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Rules Discussion / Re: Enchantment Transfusion and Nullify
« on: May 30, 2013, 06:40:58 AM »
The rule just need to be changed that both you and your opponent can have the same enchantment at the same time. If it stays the way it is it will really hinder the tournament play for the game.

should be something like:

A player may never target an object with the same enchantment that is already revealed on the object (no matter what player controls the enchantment).
A player may never target an object with the same enchantment that he already has facedown (unrevealed) on an object.

In case both mages has cast the same enchantment face down, the first mage to reveal his enchantment will prevent the other mage from revealing his until the first enchantment is gone from the object. (destroyed or moved.)

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Forcemaster Builds
« on: May 30, 2013, 05:18:40 AM »
Shadow what counters do you suggest to that forcemaster strat?

I tried puzzling around with a wizard semi control that uses battleforge (just because i love this spell) on start square with harmonize on.

Depending on who wins initiative round 1 the following rounds will differ.

Anyway, its about using teleport traps, mana drains, mana siphon, maybe 1 wall of stone, huginn, the slow enchantment (on FM) and sorta keep building up while the FM is kept out of range until the wiz gains a big enough mana advantage + hugin disolves and dispells the FM etc.

Besides this the spellbook i made has a gorgon archer, alot of lightning attacks and a decent amount of equipment.

I am modifying my untested control wiz spellbook just because i realized that the current build i had was useless against such an offensive powerhouse that ignores upkeep for creatures and pay 1 mana when moving non mage creature etc.

Thanks for the answers.

I guess only official ruling on Mind Control vs Standard Bearer remains.

You can mind control pet/reapers/etc.  Its a buff like any other, so it stays with them as a bear strength would.

With Standard Bearer I -Think- the Standard Bearer Enchantment is destroyed.

Mind Control wont let you take a creature you normally couldnt cast (i.e. cant steal thorg due to Warlord only)
Standard Bearer is Warlord only, but doesnt confer that status to the creature itself.  So the Forcemaster is allowed to control the creature, but not the enchantment.  So I think Standard Bearer would become null and destroyed (then cantrip back to the spellbook)

did you even bother to read my post?'

btw steal equipment on the Card reads "legally attach". Mind control says nothing about that, so it made me Wonder if Huginn could be Mind controlled.

Can the forcemaster mind control the beastmasters pet ?
If yes:
will the pet keep its bonus stats (armor, melee & hp) ?
will the pet get an additional +1 melee when it attacks the beastmaster due to the added bonus when sharing zone with him?

What happens when the forcemaster mind controls a soldier with the enchanment Standard bearer (warlord only enchantment)?
Will the bonus keep working for the warlord and his units in same zone as the now hostile soldier?
Will the bonus from standard bearer change alignment along with the mindcontrolled creature so the forcemasters side now gets the bonus when sharing zone?

What happens if the Forcemaster mind controls the warlocks bloodreaper.
Will the warlock still (may) heal 2 life when the creature damages a living creature?

Is the only 2 limits to Mind Control Psychic immunity and Mages?

General Discussion / Re: Conquest of Kumanjaro - SPOILERS
« on: May 29, 2013, 08:05:37 AM »
If Healing Charm is destroyed by Seeking Dispel, can i heal, because it automatically revealed when destroyed like Decoy?

You cannot reveal decoy in that situation. But since seeking dispel destroys decoy, and when decoy is destroyed it triggers +2 mana to owner you still get the mana.

You cannot reveal healing charm after seeking dispel has been declared.

The confusing part on seeking dispel is "once Seeking dispel has been cast".
When excately has SD been cast? after we pass the counter step? or as soon as the mana is paid? or when we get to step 3 resolve spell?

I believe SD (and all other spells) are cast during step 1 - declare spell and target and pay mana cost.

The irony of SD is that even if it gets countered by jinx in theory the enemy mage would never be able to reveal targetted enchantment due to the wording on SD and the above part. Obviously this is not the case though.

Check the FAQ for Damage Barrier

It has the full wording for the ruling you are looking for. I can not copy from my FAQ doc for some reason.
Damage barriers skip the avoid attack so Block and Reverse Attack do not get revealed

The counterstrike attack is resolved like a normal attack, starting with Step 1: Declare Attack, except that no additional counterstrikes occur. You cannot counterstrike a counterstrike!

So if a heavy hitter is set to guard in a zone, one might prepare a reverse attack. FC it start of next round and start out by attacking the guard.

thanks for clarification.

Spells / Re: mana prism
« on: May 28, 2013, 07:51:21 AM »
i mentioned in my first post that mana prism is a good card against mana drain (a single epic card), from memory it is the only "mana transfer" spell in the game currently. the prism is good value against any mana transfer spell because it would effectively make those spells 1/2 as efficient for the other mage.

Also note that if you happen to get rid of the mana drainers (mana siphon, upkeep enchantment, mana leeches, supression orb etc etc) while keeping your prism up, then you will eventually empty your prism from mana resulting in a total of 0 mana lost where as the enemy controller spend tons of mana trying to control your mana.

while you have mana in your siphon you will be as equivalent to 2 channel a turn, only while you have mana in the prism. once you are out of mana in the prism having 2 channel from other spells would be the better choice

That is correct. However the game would in many circumstances be over by then. "just 20 mana" in prism takes 10 rounds to get back and you would most likely never play it in first or second round.

remember to take into the equation that casting 2 x mana flower requires 2 actions and 2 zones where as mana prism is 1 zone and 1 action.

wow. I could use some elaboration on this.

If a unit with block attacks a mage with a damage barrier.
Will the unit lose its block then? (damage barriers attack is unavoidable)

If a unit with block attacks a dark fenne hydra (has counterstrike).
Will the unit lose its block? If yes, Will the counterstrike be cancelled then?

If a unit with 1x defense attacks a dark fenne hydra (has counter strike).
Can the unit then choose to use its defense vs the counter strike?

Spells / Re: mana prism
« on: May 28, 2013, 04:43:51 AM »
Dont forget that the incantation mana drain gets severely gimped vs mana prism.

16 mana (IIRC) to roll 8 dice. the amount rolled gets transfered.
This spell rolls an average of 8 mana drained. which makes this spell break even for the caster. (he end up paying 8 net, but opponent loses 8 as well. (this is average))
With mana prism the wizard end up paying 16 without any refunds (ever), and opponent lose average of 8.
And thats 8 mana that gets returned eventually.

Also note that if you happen to get rid of the mana drainers (mana siphon, upkeep enchantment, mana leeches, supression orb etc etc) while keeping your prism up, then you will eventually empty your prism from mana resulting in a total of 0 mana lost where as the enemy controller spend tons of mana trying to control your mana.

I can see this prism fit well into decks that have a great weakness vs mana denial wizards.

Rules Discussion / Re: Rings together with Familiar
« on: May 23, 2013, 08:20:54 AM »
Im gonna pop some tags, got a banana sticker in my pocket.

Rules Discussion / Re: Rings together with Familiar
« on: May 23, 2013, 06:32:26 AM »
I will redirect you to the text on the card.

The rings i have seen so far all says "when your mage...." or "this mage...."

A different example is the beastmasters pet ability. This ability is not limited to an animal the beastmaster summoned (animal from lair works too), because of the wording on the beastmaster card.

Thats just an example to show that the wording on the rings would have been different if they applied to familiars.

Rules Discussion / Re: Enchantment Transfusion + Block
« on: May 23, 2013, 05:23:21 AM »
Yes, that would be possible.

Reveal transfusion at the end of the declare attack step, before avoid attack step.

Rules Discussion / Re: 16 questions to rules.
« on: May 22, 2013, 06:39:22 AM »
If Chain Lightning triggers Reverse Attack, it gets sent back to the last target (it only bounces back to the caster if this is the first strike). The controller of Reverse Attack only gets to make that one attack with Chain Lightning. The rest of the resolution of Chain Lightning is controlled by the player that cast Chain Lightning.

Thanks. Makes most sense this way.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Funny priestess build
« on: May 21, 2013, 12:41:55 PM »
I thought of a Ludwig boltstorm + divine intervention build.

Round 1: 20 mana. FC Ludwig + QC Hawkeye on Ludwig. 5 mana

Round 2: 15 mana. QC Snipershot (no block or reverse attack) on Ludwig and move priestess 2 Squares forward. When Ludwigs turn reveal DI move him to 1 Square away from enemy Mage and do FR tripple strike attack. 9 dice in your face hello. 0 mana.

round 3: 10 mana. Reveal hawkeye. no matter where Ludwig is priestess can walk 1 zone and remove condition markers (sleep) and or force push with QC to before its Ludwigs turn to get him out of melee range and or sniper shot him.

discuss :)

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