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I got different answers from the German Mage Wars Community, so I wanted to make it clear:

The Academy Card "Focused Strike" says:
"The target's next non-spell attack this round rolls an additional attack die, gains the Piercing +1 trait, and the Unavoidable trait."

Is "attack" in Academy always equal to use with "attack action" in Arena (when you take this cards in your Arena games)? According to this two threads about Shifratar and Badger Frenzy, I think it could:

And there are other Academy Spells like "Straywood Scout" or even "Pigmy Titanodon", which refers to "making an attack" or something similar.

So because Focused Strike doesn't say "Melee +1", I assume that (in Arena) it rolls one more die of each attack in an attack action, for instance Triplestrike (Hydra), Doublestrike (Badger Frenzy) or Sweeping (Shifratar). Is that true or not? (the same question about the Piercing +1 and the Unavoidable part)
On top you could add Battle Fury, for instance targeting a "Deptonne Berserker" making his quick Doublestrike attack twice (if there is a bleed condition around).

In the Supplement we have clarifications on "Piercing Strike" and "Perfect Strke" ("only affects the next attack, not the entire next attack action"), but for those Academy Cards we don't.

Or maybe there are differences between the cards: So with Focused Strike you can get 4 more dices (plus Piercing and Unavoidable) out of an Battle Fury+Badger Frendy attack, but only affecting the first strike of the Triplestrike from the Hydra...?

Rules Discussion / Siphon Energy
« on: May 29, 2018, 03:05:39 AM »
1.) To be sure: I can remove a Dissipate Token from my own or an opponents "Pillar Of Righteous Flame", to force an attack right the way (even there is no creature in this zone)?

2.) How does it works with "Wispwillow Amulet"? Which player gains Mana, if I remove a Token from an opponents Amulet? The card says "Whenever you remove...".

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