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That is a pretty cool contest. Though for some reason I can't get the podcast to play by clicking on the image.

This should be corrected in the post now.

May we include multiple entries in a single email? I have 5 names that I'm extremely excited about, but I'd like to send them in the format that's easiest to process.

Also, sIKE that was a marvelous pun. Thanks for the laugh :)

Yes, you can send as many names as you like in one email to enter each one :)

Hello Mage Wars Fans!

The team is back with another installment of Mage Wars Mondays today (located online here: http://www.arcanewonders.com/arcane-wonders/mage-wars-mondays-the-chosen) and we're excited to not just talk about Domination and Academy, but also offer you a chance to name a card in an upcoming expansion of Academy!

We want you to name the Dawnbreaker's Chosen!  This exciting new Legendary creature is in development at the moment, but will be included in the Priestess expansion for Mage Wars Academy, very soon after the release of the Core Set for Academy.

Do you have what it takes to please Asyra?  Can you come up with the name that will live in infamy throughout the Mage Wars annals? If so, email us at dawnbreakercontest@arcanewonders.com with your suggestions!

You can enter multiple times but the the deadline for entry is July 24th.  Our team will pick a set of top 10 entries, and then from those, we will randomly pick the winner and announce it at Gen Con 2015 during one of our end of day prize events we're planning.  (Don't know what those prize events are?  Take a listen to the latest podcast to find out!)

In addition, the winner will get a copy of the Priestess expansion, when it is released, and a copy of Mage Wars Battlegrounds Domination, for free! (including world wide shipping on us!)

We do ask that the names be appropriate for the subject matter, and Arcane Wonders will retain the rights to the name of the final chosen winner. 

But, who IS the Dawnbreaker's Chosen you ask?  Here's the stats of this Legendary Knight:

As you can see, we're still awaiting the artwork, but know that this Knight is designed to be so pious and blessed that small creatures are of no consequence to this legendary being!

We look forward to hearing all the entries and announcing a winner at Gen Con 2015 in our booth, #741!

General Discussion / Re: Differences in Academy
« on: June 19, 2015, 10:10:27 PM »
FYI - the Gorgon Spearthrower has had her image updated :)

There are other active mage wars players in Central Ohio!? Are you sure you're not thinking of Northcentral Ohio?

Sorry, yes, in Northcentral is my understanding.  The people who told me they were from Ohio did tell me they traveled, so I'm presuming they are not Columbusians (sp?)

General Discussion / Mage Wars Academy will be at Gen Con 2015!
« on: June 15, 2015, 10:24:57 AM »
The AW team is very pleased to announce that we will have a limited supply of Mage Wars Academy available at Gen Con 2015 this year!  We have pre-orders for Gen Con Pick up available through our store online to ensure you can secure your copy.

The full release of Academy will most likely be late September / early October, pending manufacturing and customs, but we wanted to go all out for Gen Con and have a shipment available there for players to enjoy and have a sneak peek at what's coming!

The team is very excited about this release.  Academy will be a stand along game that both offers new players a lower price point and less barrier to entry game to jump into the Mage Wars universe, but also offer experienced players new cards, new game play options, and a more portable gameplay option for "Mage Wars battles on the go".

Let us know your thoughts and we look forward to seeing you at Gen Con!


At Origins this year, we had many people from the Ohio, and surrounding area, come up to our booth to buy and play Mage Wars.  It sounds like you may be referring to the Diversions group that are playtesters for us in the area, but may not be actively running events recently in terms of the Ohio area scene.  I can't speak for them as to why they are doing, or not doing that, but I can assure you, there are many players in the area. 

The number one thing I hear from players at all the conventions I go to is "I don't have a lot of people in my area that play this game."  There's no easy way to answer the question of "how do I fix this" either, as the real answer is "it depends".

Here's things I've been told by others, that helped them find players:
1.) Speak to the FLGS employees and ask if they know of other players?
2.) Remember that not every player wants to play competitively and may only purchase the game for home use - let's face it, not every one is comfortable just playing with anyone and sometimes they just like playing with close nit friends.
3.) Make flyers or posters and ask you FLGS if you can hang them, to set a night for players to meet - and know that the first few nights may be very light, if nothing at all.  I've heard of fans having to go through 2-5 nights to get it to stick, so persistence is the key to this one
4.) If you are going to play, play at a store, so other see you playing and ask questions. - This is huge. 
5.) Be active on the forums for your FLGS
6.) Ensure your FLGS is on our Retailer Locater. - http://www.arcanewonders.com/retailer-locator

In terms of what we do, yes, we're a small company but we still make every effort we can.  We advertise regularly, on a monthly basis, on BGG, in Meeple Monthly, and have a monthly newsletter that goes to over 800 retailers with a very high percentage of click rates. 

We offer a Retailer Locater for FLGSs to ensure their store is on and there's no cost to them for that.  We allow anyone to post on our social media pages to promote events (store owners or fans) as well as have the forums here to post about events coming up, or that have been held.

Yes, we have focused on Academy to be a tool both for new players to be introduced to the world of Mage Wars and allow existing players a new way to play, and have a lower barrier to entry option to teach new players about the game they love.  Our hopes and plans are that Academy is a stand alone game on it's own, but also acts as a springboard into Arena.

Culturally speaking, I do think we fight an uphill battle every day.  If you look at the world of tabletop gaming in general, it's seen an influx of smaller, more portable, faster paced games since the introduction of Love Letter a few years ago.  Everyone is trying to capture that magic, and, as well, there's been an influx in social games.

Social gaming, like Sheriff, One night Werewolf, Avalon, Resistance, Coup and many others, attract new consumers to the hobby, but they are most likely casual consumers.  They are looking for low price to entry and fast gameplay.  They don't want a 90 minute game, they want 3  x 30 minute games. This affects Mage Wars directly as new consumers see the 45-90 minutes and immediately can be turned off.  We're not about to lie about how long a game takes, so this is simply a dichotomy of the industry we must work with.

Mage Wars has been consistently successful since 2012.  We have not flooded the market with an overload of cards where players couldn't keep up, but admittedly, we can do more than what we have done.  We're not Asmodee or Hasbro, but we have our hearts set to make Mage Wars the best game it can be.  That starts with us, and continues with our customers who help promote the game.

As for PvS, that was simply announced WAY too soon.  The team who was here before I got here, made that public before it was even under development and it's hurt the company overall.  I won't mince words about that, as in my opinion, it being announced so soon sets an expectation that can't be fulfilled and upsets everyone, most importantly, our great fans.  We are working hard to get that out this year, towards the end of the year.  I can promise you it will be awesome when it hits!

Now, as for today... I'm about to post a big announcement right now, which I hope makes everyone a bit happy, if not intrigued for Gen Con...

As always, my "virtual door" is always open to our community.  If anyone has questions, just let me know and I'll always do my best to answer them.

In the near term, thank you for your efforts to help promote our game.  They are appreciated and frankly, no matter how good a game is, if there's not a great community behind it, it will fail.  We believe we have a tremendously awesome community and love all of you!

Events / Dice Tower Con - Mage Wars Arena Tournament
« on: June 10, 2015, 11:26:55 AM »
Hello everyone!

Coming up soon is Dice Tower Con and I wanted to ensure everyone that we will be having a tournament there for Mage Wars Arena!  The new Battlegrounds cards will not be legal for it though, as the game was only pre-released at Origins, not fully released, so if you were able to get one, we hope you understand that these will not be legal for this tournament.

That said, we're looking forward to a lot of fun on Saturday, June 27th, and hosting the tournament there!  Come by our booth to sign up and have a chance to win some sweet prizes!

See you there!

Events / Origins Events
« on: June 10, 2015, 11:24:41 AM »
I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to come play Battlegrounds against Aaron, and for everyone who took time to check out Academy, City of Gears, and Onitama.  We have the best community of players anywhere and it showed at Origins.  It was awesome getting to see you all and we really appreciate your support!  Next up, Dice Tower Con, and then Gen Con!

General Discussion / Re: Is mage wars losing popularity?
« on: May 18, 2015, 01:27:51 PM »

Have you some news for Mage wars in France?

I'm sorry, but the news at the moment is "there's no news".  It's moving slower than anyone would like to be direct.

Events / Re: Mage Wars Arena Championship at Gen con
« on: May 12, 2015, 02:17:05 PM »
Straight up Arena, but the Battlegrounds cards will be legal to play.

Events / Mage Wars Arena Championship at Gen con
« on: May 12, 2015, 09:49:09 AM »
I wanted to take a moment and ensure everyone that yes, we are planning a Gen Con Tournament for Mage Wars Arena!  Gen Con Events kicked our request for a championship tournament back at the last minute with questions, but haven't made clear why the two days of tournament requests were not approved.  We are waiting to hear back from them, but in short, we are planning to have the event still.

Any questions, please let me know.

General Discussion / Dominate the Arena: Man's Best Friend!
« on: May 11, 2015, 03:27:10 PM »
This week's preview for Battleground's Domination is up and ready... The Guard Dog enters the Arena!


Events / Origins Update - Sign up to play Aaron!
« on: May 11, 2015, 12:21:13 PM »
Hello everyone!

I wanted to share a quick update with you about Origins.  As many of you know, we are not hosting a Mage Wars Tournament at Origins.  We increased the size of our main C-Hall space to a 20 x 20 and 10 x 20 of that will be dedicated to gaming, as such, with the amount of space in that booth, and the costs associated with a secondary booth or room for the tournament, coupled with feedback from several community members, we have chosen to focus Origins gameplay around teaching players Academy at our booth and delving into battlegrounds play, as it will be pre-released at Origins.

So what's on tap?

First up, yes, you'll get a chance to check out Academy!  We will have prototypes there and we will be allowing players to play full games with the new spellbooks and cards for the first time publicly!  Get ready to experience Mage Wars in a whole new way!

Second, as you may have seen in a previous post, we will be having a few special sessions to play against Laddinfance (Aaron) himself at Battlegrounds!  Original Post: http://forum.arcanewonders.com/index.php?topic=15436.0

For this event, please email scottmorris[at]arcanewonders[dot]com with the subject line "Play Aaron at Origins" for a chance to play and win!  We will have one event every day at 11 AM June 4th through June 7th in our booth.  We will be taking primary and secondary sign ups, in case the primary is unable to make their scheduled time.

This will be on a first come, first serve basis, so if you email us and we confirm, and you don't show up within 5 minutes of the start time, the secondary will then have the option of playing.  If both the primary and secondary do not who up, then we will open it up to other sign ups on our "Waiting list" which will be handled again, first come, first serve.  So, in short, please only sign up if you are committed to playing and can be on time.

What can you win?  Well, for all those playing, we will have special promo cards, but for those who can beat Laddinfance at his own game, you can win a full copy of Battlegrounds Domination for yourself! 

Again, to sign up, please email scottmorris[at]arcanewonders[dot]com with the subject line "Play Aaron at Origins" to add your name to the schedule.

Finally, we will be having open Battlegrounds play through the convention!  Come pick up your pre-ordered copy and play immediately in our booth, or, if you prefer, you can come play first, and then buy!  The choice is yours!  You can pre-order Battlegrounds for pick up at Origins through our store, here: http://store.arcanewonders.com/product.php?productid=17693&cat=254&page=1 but we will have additional copies available should you prefer to play it first, which you can!

Come help us celebrate these awesome new ways to play our favorite game, Mage Wars, at one of the best conventions, the Origins Game Fair!

General Discussion / Re: Dominate the Arena: Cascading Force Wave
« on: May 04, 2015, 05:33:52 PM »
Very nice... and quite appropriate that we have a Force-related spoiler today of all days.   :D

The force is strong with this one...

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