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Player Feedback and Suggestions / Re: spellbind
« on: October 19, 2017, 11:20:23 AM »
Would like to remind everyone again that the spell point system makes it so that things that would otherwise imbalance gameplay usually imbalance deck building instead. The problem here, if it's a problem, would not be how difficult it is to counter spellbind objects during a game, but rather the constraints it places on future card design and spellbook design. More strategic diversity makes for more fun metagames, and Mage Wars stands out from other similar games in large part *because nobody has ever managed to successfully count all of the possibile viable strategies for a given meta*. I suspect that if spellbind is a problem, it won't be easy to spot right away, especially if new sets are released at a fast enough rate to refresh the meta before people start running out of viable deck ideas.

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Player Feedback and Suggestions / Re: spellbind
« on: October 15, 2017, 09:43:30 AM »

I'm going to shift from the popular perspective on here about the Wands here.  I really like both the extra option to cast something and the longevity it adds.  it is powerful but that's what Mage wand and elemental Wands are for.  I think in a tournament style timed format they can't really utilize its full capacity.  Now outside of timed format yea it starts to become more powerful. 

Looking at from a thematic since the options of an elemental Wand makes perfect sense to have those options.  The Mage wand is in a similar boat in being at least in the beginning the wizard had ultimate flexiblity in other schools of magic and in the narrative of the game it made sense to have those options. 

The last reason I like spell bind is that it offers creativity in books and allow flexibility to mages who need those types of options.  I.e the control Mage play style.  Also Wands are really awesome for those who can use steal equipment and there of course other options to limit or get rid of Wands. 

Without those Wands and the current rules for them the control mages don't have the flexibility they need to be viable in competitive play.  They still have flexibility with other spells. 

I will say since the development of the game with Additons of other types of Wands, the dissipate mechanic, the need to wizard and wizard tower. It has allowed more potential to make creative options for card creation to allow balance and flexibility for some of the options listed above.

Dispel wand is made completely irrelevant by mage wand with dispel and reveal magics on the side. Wand of healing is made completely irrelevant by mage wand cure and mend. Mage Wand and Elemental wand probably don't increase the number of viable spellbooks, but rather decrease it. I'm not sure I've seen anyone use wand of healing since the priestess set came out, now that I think about it. And there definitely isn't any reason to use dispel wand anymore now that the warlord set is out, since the warlord was the only mage that ever had any reason to use it and he has other better options now.

The only reason control books need unrestricted spellbind like mage wand and elemental wand is probably because other books use them too. Without them you would simply have to spend more spell points to include more copies of attack spells and incantations.

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Player Feedback and Suggestions / Re: spellbind
« on: October 15, 2017, 09:35:10 AM »
Here's a thought. Why not just increase the Mana cost of mage wand and elemental wand to 6 instead of 5? Or increase their level to 3. Something I notice is that they are both quite powerful for mere lv2 spells. Problem is that increasing their level means drop item won't work on them. But there is no way mage wand should be as easy to cast as a mage staff.

I wonder how much more possible spellbooks would be viable if spellbind weren't like it is.

The problem with drop item is that it only works for one round against mage wand or elemental wand, since the wand user can just spend a quick action to pick up their wand again.

Curse item is probably just as good at dealing with wands as drop item. Use curse item and the longer they have mage/elemental wand in play the more damage they will take. And they can't replace the equipment unless they destroy the current one. Problem is, they will replace it. Curse item is lv2 dark, so most mages will be better off with dissolve/crumble still. So they have to (effectively) use a quick action to replace the wand, or they'll keep taking damage in the case of curse item, or they'll be unable to use it in the case of drop item.

You could also give elemental and mage wands the epic trait.

I think I personally would prefer something that can make the equipment disabled, but which isn't so easy to deal with. Part of the problem with drop item is that wand user can use a single quick action to remove it. But drop item is also lv1, which means you can afford more of them (as a mind mage, anyways) and if you include three or four you can just keep reapplying it. Problem here is actions. Forcemaster has nothing to recast the drop item except herself. Then again, you could put disarm on a spore, and I suppose having in school qc creatures helps with the actions.

The problem with disarm is that it goes away at end of round by itself without costing the enemy mage any actions.

Hmm. Maybe drop item+enfeeble? That way they have to choose between moving and picking up their wand.

It still seems like mage wand and elemental wand are constraining spellbook design space. I'm not sure how well other ways of dealing with equips like drop item and curse item can fix that.

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Player Feedback and Suggestions / Re: spellbind
« on: October 14, 2017, 11:36:58 AM »
Yeah I am with Exid on this as well. I think Spellbind with Mage Wands are a bit powerful. I kind of wish instead of Spellbind, we had wands that had specific spells on the card. So instead of an Elemental Wand, we had a Wand of Flame Attack that would have a fire attack printed on it (much like a weapon card).
I think this is an interesting idea, but I wouldn't want to add it to Arena since it would require many more equipment spells than in the current meta for the same effect. Right now players have the ability to customize their spellcasting weapons with the Spellbind trait within the limitations of each equipment. I prefer this option.

However, as a compromise AW might consider using Coshade's idea for the Academy product line and keep the Spellbind trait out of Academy play. This provides players the option to play with either or both options by mixing product lines rather than requiring an errata.

But Academy and Arena aren't quite the same game. If spellbind is a problem in Arena, telling people to just try Academy instead doesn't solve that problem.

For those of us who do think that spellbind is unbalanced how would you fix it? My worry is that cards like dispel wand are made totally irrelevant by mage wand with dispel and reveal magic. The only reason to ever run dispel wand at this point is if you're a warlord and you don't want to use harshforge construct nor rely on other harshforge spells.

Another possibility is to place greater limits on the type of spells that can be spell on to certain equipments. Like, make it so that elemental wand can only be used for attack spells in an elemental school, or mage wand can only cast minor incantations.

Player Feedback and Suggestions / Re: spellbind
« on: October 14, 2017, 09:19:38 AM »
I don't know what the game would look like without spellbind, whether it would be more fun and varied or not. You can get around a mage wand with a spellbound minor heal using  poisoned bloods and arcane wards and wardstones, or just baiting their dispels with other enchantments. Although, spellbind might be part of the reason that basically every spellbook still uses hard removal for dealing with equipments rather than relying more on other options. Drop item, curse item, disarm, or simply negating the effects of whatever equipment with spellbind that they are using, like using poisoned blood to stop minor heal mage wand. Thing about a spellbound spell is that they have to cast it again every time they want to use it.

Without spellbind it might also become harder to deal with armor stacking though, since you would need to spend more spell points on a third or fourth acid ball, and if your armor stacking opponent removes the corrodes you can't reapply them.

Then again, doing this might give piercing attacks more of a chance to shine.

Another option would be to introduce some other cost for the spellbind, like lowering your innate life by 1, or taking 1 damage every time you use it, or just adding the bound spell's level to the mana cost after the first use.

Spellbinding objects put the enemy mage on a clock. They have to either make the bound spell useless or remove the spellbinding object. And the former tactic probably tends to work better for early to mid game, while the latter is better if you want to outlast the spellbind user.

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Rules Discussion / Re: trample
« on: October 14, 2017, 08:59:58 AM »
I don't understand. Why not just make trample attacks melee attacks but make them an exception to the normal rules about melee attacks? Kind of like how zone attacks are still ranged attacks?

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Alternative Play / Re: OCTGN - Academy Mages
« on: October 12, 2017, 09:38:47 PM »
I REALLY wish I could give you a banana sticker right now. Unfortunately the banana sticker trade is highly restricted... :D

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Spells / Re: favorite spell
« on: October 07, 2017, 09:51:17 AM »
Proof boys and girls. We nerd hard out here in CT.
Congratulations, Arcane Wonders now owns your left arm. (jk)

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How would you counter your own book? How would that change depending on different opponents?

Edit: Only thing I can think of now is some kind of mirror strategy. Armor up and attack spell Aurora down. Most of my books wouldnt be able to do this.

Swarms can be ignored by you. Trickery is warded against, big guys get shrunk. Very hard to counter this... Especially when dont react from turn 2 on.
Killing Aurora is good. If you would rather ignore her, you can just get a tangleroot or shrink past the arcane wards. Hoodwink might be useful for this if your playing wizard, otherwise you can use reveal magic. Healing spells are also very useful for outlasting the Aurora Assault wiz. And the shrinks will go away eventually because dissipate so I'm basically on a clock. Another thing you can do is make sure you have extra armor in your deck so that when I crumble/disperse it you can bring out more. Also, akiros game. That card is difficult for my deck to deal with unless I disperse it right away. Aside from that, another rush strategy could do the trick, although whether they want to be the beatdown against Aurora Assault wiz or not might depend on the rush strategy. Even though it can be hard to get past the shrink+aurora combo even when Aurora is guarding instead of attacking, if you can put me on the defensive that means I have less time to actually finish you off. Same thing for putting on extra armor/aegis for  me to crumble/disperse. Once I run out of steam I've basically lost, so I have to be careful with the timing of when I'm attacking and when I'm doing non-attack stuff.

Furthermore, I don't have much way to deal with defenses here. Fortunately the only defenses in the game that can be used by a mage so far (iirc) are dodge and symbiotic orb. Dodge of course is a gamble to use because I can use aurora to set it off instead of my mage's attack spells, or I can use basic melee attack if I'm really worried, and even then they might still fail to dodge successfully. Symbiotic orb on the other hand really needs to be crumbled in the early game when I still need Aurora attacking. Later though once Aurora is guarding or gone, I can ignore the orb because it only works on melee attacks.

You can also try arcane warding your equipments and enchantments that give you armor/aegis/defense.

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Remember the spellbook I won the gen con academy tournament with? I updated it with cards from the forcemaster and warlord sets. Tadah!

Aurora Assault WizardA Wizard Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBBA Wizard Stats Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack3 x Firestream3 x Telekinetic Bolt2 x Piercing ThunderstrikeCreature1 x Aurora Lucere, Dawnbreaker's ChosenEnchantment3 x Shrink3 x Arcane WardEquipment1 x Leather Chausses1 x Leather Belt1 x Leather VestIncantation3 x Disperse3 x CrumbleConjuration
Total cost: 40 pts

Dropped gator toughness, dropped both cures, dropped both mends. Added leather belt, leather vest and 3 telekinetic bolts.
The vest is there in case they get rid of my belt or chausses and I need to have a 2nd armor again. The great thing about using leather belt instead of gator toughness is that it costs 2 less mana. Downside is, unlike gator toughness, they can get rid of it before attacking instead of having to wait for me to reveal it when they attack, but that's why I have a third leather, the vest.
Dropping the healing and cures is good because it means I dont have to break my own arcane wards on Dawnbreaker's Chosen. Instead of trying to keep her alive longer, I just include more attack spells, which I can now do because the forcemaster set came with telekinetic bolts!

Round 1: leather chausses and leather belt
Round 2: Summon Dawnbreaker's Chosen

I've already tested this once, and I can already say the difference is quite nice. One thing I noticed is that I need to be less hesitant to use shrink on major creatures even when they're not guarding, because otherwise they might focus down Dawnbreaker's Chosen too quickly, especially since I'm not using any healing spells on her.

Hope you like the new and improved Aurora Assault Wizard!

Spells / Re: favorite spell
« on: October 06, 2017, 02:37:40 PM »
Not sure. Teleport, Forcefield, and Mind Control are fun. I would like decoy more if I had a use for it in competitive play.

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Alternative Play / Re: OCTGN
« on: October 03, 2017, 02:56:51 PM »
This is AWESOME!!!!!!

League / Tournament Play / Mage Wars events during winter break?
« on: October 02, 2017, 09:53:31 AM »
Hi! Are there any mage wars events in the US at some point between December 15th and New Year's Day? Trying to find some because it's usually the most boring time of year for me.


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General Discussion / Re: New Player Mages.
« on: September 24, 2017, 01:43:14 PM »
I think before PvS, LG and Academy, Johktari Bm and Malakai Priest were the hardest,  followed by bloodwave Warlord, and then after that the forcemaster maybe. Johktari Bm had much fewer options without quick ranged weapons and she took A LOT of skill to figure out how best to use her compared to other mages.  And similarly, the malakai priest always had Mana/action issues if you didn't use him right. It took me forever to realize that (before he got more options in later expansions) he was mostly dependent on having a battle forge in order to do the stuff he wanted to do.

Bloodwave Warlord didn't play the way he seemed like he should intuitively. His battle orders were useless most of the time, and he didn't have any good ways to deal with enchantments without paying triple spell points. Basically the warlord was better off with a big buddy or a squad of lv2 or lv3 soldiers than a swarm of weenies. Goblins would always be picked off before they could get vet tokens. All of this is really hard for beginners to figure out.

However now that we have the Warlord expansion and the Forcemaster expansion and PvS and LG, Im not sure which is hardest to learn.

Maybe the adramelech warlock? I hardly ever see anyone using her demonic reward ability. It seems like she should be able to swarm but she never does it seems.

Also, I think people have a tendency to forget to use the wizard's voltaric shield? I've seen people use him on octgn but I don't see them use the shield much. So maybe other people find the wizard one of the hardest to learn?

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General Discussion / Need help/advice
« on: September 24, 2017, 01:20:48 PM »
I have been trying to set up mage wars organized play in the Columbus Ohio area for years without success. I simply don't have time to go to my FLGS at the same time consistently every week or two, and because of that I haven't been able to get Mage Wars organized play off the ground here and I'm guessing at this point that it probably isn't ever going to happen. Origins game fair has come and gone six times and we still have no organized play scene here. I don't have the time or a sufficiently predictable schedule to build up the community from the ground up single handedly, and there's no one else here who can do that. The only other competitive mage wars player here is sharkbait and I doubt he's going to be able to help with this any time soon if at all. And because it's impossible for me to find casual arena players here to play with, I'm extremely out of practice, as a lot of people noticed at Gen Con. I honestly am starting to think there's no way for me to stay competitive except to move away to somewhere that actually has a mage wars community, which won't be feasible until after I graduate from college if at all.

Im not sure what I should do now. I mean, it seems like the obvious solution is to stop playing arena competitively, don't buy any more arena expansions and just focus on Academy, and play arena on octgn only. The people I used to play Academy with don't want to play it anymore since I taught them Onitama, there's only one person that I managed to convince to play Academy, and I haven't had the chance to set anything up with him since before gen con. And since most people don't play Academy online, only Arena, that basically means I only have maybe a couple of people I can play Academy with, most of whom will be online only and will usually prefer to play arena instead. And the only times I will be able to play Arena offline is at conventions, and right now I probably have time for about one game of arena on octgn per week on average.

But I don't want the Arena expansions that I already bought to just go to waste.

What should I do?

Please help.


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