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Rules Discussion / Re: Chain Lighting... and +2 Lightning first target?
« on: August 30, 2013, 09:41:31 AM »
Im as blind as can be... totallly did not see that section about chain lightning...

 ;DSorry, and Thanks for the help.

Rules Discussion / Re: Chain Lighting... and +2 Lightning first target?
« on: August 29, 2013, 11:05:56 PM »
well..the FAQ says:

Some traits (such as Melee +X) state that “if the attack makes multiple attacks against the same or
different creature, it gains the bonus only for the first attack it makes.” This wording is clarified to say;
“if the creature makes multiple attacks during the same attack action, it gains this bonus only for the first
attack it can make with this bonus.

And chain lightning does not clarify anything about that...

in the case of Battle Fury... the changed the card...specifically to asses that... and make sure it clarified about not receiving bonuses on multiple attacks...

... sooo.. im not really sure... :l

Does anyone have any specific section in the rules.. or faq..that talks bout this?

Rules Discussion / Chain Lighting... and +2 Lightning first target?
« on: August 29, 2013, 09:34:08 PM »

ok so i did this...

Wizzard Casts: Chain Lightning,
Hawkeyes=+1 to Ranged
Ring of Electric Malfunction thingy.. (thats not the actual name... but ,,yeah)+1 To Lightning Ranged/Melee Attacks


Broooooo-Gan Fratboy Angel.. (Not the actual name... talking about Brogan Bloodstone) +2Lighting Trait.

Brogans Conducting Armor=+2

=9 Attack Dice... It hits.. deals X damage...

What happens now?.. if theres a target.. in jumps...to them.. my question is... how many attack dice now?... is it 8? or does the bonuses get lost?

A) Next Target Get hits with 8 atkdice (Full bonuses)
B) Next Target Get hits with 4 atkdice (No Bonus)
C) Next Target Get hits with 6 atkdice (Not caunting the bonus for brogans +2Lightning Trait)

In my game, it made sense to pick A... wich makes some interesting strategic decisions into wich target do you hit first with chain lighting... trying to use your first target as an amplifier...for some --ll Warning. Lame Pun ll--... For some.. Shocking Results  8)

What do you guys think?

Rules Discussion / Re: Attack Dice and/or Effect Dice Modifiers
« on: August 26, 2013, 02:18:37 PM »
You can also search in the forums, under Resoucers and Downloads... a post named OFFICIAL Mage Wars FAQ, wich contains a pdf of FAQS... there you can find (page 9 to be exact) a really really helpful topic... called:


There you can find what Traits, Modify What Die/Dice...
Fire+X, or any other Damage Type + Both Modify the Attack and Effect Dice/Die
Same as +X vs. Creature Type/Trait ( for example: +2 vs. Flying) Also Modify both the Attack and Effect Dice/Die.


Also here is a picture of my dog, :D

Alternative Play / Apprentice Level 2
« on: August 16, 2013, 05:08:35 PM »
Hello :)

So im a new player of magers, an apprentice mage :3, playing in advance mode D: ... just got my first core set, been playing a lot, and starting teaching some friends to play, some have experience with other games, TCG, OCG or just some type of board game, and each type of friend (types of friends lol) got some of the mechanics of Mages Wars faster than other mechanics... Some of them had 1 game with apprentice mode decks, and could jump on to the normal/advance mode with relative ease...just had to familiarize with some terms... Others took a bit more time...

So im trying to create a "Level 2 - Apprentice Mode, or Junior Mage :P ...

Redoing the the apprentice SpellBooks, adding some more variaty in the cards, and some mechanics for them to deal with, like conjuratinons, wich only the beastmaster had... (in apprentice SpellBooks)...

So here it is:


-These are only Core Set Mages
-These are all 70 Point SpellBooks, keeping in mind rules for SpellBook Creation
-I tried not to include cards that give actions : Spawnpoints - Familiars
-Also Avoided BIG BIG Creatures, for exampe, Adramelech, Valshalla, Sosruko (Big in heart <3)
-Basic Conjurations, based on the overall them of the deck (mostly a Wall and some other cheap Conjuration)
-Tried to give decks variaty so they could start thinking in different plays and uses for cards.


---  Attack  ---
2 Geyser
1 Jet Stream

---  Conjuration  ---
1 Tooth and Nail
1 Wall of Thorns

---  Creature  ---
1 Redclaw, Alpha Male
1 Cervere, The Forest Shadow
1 Steelclaw Grizzly
2 Timber Wolf
2 Bitterwood Fox
2 Thunderift Falcon

---  Enchantment  ---
1 Nullify
1 Block
2 Bear Strength
1 Bull Endurance
1 Cobra Reflexes
2 Rhino Hide
1 Regrowth
1 Eagle Wings

---  Equipment  ---
1 Elemental Cloak
1 Staff of Beasts
1 Bearskin
1 Ring of Beasts
1 Enchanter's Ring

---  Incantation  ---
1 Group Heal
1 Minor Heal
1 Dispel
1 Force Push
1 Shift Enchantment
2 Call of the Wild
1 Battle Fury
1 Charge
1 Rouse the Beast
1 Dissolve



---  Attack  ---
2 Pillar of Light
1 Blinding Flash

---  Conjuration  ---
1 Hand of Bim-Shalla
1 Wall of Stone

---  Creature  ---
1 Highland Unicorn
1 Brogan Bloodstone
1 Gray Angel
2 Knight of Westlock
1 Royal Archer
2 Asyran Defender

---  Enchantment  ---
2 Divine Protection
1 Sacred Ground
1 Pacify
1 Nullify
1 Block
1 Bull Endurance

---  Equipment  ---
1 Moonglow Amulet
1 Deflection Bracers
1 Wind Wyvern Hide
1 Staff of Asyra
1 Crown of Protection

---  Incantation  ---
1 Group Heal
2 Heal
2 Minor Heal
1 Seeking Dispel
1 Dispel
1 Dissolve
1 Teleport


---  Conjuration  ---
1 Wall of Fire

---  Attack  ---
1 Fireball
1 Firestorm
1 Flameblast
1 Sacrificial Altar
1 Ring of Fire

---  Creature  ---
1 Goran, Werewolf Pet
1 Necropian Vampiress
1 Flaming Hellion
1 Dark Pact Slayer
2 Firebrand Imp
2 Darkfenne Bat

---  Enchantment  ---
1 Jinx
1 Block
1 Nullify
1 Bear Strength
1 Marked for Death
1 Death Link
1 Ghoul Rot
1 Enfeeble
1 Magebane
1 Agony
1 Vampirism

---  Equipment  ---
1 Fireshaper Ring
1 Gauntlets of Strength
1 Demonhide Armor
1 Lash of Hellfire

---  Incantation  ---
1 Drain Life
1 Explode
1 Teleport
1 Force Push
1 Seeking Dispel
1 Dispel


---  Attack  ---
1 Chain Lightning
1 Lightning Bolt
1 Thunderbolt
1 Electrify

---  Conjuration  ---
1 Fog Bank
1 Mana Crystal

---  Creature  ---
2 Blue Gremlin
2 Mana Leech
1 Gorgon Archer
1 Darkfenne Hydra
1 Stonegaze Basilisk

---  Enchantment  ---
1 Teleport Trap
1 Force Hold
1 Block
1 Reverse Attack
1 Reverse Magic
1 Nullify
1 Jinx
1 Essence Drain

---  Equipment  ---
1 Mage Wand
1 Staff of the Arcanum
1 Suppression Cloak
1 Arcane Ring
1 Leather Gloves

---  Incantation  ---
2 Dispel
1 Seeking Dispel
1 Dissolve
1 Teleport
1 Minor Heal
1 Force Push
1 Steal Enchantment

 :) DONE

This apprentice Level... to give more about the feel of different mages, different kinds of playstyle... etc...


Instead of all having 24life



Channeling: 10 For All
Armor: 0 For All
Attack: Quick Melee Attack 3 Dice

Each Player may chose 1 of the following abillities for the respective mage

Warlock: Blood Slayer or Curseweaving

Beastmaster: Pet or Quick Summon

Wizzard: Voltaric Shield or Arcane Zap

Priestess: Restore or Divine Reward

And thats all i think... im about to test it out... any ideas? any recomendations? any cookies?
Every Comment helps :D !!!

Ok well Enjoy the game :)

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Core-ManlyWarlock!!!
« on: August 11, 2013, 10:59:50 PM »
.just realized both builds are very similar..and both builds dont really have that many cards from expansions xD...just core set..and maybe some extra multiples..wich i already removed... going to have to update and mix the 2 if possible..

ty reddawn... for the tip...Will try them out... i like the skeletons... and dont... maybe i just want them with the necromancer... tho i do like the idea of putting 2 imps and 2 bats... or at least 1... of each... they just.. die so fast :c

Spellbook Design and Construction / Core-ManlyWarlock!!!
« on: August 11, 2013, 10:19:53 PM »
omg omg omg, i got my core set :D ...
i only played the game with my boyfriend, did not have the game myself... and then started playing on octgn... but finally i got my core set :D ... now its time to get those expansion 8)

So... celebrating... I tried doing a version of my ManlyWarlock Spellbook... but using only the core set... so here it goes:

Note: If you havent seen the Manly Warlock, here it is:


Basically its Warlock+Big Creatures=Smashing the face of the opposing mage, not very swarm oriented... maybe a bit of curse based control... mostly fun :3

Warlock-120 spell points

---  Attack  ---
1 Firestorm
1 Ring of Fire
2 Flameblast
3 Fireball

---  Conjuration  ---
2 Mana Crystal
1 Sacrificial Altar
1 Pentagram

---  Creature  ---
1 Adramelech, Lord of Fire
1 Goran, Werewolf Pet
1 Necropian Vampiress
2 Dark Pact Slayer
2 Flaming Hellion

---  Enchantment  ---
1 Harmonize
1 Nullify
1 Jinx
1 Block
2 Vampirism
1 Bear Strength
1 Marked for Death
2 Ghoul Rot
1 Magebane
2 Poisoned Blood
1 Maim Wings
2 Agony
2 Chains of Agony
2 Enfeeble
1 Death Link
1 Mongoose Agility

---  Equipment  ---
1 Ring of Curses
1 Moloch's Torment
1 Lash of Hellfire
1 Gauntlets of Strength
1 Mage Staff
1 Demonhide Armor
1 Elemental Cloak
1 Leather Boots

---  Incantation  ---
1 Battle Fury
1 Shift Enchantment
2 Drain Life
2 Explode
1 Vampiric Strike
1 Force Push
1 Teleport
1 Seeking Dispel
1 Dispel


What do you think?... Any ideas, for adds? Using only the core set...

If you comment you are allowed to see a picture of my dog :3

Mages / Re: Guess the Future Expansions
« on: August 06, 2013, 11:27:00 PM »
im guessing after druid vs necro..we will see a mid expansion... a small one..like the kumanjaro one
with alternate mages, probably

Warlock (alternate) vs Wizzard or Warlord, or even Forcemaster... who knows..theres images on mage wars facebook :D of how they look.

just in case u havent looked at them:

http://i.imgur.com/JKmK9q1.jpg - Necromancer
http://i.imgur.com/mr79SBY.jpg - Druid
http://i.imgur.com/gUW9xBW.jpg - Alternate Dwarf Warlord
http://i.imgur.com/GKPs0jJ.jpg- Alternate Male ForceMaster
http://i.imgur.com/EMFtd7P.png - Alternate Female Wizard
http://i.imgur.com/jjBX4yR.jpg - Alternate Female Warlock
http://i.imgur.com/99dvDMm.jpg - My Dog (He could be a mage, you never know)
<3 beautifull

Rules Discussion / Re: Looking for some clarifications
« on: August 05, 2013, 09:13:26 AM »
1-5.. completly ansewered...

6...Do I take damage from Mage Bane if I Steal Enchantment and attach it to his/her mage?

I think you are talking about, do you take damage from using your opponents enchantment...

You would take damage from casting steal enchantment, but you will not take damage from attaching the targeted enchantment on a new target...

Or so i think... since you are not casting the enchantment, you are just moving it, as the card reads, and magebane specifically reads, when u cast and resolve a spell...

Just saw them episodes... niiiiiice

As i started playing MageWars and started trying to find for info, gameplay.. theres close to nothing... theres only so many times u can see tutorials and box openings untill you get bored XD... (like 4 tutorilas :l)...

I thought of doing this myself... althought i would prefer to record on OCTGN, you should maybe try it... since you can get better quality recording..without the need of a cam..and you can focus on having good audio...
Well thast my recomendation, based on what i wanted to do... but if you dont..maybe i will xD... and i you do... would love to be on a recorded match :D...

Regarding Stragedy and Plays...
Play alot of warlock... like what i saw so far, i really dont like bats tho :/ they are 1 hit punchbags...if u can get one alive enough maaaybe u can get a rot... but seems like really big investment... but still..this is only 2 parts out of 10... cant jugde untill seeing the whole game, and still would not judge...

As for the Johktari BeastQueen <3, i like her :3... cant saying anything bad about her...(or the player)... just interested in seeing how the game progresses for the bestmaster.

Congrats on being the first to upload, and keep it up... :)

and seriously, if your up for some octgn recording... i would love to join, and i not... would love to know so i can start doing that :D, we need to fill channels of mage wars...spread the fever!

Custom Cards / Re: Mechanic: Madness/Terror
« on: August 02, 2013, 12:01:26 PM »
yeah i think its kinda similar...
main differences would be LoS... blind the creature loses all LoS...and Panic, Fear, teror or whatever...being the creature cant stand to be in LoS of X target...prob the mage...
And also similar in the moving in random direction...

one because it cant see where it is going and the other because it just doesnt care as long it runs away from the boogie man...

There should be a boogie man dark creature :P

I think maybe..the fear, terror, panic condition...could have a removal option... that .. it will be removed if the target loses LoS of the creature... running back hidding behind a wall... getting blinded maybe?... sounds interesting in my head

Custom Cards / Re: Mechanic: Madness/Terror
« on: August 02, 2013, 10:52:02 AM »
Yesssss, love it.. i was thinking of this terror, mandness condtions myself....Im a full grown psychologist :3 (lvl 2).. (graduated about 2 years go)... so i love messing with people minds xD...

I was thinking it should be like:

Fear-Terror: At the beggining of the creatures activation, the controller must roll 1d12, on a result of  6+, creature must make a move action away from the source- here there could be 1 ways of moving..1 space away your choice...or maybe a bit more thematic.. in a random direction, with the random direction mechanic in that Forcemaster card...
And the creature cannot move trough a wall with the attack on passage trait...
i would also add, the creature cannot make an attack vs the source... either just by rolling 6+ or maybe

6+ Run away
10+ Cannot Attack the target

He so scared he cant even look at that "thing"...nor attack it

Also i would love add not madness... but paranoia

Having the creature with 2 o 3 Terror Tokens on it... get Paranoia... and suffering damage during each upkeep (1dmg or 2)... something like:

During each upkeep the controller of this card must roll a d12, on a result:

4+, Take 1 Direct Damage
8+, Take 1 Damage and add a Daze

... The creature being so terrorized, he suffers each turn... and suffering so much he prob cant think well... (dazed).

Another Psyc Condition i would like..is Confusion... like.. come on!!!... something like the pokemon condition (you have played pokemon right?)...

Maybe it would be like:

During the activation of this creature, roll a d12, on a result:

5+   The creature moves in random direction
8+   The creature rolls an Attack vs Himself
11+ The creature is dazed

:3 and mooooore... much moooore...
So many ideas @.@

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Manly Warlock-3.0
« on: August 02, 2013, 10:24:13 AM »
i was thinking of a movie in my country (mexico)...Red Dawn = Rojo Amanecer, its a movie based on historic events... the "government" killing some students outside some school...  but lets get outof topic here... xD
thats not manly...

So much talk  about manly, makes me want to change the name to the OverCompensating Warlock loooool

Love your spellbook... kinda feels like mine :) but i perfer more creatures, and dont have life gen... wish goran wasnt legendary...would like to do this but with him....

I have doubts.... how do you deal with forrcemaster getting un tour face... shuttting down your NV...
Also .... love Drain Soul.

Gonna try this spellbook... Great Job

Spellbook Design and Construction / Re: Manly Warlock-3.0
« on: August 01, 2013, 04:28:11 PM »
Ty for your feedback...

I just removed the jinx.. not really a fan of it... since opponent gets the mana and card back... :/

Enchanters stone.. I have been tempted to try it out... i may do so..see how it goes...

ty piousflea

now reddawn...
BearStrength, well im trying to figure out if i should up it... dont know yet.. will try to see how it goes..
the Magebane.. MEGAbane :P, feels nice at 3.. its almost quickly dispeled...ive tried 2 and 1... ill keep playing to see if it stays at 3 or down to 2...

Transfusion..worked 1 game.. maybe 2... but not feeling it alot...

Molochs Torment... yes i will defently send it back..i had it..then removed it because i lowered my curses..but now im back on curses... and tottaly forgot about it... just for the bloodthirst advantage...

Helm of Fear... when i have used it..its been great... and i have used 1..out of... 15? games? prob gonna remove it... its guud..but yeah..it is expensive..and thats usually the reason i have not been using it... i mostly go for armor...

Marked of Death... i feel it doesnt do thaat much since most of the time i only have 1 creature up... some rare ocassions.. ihave 2... and i dont feel i get much... but maybe i just need to try it out... on beastmaster decks mark is soooo gud... and maybe thats why i have been ignore it... since its not as good with my warlock style... but its still good...so i will give it a chance...

ty reddawn... your name reminds me of a movie xD, Red Dawn...

Ty both for the feedback...
will update as soon as i get to play some more....

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