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Rules Discussion / Re: Passage attacks questions
« on: October 12, 2019, 04:45:29 PM »
It does not require a full action to move through a wall with the passage attack trait.

The exception being wall of thorns for creatures level 2 or higher.

Events / Re: The Arcane Duels League Season 2
« on: September 18, 2019, 09:56:55 AM »
Sounds great!

Is life bond still part of the druids ability?

Custom Cards / Re: Suggestion - New Terrain - Mana Wastes
« on: September 15, 2019, 02:04:46 PM »
I think it’s an interesting idea.

I would change it to earth school (similar in theme as the other harshforge cards.)
It could be a terrain with (3-4?) armor and (8?) health.

I think it should cost 7 mana and reduce the channeling by 2 to each channeling object.
Would be useful vs spawn point mages who stays in starting corner. The downside being that you will lose channeling yourself when going into that zone.

What happens
If a living creature has 10 health with 6 damage and 2 burn conditions on it when it receives 2 freeze conditions from beam of frost.

From the codex elementalist:
A creature with Freeze conditions rolls 1 less die on non-spell attacks. At the end of a creature’s activation, remove 1 Freeze condition from them, if possible. Each Freeze condition on a living creature is also considered 2 damage that cannot be healed. If there are ever Freeze conditions on an object with Burn conditions, remove 1 of each. Repeat this process until there are only Freeze or Burn markers remaining. This is a frost condition and has a removal cost of 2. In Arena, Freeze also grants the Lumbering trait to the affected creature.

So in step 6 of the attack sequence (damage and effects) the freezes are added.
This should kill the creature right here and now before we start removing 1 of each (burn/freeze).

Is this correct? Also i'm wondering if this is intended or not.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Invisible Realtor - Warlord
« on: September 02, 2019, 09:04:21 AM »
I believe the builder can use the eye.

The spell he casts is a quick spell which meets the requirement of the eye.
That he spends a full action on it to cast a quick spell shouldn’t matter I think.

Curious to hear what other thinks about this.

Imagine they released a full action upheaval with no level restriction and able to also target incorporal which also repays you 2 mana. Or in other words essentially be 2 mana cheaper than the conjuration it targets.

Then we have Soul Harvest. Imagine that it wasnt epic or restricted to necromancer and instead of healing it gave back 2 mana. Exchange "target creature" with "arena" to the target line" so it cannot be nullifed (Hello crumble), but put in the text that creature has to be within 1 zone.

Do you see the picture i'm trying to make?

Its insanely problematic that the undo cards are more efficient than the "do" cards in arena.

Whether or not its good, bad fun, annoying, entertaining, hilarious or whatever to the game that rush books are dead is obviously subjective but more importantly: completely irrelevant to the thread.
I'm just stating the current situation. I don't care who likes the state of the game or not.

And then suddenly we are off to zone attacks which is irrelevant to the fast / rush books being dead "issue".
A fast book will not win any games if they suddenly change strategy to board control and try to kill 2-3 bigs with zone attacks and attack spells before proceeding with the opponent mage.

Of course its problematic to the health of the game that more or less every release since Druid vs Necromancer overall favors long games and passive games.
Eventually a "game of dueling mages" will turn into a "game of emptying your opponents spell book before he empties yours!"

I'm already not playing the 10-channel mages. Boring fuckers.

So yes, they wouldn't get less boring if you add more channel to all others.

As to answer your question: I would never play Priestess or Necro again if we buff the 9ers up to 10.

You think they wouldn’t be competitive or just not your cup of tea?

I'd say the FM is more competitive than ever (since HoB nerf / Battle fury nerf).

Illusory leggings.
Martial attack spells.
Constructs and symbiotic orb.
More + melee enchantments.

Do you find that Siren and FM are overlapping in strategies / playstyle?

I would pick the priestess over the priest in many situations.

The forcemaster does not really suffer vs 9 channeling mages, so while he might have a slightly harder time vs them if they are buffed his real problems is (imo) vs druid, necro and wizard.

What HAS been (and still is?) possible is to snowball early on with for example a big creature that kills stuff from turn 3 or 4. You always need to have an advantage in order to go for their mage.

And this is the point i'm trying to make.... its no longer viable. Opponent gets same size creature out WITH a spawnpoint to back up due to the mentioned spells that recover your mana too quickly.

Also its a bit absurd to talk about round 3 when the opponent is in his corner. Even round 4 seem risky... since your essentially risking falling behind on actions if you begin teleporting / force pushing / running double with mage).
But you are not guarding while you rush him thats for sure. That means he gets to open on your bad boy and focus it down and suddenly you need to pay attention to keeping it alive thus reducing your pressure dramatically.

I have a few thoughts/questions on this.

Intangible from Arcane Duels talked about this way back, rushes have a lower ceiling and will not win as consistently. You are right that this is a trend that is becoming more pronounced. But is that a bad thing? The game is moving towards longer, more complex games, distancing itself from fast-paced mainstream card games.

Would you really prefer the opposite? That rushes were the main strategy in the game? Run forward, throw boulders, games are over in 30 minutes, all books are the same because opposed schools doesn't mean anything when only a small percentage of your SBP ever sees play. Obviously a middle ground is best, but at least long games are the lesser of two evils.

Its very bad... its not like the game ever been mainstream fast-paced. I'm not saying that fast books should be the only way... but they have struggled for a LONG time... and now they have been executed completely by academy cards.
THATS bad!
And yes i would prefer the opposite... fast games are much more interesting to play and to watch...this is obviously subjective. But you make it sound like there is no interesting decisions to be made in those games, and that's clearly wrong.

The big downside of Ritual of Kallek is that it burns your SBP for a short term gain. If SBP is worthless, then the Ritual is amazing. If SBP is worth something, then the Ritual is not worth as much. Same could be said about Wispwillow, Mana Lotus and Remove curse.

Everyone is limited by SBP, when building a book you need to balance it so you can win the game after your economy has paid off, both against rushes (which you claim is easy) but also other economy books (which should then provide you with some challenge).
Kallek doesnt kill you in terms of SBP's. Thing is you only need to do it 2 or maximum 3 times.
As soon as you go into casting it 4-5-6 times then you are often better off with the first cast being a mana shard, harmonize, crystal or flower.

How does your multiple spawnpoint Necromancer do against a multiple spawnpoint opponent? More importantly, do you consider those games boring?
But...Haven't lost with the original version (before kallek) basically because its pumped with more creatures than any other player ever put in his book.
This is my point... people need to guess how many spbs i spend on creatures and thats DURING the play... and its during first round before they get to see anything... because if they put their Spawnpoint in their own start zone then its kinda over already there... boring for both of us.

Besides the necro when its Slow vs slow:
Usually it comes down to some random boring timing about who kidnaps (teleport to death zone) who's big baddie first and basically executes the opponents army 1 at a time until his book is emptied.
Not interesting at all.

Eventually you will have to engage to win, in a game of two economy books you should see skirmishes across the middle zones and larger, more important spells to swing the game like conjurations and zone attacks. Sounds fun and epic?
Never happened... never will happen... Zone attacks are not solution also they are expensive and often out of school. include 2 of them... there goes your spb's.

The biggest issue is probably real life time constraints? I like to think that quality games take time, and Mage Wars Arena at its slowest is still faster than most grand strategy games. Although it would really help if OCTGN had a save function.
Problem is that the quality is often not there... so its just a lot of time.

Finally, the take from this is that more people should play Domination, it's a really fun game mode!
i guess we agree here.

Lets say that all the 9 channeling mages (excluding druid) got buffed to 10 channeling.

Would you say: "Because they buffed Mage X, ill never play Druid, Forcemaster, Necromancer, Priestess or Wizard again!".

Because i can't...

Long time ago when Meditation amulet was a promo i voiced my concern. (http://forum.arcanewonders.com/index.php?topic=12950.0)
Most people called it trash just by looking at it. "it takes 2 actions, and then your still down 1 mana."

However after some time meditation amulet anyway found its way into the meta. It was definitely not used by all (spawnpoint) books, but it was represented occasionally and with mixed success. Back then necromancers seemed to benefit the most from it and could often get away with spending their full action on building their manapool while libro pumped out brutes.
After some time it saw more and more play and was eventually perceived as a good card with its uses.

(Rather recently) a few other cards has been released which also exchanges actions to mana.
Remove curse

Besides this we got new mana generators:
Wispwillow Amulet
Mana Lotus
Remove curse (can be used to generate mana only and not removing.)
Ritual of Kallek

Ritual of Kallek is a chapter of its own. Since this card is in the game it more or less nullifies the other generators, but im still mentioning them because even without Kallek they still try to do what Kalleks does but in a less efficient and/or consistent way which could potentially still be a problem even if Kallek was errataed or banned.

Before i move on:
Looking at any single card isolated is not very interesting. Its how a card synergies with other cards and mechanics of the game.

So whats is the problem?
In short: Rush / fast books cannot compete anymore.... AT ALL. They are dead with the current card pool.

It has for a LONG time (many releases) been an uphill battle to rush vs defensive spawnpoint mages who stays in their starting zone. But the combination of the above mentioned cards simply wrecks the last tiny chance fast books had vs them.

Its pretty simple... the time (rounds) it takes for you to cross the board and either engage the opponent mage or attempt to get board control is longer than the time that it takes for your opponent to recover his initial mana expense of the spawnpoint(s).
Im not gonna go in to the details on how this is performed by the defensive player... if you disagree with this feel free to try any fast book of yours and attempt to beat my tripple spawnpoint necromancer, my gate wizard....and for the sake of it... i could make a Priestess abusing the above mentioned cards as well. (This is on OCTGN.)

Kallek is potentially the biggest but not the only problem. Crumble and Disperse also deserves to be mentioned.
It used to be the case that (not counting discount rings) that casting an enchantment and benefiting from it before it would be dispelled would leave you ahead in the sense that for instance with a bear strength you would have gotten 1 attack off with more dice leaving the offensive player in some sort of an advantage after he nullified your quick cast.
Crumble and Disperse skews this in a problematic way... It makes undoing too easy and adds to the forgiveness of the initial mana sink of the spawnpoints.

All in all there are too many ways to get mana back too fast.

Without having played a single domination game at this point, i'm leaning more and more to that format being the best for MW since it wont allow you to sit in your corner and just abuse you start 5 zones from each other and correspond correctly to your opponents actions.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Priest - first draft
« on: July 27, 2019, 04:33:25 AM »
I think you will have a hard time vs:
Gate wizard, undo wizard, temple priestess and Druid.

You have too few offensive options/pressure vs slow books.
I don’t mention necromancer zombie spam because your holy, and you probably have a decent or good chance vs walking dead army.

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