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Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Post your best Warlock build
« on: January 17, 2013, 07:18:20 PM »
I've got a question for all the Warlock players here.  How often do you guys use the Blood Reaper ability? the loss of life is obviously bad, but do you find the bloodthirsty +2 useful or a bit of a wildcard? and in particular, I never hear anyone talking about the second part of this ability:

"The first time each round that [the Blood Reaper] attacks and damages a Living creature, the Warlock may heal 2 damage."  

On the surface it appears great, but in practice is it not as great as it appears?

At best it could be the equal of a Regrowth Belt, but not a target for Dissolve.  This seems to be the real strength of the Bloodreaper and almost worth the loss of life.  

what are your preferred targets for this?  I'm thinking that Dark Pact Slayer is a good one... it's level isn't too high (only costing 4 life) and it is strong enough to stick around to get use from the healing.

Do you like getting it out early? or wait until mid/late game when you can get the full use of healing?

Strategy and Tactics / Re: Not-so-obvious synergies
« on: January 16, 2013, 12:34:54 PM »
I'm playing around with the idea of casting Death Link on Necropian Vampiress in my Warlock build. She might be able to heal the damage I put on her, I also support her with Bear Strength.

An idea I had some time ago, which I posted and never got much notice, was I think a compromise between the casual gamers and the hardcore gamers in terms of the distribution of cards in future expansions.

it goes like this:

include 3 copies of all level 1 spells
2 copies of all higher level spells
1 copy of all epic spells

this would, I think, satisfy the casual gamer. and for the hard core gamer, yes, you would have to spend more to get the "full" set of cards, but you will only have to buy one extra copy of any given expansion (as opposed to 2 or 3 plus 2 or 3 of the tomes)

yes, it is.

Spells / Re: TELEPORT
« on: January 04, 2013, 04:18:48 AM »
if I remember correctly, the target line of teleport lists both a creature & zone as it's targets. so both the creature and the zone to which it is being teleported to would have to be 0-2 zones away and in LoS.  I believe this was already answered on another thread somewhere.

Rules Discussion / Re: Is a "strike" also an "attack"
« on: December 28, 2012, 08:30:59 PM »
I think you're getting hung up on the word "strike" a bit too much.  strictly speaking, I don't think there is such a thing as a "strike" in this game... doublestrike and triplestrike are just keywords used to signify that you can roll the dice an extra number of times during an attack (not additional attacks).  In other words you are repeating those steps within the attack phase that detail rolling and applying damage (I'm sorry, but I don't remember exactly which numbered steps off the top of my head, but it is detailed in the rule book).

melee + X would only apply to the first roll of the dice, in fact, any +/- X trait that modifies your roll only apply to the first roll of a double/triple strike sequence.  To get the use of those traits again you would have to start an entirely new attack sequence (for example, with Battle Fury).

Rules Discussion / Re: Can "Death Link" heal more life that target has?
« on: December 26, 2012, 08:34:04 PM »
I still think it is thematic, just in the opposite direction than you are thinking about it.  not that the mage is taking life from the linked creature, but that the mage is transferring his damage to the creature.  thinking about it this way allows for both a literal and a thematic interpretation and is how I suspect the designers were approaching this card.

General Questions / Re: When does "different" reset for Pentagram?
« on: December 26, 2012, 11:18:51 AM »
when Pentagram says it can only gain a maximum of 2 mana "this way", it is referring to the attacking and damaging of different enemy creatures. in addition to this it has channeling 1 so it gains 1 mana during the channeling phase, for a possible total of 3 mana per round.  you could also enchant it with Harmonize for an additional mana during the channeling phase... so you could conceivably get up to 4 mana per round.

General Discussion / Re: Core Spell Tome 2 - 2nd EPIC cards?
« on: December 15, 2012, 08:50:55 AM »
the second core spell tome was something that was requested on the forums and facebook so that players could have access to all the cards through to two core spell tomes without buying multiple core sets... yes, some of the cards are less important to have many copies of than others, but again, this was something specifically requested by the fans and the Mage Wars team were listening.

General Discussion / Re: Looking for a little disclosure
« on: December 14, 2012, 01:52:19 PM »
excellent, thank you!

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Deck lists - Style and prewiev
« on: December 14, 2012, 07:54:46 AM »
Once the deck editor is up and decks start being submitted, they will probably look something like This (chosen at random). Not sure what they'll do with the stats and things, but the card image and text all pop up when hovered over.

General Discussion / Re: Looking for a little disclosure
« on: December 13, 2012, 02:54:23 PM »
is there a card list anywhere showing the quantities for each card in the CST2 packs? similar to the lists which have been put out for the Core and CST1 packs?

General Discussion / Re: Spoilers of the Force Master and Warlord
« on: December 11, 2012, 08:15:16 AM »
given it's title, this turns out to be a disappointing thread... perhaps a question mark or something else to say "hey this doesn't actually contain spoilers" would help to not raise anyone's expectations.  

But I agree, I would like to see some spoilers too.

General Questions / Re: Several other question (Equipement, Magebind...)
« on: December 07, 2012, 08:51:59 PM »
I don't think I even realized you could attach enchantments to equipment.

General Questions / Re: Rules for making Spellbooks
« on: December 07, 2012, 08:24:50 AM »
before I got the game I had the thought of having a bidding system to building spell books.  If both players wanted a card, who ever was willing to pay more for that card (from their spellbook points) could have it.  However, I ended up getting two core sets and I have never had an occasion to test this out, with each of us only making minor tweaks to the (improved) starting spellbooks so far and having plenty of cards to go around. plus we have very different play styles which don't really overlap in the cards we play.

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