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For all those interested-

There will be six of us at Outpost today around 3pm and later playing Mage Wars.  Come up and join us for discussion on starting tournament play and our Campaign!!

General Discussion / Re: Any events at Gencon 2013?
« on: May 20, 2013, 12:11:08 PM »
A couple questions about the events-

If I want to play in the Championship on Sunday, do I need to win a qualifier event?
The Championship lists 24 participants, but if only the pod winners from the 3 qualifiers go, then that's only 9 participants.??
Each qualifier is maxed at 24 players divided into 8-player pods... meaning only 3 max will get the invite.

Also, if I win my pod on Thursday, can I sell my Friday/Saturday qualifier tickets?  What happens if a player wins two qualifiers?  Is there additional prize support?


General Discussion / Re: Any events at Gencon 2013?
« on: May 16, 2013, 03:23:53 PM »
Any word on what time slots/days they submitted for approval?

Hey Ebolav,
If you're only 6 miles north of Fantasy Flight, then you should be close to 35W/694.

To get to Outpost in Blaine, take 35W north to Highway (white) 10, then North on Foley Blvd to Northdale Blvd.  Take a left at the McDonalds right before the stoplight and head through the parking lot to Outpost 2000.  It should be roughly 10 minutes from you.

To get to Village Games, continue on Highway 10 past Foley until you get to 169.  Take a right on 169, then immediately another right at the next stoplight, then take the first right (driveway) after the bridge.  It slants down behind the building complex.  Village is the last shop on the corner.

Hope to play with you soon!

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Beastmistress Openings
« on: March 28, 2013, 10:38:22 AM »
Quote from: "DarthDadaD20" post=9997
Liar is the hardest thing to kill though. Its worth the mana alone if your opponent spends the time and actions trying to get rid of it. Never mind the fact that you can get out three foxes on turn two with a lair. If you go the Grizzly buff route, then it might not be your best option, but other than that, Lair and Fellella with the Beastmasters ability make him......well.......a Beast.
Party on Darth!... um.. I mean...  well said!

When I started running beastmaster, I ran the flowers and they worked great!  But it gave my opponent a lot of time to develop his strategy which lead to a game of "who could get the strongest or build up the most".  IMO, the Beastmistress shines when in her quick adaptation and versatility.  This allows me to blitz fast and put the pressure on early, which limits my opponents options quickly (or at least reveals his strategy).  In many games, I'll abandon my end of turn fox to change it up and foil my opponents agenda with other cards.
You're the the third person in this thread to mention Fallela.  I need to try that Pixie out!

General Discussion / Re: List Your Favorite Mages
« on: March 28, 2013, 08:16:50 AM »
1. Beastmistress- I love her versatility and speed!  She can hang back and buff up her forest, or she's not afraid to rush up attacking naked with +4 swings and 36 HP!  I like the Lair's stability for a conjuration and the extra card per turn synergizes so well with all her builds!  From the well balanced wolf, to the speedy foxes, to her familiar, to the huge bear, to my favorite bird in the game!...  Her critters are my favorite and fun to play.  I never feel locked into a single gameplan with her.  She's the best, IMO, at adaptation.

2. Warlock-  A ton of fun to play!  This is more what the Forcemaster should've been...  not completely creatureless, but balanced.  I like having extremely fast AND slow options in the same build.  He can stack himself into a house against campers, or rush in with Adrammelbuddy against swarms.  His weapon has reach, and fire spells to the most damage (with burn) in the game.  (not to mention a 30 attack game finisher from the Werewolf makes you feel all warm and fuzzy...)

3. Wizard- The wizard was a lot more fun before Forcemaster was released, but now even my Air and Fire Wizards are Earth School, lol!  Again, I like the speed and versatility or rushing in with Huginn and spells, or ranching with the Gate.  Teleporting Hydras is fun!

4. Warlord- I like the Warlord's playstyle.  Right now, he's challenging.  Soldiers are cool, but it's annoying to know that other mages could do whatever he does, but better.  Triple arcane really limits the spellbook versatility.  In my opinion, he doesn't need more equipment, but better "Warlord Only" buffs to his soldiers.  That's what makes his swarming unique.  Beastmaster can swarm faster, but Warlord should be able to buff more.  He's a commander, not a fighter.

5. Priestess- Meh.  Too defensive for my taste.  I feel she's too predictable and cannot effectively react to opponent's strategies on the fly.  I haven't played her much, and she does have some powerful aspects, just not my style.

6. Forcemaster- The game would be better off without her.  Seriously.  Her glaring weaknesses need to be compensated by overpowered items to make her playable.  Games with her OR against her are lopsided...  she's either terrible or overwhelming.  It really bugs me that every spellbook stands no chance against her until it's modified to her meta...  and then she stands no chance against them!  Games without the Forcemaster involve so much more zone strategy, tempo, dice, plan adaptation, and reacting to your opponent's moves effectively.

Great topic!  I enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts above!

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Beastmistress Openings
« on: March 27, 2013, 11:01:06 AM »
Quote from: "dexmark" post=9918

Did you try the opening with summoning your familiar (enchanter) while casting a face down cheetah speed on you while you are moving? 2nd turn may try to buff yourself and add a mana crystal while you are moving in as being aggressive. Each turn the familiar also cast a face down enchantment on you + you are are casting face down enchantment. At the third turn just reveal what buff you need to pound on the poor mage. Each turn you reveal new buff as needed. Must bring Nullify on you.

I remember that strategy really well. Death of an opposing Agressive Mage in 4 or 5 turns with my familiar doing the killing blow.

Buff/cards that will help you is Elusiveness + cheetah speed + Bear Strength + Battle Fury + Dissolve + Force Push + Teleport Trap (just in case you are facing a mage that keeps on running with Teleport spell) + Mage Wand with Teleport.+ Nullify
I haven't done much with the familiar yet.  I zoned in on Lair, but this sounds interesting and I'll definitely give it a try!

As for the buff cards-
x1 Mongoose- Not vital, but definitely helps with guards and teleporting mages leaving their "buddy" behind.
x2 Falcon Precision- Vital when facing Forcemaster or other defenses.
x2 Bear Strength- Great for the wolf Pet or Mage
x2 Battle Fury- Early game I'd rather be summoning and attacking, but late game it's amazing!
x2 Rouse the Beast- Same as above
x2 Call of the Wild- I really only use one for the kill shot if the math works out. (basically summon the swarm first, then Battle Fury if wolf Pet is alive, otherwise Rouse beast, then Call)
x1 Cheetah Speed- Only late game for the wolf Pet, since everyone else has fast. (if they're on the run, I usually have a swarm and just slowly move my mage toward them casting two buffs instead)
x2 Teleport- I've only used this once after I set the wall combo and the opposing mage teleported out, just to bring him back in....  even then I could've just abandoned the wall and chased him down. (love the Thunderift Falcons!... soo borken!)
x2 Decoy- Simply to gain mana in games I cast the Enchanter's Ring
x3 Rhino Hide- I'll be going up to four or more now that I know Jinx doesn't stop zone attacks.  They are the best Bird enchantment, as cheap as block, and lets me absorb 2, maybe 3 attacks instead of one!
x1 Marked for Death- Only if I've got the mana for it (Call is 2 mana cheaper and isn't stopped by Nullify)
x2 Block- Great on everyone, especially against higher creature builds
x1 Divine Protection- I'm torn between this and Rhino Hide... how does the math work out?
x2 Agony- The best curse in the game!
x2 Nullify- Amazing card, but loses it's value in swarm builds (it's just there for the Pet until (if) they change the control rule, and my mage)
x1 Mind Control- same as above
x1 Poisoned Blood- I want to go up to 2 now that I know you can "counter" heal spells!
x1 Jinx- as stated above
x2 Retaliate- 2 mana cheaper (with ring) than Battle Fury, but more vulnerable and situational
x1 Maim Wings- Love this card!  I've had games where the opposing mage summons a huge/annoying flier against my birds...  no more! lol...  saves them for a turn or two and lets my puppy chew on them.
x1 Magebane- Meh...  I'm not sure on the ruling here...  If spawnpoints/battle forge/familiars don't count as casting spells, then I'll probably take it out.  (I'll get more mileage from Marked for Death)
x1 Regrowth- Never used it yet.  It's there for my mage
x1 Bull Endurance- cuz I had room?
x2 Force Hammer- obelisk...  Obelisk!...  OBELISK!!!
x2 Dispel- Staple
x3 Dissolve- Dancing Scimitar, Armor, and Armor
x2 Shift Enchantment-  If I have initiative and know someones gonna die, or switch a block over to save a badly damaged critter for cheap.
x1 Dragonscale Hauberk
x1 Elemental Cloak
x1 Regrowth Belt
x1 Leather Boots
x2 Wall of Thorns

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Beastmistress Openings
« on: March 27, 2013, 10:19:25 AM »
Quote from: "Koz" post=9916
Well, one thing I wanted to point out in your strategy is that you mention putting Jinx on your opponent to stop the zone attack spells, but this doesn't work.  Jinx only cancels "Quick spells" while zone attack spells are Full Action spells.  

As a matter of fact, there is no counter for a zone attack spell (unless you count Forcefield).  They cannot be Jinxed and they ignore Defenses, Blocks and Reverse Attacks.  It's one of the reasons why I consider swarm builds to be among the weakest, because there is nothing you can do about zone attacks and they shred swarms.  

Hopefully they come up with a true counter to zone attacks at some point.  That would give swarms a boost.
Who invited Captain Buzzkill!?  Lol!    ....Seriously, thanks for pointing that out.  I can't believe I missed that!
My solution:
I will replace my Jinxes with Force Push (brings them up to 6).  I may keep one in for the game winning round to seal a Pet attack.  
Since I already run the Thorn/Push combo (soo effective!), I'll just split up my hoard to no more than 2-3 per zone.  I'll keep my mage attack, but move out to shove the opposing mage back and forth each round after I've got a swarm built. (I only lose additional foxes this way).
It works like this:
Two adjacent zones (one with mage/Pet/maybe flier, and the other with 2-3 critters).  The opposing mage is in one of them.
After the attacks in the opposing mage's zone, I move out sideways from the adjacent zones and cast Wall of Thorns between the adjacent zones, and quickcast Force Push the opposing mage through the Wall into the rest of my pack.
I can do this all in one action for 11 mana without any opponent responses (except enchant reveals).

Obviously this is most effective against solo or low creature builds.  (but if they have many creatures, I'm not too worried about zone attacks anyway!)


Stop up next Tuesday!  We'll be up for some games.
So far, we have six players.
Two of us will be up there at 3pm.
The store has the promos in...  It's just up to us to figure out how we structure the tournament/league.

Rules Discussion / Re: Alright... weird enchantment question.
« on: March 26, 2013, 08:02:19 PM »
Quote from: "piousflea" post=9662
I would argue that in a team fight, players should be allowed to look at friendly facedown enchants, and in fact should be REQUIRED to look at each others enchants during the "Cast Spell" step.

Otherwise, it would be way too easy for players to intentionally duplicate enchantments on each other. For example, you know that it is very likely that enemy players will dispel Bear Strength on a Forcemaster: so if both players agree before the game that they'll cast bear strength on the FM. If their opponents cry foul at the duplication they'd just say, "oops, it was unintentional".

The purpose of outlawing duplicates is so that: When I dispel a bear strength off your Mage, no matter how many facedown enchants are still on you, I should be 100% certain that you do not have a Bear Strength, unless you spend another quick action to cast a brand new enchant.

The same rule should apply to casting hostile enchants, or else I'll get my teammate to cast a duplicate Ghoul Rot on you.
I second this!  Each team should "play as one" anyway, discussing strategies, table talk, and freedom to see each others hands.  This would be the easiest solution.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Beastmistress Openings
« on: March 26, 2013, 12:21:02 PM »
Beastmistress is my favorite deck!, but I'm torn between various opening strategies.  All have been successful for me, but I think it has more to do with knowing my opponent's strategy than being able to handle surprises.

My most aggressive is:
Turn 1-
Move Twice (1,1) and plant a Lair (1,0).
Turn 2-
Deploy a Wolf (Pet), Move Twice (2,0), and summon a Falcon.
Each successive turn I Deploy a Falcon, Attack, Summon a Fox, and hold an extra card (Dissolve, Dispell, etc) to play when needed instead of the Fox.
When I reach 4+ creatures in their zone, I'll start to Jinx right before their action phase to stop the zone attacks.
-This strategy is best used against a defensive Mage.  Every critter can attack from their summoned zone. I only get 11 mana for summoning every turn (Falcon & Fox), or I use Fox's Mana to rip away defenses with Dispel.  Due to the lack of enchantments, they can kill my Pet easier, but I just create another Falcon Pet and concentrate on the offensive.

2nd Strategy-
Turn 1-
Move (1,0) and equip Ring of Beasts, and plant a Lair (1,0).
Turn 2-
Deploy a Wolf (Pet), Move Twice (2,0), and summon a Fox (or my only Bobcat depending on where the opposing mage is).
The following turns are the same as the 1st opening (Falcon, Attack, Fox)
-Since the Lair is one zone further from their corner, this works well against midspeed Mages who don't camp.  It's essentially the same strategy and speed, but it gives me 1 extra mana a turn to help deal with surprises.

3rd Strategy (Slowest)-
Turn 1-
Move (1,0), plant a Lair (1,0), and Harmonize it.
Turn 2-
Deploy a Wolf (Pet), Move Once (1,0), equip Enchanter's Ring, and enchant my Pet.
Turn 3-
From here I summon one Wolf/Falcon per turn, and hold two cards- one enchantment, one defensive.
-This slower strategy gives my spellbook the most versatility.  This works best against aggressive mages, and gives me 12 mana a turn to deploy and play a card, and keep attacking like the others.  This way I can speed it up with Rouse the Beast, or buff my mage with equips, or plant curses on my opponent.

Please tell me any weaknesses of my openings and/or things to consider.

I'd rather be prepared to face magestyles, rather than rely on playstyles of my opponents.

League / Tournament Play / Minnesota Mage Wars- Looking for Players
« on: March 26, 2013, 11:41:01 AM »
We've got a few people interested in meeting weekly Tuesday evenings around 4pm or so.

We're trying to start up a league play supported by the store.

We meet at Outpost 2000 in Blaine, on Foley Blvd & Northdale Blvd.

Post here if you're interested!

Player Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Just wondering...
« on: March 26, 2013, 11:26:12 AM »
How did you get that pic??

I've been looking for a site with pics of all the expansion cards without downloading them!
Cardgame DB only has the core set...

Did you download it, or is there somewhere I can view them online?

Rules Discussion / Re: Agony on Hydra
« on: March 26, 2013, 08:16:59 AM »
It seems the game is slightly tipped towards the defensive.

Aegis, Agony, Rhino Hide affect every strike

Bear Strength, Power Strike, Hand of Bim-Shalla only affect the 1st strike of each separate attack.

Strategy and Tactics / Re: Warlord vs. Flying
« on: March 26, 2013, 06:57:23 AM »
Quote from: "MrSaucy" post=9772
I think I can help OP.
ASAP, get a barracks with harmonize and two garrison posts to give your barracks +4 channeling.
Does this work?  I thought X's "value" couldn't get higher than 3?

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