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Player Feedback and Suggestions / Please stop calling spellbooks "decks"
« on: August 09, 2013, 09:34:55 PM »
It's the most aggravating thing. A book is a book. A deck is a deck. Even if they both hold cards, they are completely different incompatible shapes. CCG's use decks. Mage Wars uses books. Why would anyone refer to a Mage Wars Spellbook as a deck? People need to stop with this nonsense. Immediately.

If people are still calling their books decks after their first game, I think we need to do a better job encouraging people to use proper Mage Wars terminology instead of resorting to CCG-speak.

All in favor of the politically correct Mages guild, say--no, TYPE this oath:

I solemnly swear that I will do my utmost best to use correct terminology when speaking about Mage Wars, that I will attempt to minimize the frequency of comparisons that I make between Mage Wars and other games, and that I will never, EVER refer to my spellbooks as "decks". ;)

Spellbook Design and Construction / TEMPLE RUN!
« on: July 21, 2013, 06:11:25 PM »


3 Wall of Stone
3 Wall of Steel
4 Tanglevine
2 Temple of the Dawnbreaker
2 Archer's Watchtower


5 Goblin Builder
2 Grimson Deadeye, Sniper
2 Giant Wolf Spider
3 Dwarf Panzergarde


1 Mongoose Agility
2 Cheetah Speed
3 Hellfire trap
3 Teleport trap
3 Spiked Pit
1 Force Orb


1 Defense Ring
2 Eagleclaw boots
1 Ivarium Longbow


2 Dispel
2 Seeking Dispel
2 Dissolve

If you like Tom and Jerry, you will like this spellbook. It's a chase build, but rather than chasing my opponent, I'm having my opponent chase me. The first thing I do is cast a cheetah speed on myself. Then over the next 2-3 rounds, I start moving and placing 3 of my walls in the center of the arena, to create a circuit. If my opponent or one of their creatures starts getting too close for comfort before I'm done placing the 3 walls, I'll cast a teleport trap or a tanglevine.

Then once the walls are down, I continue to run away from my opponent, placing Panzergardes and traps on the field to slow them down and do damage. I also use the Panzergardes to protect myself. At some point when I have enough mana I cast Temple of the Dawnbreaker in one of the two center zones. At another point when I have enough mana I either cast a Giant Wolf Spider while behind my opponent, or a Grimson Deadeye Sniper in the other center zone as well as an Archer's Watchtower. That way those wizards and priestesses and the like can't just stand still and will have to run after me.

If I'm threatened by a creature(s) with climbing or flying, or if I'm facing a Forcemaster, I will equip myself with Eagleclaw Boots, so I can climb over my own walls. If my opponent tries to swarm me with hindering creatures, I'll cast Mongoose Agility on myself and escape from the swarm. I have Goblin Builders to help me cast conjurations and protect them from destruction with their healing ability, and I have extra walls to replace the destroyed ones, and also so that I can choose between the two types of walls I have depending on what I'm up against.

I have Force Orb and Defense Ring to help defend myself from ranged attacks, and an Ivarium Longbow to make some of my own.

I win by dealing damage from a combination of creature attacks and Traps.

I think I've covered everything. So what do you think of my new spellbook build?

There is not a single Arena. Just a huge battlefield for Mages to fight on. The only walls are the ones that occur naturally in the surrounding environment, or the ones that the Mages themselves create. However, there is an imaginary line that the battlefield is surrounded by. If a Mage steps outside of this line, he or she forfeits his place in his or her faction's army. All Mages are part of a faction, and each faction is a team that tries to win the war.

Since it would be difficult to use or find a ginormous enough table to play a game like Mage Wars in large numbers (not to mention it wouldn't work since people's arms aren't long enough and it would be a nightmare to keep track of whose objects are where on the table), players would have to carry their own little mini tables: a piece of cardboard with six zones on it and outer rims to prevent cards from falling off, strapped to their arm. The limited space of these six zones represent a loose magical barrier that is placed on you by your enemies to prevent escape. You could flee, but if you do you will be forsaking your duty, and will be cast off from your faction's army (forfeit)

To keep the game balanced between different playstyles, each mini-table's zones would have to be arranged differently depending on the Mage using them. For instance, a wizard might want his zones to be arranged like this:


While a priestess might prefer it like this:


Of course, this would require modular tiles. During the Encounter Resolution step (explained in a bit), the surviving players would have the option to strategically rearrange their empty zones (tiles with no cards on them). This represents taking control of the barriers your enemy placed on you when they are killed. It also gives you the element of surprise to keep them in place under your control, since it masks your magical abilities so your enemies cannot sense you from a long distance.

The real-life room will be divided into zones also, and whenever two or more opposing players enter the same zone, their mages must do battle. Players sit down on the floor of the real-life zone for this. (hopefully you would bring your own cushion to sit on)

After the battle, a Mage's stats all remain the same, and any cards on their 6 zones remain there. Any cards that a player owns that are in someone else's set of zones go back to the spellbook. Players would not be allowed to leave a real-life zone until this has occurred. This step is called the "encounter resolution" step. If a player is caught moving their cards outside of battle or the encounter resolution step, they are disqualified.

Each faction would be led either by a Mage Wars ambassador or by someone that is otherwise deemed trustworthy. The faction's leader would be able to cast giant versions of certain zone-exclusive conjurations at strategic locations, and also send other players to protect them. Depending on the size of the factions, it might be useful to delegate leadership over distance measured in real-life zones.

A faction (or pieces of it called battlegroups) can surrender if they're losing really badly. Surrender occurs by majority vote within a faction or battle group. A faction can continue playing if their leader is defeated, but it will probably be challenging, especially in particularly large games.

A real-life zone is only allowed to contain as many players as can comfortably fit in it sitting down, with their mini-table zones all connected. It is allowed for multiple teammates to fight against a single opponent, but it would not always be a good strategic option.


What do you think of my idea so far? Just thinking about it makes me so excited!

Disclaimer: I do not own Mage Wars.

The young man stared up at the enormous tower in front of him. There was a sign bolted above the enormous wooden door:

Tower of Battle--home to Maegis University's School of WAR

He gulped. He still wasn't sure if he had what it took to follow in his father's footsteps to be a Warlord. He did not want to displease his people, but he was a runner at heart. He wasn't the most talented mage. What was he doing in Sortilege, a nation full of powerful mages?

He felt the urge to run away, far away, in the opposite direction of this imposing building.

No, he thought. I must run forward, not backward.

Hesitantly, the young man stepped inside the Tower of Battle.

He found himself in a lounge area, complete with comfy chairs and framed pictures on the walls. Behind the front desk was a tough-looking lady with her hair in a ponytail and some sort of crossbow slung over her shoulder. It looked rather lethal.

The sniper receptionist looked up from her paperwork as the front door loudly creaked shut behind the young man.

She quickly sized him up with a bored expression on her tough face, seeing how little armor he was wearing, how scrawny his arms were, and how skinny he was. The young man blushed from self-consciousness.

"You look lost," she said, simply. "If you're looking for the schools of Arcane, Nature, or Mind, I'm afraid I can't help you. Each school in our university is magically hidden from students of all the others, to prevent unecessary conflict. Your student handbook should have a map inside."

"Um," the young man started. "I know that."

"What?" asked the sniper receptionist, not quite sure she heard right. "Then why are you here? Are you saying that you're not lost?

"I'm not." he said, staring at the ground. "My name is Lee. I'm here to study the art of War."

The receptionist burst into laughter.

"What's so funny!?" Lee demanded, defensively.

"I never thought I'd see another one," said the receptionist. She calmed down and wiped a tear from her eye.

"A few words of advice: Someone like you has three possible outcomes here. Do you have any idea what they are?"

"Um, that I'll become a Warlord or a soldier...or flunk and get kicked out of the University?" Lee asked.

"Well yes," said the receptionist. "But that's not what I meant. Someone like you has three outcomes here. You could succeed beyond anyone's expectations. You could fail miserably and be the embarrassment of your people. Or, you could go halfway between the two options, and become a great magical sniper like me."

"And what do you mean when you say someone like me?" Lee asked, half-indignantly.

"Does it really need to be said?" the receptionist asked, pointedly. "You have weak arms and a thin body. That means that you will have to rely on your wit, focus, and leg strength, if you are ever to succeed here. Also, each year at Maegis University begins with a campus-wide battle tournament for the Freshmages, after which is the initiation ceremony."
She slammed her fist onto the counter, startling Lee, before she pointed at him. With a flash, Lee saw a number write itself onto his shirt: WAR-235671

"That is your tournament registration number," she said. "Your first five rounds will be held here with other War Freshmages. The best Freshmages will get to compete with Freshmages from other schools in our university. Your first match will begin soon. Go down the hallway on the right and climb the stairs to the first arena hall. Good luck!"

"Thank you," said Lee. He bowed before starting to jog towards his first match. Before he'd gotten very far though, he turned around and said loudly, "I forgot to ask, what's your name?"

"Izayoi!" she said.

"Thanks Izayoi!" Lee's voice echoed back, as he rushed to the staircase to the first floor Arena hall. In spite of his great fear, Lee was oddly excited. He had spent the last three years travelling the world, running and running without looking back, before he finally returned to his people as an adult. Was it all worthwhile? Soon, he would see. He had taken the first step on the road to his destiny. There was no turning back, even if he wanted to...

The price of tuition was too high for that.

So what do you think? Reviews please!

Also, you can submit characters! Freshmages are Level 1 and have a maximum of 20 points in their spellbook, Sophomages are Level 2 and have 40 points max, and so on. Only Senior and Junior Mages have Mage abilities. When submitting a character, you should include:

--Their name
--Their Age
--Their gender (if they are transgendered, write the whole word label for their type of transgender, otherwise just put M or F)
--Their Level (1-4 for undergrads, 5-6 for Graduate students and teachers)
--Their physical appearance
--Their background story
--What type of Mage they are

The more information you fill in, the more I'll have to work with, the less likely I'll fill in the blanks of your character with something you don't like. But the less information you give, the more creativity I'll be able to use to flesh out their character. It's a win-win situation either way.  :)

In any case, don't expect all of the information you provide on your submitted characters to stay the same over the course of the story. Characters grow and change. That's why Freshmages have a limit of 20 spellbook points!

This story idea was inspired by a conversation I had about a possible Mage Wars RPG format.

I think I've said everything that I needed to. Post away!

General Discussion / Story points?
« on: July 15, 2013, 09:00:18 PM »
So I'm pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that people can earn story points in organized play for Mage Wars. What are story points, how do people earn them, and is anyone actually awarding story points? I have suspicions about the answers to these questions, but I don't know for sure.

The reason I ask this is that Mage Wars is a long game, and I've spent several of the games I've played in relative silence except for questions or comments about what's going on in the game being played. While it's still VERY fun, it would be nice if there were some more conversation. However, the game is very engaging and requires deep thinking, so conversation would be a distraction more often than not. But if there were any way to incorporate some roleplaying elements into the planning phase or something, that would be great. I'm worried that it would increase the game time by A LOT, though, although I don't know by how much.

What do you think?

Alternative Play / How long do demos take?
« on: July 11, 2013, 08:25:41 AM »
How long do mage wars demos in apprentice mode normally take? I'm considering teaching some people how to play at the college I'm currently attending for a possible game day event.

I would like to know sometime today, since someone from student engagement is awaiting my response.


Fan Fiction / Etheria: Axis Powers! Mini-World...
« on: July 09, 2013, 06:53:33 PM »

This is a fan-made parody work inspired by both Mage Wars and Hetalia. Since it is a parody, it is fair use.


Now onto the story!

When the nations of Etheria were just children, they were always fighting. The self-proclaimed Eldest nation, Westlock was always telling the "younger" nations what to do. While most of the nations did their best to ignore her with a roll of their eyes, two of them did not. Infernia hated Westlock's holier-than-thou attitude, and vowed to make the so-called "eldest" suffer a slow and painful death. Seriously, what was wrong with that child?

Sortilege was not disturbed like Infernia was. In fact, he wasn't really disturbed by anything. Infernia's violent rants and temper tantrums, as well as her cruel and spiteful pranks and tricks never fazed him in the slightest. To all the other nations' incredulity, he was the only one who tolerated her. Nobody knew why, and Sortilege refused to explain it, because, according to him, "None of you would understand my complex and methodical reasoning, since you do not have as sophisticated an intellect as myself."

Yes. At a young age, Sortilege was a boy genius, and he was proud of his intellect. Very proud. That is why he knew it would not do for Westlock to believe herself his superior. In Sortilege's opinion, she was inferior to him by far. However, because of his great intellect, he knew that he should not let her truly know that, at least not right away, lest she feel threatened and become his enemy.

Instead, he knew he had to make her think that they were equals. But how to go about that?
Sortilege thought and thought, and after much planning and preparation, he finally had a solution.

He would go speak to her and attempt to persuade her to stop bossing him around and treat him with respect. If she didn't, he could always threaten her with a Hydra. And if that didn't frighten her, he could threaten to dissolve that horrendous V-shaped crown that she always wore.

With that pleasant thought in mind, Sortilege headed off to find Westlock.

To be continued...

League / Tournament Play / Deadline for ambassador applications?
« on: July 07, 2013, 02:00:44 PM »
I'm hoping to start a Mage Wars community at the University that I will be attending in the fall. Will ambassador applications still be accepted in August, September or October? I'm hoping to eventually get enough people to join for unofficial organized play. However, I haven't bought the core set yet since I don't have anyone to play with in real life yet, and it's unlikely that I will be able to find anyone until school starts. I've been playing exclusively online so far, and will buy the core set in real life either before or shortly after the school year begins.


General Discussion / Virtual Reality Mage Wars!
« on: July 06, 2013, 07:39:28 PM »
Wouldn't it be awesome if we could play Mage Wars in real time using virtual reality goggles? Maybe using a tablet with a touchscreen as your spellbook, swiping your finger to turn the pages and pressing a card to cast it, while running around? And players would literally be able to dodge some spells and attacks by jumping out of the way! Attack dice rolls would be rolled automatically to calculate damage. Certain special abilities and commands could be used using voice control, or you would be able to set it so that all spells could be cast using voice commands. Of course, it would probably need some rules adjustments, like having actual distance ranges for spells instead of using zones, or having the max spellbook points cut in half or more.

Wouldn't that just be the coolest thing ever!? I really hope this becomes a reality at some point in the future, preferably during my lifetime. That would be SO AWESOME! ;D

The Arena is usually rather static. It's just a blank generic ground/floor for the Mages to do battle on. Well, what if the Arena could do some more interesting things?

1. Unstable ground: During the Upkeep phase, zones can partially crumble away, leaving less room for corporeal objects. Zones can even disappear entirely. Don't worry, they'll come back. If a zone disappears with a mage standing on it, the Mage just moves one zone away right before it falls. Keep track of the zone-sizes using counters. (No Terrain/movement control spellbooks allowed, i.e. the Forcemaster. All cards with the "push" effect are banned.)

2. Death by Smashing!: The Arena has been lifted into the sky, and without the outer walls! The whole Arena has been enchanted so that no one can die while they are in the arena. Keyword being "in the arena". All melee attacks targeting a mage have the effect of pushing that mage 1 zone 2 zones, 3 zones, 4 zones, or 5 zones away in the direction of the attack depending on how much total damage the attacked Mage has by the end of the attack. Ranged attacks do the same thing, except they can only push a mage up to 3 zones away, also depending on how much damage the attacked Mage has total by the end of the attack. The Health stat is ignored for all Mages. If an effect says gain X life, your Mage loses X Damage instead.

If you have 3+ Damage you are pushed one zone away from the attacker in the opposite direction of the attack.
If you have 6+ Damage you are pushed 2 zones away from the attacker in the direction of the attack
And so on. Don't forget that Ranged attacks can only push an enemy Mage up to 3 zones away! Non-Mage Creatures are also pushed by attacks except they can only be pushed 1 zone away by a ranged attack and 2 zones away by a melee attack.

And of course, if you fall of the edge of the arena, you fall to your death.

Additional options: Both players have an infinite number of free action, no mana cost resurrections that you can only use on your Mage and don't exist in your spellbook. At the end of a time limit, whoever has used the most of these resurrections loses.
OR you can have a limited number of these special resurrections, but when you run out of them you lose.

(No Terrain/movement control spellbooks allowed, i.e. the Forcemaster. All cards with the "push" effect are banned. Inspired by the Super Smash bros Videogames)

3. LAVA ESCAPE!: The Mages start in the left corners of the Arena in relation to the player with first initiative (so for the player who gets initiative second, that wall is on their right). The Mages have been enchanted so that the force of gravity from the starting wall of the Arena has been amplified on them, and the force of gravity on them from the ground has been significantly nerfed. Now Mages are standing on the wall of the arena! But the lava level is rising, so you need to get your mage to "higher" ground to avoid being burned to death. All other objects in the arena have normal gravity, so they can pose as obstacles. Attacks and incantations have only a range of up to one zone "above" or "below" and up to 2 zones "forward" or "behind", in relation to the lava. Every 15 minutes of real time the lava level rises by 1 column of zones, completely destroying anything it covers. You win by either A) getting your mage to the exit on the other side of the arena before the enemy mage. The exit is now on the middle of the opposite wall of the arena. Passing through it before your enemy grants you victory. Or B) if the enemy Mage dies before you. Falling in the lava is an instant death. Corporeal walls can float on the lava but standing on a corporeal wall that deals passage attacks will cause a mage to take that attack when they first step on it.

Additionally, creatures cannot have the fast trait unless they also have the slow trait. Since the two traits cancel each other out, creatures cannot be fast.

4. Trapped in a Fish Tank (4 mage free-for-all!): All but the 4 corner zones have been completely submerged in water! All zones are now zone pillars, and are composed of 3 zonelettes, which are treated as separate zones, and rules about zones and zone movement work mostly the same way for zonelettes. However, enchantments that target a zone instead target the whole zone pillar rather than a single zonelette. Creatures cannot have flying. The 4 zone pillars that aren't completely submerged have their middle (lv1) zonelettes filled with air, and its Lv0 and Lv2 zonelettes are filled with water. Your Mage will sometimes need to enter one of these air pockets to refill their head bubble with oxygen. All non-mage creatures now have gills. Each mage can hold their breath for 3 rounds after they run out of oxygen. Each mage starts with 6 oxygen (max 6) and they lose 1 oxygen each upkeep phase while in water. If a mage is in a zonelette with air, that mage gains 2 oxygen instead. If it's too difficult to keep track of where everything is using height counters, use three boards: Lv0, Lv1 and Lv2. Don't forget that corresponding zones on different boards are in the same zone pillar i.e. the top right corner zone of all three boards are in the same zone pillar. Walls can also be cast on the border between two zones of different heights.

And that's all I've come up with for now. I haven't had the chance to test any of these variants yet, so feel free to edit the rules and banlists as you see fit. I would really like it if you posted what's worked and what hasn't for you when playing these variants. Have fun!  :)

General Discussion / Mage Wars Ambassadors in my area?
« on: June 28, 2013, 04:22:22 PM »
I'm trying to find people who play Mage Wars who will be going to the same university as I will be in the fall, but I don't want to reveal where I live on a public forum. I'm not sure if there are any ambassadors in my area or not. Is there someone involved in the ambassador program who can private message me about whether there are ambassadors in my area? Or is there a directory or something? I'm hoping to finally finish (re)learning the basics of the game this summer before I buy the core set and a couple of expansions, then later having a Mage Wars club established at the university that I will be attending, but I don't know who I should talk to about that.

Help with this will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

Guide to the Applications of Forcemaster Newton's Laws of Motion


4 Forcehammer


1 Suppression Orb
4 Fog Bank


1 Invisible Stalker
4 Thoughtspore


2 Forcefield
2 Force Crush
4 Force Hold
6 Block
3 Cheetah Speed
3 Mongoose Agility
6 Nullify
6 Stumble


1 Galvitar, Force Blade
1 Psi Orb
1 Dancing Scimitar


4 Dissolve
4 Dispel
4 Seeking Dispel

Since I'm taking summer classes, I probably don't have time to test it online very frequently before I buy the sets I need. The only cards I need that aren't in Core or FM vs WL sets are the 6 Stumbles.

This build is essentially a Cat and Mouse strategy. First I surround myself with a couple of Fog Banks to keep them from targeting me or my zone within the first couple turns in the hopes of keeping them from destroying my first few enchantments on myself, so that I can get my strategy's momentum going. I also use have Nullify to help with this. After that I put Cheetah Speed and Mongoose Agility on myself. Once those are revealed, I can either start chasing the enemy mage right away, or I can summon Invisible Stalker or cast my Dancing Scimitar first. If the enemy mage is in range, I use Force Hold or Force Crush to trap him or her, set a stumble on so that he or she will be easier to catch if/when they escape, use a Dissolve to get rid of any troublesome equipment if necessary, and start attacking. My Invisible Stalker will either help me attack the mage, or take care of creatures and conjurations that threaten me, along with the help of my Thoughtspores' Force Hammers.

I protect myself using Block and later Forcefield, as well as the Dancing Scimitar and my Deflect ability.

So what do you think? How good is this spellbook? Do you think it might be ready for local level organized play? Since I have classes this summer, I won't be able to test it a ton, so I'm hoping that this list is ready to hold its own before I buy the sets I need for it, even if it doesn't excel or have the best chance of winning that it can get. That way it will be usable in a tournament, but I would still have room to test, tweak and improve it. Does anyone know when the next expansion is coming out so I can get Stumble?


Alternative Play / Ambassador format
« on: June 22, 2013, 08:57:48 PM »
One of your homeland's allies, an ally that your people have a vested interest in, is having a very horrible dispute with a neighboring nation. As is the norm when this sort of thing happens, those two countries each pit one of their best mages into the arena. However, in this particular circumstance, your people have pledged to aid their ally by sending one of their own mages to help in the coming battle. That mage is you.

Each team has two Mages: an Ambassador Mage and a Native Mage. A team wins by killing the opposing team's Native Mage, but the Ambassador's life is expendable.

-Ally Mages start the game in the same corner.
-4x3 zone arena.

So what do you think? I haven't had the chance to test it yet.

League / Tournament Play / How expensive is competitive play?
« on: June 20, 2013, 06:22:53 PM »
1. How much would it cost to build a competitive spellbook? Can it be done with just the core set? If so, how long might it be viable to do so?
2. How much does the amount of money spent on Mage Wars products affect game outcomes between players of the same skill level? Of different skill levels?

I've looked everywhere, and I've yet to find an answer to these questions. It's kind of surprising to me, since I think these questions would be of great importance to many prospective players. If not being a collectible trading card game like MtG makes a real significant difference in the affordability of Mage Wars, I would hope that specific information about why and how that makes it more affordable, and to what extent it does so, would be more readily available.

I really want to get into Mage Wars, but I don't want to have to be restricted to playing the same way with the same people in a small playgroup over and over again. It's one of the reasons I quit playing MtG, the other reason being that it was too expensive. I think competitive play would give the variety that I'm looking for, but it won't be worth playing if it isn't affordable. I'm hoping to at least play at the local level, or in informal events at the university that I will begin attending in the fall. I don't think they have a Mage Wars club though, at least not at the moment, but I'm sure it is very likely that there are enough students there who would want to join one.

I'm really excited about Mage Wars, so any help in clarifying these matters would be very much appreciated!

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