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Strategy and Tactics / Re: How to Become a Better Player
« on: July 31, 2013, 12:50:37 AM »
Great tips
some have helped me soooo much.

I would also add

Pay attenntion to patterns of behavior

most players have some...
for example you can see if he rushes during planning to set a creature in his spawning point... why is that?.. does he always rush to plan?...is he bluffing?..does he even have mana?...how many dispels has he used?..

In a match i noticed that my opponent always chose his creature to plan under spawnpoint before he chose any other cards...always... same  thing ever turn... then suddendly one turn he didnt? he waited, he hesitated ... He was not even planning to summon, he just remembered he could bluff me...

But still...overall  Never underestimate your opponent, he will defenatly know something you dont about what he is doing...

Another thing you can take advantage off, and keep a watch in yourself... Dont get overexited when u have a play...stay calm, think it again, again, think of cake, think of the plan again... ok go...
Ive seen players fall into my baits because they are so exited... their greed... maybe they rush tu kill a creature, or to attack the mage and plan only to do that and are complety sure they will do it... but forget simple things... like... not having iniative... or a guarding creature... a flying creature... the damage they have...

One Last VERY VERY important thing to keep in mind:


This should be #1 Rule.

League / Tournament Play / Re: List of OCTGN players
« on: July 30, 2013, 07:52:47 PM »
Ahlano is cool  8)

Ty Charmyna :D nice to have a blacklist...:p

Also... if anyone needs help on their first games on octgn (mage wars) u can whisp me i can play with you and get to know each command...and stuff ;).

Im online almost all day, every day... i need  a life ._.

Mages / Re: Necromancer balance
« on: July 30, 2013, 11:29:39 AM »
looool yes indeed... im new on the forum...and did not notice he had this img... but i will change seeing the ammount of followers he has xD...
I just love necromancers <3

Edit: Already Changed Avatar ;)

Spells / Re: Spells you would like to see
« on: July 28, 2013, 12:31:37 AM »
So many ideas... i would like to see:

a Fire Elemental... theres an earth..why not fire?
He could have lower hp than the earth one...and prob be incorporeal... with the abbility to quick cast a burn condition on target object on the field (creature/conjuration) and could have +X Melee vs a target, X being the number of burn tokens on the target

:D that be nice, maybe for a pyromancer mage ;D.

and i would really like to see bonemancer cards... you know..summoning bone creatures, bone walls, maybe some bone spear?.. im thinking of the bone skills on the necromancer from diablo II... ahh that game. <3

and speaking of necromancer... pleaaase tell me theres gonna be some form of corpse explosion :D, with zone dmg poison or just fire dmg... that be great... you could use it to destroy a target creature you control and do dmg :D

so many ideas come to mind...

I really love this rule... gives u the chance to actually do some strategic planning and learningon when to battle and when not to... (wich i havent learned xD)...
But i have played other games where u could just hit and run.. rinse and repeat giving you "effortless" advantage, especially if you have intiative...

HIT & RUN can me something really frustrating to play against,  and this game makes it possible, but not for free...

And i dont think it takes away flavor... being in a small arena in a mage deathmatch... i dont think theres room for cowards!

Mages / Re: Necromancer balance
« on: July 25, 2013, 04:11:14 PM »
<3 cant wait for this class... watchted some interviews, and heard something about him having a Book of the Dead, Equipment/Spwanpoint :O... sounds nice

And yeah..reanimate opponents creatures would be great.

Maybe some of his creatures could have some sort of zombie virus xD, when they kill a creature theres a chance that creature comes back as an undead.

Death should be something this guy must be looking for... everytime a creature dies, necro should get stronger in some way.. maybe, if a creature dies in an area around him... he gains mana = to the targets level, that be niiice

Spellbook Design and Construction / Manly Warlock-3.0
« on: July 20, 2013, 08:49:04 PM »
3rd Update :)

The Manly Warlock
If you stick the the "Golden Rule" you may enjoy this deck greatly...
Basic idea is to walk to your opponent... and start punching him in the gut... if he turtles...start raining firestorm to knock on his door, ask for nice chat :3... if he doesnt welcome you... kick the door down and start the hurtin...

As you punch your pentagram will start to feed of the enemy blood... and soon a nice chat, will turn into a party with your blood reaper... or bring in the dog... This game is won by takin down the mage... not the creatures... keep in mind...

Stay in your opponents face all day... if he punches back... enjoy it!... theres no room for fear in this deck... (unless its helm of fear)...

Damage Level:

38=      Game over, you faught well :')
25-37= If you dont have ways to heal... give up on defense, start full rage manmode (manmode is not the same than stupid mode, punch smart)
19-25= You need to drain and vamp
7-19=   The Fight is Starting, enjoy the rush...
1-7=     Fight hasnt even started... damage? what damage?

Enjoy :)


1 Ring of Fire
2 Flame Blast
1 Firestorm
2 Fireball


   Mana Crystal
Sacrificial Altar


2 Dark Pact Slayer
   Necropian Vampiress
   Adramelech, Lord of Fire
   Goran, Werewolf Pet


   Bear Strength
   Cheeta Speed
2 Nullify
2 Agony
2 Chains of Agony
   Death Link
   Ghoul Rot
3 Megabane
   Maim Wings
2 Poisoned Blood
2 Vampirism
   Enchantment Transfusion
2 Jinx


Regrowth Belt
2 Dragonscale Hauberk
   Guntlets of Strength
2 Lash of Hellfire
   Helm of Fear
   Sectarus, Dark Rune Sword
   Fireshaper Ring
   Leather Boots
   Ring of Curses


2 Dispel
   Force Push
2 Dissolve
2 Drain Life
   Drain Soul
   Battle Fury
2 Seeking Dispel

120 Spell points of awesome :)

Golden Rule: Melee Attack if Possible, Punch what ever is near... If u have Guntlets of Strength, WICH U SHOULD!...thats 5 Attack Dice... :) 6 if u have a weapon

How to use spells? (At least how do i use them)

Attack Spells
Save them to either Finish off a creature that could get healed, Finish off Flayers or creatures with Defense

Conjuration Spells
Testing Altar for now... Pentagram was removed

Creature Spells
I would highly go against summoning a creature as my full action... hold on to you creatures untill pentagram is ready, i usually summon a Pact Slayer with BloodReaper First...followed by either Adramelech or Doggie (Werewolf :P )

Enchantment Spels
Try to bait ot despells... early magebane, chains of agony on mage, poison blood mid game...and later on second poison blood, asumming the first one got dispelled... Set a vampirism asap and just let it attached un revealed on your mage untill u actually need it... (usually i consider myself in need... when im over 15dmg...)

Incantation Spells
Drain life to finish of a creature, to finish of a mage... remember.. Its DIRECT DAMAGE... <3 (Good luck on your rolls xD 5 dice can mean 10 dmg... or 0)

Big thanks again to Reddawn, will continue to Test and Update :)

Well thats it
Any Comments are well received and usefull.

WARLOCK FTW <3 ( Let them BUUUURN >:( )

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