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League / Tournament Play / Illinois players, where are you?
« on: January 14, 2017, 02:26:23 PM »
I'm spending the week in Roscoe, IL on a business trip. Anyone in the area want to meet up for a game or a drink? I should have a few free evenings between Monday and Friday, but I won't be very mobile, unfortunately. I'd love to have the chance to meet some of the illustrious IL warriors, so pm me if you're interested!

Spellbook Design and Construction / Too Cool for Skulls
« on: April 08, 2016, 03:22:56 PM »
Altar of Skulls. Man, what a card. It's hard to get it going, but once powered up, it can be devastating. Finite Life and direct poison damage to every living creature on the board. The tricky part : your mage has to survive long enough to make it happen. Good luck with that.

Too Cool for SkullsA Necromancer Spellbookbuilt by some dumb oaf
Attack (3)2 x Acid Ball1 x Surging WaveConjuration (8)1 x Altar of Skulls1 x Sacrificial Altar4 x Wall of Bones2 x TanglevineCreature (14)1 x Acolyte of the Bog Queen2 x Skeletal Sentry6 x Skeletal Minion2 x Skeletal Knight1 x Plague Zombie1 x Mort1 x DeathfangEnchantment (18)1 x Rise Again2 x Enfeeble2 x Magebane1 x Plagued2 x Ghoul Rot1 x Maim Wings1 x Marked for Death1 x Chains of Agony1 x Arcane Ward2 x Nullify3 x Brace Yourself1 x Hellfire TrapEquipment (8)1 x Libro Mortuos1 x Death Ring1 x Cloak of Shadows1 x Leather Chausses2 x Mage Wand1 x Meditation Amulet1 x Demonhide ArmorIncantation (17)1 x Unholy Resurgence6 x Reassemble1 x Drain Soul1 x Seeking Dispel2 x Dispel2 x Teleport2 x Shift Enchantment2 x Dissolve
Total cost: 120 pts

Opening looks like this :
T1 (20) : QC Death Ring (-5), FC Acolyte of the Bog Queen (-5)
T2 (20) : QC Altar of Skulls (-9), FC Libro Mortuos (-9), the Acolyte prays to the Altar.
T3 (12 + 1) : Deploy Minion (-4), QC Brace Yourself (-2), FC Curse / Rhino Hide / Skeletal Sentry / Meditation Amulet, more praying by the Acolyte.
T4+ : Try to survive, keep your Acolyte alive, put up walls to protect her and your Altar, send your skeletons as cannon fodder to distract the enemy (or have them guard the Altar). Hide like the coward you are, you spineless Necromancer.

There are plenty of reconstructs and walls. Reconstruct with the Death Ring discount costs only 3 mana for a whopping 6 dice of healing. That's insanely efficient, and you most likely should always have one planned (or put on a wand, if you fear you'll run out). Try to save some mana by meditating whenever you can afford it, to be able to cast a Drain Soul before the Altar is completed. Also, try not to die. This is essential to the strategy.

Like most of my books, this one is weak to rush strategies. Mages running Non Living creatures can also be a problem, and facing another Necro will give hilarious results. For him. You won't be laughing much, I promise. Still, the book has its qualities. Once everything is Finite Life, your mage can Lifebond two damage each upkeep to the Altar, ignoring range and LoS. If Mort is in the same zone as the Altar, he'll reconstruct that damage right away, free of charge. The Acolyte, before dying to the poison damage for which she worked so hard, will also remove two damage from the Altar every turn if she has nothing better to do. That way, the initial damage you certainly took can be mitigated for a while. There's also the ol' Sacrifice-your-Eternal-Servant-Plague-Zombie-to-Rot-Everything-in-the-Zone-and-Reanimate-it trick (SESPZREZRT, for those in the know) that never gets old.

The downside : you'll feel like a dirty, dirty coward all game long, running and hiding behind your walls and waiting for your opponent to miserably collapse, out of healing options and ridden with disease. If you weren't killed right off the bat by an opponent who figured that your strategy takes about 48 turns to complete, and that maybe throwing stuff at your face might be a good idea.

Thoughts welcome!

Spellbook Design and Construction / Telepit Earth Wizard
« on: April 05, 2016, 03:50:34 PM »
Here's the Earth Wizard I played against mastermystery in the ADMW Tournament today. The book is somewhat gimmicky, and better play from my opponent gave him the victory, but I feel it has some potential... or not? I don't know. It felt right, but there is certainly room for a lot of improvement in there.

Telepit Earth WizardA Wizard (Earth) Spellbookbuilt by yours truly
Attack (8)2 x Hurl Rock2 x Hurl Boulder1 x Acid Ball1 x Jet Stream1 x Surging Wave1 x FlameblastConjuration (12)2 x Wall of Stone2 x Wall of Earth1 x Stranglevine1 x Tanglevine1 x Quicksand1 x Wizard's Tower1 x Corrosive Orchid2 x Mana Crystal1 x Mana SyphonCreature (4)2 x Iron Golem1 x Earth Elemental1 x Devouring JellyEnchantment (22)1 x Agony1 x Poisoned Blood1 x Magebane1 x Essence Drain1 x Summoning Circle1 x Spiked Pit3 x Teleport Trap1 x Mana Vampirism1 x Hawkeye1 x Hoodwink3 x Nullify2 x Jinx2 x Decoy1 x Arcane Ward1 x Rhino Hide1 x Brace YourselfEquipment (9)1 x Arcane Ring1 x Sistarran Robes1 x Leather Chausses1 x Wychwood Ironvine1 x Staff of the Arcanum1 x Wand of Healing1 x Elemental Wand2 x Mage WandIncantation (13)1 x Seeking Dispel4 x Dispel1 x Purge Magic1 x Shift Enchantment2 x Dissolve3 x Teleport1 x Force Push
Total cost: 120 pts

Solid, non-living creatures, and some possibilities to create a nice death-zone, featuring a corrosive orchid to take care of some armor and possible Eagleclaw Boots. Economy is decent, with two crystals and the Siphon (although I'm really incertain about this one, the upfront cost is huge and I can't seem to defend it properly).

Opening should look like this :
T1 (20)      QC Arcane Ring (-2) FC Crystal (-4)
T2 (25)      QC Crystal (-4) FC Golem (-13)
T3 (20)      QC Mana Vampirism (-2) FC Siphon (-11)
T4 (19)      QC Spiked Pit (-2) FC Summoning Circle (-2)

There's plenty of mana to go around in the initial turns, so reacting to the opponent is not too much of a problem. The inclusion of the Sistarran Robes, Essence Drain, Mana Vampirism and Staff of the Arcanum are really questionable in my opinion; although they seem to combo pretty well, the action investment doesn't seem so sound, as the opponent has time to grow defenses or creatures and these cards take a couple of turns to pay themselves off, turns that could be better employed at negating the enemy's defenses through dispel/dissolve. More walls, more creatures and more attack spells would probably be better in this spellbook. I debated a lot over including Astral Anchor or not, and the jury is still out on this one. Any thoughts will be highly appreciated!

Rules Discussion / Academy guarding rules clarification
« on: March 11, 2016, 05:02:06 PM »
In Academy, when a guard decides to ignore an attacking Pest enemy, is the Counterstrike Step skipped? More specifically, if a Pest creature attacks a guarding Ridgeback Skunk, and the guard chooses to ignore the little bugger and save his guard token, does the attacker still receive a stagger condition?

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