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Rules Discussion / Re: intercept akiro's hammer
« on: February 25, 2018, 08:14:47 AM »
They are called walls lol

Alternative Play / Re: Football Mage Wars
« on: January 31, 2018, 08:17:40 AM »
This kind of game favours the swarm build and anyone who does not is at a distinct disadvantage.

Spells / Re: favorite conjuration
« on: January 31, 2018, 07:59:39 AM »
Battle Forge is my favourite conjuration. I would replace the first mana crystal in most books with this as not only does it give the same level of extra channelling but also gives a free action for an extra 3 mana.

Rules Discussion / Re: Mind control and chant of rage
« on: January 31, 2018, 04:04:05 AM »
"your zone" isn't allways controled!
if you are in a zone with an enemy creature, it's "your zone" but you don't control it.

I'd overlooked that in the search for a moniker that works!

Rules Discussion / Re: force pull through Mind's eye
« on: January 30, 2018, 11:59:02 PM »
Agreed.  The minds eye becomes the source and thus the target is pulled towards the eye.

Rules Discussion / Re: Mind control and chant of rage
« on: January 30, 2018, 11:44:07 PM »
This is interesting.

I would say that "your" is something that you control. Your Zone is a zone that you control. Zonal control is dealt with in the FiF rules. Thus making it also synonymous with friendly.

Your needs a clear moniker now we have a nebulous use. Thus negating the English use of it. It is either owned or controlled and all cards are then tied to it for good or ill. In case that break the game we errata from here. All is then reflected in the rules supplement.

Rules Discussion / Re: Chant of Rage movement
« on: January 30, 2018, 11:33:45 PM »
Couldīnt you argue that you had to try to move towards an opponent with a Hate token?

So that you would have to headbang a solid wall :)

No a wall is a barrier and thus if the "hated" target is behind it then you do not have to move through it unless it has passage attacks.

Small caveat question? Would it have to move if it had climbing?

Strategy and Tactics / Re: Best Animal to make the Straywood's Pet?
« on: January 20, 2018, 10:58:07 PM »
Darkfenne Bat.

Oh no I got the point, I simply ignored it as it is not a real problem in my eyes. Mainly because of how successful Magic the Gathering (MTG), Hearthstone, Shadowverse, and others are. All with shifting game states, metas, and card pools.

Why is this not a problem?

Lets look at MTG. It has been around for 25 years and has 19,989 cards (as of 1/14/2018), lets call it 20k cards, and is roughly split evenly across the five colours. The new players each year stretch into atleast 10k, if not 100k. Some years get 1 million. One of the most played formats in MTG is Commander or EDH (if you are an older player like me). Popular enough to get its own dedicated set every year since 2009, two sets last year. This makes use of all 20k cards for the card pool and allows a single copy of each in a 100 card deck, with a banned list for the most broken cards. New players buy constructed decks to start with and as long as they are taught correctly in the first place there is no need to memorise all 20k cards, or the near infinite card interactions between them, because they have a good time. Also most of the older cards never see play due to rarity and scarcity. If anything it is the difference in meta pockets for different regions that make it what it is.

If anything you are assuming the knowledge that a new player has. If we ensure that they have the correct knowledge to start with, easy to access and understand card ruling FAQs, and answer questions they go about different things then they will be fine. New players are not as fragile as you think. From here they enter the game on more or less the same level as everyone did. From here it is what I said about before and Obsidian echoed. My own example is I had never played against a Druid at one point. My first game against a Druid was tough and I lost. Did I quit? No. I did however then go away and learn everything I could about a Druid, so that I didn't lose in the same ways against it. I am not alone in this sort of thing.

This is a very good card, a very good control card imo. However to use the words of the group at large any aggressive opponent will wreck this card. There are plenty of cards which deal with this card very easily.

The main questions are this, is it every book? So honestly is it really any more of a threat than any other?

Sure it turns off Melee buffs, but honestly it will just direct play until it can be removed. This game is a game of problems and solutions, it is about using the spellbook points you have to make the best book for your favourite mage. Any player worth their salt will either take  Altar of Ifernia on the chin and play around it or obliterate it with the hatred it deserves, once it is in play.

So I reiterate my question why is this such a problem, and let me answer that too; it is not. You expect these kinds of play during book building and plan accordingly. "I want to do A, I use B and C cards to accomplish this. D and E Mages/cards give these roads to victory problems, do I chalk these up as bad match ups, or can I use F and G cards to counter these problems?" F and G can be Acid Ball, rust, dissolve, the list goes on.

It is also a well known fact in Customisable games that a pool of players will usually have a (group of) best player(s), that(/those) player(s) will win more games than others using a range of books/decks, usually from the tier 1 pool. Players within the group with them will either stay at the same level of play or get better as they strive to beat the best player(s), competition breeds competitive play at all levels; this ranges from causal to tournament level. This is the same with the new players, it is very rarely that they leave said group due to always losing, but normally they fit right in because it is not just about the game, but the people and the experiences made.

If anything this is a weaker example than the swarm hate that is in nearly every book. However this does not drive people from the game, just they adapt.

How does Altar of Ifernia make the game repellent to new players?

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Don't Give A Trunk Give Two
« on: January 15, 2018, 01:57:15 PM »
Emerald Elk Stave is to swap out for the Dispel Wand so it (Dispel Wand) cannot be dissolved.

It can still be dissolved. To prevent that you would be better with nullify. A clever player will plan timing to take your wand from you, for example as a final quick cast without initiative or a first quick cast with initiative. If it is that important then maybe a spare copy in the book would serve you better, rather than another piece of equipment you do not plan to use?

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Heavy Metal Priestess
« on: January 15, 2018, 05:27:55 AM »
I agree here. There seems to be an idea that an agressive book will beat a "base builder" priestess. Any good priestess book will drop angels, armour, and other defenses that will blunt an attack when it comes. At the earliest a book will attack at turn 3-4 as you have to get to my side of the board. In that time I can ancipate such from your opening. If your coming to me then I'd rather drop a forge and crystals, get to  13c and drop an angel and brace etc. The longer you leave a temple build the stronger it gets. It may be seen as slow but it is a turtle, armoured and it wins a slower race.

Rules Discussion / Re: lesser invisibility
« on: January 15, 2018, 03:29:30 AM »
I imagine that there could be a Dark version sometime, perhaps called Passage through the Underworld (otherwise identical to Divine Intervention).

It would worded quite differently. I would vote that such a spell would also require priority

Rules Discussion / Re: Joseph Trublood - Healing
« on: January 15, 2018, 02:58:56 AM »
I echo exid here. I would say no as it is an ability and not an attack. In the same vien you couldn't place hawkeye on an Asyran Cleric to get better healing.

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