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Alternative Play / Re: Campaign
« on: April 13, 2014, 02:17:21 PM »
Does anyone play story campaigns with Mage Wars? I don't have enough people to get one going, but I bet it would be really fun. The cards would serve a huge variety of functions if you just use your imagination. The board also adds a very visual element to the enjoyment of the game.

"No you can't go through here, too many rocks" JET STREAM
"Oh crap, we need weapons." BATTLEFORGE
"Guys, we need to go to this town by this time" no problem, just summon highland unicorn

I imagine there would be lots of combat sections where the game would be the same, but also during story sections, you could be allowed to get creative. Say if the GM or Archmage makes a comment about something in the distance, you can cast Hawkeye on yourself and see a camp of skeletons, so you summon your Cloak of Shadows to sneak around and check it out.

General Discussion / Re: FIF: Defend Preview
« on: March 20, 2014, 08:04:17 PM »
I agree that it should be novice, its a great essential for pretty much any spellbook with creatures. Its good to have cheap spells that can be used in a pinch. I haven't got this much excited over a card worth 1 mana.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Defining a book build
« on: May 01, 2013, 01:55:14 PM »
Agreed. The only mage I've seen that could possibly pull it off would be the Forcemaster. I played two matches against an opponent FM that had creatures, but just didn't summon them and I came out on top due to his problem with keeping up a strong supply of mana.
I think the Wizard has a shot if you have a lot of Attack spells, strong defenses, and just keep attacking the mage. But then again, just one decently strong creature helps immensely.

Mages / Guess the Future Expansions
« on: April 25, 2013, 06:53:34 PM »
With Druid vs. Necromancer on the way, I got to thinking about what could happen next. So, here's a game to pass the time between expansions. Simply guess which two mages will appear next or which two you would like to see the most. You can pick any mages mentioned by Arcane Wonders or on the forum or mention your own idea. You don't have to explain how the mages will function (there's a huge thread for that), but simply give a reason for why you'd like to see it.
There seems to be a trend of mages of very different philosophies and playing styles being matched up with one another, on wikipedia these mages are mentioned:


On the forums, we have lots of ideas like
Time Mage Chronomancer
Blood Mage Vampire
Seer Nightmare, Mindreader
Dragon Knight Dragoner, Dragoon
Wild Mage Trickster, Joker
Assassin Swordmaster


Just to name a few off the top of my head. If I forgot a mage that was officially announced or if there are a few that are very popular ideas, I'll try to keep this post updated.
But anyway, my bet is on Sorcerer vs. Paladin for the next one. I kind of like the idea of a Dark, all-magic, all-power mage vs. a Holy defender that focuses on weapons and armor. The one I would really like to see in the future would be something like Shaman vs. Technomancer. Old traditions up against science? Sounds like fun.
Well, what do you want to see? Let's see who can guess the most expansions over the next few years  :lol:

General Discussion / Re: Promos help
« on: April 25, 2013, 02:27:14 PM »
Whoa, thanks Shad0w, I didn't know that there were so many promos; I only knew about a few. Hopefully they'll become available to everyone soon.

Hurl Meteorite looks like a lot of fun. 9 dice and 0-3 range? Love it.
Gravikor can be a great counter.
Lion Savagery is awesome, I love to charge
For 8 mana, Asyran Defender isn't too bad.
I don't know about Meditation Amulet. Seems like a small return for spending a full action. If a creature could equip it, then it could be quite useful, but for now, I just don't like it.
I can't read Wand of Healing very well, but it looks like it can cancel status effects. That seems to be a pretty in-demand ability in this game lol.
Lastly, Morning Star: Wow, that is a must for any mage even thinking about fighting one-on-one

Mages / Re: Druid Speculation
« on: April 25, 2013, 02:12:10 PM »
Quote from: "Fentum" post=11725
Dwuid vs Necromancer


Well, here's what we do know about the Druid:
The first Druid will be female
Trained in Nature with a focus on plants, rather than animals
Might also be trained in Water, which is used to heal, grow her plants, and attack enemies
Does not use traditional spawnpoints, but her plants can spontaneously grow quickly across the arena
Basic strategy is steady growth, starting out rather weak, but getting stronger as time goes on

Looks like a pretty interesting design and a good match for the Necromancer.

Mages / Re: Mages that you would like to see in the game
« on: April 14, 2013, 05:54:11 PM »
With male and female versions of the mages being announced as well as the possibility of them functioning differently, I had another idea for a mage that can go into two very different directions.

Shaman - Nature is x1. Can choose Dark or Holy. One is x1, the other is x3. Everything else is x2.
The male Shaman resembles more of a witch doctor and has animals that can commonly be found in the jungles of South America whereas the female Shaman looks more like a Japanese miko and has treants, living rocks, and smaller forest critters.

A lot of the Shaman's spells are cross-classed with Nature and either Holy or Dark, but quite cheap in terms of level making a lot of these spells more exclusive to the Shaman, but not too expensive either. As an example, the male Shaman follows the dark path, so a lot of his spells focus on placing curses, status effects, and generally disrupting the opponent's support actions. Irritation is an enchantment that reduces the maximum range of any of the target's spells by 1. The female Shaman is more of a healer and mana generator with a lot of cool conjurations. Her Torii is a wall that channels mana, whenever a creature walks through it, they collect the mana.

The trademark of the Shaman is the Talisman. A talisman is similar to other Nature enchantments, but is cross-classed with light or dark. In addition, they are super-cheap, have high range, and come with a tiny, but fun little effect. The catch being that they always come into play face-up. The Dark Shaman can throw talismans that slowly drain life or add a status effect after a certain number of turns have passed. The Holy Shaman's talismans can prevent status effects for a certain number of turns or add a defense.

Their equipment is also worth mentioning. They have special staves called "Mojos" that can cast Attack spells, but they channel their own mana, if they can't pay the cost, that's okay, because they never drain it from the mage! One mojo can pay the excess amount by absorbing it from nearby targets. One inflicts damage on the mage to pay the amount. Another has a limit to how much extra mana it can drain, so the excess just counts as damage to the item until it's destroyed, but be careful, because you're not allowed to go over that limit, so timing is important. The last one (dark/nature of course) is a total gamble. You're allowed to cast whatever spell you want for as much mana as you want, but the catch is the excess amount goes to an effect die roll and if you fail that check, the mojo blows up in your face!

Alternative Play / Re: 2 v 2 opinions
« on: March 17, 2013, 09:42:45 PM »
I tried a 2 on 2 game with a single board and needless to say, it was pretty chaotic. It was two players playing with two spellbooks each. Teams lined up on the same row (with one row in the middle as kind of a neutral zone). I would assume that things would change depending on the play style of course, but here was my experience.

The game quickly turns into a more of a territory battle.
Conjurations get destroyed almost right after they are summoned.
There's no such thing as an expendable creature or conjuration. You lose something, you lose your footing, and that's a huge deal.
To guard or to attack? You will be spending hours pondering this; you need both a strong offensive and defensive strategy at the same time. Sorry, there's no other way to explain this, it was kind of surreal being in this situation pretty much the entire game.
Mages took a much bigger combat role than what I was used to. Usually one fights, while the other builds up or supports, then they switch and it just goes back and forth like that.
Zone Attack spells are more dangerous than ever before, you have to spread out and you HAVE to be in your opponent's territory to discourage your opponent from casting them. Do anything you can to mitigate the power of these spells.
The "Slow" trait isn't such a big deal anymore. You're never too far from a Hydra.
In fact, you're never too far from anyone. There's always a bowman or some kind of ranged attacker that can hit you.
It takes forever to plan all of this out and make all of your moves, but in terms of number of turns, the game is noticeably shorter than 1 on 1.
Therefore, it would probably be a good idea to stock up on Dispels, Dissolves, Heals, etc.

Anyway it was just one game and it was an interesting experience. Doubt I'll do it again anytime soon though as it took a very long time.

I'd say the opening setup that you just mentioned isn't too bad, you should be ready to start throwing down by turn 3 or 4, depending on how aggressive you want your mage to be. I'd try to get the Battleforge out first, then the Pentagram next turn, also while summoning a Mana Crystal/Moonglow Amulet. If you're up against a very aggressive opponent and need to buy a little time, try getting a Wall of Fire or two up, then send just send something with Fire Immunity right through it when you're ready.
Moreover as it was mentioned earlier, you don't have to cast Harmonize on stuff except for Battleforge/Pentagram. Harmonize doesn't increase the Mage's channeling unless it's specifically attached to the mage.

Alternative Play / Multi-Classing Ideas
« on: March 14, 2013, 06:39:55 PM »
What's your opinion on multi-classing in Mage Wars? Do think it's a good idea? I haven't tried it out myself, but I was thinking about what rules can allow a mage to gain better access to certain types of spells without using up too many spellpoints. What I was thinking was that a mage can use spells of a certain trait, say "Command", by paying one less spellpoint to a minimum of one. So, a Priestess can take the Warlord class to get a few Level 1 Command spells if she wanted and each one would just be one spellpoint. Whereas if the Warlord did it, he could get a bit of mileage out of it, but since a lot of his Commands are level one anyway, it would make better sense to try something else. In other words, encourage multi-classing, but not make it too broken.
Some ideas I have
Priestess: "Healing" spells are 1SP less.
Warlock: "Curse" spells are 1SP less
Wizard: Non-equipment "Mana" spells are 1SP less
Beastmaster: Nature (school) Enchantments are 1SP less
Forcemaster: "Force" Incantations are 1SP less
Warlord: Non-equipment "Command" spells are 1SP less

I would imagine the Priestess would be very popular, 1SP for Minor Heal (2 for the Warlock) is pretty good.
I'm worried about the Beastmaster's ability, yeah most Nature enchantments are Lv1 anyway, but I really don't think 1SP less for Animals is any better, since even though it would be balanced for everyone else, it would make the BM stronger if he specialized in it and that's not what I was going for.

This idea just came to me because I was worried about the mages being too defined by their element or school, rather than by the actual spells they use. For instance, what would make the Necromancer so different from the Warlock if they both use Dark-type spells equally well? Anyway, it's just an idea.

Mages / Re: Druid Speculation
« on: March 12, 2013, 03:09:24 AM »
Quote from: "Maljeer" post=8996
I would hope the new expansion comes out with more elemental creatures and non attack based elemental spells to help make the schools better rounded.

True that. It feels like the Major schools have way more cards and options than the Minor elemental schools. Though, I imagine that it has a lot to do with balancing at this point (like the Wizard just having way more options than everyone else). Hopefully in the future, after a decent number of mages have been playtested and there are plenty of spells from every school, this will become a non-issue.

Spells / Re: Earthelemental
« on: March 07, 2013, 05:15:27 PM »
I fight it pretty often actually and it's not as tough as it looks as long as you prepare your deck for big creatures like this. His main weakness is that he is Slow and both of his attacks are full actions, so he can't hit you unless you end your turn in his zone. What I like to do is just wail on him with ranged attacks and then go in for the kill with a rush of melee attacks (I always save a backup Battle Fury just for cases like this), status effects also help, but they can be tough to land. Or least that's how you can fight him if he doesn't have any enchantments on him. Basically, it all comes down to how much dice you can pull together, it's going to be a real pain, yeah, but if you can pull it off, your opponent will be out 20 mana and that's a pretty big deal.

One time I just countered an Earth Elemental with an Earth Elemental of my own. I wouldn't particularly recommend that strategy, but it was pretty interesting to watch a huge rock monster slugfest take place.

Mages / Re: Druid Speculation
« on: March 06, 2013, 12:53:56 PM »
I would have no problem with the Necromancer just being Dark and having access to frost attacks, like just as part of his starter deck. Then, you can always take his spellbook apart and choose any other element. My guess is that most of his starter deck is Dark, but they left a few spellpoints over for him to load up on another element, they needed to give Water some exposure, so they threw in a few Water-type spells. Then outside of the deck is a bunch of copies, so you could make a Water-type Wizard if you wanted to. It's just that I've never heard of a Dark+Water Necromancer, I'm not saying it couldn't exist, but I'd rather choose which secondary element to give him, even if I'd being paying more spellpoints.

Or maybe it's the Druid that's Nature and Water-type and they had a few Water spells left over that are more like "Ice-type" and so they gave them to the NM to show some contrast.

Mages / Re: Mages that you would like to see in the game
« on: March 05, 2013, 03:08:08 AM »
I have tons of ideas for mages. I'll probably type up an idea once every couple weeks or so. My first idea is a Dragon Knight, mostly inspired by a certain Fantasy video game series.

Dragoon - War (except creatures) and Fire are x1, Water is x3, everything else is x2. All dragons are x1 regardless of element.
A mage that can fight on his own. Most of his power comes from his equipment and the aid of his dragons, powerful creatures that also serve as steeds. Creatures with the Steed attribute can protect the mage riding it (if he chooses to). Moreover, whenever the steed moves, the mage moves as well and it doesn't count as a move action on the mage's part (but dismounting does) and can also make a ranged attack or cast a spell while riding. The Dragoon possesses the special ability to "jump" off of a steed and make an attack mid-flight for a dice bonus. This means that the dragon can move, drop off the Dragoon that makes an attack, then the dragon can attack a different zone, basically you had two units make a quick action simultaneously. The Dragoon is also interesting in that his basic attack is 0-0 ranged, not melee.

Dragons are expensive, both in SP and mana. Optionally, the Dragoon can summon a dragon egg for much less mana and when it hatches, you can deploy any dragon you want for free. The catch is that they are very fragile and take a few turns to hatch. Dragons are very powerful, most have Fast, Flying, Steed, and even Familiar, since they can play Attack spells that correspond to their element.

His equipment is mostly attack-oriented. He has a non-exclusive lance that can give a mage 0-1 ranged. His Dragoneye Charm gives him the ability to counterstrike even with a ranged attack as long as his attack would normally hit the target. Normally when a flying steed is killed, the mage takes big damage from the fall, but with the Dragon Boots, our hero always makes a safe landing.

He has a few other tricks as well. The Dragon Soul enchantment gives the target a free counterstrike upon death. Painless turns all critical hits on the target into normal hits. High Jump is a cheap incantation that moves a target up to 2 spaces away and gives them an attack bonus (even higher against flyers). A particularly nasty move is Spirit Link, which can destroy a creature under your control and receive the mana back that you used to summon it.

My best advice would be to focus on range attacks, unavoidable attacks, charge, status effects, dispels, and mana denial if you can pull it off. If all else fails, I guess you can try swarming her, but watch out for Mass Sleep. In my opinion, the main thing to worry about are her defenses, you just have to break those down and do consistent damage to her.

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