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Spells / Re: Hydra regeneration as a zombie
« on: June 12, 2018, 12:19:44 PM »
At least shaggoth-zora can grow and gain innate life that way ;)

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Double Forge Jedi
« on: June 10, 2018, 09:55:35 AM »
A general thought.
You have 23 enchantments and no support in casting them.
You have 13 attacks and incantations and 3 spores to help you cast them, but they stay so quantity is just for choice. Only 1 eye is supporting this, though. With a wand you would have even more support in this line.
You have 13 equipment and 2 forges to help you deploy. You want to cast wisp. yourself that leaves 12 for 2 forges. Could be more.

-> without looking deeper into your strategy you should go for less enchantments, since I guess you will never cast them all, even if some stay there for choice. That would give more room for attacks, incantations and equipment (also room for choices here then)

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Double Forge Jedi
« on: June 10, 2018, 03:20:46 AM »
Oh I really like that book. Finally I see a good plan what to do with all those qc creatures. Cast them as qc while fighting with your main action and let 2 forges equip you. Nice!

If the posted ones are your standard openings, I don't see a point in the later game to cast
- crystal
- stalker
- 3 spores
Guess you have an alternate plan going monk/crystal/spores/minds eye first and jumping to battle later. Am I right? Maybe with only 1 forge then?

But eher do you plan with stalker?

All in all very nice :)

Without knowing anything, I guess AW as a small company has a time problem. Anything that needs effort won't work. Anything that simply raises their cash income could realize some family holiday. But it wouldn't help the game.
Someone has to step into AWs house to earn AWs full trust to realize their strictly dreamed plan of the game. If this person would bring money, time and help with expertise he or she could safe the game and keep it going.

I truly believe the game was designed with a lot of heart and effort. With all expansions and even more games from AW they have to professionalize, give orders, work on masterplans, timetables, businessplans and delegate the “cool stuff“ to a good team including a lot of playtesters, balancers and designers. BUT they don't let loose and that's the problem that's killing it, since they can't manage everything themselves.

Maybe I am wrong, but without knowing facts that's what I guess.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Sire: Curse of the Depths
« on: February 21, 2018, 03:59:24 AM »
I don't do opening plans. I play each game as I see needed.
I bet your plan is to start with your mage in your own corner and then you draw exactly two cards from your spellbook to move on straight forward with round 1. Maybe the rest depends.
I think what he means is that he doesn't have an opening that is the baseline. Depending on his opponent, he will open as he sees fit.
Really? :)

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Sire: Curse of the Depths
« on: February 20, 2018, 04:24:18 PM »
I don't do opening plans. I play each game as I see needed.
I bet your plan is to start with your mage in your own corner and then you draw exactly two cards from your spellbook to move on straight forward with round 1. Maybe the rest depends.

General Questions / Re: Casting Equipment on Enemy Mages
« on: February 05, 2018, 05:31:12 AM »
Also they are free to swap the amulet with another one if they carry one I their book.


I disagree with block formats.  One of the great features of Arena is that it is universal and, as long as I do not have any Promos, I can play in any tournament from Helsinki to Tokyo.  Introducing black formats would fragment the already small population of Mage Wars players and would needless complicate tournaments.

I have yet to see any evidence that the mage wars community has fragmented. Pretty much everyone still plays standard vanilla Arena as far as I can tell. It's just that now some people play other formats *in addition to that*. And if we want to make Arena approachable to newer players, realistically speaking, we probably can't do it without block formats.

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I don't agree. The only block format - as you call it - that has a good reason to be played is “core only“. That is great for beginners and works fine. From the first expansion you add I see no reason why you should allow some and others not. Maybe saying “no promos“ and “no academy“ is kinda comprehensible.

Puddn you find the words better than I do and talk from my heart.
+1 die, gain one die and roll one additional die should always be the same.

Beldin I am not talking about what the card does. My point is really, that m mage wars is unnecessary overcomplicated. Don't get me wrong here. I love the flavor of all the different traits. It's the tons of exceptions  (now to find sometimes in many extra lines with extra rules for Academy) that makes the mess.
As I mention it already, Academy prevents core mechanics to be added to new cards where they thematically should be. So the theme starts feeling wrong also.

Sailor I don't get your point? What exactly do you mean with block format and how does a set of unwritten competition rules make the game more attractive for new players?

How does Altar of Ifernia make the game repellent to new players?

Because this how a thread here looks like (in my eyes this is the definition of a catastrophe!):
Lost Grimoire volume 1 brings us this beauty from the school of darkness:

Altar of Infernia
Quick; 0-1; Zone
7 mana; Conjuration - Artifact; Lvl 2 Dark
2 Armor; 6 Health
Zone Exclusive; Epic

All creatures lose, and cannot gain, Melee +X traits. This does not affect Melee -X traits.

Sounds straightforward, right?


Or is it?

It turns out, when you look more closely (e.g. see the Codex), Mage Wars deals with adding attack dice in a variety of ways. Sometimes, the cards themselves or the rules and Codex as written state that a creature or creature type or damage type or mage gains "Melee +X", but other times it might say to "roll extra dice" instead. Depending on the wording, it may or may not be affected by Altar of Infernia. In general, you need to see if the trait keyword "Melee +X" is used in the effect of the ability or spell or condition marker, etc.

Here is a list of spells and abilities that are affected by Altar of Infernia, followed by a list that are not affected. Please feel free to post spells and abilities I've missed that you think are interesting.

Alter of Infernia affects:
- buffs that directly add Melee +X (typical examples include Bear Strength, Wolf Fury, Giant Size, Gauntlets of Strength, Paladin's Valor, Blessed Focus, Knight's Courage, Power Strike, Call of the Wild, etc)
- Growth markers (give Melee +1 for each Growth marker; thus Kralathor, The Devourer, Ravenous Ghoul, Shaggoth-Zora won't benefit as much with Infernia in play; each Growth marker still gives Innate Life +3 though)
- Rage +X (similar to Growth; thus Mountain Gorilla is affected)
- Ehren, Enduring Paladin
- Valshalla, Lightning Angel
- Steelclaw Matriarch
- Redclaw, Alpha Male doesn't buff other canines (aside from Armor +1)
- Wychwood Hounds don't buff each other (aside from Armor +1)
- Knight of the Red Helm usually gets Melee +2 when attacking strongest creature
- Azurean Genie (a "wish" can still be used for Healing 2 or Stagger)
- Hand of Bim-Shalla (similar to the Genie)
- Sacrificial Altar (although a creature still gets the Piercing bonus and there is mana refunded)
- Animal Kinship + canine(s)
- Staff of Beasts won't give a melee bonus to a friendly animal (but can still be used for healing)
- "Battle Skill" Mage ability (e.g. Straywood Beastmaster, Arraxian Crown Warlock, Bloodwave Warlord)
- Straywood Beastmaster's "Pet" (no general Melee +1 nor additional Melee +1 when in-zone)
- Bloodwave Warlord's "Veterans" AND command order "On Guard!" (although doesn't affect "Release Volley!" = Ranged +1, or "To Battle!" = Charge +1)
- Malakai Priest's "Holy Avenger" (no Melee +2 for you!)
- Johktari Beastmaster's "Wounded Prey" (no Melee +1 against that creature)
- "Siren's Call" ability wouldn't give a friendly creature Melee +2
- Paladin's "Vengeful Aura" doesn't give Melee +1, but still gives Piercing +2 so might still be worthwhile against heavily armored (but not Resilient) targets
- Aquatic creatures in Shallow Sea don't get Melee +1 (but non-aquatic non-flying still rolls 1 less die as normal...)
- Gate to Hell wouldn't give  Melee +1 buffs to demons
- Bloodfire Helmet wouldn't give  Melee +1 buffs to demons
- Demonic Link wouldn't give  Melee +1 buff to the demon
- Drakas, Imp Overlord wouldn't give  Melee +1 buffs to demons
- Similarly, Unholy Blood Ritual is a bad idea with Altar of Infernia in play!
- Kharne, Horned Demon normally gets Melee +X where X is the number of enemy creatures in its zone. Well, not with this Altar in play!
- Wildfire Imp wouldn't get Melee +2 for attacking an object with a Burn marker
- Wreck of the Viridian Lace would still grant Ranged +1 but not Melee +1 to pirates
- Temple of Meraveran becomes quite useless in Infernia!
- Shoalsdeep Tidecaller drops his Melee +2 bonus in Infernia, but still gets +4 to the effect die in initiative rounds
- Temple High Guard counterstrikes first but doesn't get Melee +2 when Guarding
- Metatron doesn't get bonuses for Temples in play
- Eligor Larington doesn't get a Melee +2 bonus (but does still gain Piercing +1) when counterstriking
- Alandell, the Blue Knight isn't worth putting mana into unless you REALLY need that Daze effect to trigger
- Acolyte of the Bog Queen can't give Melee +1 to zombies (but still reconstructs Skeletons and does Cleric stuff)
- Sentinel of V'Tar wouldn't get Melee +1 when guarding, but would still get all the other bonuses
- Standard Bearer wouldn't give Melee +1 but would still grant Armor +1 to other friendly creatures
- Dawnbreaker Ring would only grant Ranged +1
- Lightning Ring would only grant Ranged +1 (...)
- Deathshroud Staff wouldn't buff undead creatures with Melee +1
- Flank Attack would only grant Piercing +2

But has no effect on:
- Ranged +X (obviously)
- Piercing +X (making it a good alternative against armoured foes when Altar of Infernia is in play)
- Charge +X (!)
- Bloodthirsty +X (!!) <- think zombies, sharks, some demons, Goran, Werewolf Pet, etc
- most melee weapon Equipment's melee attacks (e.g. Arena melee weapons usually roll 4 dice + effects/traits/abilities, rather than having a Melee +X trait, so this is a way to mitigate against Infernia; and Academy melee weapons still roll one more die for Arena-level Mages as usual despite Infernia)
- Arraxian Crown Warlock's "Blood Reaper" (since it gains Bloodthirsty +2, not Melee +2)
- Necromancer's "Eternal Servant" (Piercing +1)
- Adramelech Warlock's "Smoldering Curses" ability (since enemy creatures gain Flame +1)
- Similarly, Malakai's Basilica works as normal (since it gives an enemy creature Light +1)
- Interestingly, unlike the "Wounded Prey" ability, Marked for Death doesn't have anything to do with Melee +X, but rather specifies that enemy creatures each roll one more die when attacking
- Gloranna, Avenging Angel rolls an extra die for each Holy creature in its controller's discard pile (up to a cap)... which isn't technically getting Melee +X!
- Lightning Raptor still charges up as normal (changes the number of dice of the attack directly, not Melee +X)
- Afflicted Demon works as normal; e.g. the Weak tokens are both a bane and a boon as usual
- Ballad of Courage (Charge +2, Fast and can't be Hindered)
- Smite (rolls "2 additional attack dice," not Melee +2)
- Zombie Frenzy is unaffected... as are pretty much all other zombie-related bonuses (aside from Deathshroud Staff)

** I didn't mention it above, but "+X vs. ___" traits will still work as normal (e.g. Tarok, the Skyhunter's "+2 vs. Flying", Samandriel, Angel of Light's "+1 vs Nonliving or Dark", Joseph Trublood's "+2 vs Nonliving and Dark", Kralathor, The Devourer's "+2 vs Undead", Titanodon's and Mountain Ram's "+2 vs Corporeal Conjurations", etc)

Something to make rage viable.

Player Feedback and Suggestions / Re: How to make Mage Wars faster
« on: January 17, 2018, 01:16:10 PM »
What takes the most time is thinking. Something like a chessclock would reduce time a lot in my eyes.

The other huge timeproblem comes from turteling (your idea would stop that) and defensive beta.

I would not like to start in the center. That changes more or less every  beta. And I guess you would find most games ending up in fast and raw brutal beatdown.

I think you all over analysis the situation.

The crowd isn't as big simply because the game isn't fun enough. Period.

We all in here loves it, but we have to realize it has turned out into a niche game for just a few people. The game have had its golden age already, with nice buzz and good marketing. It just didn't fly in the end.
Yes, the game is here to stay. But not for the big audience.

If this is ever going to occur the game needs a remake of some sort. As it is now original flaws and beginner mistakes in the design are carried from expansion to expansion that AW has to design around every time (most likely why the expansion gets less and less frequent, just because it is hard to take everything into account). The format and game needs to change to attract more people. If not, the player base will stay as it is.

Absolutely +1!

From the tools of trade thread:
The target line for gear up is mage, not friendly mage.  So if you suspect you have a nullify on you, you can cast gear up on the enemy mage and then put up to 3 equipment cards on to your mage.
-   Coshade

Things like this and cards like altar of infernia makes the game completely unplayable and repellent to new players.

I guess the game and it's playerbase will stay as it is for a while. In real life surrounding me it is dead. Worldwide nerds on octgn still play it and even come back to play it. But more new players ... I don't think that's gonna happen without massiv
- errata
- streamlining
- marketing
- new arena releases
- simple new cards (not more new complex mechanics)
... and I don't see that coming to be honest.

EDIT 2 (oh no my first Edit got lost :(  )

Looking at what I wrote above, there are things we as players could do. Obviously the first thing is showing the game to more players.
But what would really help is an unofficial, well thought through supplement with erratas. Arcane duels is kind of doing that with their own rules at ADMW 2. But it should go even deeper to take out all rules exploits (double dragon wtf) and answer ALL questions. For example more detailed steps of what can be revealed when should answer every timing issue and so on. There are many things to cover.

All in all that would be much to read (too much for beginners for sure) BUT it would bring the game back to its initial idea that IT SHOULD FEEL INTUITIV TO PLAY AND SHOULD BEHAVE AD YOU WOULD THINK IT SHOULD BEHAVE. And THAT is easy and fun to teach.

-> if the game can be won (or played fluid) by cards, not by rules, people would much more stick to it.

General Discussion / Re: Vampire Necromancer or Vampire Warlock?
« on: January 09, 2018, 06:38:46 PM »
I used to play her as buddy die my forcemaster and I also met her that way several times. I see no synergies with necro.
You are right, she feels a bit lost. From her mechanics she is more a warlock kind of girl.

Mages / Re: the book that the priest is holding in his card art?
« on: July 24, 2017, 03:42:58 PM »
What if that is simply his own book and he won't have to cast it and nobody else is able to?

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