teleport and can use this advantage to teleport through a wall.

Chain lightning can be used on a flyer or a wall to hit the next target on the other side of a wall.

Putting reverse attack on yourself then melee attacking a big guard will help take the guard down faster.
Steal equipment can still be used if the enemy has champions gauntlets equipped.

Whirling Strike and Sweeping Strike can be used with the Water Elemental to hit creatures in different zones.  The effects from your first attack resolve before your next (sweeping) strike which allows you to push the first creature into the next zone, follow it, and then use sweeping to hit another creature.  With whirling strike you can move the elemental 3 zones if you get the push each attack and hit 3 different targets, one in each zone.
Use sleep to target a flame immune creature when fighting the adramelech warlock.  She, most likely, will not be able to attack it and wake it up. 

Galvanize can be used remove the stun gained from overextend allowing your soldier to activate next turn.

Altar of Infernia only affects melee +X traits.  Any card that specifically states that dice are added in any way other than melee +X, such as marked for death, straywood scout, focused strike, academy weapons, etc will still provide bonuses because they are not listed as melee +X.  Also, attacks and traits that add dice such as light +!, flame +!, +2 vs. non-living, etc will still work with the altar because they are not listed as melee +X but as adding dice.
This means that these cards are not affected by the altar:
•   Ranged +X
•   Piercing +X
•   Charge +X
•   Bloodthirsty +X
•   AC Warlock’s Bloodreaper
•   Necromancer’s Eternal Servant
•   Lightning raptor
•   Afflicted demon
•   Ballad of courage
•   Smite
•   Zombie frenzy
-   iNano78

An elemental wand with an attack that deals direct damage or can put on corrode markers is a great way to deal with resilient.

Purify removes not only poison conditions but enchantments with the poison subtype, poisoned blood, plagued, and ghoul rot

Immediately after you reveal telekinetic bomb play siphon energy.  This will remove 1 dissipate, heal you mage, and the bomb will detonate on the following upkeep.

Run a goblin bomber in a zone with a few enemies then use overextend.  The bomber will then be able to detonate, making a zone attack, and you do not have to deal with the stun from overextend.

You do not have to pay for the mandatory reveal on enchantments if you think it will set you back mana.  Choosing to not pay voids the spell but can save you mana.

The steps for casting a spell are as followed: 1. Declare Spell, 2. Pay Costs, 3. Counter Spell and 4. Resolve Spell.  First, you must follow all steps for casting, just like any spell. Then, if the spell is not countered, you must resolve the attack, following the steps for attacking.  The attack sequence begins during step 4, the resolve spell step.  When you cast an attack spell, it is both a spell and an attack. The target of the attack is always the same as the target you chose when you cast the spell. The rules also state that “When a spell resolves, if you find that the target of the spell is no longer a legal target or has moved, then the spell is cancelled”.  You check for targeting of the spell during step 1, declare, and step 4, resolve.  If the target is legal during both checks the spell is not negated and is completed as normal.  This being said, Eagle Wings can’t be revealed at any point during the attack steps which begin at step 4 of the cast spell sequence, but can be until any point after counter spell, step 3, of casting a spell. This can be tricky but you have a small window when the target is established, costs are paid, and spell is revealed to counter a spell that does not target flying creatures such as Quick Sand Seismic Burst, Stalagmite, Surging Wave, Swell, Tsunami, Whirlpool, Tanglevine, Stranglevine, Earthquake, and the effect from Vinewhip Staff since it is a quick spell.  *Tsunami, while it is a zone attack, it only attacks non-flying objects.  Revealing Eagle wings will only cancel the attack on that creature and all other legal targets will still be attacked.  Revealing Eagle Wings does not work with countering enchantments such as Stumble and Tangleroot since there is no reveal step for an enchantment after another enchantment is revealed.  It also will not counter Gate to Hell as that effect is instantaneous.
Following this method of revealing eagle wings to cancel certain spells, the same can be said with maim wings. 

You can reveal maim wings on a flyer to drop them behind a wall or into elephant grass to block line of sight from the attack.
-   Puddinhead

Poisoned Blood cannot be revealed to counter a Healing Charm because there's no counter spell step for revealing enchantments.
-   Puddinhead

Poisoned Blood must be revealed before a creature takes an action to drink from the Renewing Spring.
Don't wait until you have 20+ damage to heal.  Heal when you've got 12 damage.  Most people don't Finite Life that early.
-   Puddinhead

Zone attacks will attack invisible objects and/or creatures.
Giant wolf spider get a +4 to its effect roll if the creature is restrained.  Tanglevine is one of the most efficient ways to assure the creature is restrained and the spider gets the buff.
-   Farkas1

Deathlock is a good way to prevent a necromancer from healing since poisoned blood cannot be used on him.

Unmovable is a good trait to have, especially when facing a siren, forcemaster, or druid.  Eagleclaw boots are very reliable if you are anyone but a war mage.  If you are a war mage then steadfast boots are your spell of choice.  In rare cases, you may even find the need to tanglevine a friendly creature to keep them out of harms way against these 3 mages.

Whirlpool has no effect on flying and aquatic creatures.  These are easy to recognize as the traits are listed on the card and in the subtype section of a card. Whirlpool also does not work on uncontainable creatures; incorporeal and unstoppable creatures also have the uncontainable trait. This list of creatures includes:
•   Devouring jelly
•   Magma golem
•   Water elemental (aquatic)
•   Sardonyx, blight of the living
•   Talos
•   Invisible stalker
•   Whirling spirit
•   Fire elemental
•   Grey wraith

Off topic / Happy New Year
« on: December 31, 2017, 10:09:50 PM »
What better way to celebrate my 500th post than wishing all you guys a happy new year!

Strategy and Tactics / Call to all MW players...Tools of the Trade
« on: December 26, 2017, 05:14:46 PM »
The official tool of the trade post can be found here:

So I have been thinking for a while now of making a "tools of the trade" type post, either 1 that has all mages separated in it or a different one for each mage...i lean more towards the former.  Regardless, I want this to be a community project that I update weekly.  This gives everyone a chance to share their ideas and have them all found in one location.  If you found the idea from someone else's book or video, if you can find a link to the original post please send it to me.  This allows others to view the content in context and gives the originator some credit as well.  If it is your own idea dont provide any links.  If you can't find a link just let me know you heard it on an AD vid or saw it in a book about x,y, or z, etc.

Anyways, the premise is going to be "tips and tricks" for a mage wars player, new or experienced.

These could be anything from

use idol of pestilence to damage your opponent without taking damage yourself because you are poison immune


Charmyna's rust yourself to drop corrode markers then transfuse rust to the enemy (i believe he was the original one who posted that)

But you get the idea, anything that is helpful is welcome.

I dont have my notepad in front of me but a few i remember off the top of my head are

AC Warlock:
*Curseweave rise again
*riseagain a flame immune creature when fighting an adramelech warlock
*curseweave works on friendly curses (demonic bloodlust, demonic link)

Adramelech warlock:
*demonic link or bloodlust a friendly creature and use adramelechs torment to place a burn on them and fireweave it over (sharkbait)
*Range attacks trigger demonic reward for the mage and sersiryx

*forcepull up a steep hill through minds eye to avoid using your full action (puddinhead from an AD vid)
* mind control a flame immune creature against the adramelech warlock
* reveal galvanize right after mind control to use the creature immediately

*Sirens call with your quick cast then guard with your full action to save your creatures from taking a big hit

*Curse of decay is helpful in a mirror match

those are just a few examples.

But if anyone has something they have found is helpful with a mage and wants to share, please share.  Useful combos with paladin auras, movement manipulation, ways to work with sirens call, forcepull, etc.  I am open to all ideas.

Also, there will be another "general" section where I will post ideas that apply to most (holy, dark, mind, etc) or all mages.

Please send me all ideas in a pm with the subject line "Tools of the trade" and then post your ideas in the body.  I will compile them and post them in the original post so people do not have to hunt through a page or 2 to ideas for 1 mage.

I want to have this up and running by 1/15/18 so any ideas I have before then will be in the original post.  Any ideas people send after that will be added the following week.

Thank you all for reading and I look forward to seeing all of your guys ideas!

Spellbook Design and Construction / Feraligatr and Friends - Siren
« on: December 09, 2017, 05:08:47 PM »
So this is my new experimental siren book I have been working on.  It doesn't really focus on one strategy but tries to be prepared for many other strategies and work around them.

Feraligatr and FriendsA Siren Stats Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBBA Siren Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack2 x Flameblast2 x Acid Ball2 x Surging Wave2 x SwellConjuration1 x Gravikor1 x Bed of Urchins2 x Coral Barrier1 x Wall of Earth1 x Whirlpool4 x Shallow SeaCreature1 x Blightheart1 x Deptonne Berserker1 x Deptonne Bloodshaman3 x Shoalsdeep Thrasher1 x Merren Harpooner1 x Naiya1 x Shoalsdeep Crocodile1 x Devouring JellyEnchantment1 x Agony1 x Ballad of Courage1 x Chant of Rage1 x Lullaby2 x Song of Love1 x Healing Madrigal1 x Decoy1 x Brace Yourself1 x Force Orb1 x Glancing Blow1 x Hawkeye1 x Hydrothermal Vent2 x Gator Toughness1 x Rust1 x Poisoned BloodEquipment1 x Hunting Bow1 x Shoalsdeep Trident1 x Elemental Wand1 x Echo of the Depths2 x Eagleclaw Boots1 x Ring of the Ocean's Depths1 x Ring of Tides2 x Leviathan Scale ArmorIncantation1 x Battle Fury1 x Reassemble1 x Siphon Energy1 x Mending Wave1 x Lesser Teleport2 x Dissolve1 x Remove Curse1 x Dispel1 x Shift Enchantment
Total cost: 120 pts

The strategy I try to focus on is the Croc and Bow.
I want my siren to be out of combat for a bit so i plan to start off with the spawnpoint, echo of the depths, and then transition to the bow when I have the croc and 2 to 3 other creatures out.  The bow allows you to get piercing +1 when that creature was attacked by a friendly animal (croc) and then get 7+ bleed (50% chance).  Then, the deathroll can do 6 dice 4+ bleed if in a sea.  So get a grapple off with the croc, shoot the bow at the prey, and have the croc and sharks attack!

So bleed is one option for the book.

If the bow gets dissolved I have a trident and an elemental wand.  The wand is in here mainly for a necromancer using zombies (wand + acid ball) or a druid (wand + flameblast).  The trident is used for just about everything else such as flyers, pushing through walls, stabbing a big buddy in my face, etc.

The jelly and blightheart are also in here to combat necromancers and druids.  The resilient trait on the jelly helps a lot and the fact that he can spit out corrode markers for extra damage against zombies and most skeletons is fantastic and why I chose it over an iron golem or zombie brute; granted the jelly is slow but resilient combined with the reconstruct and still rolling 4 dice in a sea makes him a strong competitor for the enemy. 
Blightheart is amazing in his own right, but against the necro he is especially helpful and his effect rolls for the druid, if i can get a rot off, will help offset the regen going on.  Granted, meridias blessing can remove the rots but its more planning the enemy will have to do.

Wall of earth is here only to have a cheap wall and block los if I really need to.  Plus it has a hydro weakness so if I need to knock it down quick and move in I can.

Siphon energy is here, ideally to use on an enemy object, but if i need to snag a dissapate off a fermata song I can.

Gravikor helps tremendously against any book running flyers.  Sure, I can use the wand or trident to hit them but my creatures are useless unless I take care of pesky flyers.  And, if i need to protect it, i can sirens call and then guard gravikor.

Song of love is used for naiya and the shaman.  Now I have found out a way to manipulate the love tokens if you have 2 song of love tokens on the field because song of love states "destroy A love token in play" not the original love token for this enchantment.  It is not always optimal and it is tricky dicky to pull off.  But, if you have creature A attacking one guy and creature B attacking another guy.  song of love A one turn then B the next.  When one Song of love goes away, B may be inclined to move and hit A.  If they move away from B, just remove the love token from B when the first song of love fully dissapates.  Then B will still have a song of love on them and can still not hit the creature they thought they could.   If that was confusing I appologize but that is the best way I can describe it without showing you on a game board :b.   This also works with 2 chant of rage cards.

Shift enchant is to manipulate the songs even more to get more benefit out of them if I need to or make sure one of my creatures stays alive longer.  I only chose this over enchantment transfusion because of the 1 sbp I save.

Battlefury for the Beserker!  2 double strike attacks, can't go wrong there!  It is also nice for the siren using a trident.

Force orb is for my siren.  Having her in the sea makes melee attacking her harder so spells fly at her.  This will help mitigate that until it is dispelled.

gator toughness targets vary depending on the matchup but it is usually for the beserker, sometimes the shaman, sometimes the harpooner, and the mage. Like I said, it varies.

But like I said, this is an experimental book I am working with that can go:

1. croc and bow with sharks
2. spawnpoint and swarm
3. push pull through walls
4. jelly and blightheart
5. wand and trident

The only things I really wish I had in this version are another poisoned blood, agony, a knockdown and a nullify.  But only 120sbps so you gotta make it work.

I am open to constructive criticism so please share!

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