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Mages / Re: Is the arena wizard still OP?
« on: April 14, 2016, 08:28:53 PM »
Right! I also wanted to touch on the Wizard's tower and how it's OP compared to equally functioning cards.

Swapping spells: Wizard Tower doesn't cost a quick action to change the bind spell, nor any mana. Unlike Elemental Wand, which takes up both an action and 3 whole mana to swap. Helm of Command also takes up an action and mana to swap spells to bind.

Conjuration Reload: Wizard tower doesn't have a limitation on how many rounds it can attack. Again, comparing an Earth Wizard to a Warlord, the Warlord's attacking conjurations are slow and can be 'shot' only once every other turn. Sure, the Wizard tower does dip into mana, but a low cost spell freed up off the Wizard's hand every turn can be quite advantageous. Maybe if Wizard tower had a two-mana limit before being able to take its action like the War conjurations or most spawnpoints.

I feel the Wizard Tower could be balanced by a combination or tweaks to its level (only 2?!), changed from unique to Epic, and a sort of 'cooldown' between its activations, or if not, then it takes an action+mana to swap the bound spell.

Mages / Re: Is the arena wizard still OP?
« on: April 14, 2016, 03:51:37 PM »
Also, Earth Wizard does anything earth better than Warlord even though Warlord can't choose his elemental minor school, or dip into Arcane school for utility without a triple cost. Exacerbated considering the earth creatures are slow and need teleport to be mobile enough for any strategy.

General Discussion / Re: Priestess due this month?
« on: April 12, 2016, 09:37:51 PM »
I would imagine when products get this close to the line for release, publishers really should often set a date for shelves. "Quarter 1-4" is general enough when speaking in far off development terms and understandable since development is a tricky mistress, but I must agree that it is rather irritating when now under an [alleged] month away from a still yet vague date, [or not].

Creative / Playlists for atmosphere while playing?
« on: April 12, 2016, 09:25:27 PM »
Has anyone else ever put together a playlist for Mage Wars? I'm a type that's huge on atmosphere and have various playlists for my game night sessions based on what we're playing, from horror, sci-fi, bluff/betting games (think 70's and 80's classic rock in a Dive Bar), and others.

But recently I just began putting together a playlist for Mage Wars. It would probably come at no surprise that much of it comes from various film, anime, and video game soundtracks as they often have the orchestrations for what Mage Wars represents. Battle, Glory, Epic Magic, Kingdoms on the line, etc.

For a small sampling, here are some;

Nox Arcana - Eternal Champions (though track ends in fact at 4:17, the videos seem to mesh the final tracks of the album into a single one.
Red Sonja Soundtrack - Fighting the Soldiers
God of War III Soundtack - Overture/Main Theme
Audiomachine - Earth Shaker (drums)
Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack - Riddle of Steel/Riders of Doom
World of Warcraft Soundtrack - Seasons of War
Position Music - Ira Deorum

As well as many others from the soundtracks of Escaflowne, Death Note, Lord of the Rings, Bayonetta, Xena: Warrior Princess, Titus, and many others, including the odd tracks here and there from the niche musical talents who work in this genre as their regular thing.

Would also love to see if any others have their own favorite battling tracks & playlists.

Player Feedback and Suggestions / One idea fix for Warlord
« on: April 07, 2016, 08:38:42 PM »
In discussions with other players about Warlord, an idea evolved regarding his Battle Orders.
They are limited to zone-only at time of casting, which makes positional maintenance a pain when trying to manage more creatures. They are also much weaker or less efficient versions of some of the other real command spells. In addition, the Battle Orders lose much of their uniqueness when the better versions of the commands are only marginally more in mana, available to other mages (with most at novice cost) and actually worth the precious Quick Cast action a Battle Order takes up.

On Guard! - 1 mana, in-zone only, Melee & Armor gain +1, only while guarding.
Brace Yourself - 2 mana, has a range 0-2, gives armor+4, for rest of round as well. Accessible to other mages, at novice level.

Hold the Line! - 1 mana, in-zone only, Armor +1 and Toughness -2
Glancing Blow (upcoming Academy card) - 2 mana, 0-2 range, 3 less attack die for that enemy action. Effectively a 2 mana cost single use Aegis 3 enchantment. Or one cost with an enchanter ring. Also, yet again available to other mages at novice cost.

To Battle! - 1 mana, in-zone only, Charge +1 (effectively just a Melee +1 only if you happen to take a move action)
Power Strike - 2 mana, 0-2 range, Melee +2, also available to other mages at novice cost.

Take Aim! - 1 mana, in-zone only, ranged gains piercing +2 for one attack.
Sniper Shot - 3 mana, 0-2 range, piecing +1 and unavoidable (which can be argued to be valuable). If used with a Archer's Watchtower, then it also gains a free Ranged +1 to the acting creature further increasing its mana efficiency. These two cards are also available to other mages.

Or compare to Piercing Strike. While for melee and not ranged, it costs 2 mana, 0-2 range, gives a piercing +3 bonus, and yet again available to other mages at novice cost.

Also, mind you, any of these command incantations could also be attached to a Helm of Command anyways. Even better if you use Runsmithing for mana-1.

This of course seems like the ideas are for large swarms, and of course lets not forget Horn of Gothos. However, if you use the horn then you can't also use the Warlord's main weapon. You must settle for a one-handed weapon or an elemental wand attached with most likely an Earth Attack spell.

So the idea toward making this work is making the Battle Orders a free action at the very least, with a range of 0-1. Then Horn of Gothos changes the Battle Orders to an actual Quick Spell to take the current arena-wide effect, paid as normal.

This would be super interesting. Not only the idea of where his abilities might go, but in terms of species. I think expanding what sort of people inhabit this world really add more flavor. We have plenty of human based species with only the Orc being the outlying one. (elves=humans with pointy ears, dwarf=short human)

But if this world has basically an Argonian/Iksar sort of populace running around, what other really cool stuff could there be? Maybe some outright Demon mages, other animal anthro species (like mammalian types coming from beastmaster realms), what about a mage that's incorporeal him/herself, like a wraith/spectre. And if we have a Siren coming around that lives in the deep then perhaps there's also a high mountain or sky dwelling people that have wings themselves. When you take a break from human and human offshoots, it really opens up all kinds of wild possibilities.

General Discussion / Re: Arena vs Original - New Player
« on: March 28, 2016, 06:38:53 PM »
Interesting to see how other people organize various collections.

Since I treat my Mage Wars as one growing set, I have them in binders in 9 pocket sheets. Organized with subject tabs dividing first the major schools in alphabetical order, and then the minor elemental schools plus the mixed school cards. And within each of these tabs, they are divided into Equipment, Creatures, Conjurations, Enchantments, Incantations, and finally Attack spells. And within each of those segments they are alphabetical.

General Discussion / Re: How many Academy Players are there?
« on: March 27, 2016, 09:24:58 PM »
But are there any plans for an Academy module or other sort of plugin for the Mage Wars family on OCTGN?

This seems to be the most recent OCTGN related thread, so I guess I'll toss in here.
I too just recently got it and the Mage Wars related setup done. Have played only one match, but always wanting more.

OCTGN name is same as forum here. Mostly looking for open times weekend nights, often late.

General Discussion / Re: Academy mage-release order
« on: March 23, 2016, 10:57:49 PM »
I wonder though, will there be Academy sized spellbook packs or something? It seems these mage expansions for Academy don't include a 40-pocket sized spell book with designs to match the theme of the mage. Far as it looks, there is only going to be the core set's Beastmaster and Wizard's books to use.

Sure, we could use spare Arena spellbooks, but those are huge 80 pocket books. Wasted space compared to the Academy sized books.

Would love more of the Academy 40-pocket design options in spellbooks sometime.

I may just be biased (Warlock is favorite) but I would say it's not entirely accurate to say Warlock class is 'Evil'.
Just different.

I've yet to go through and read up on the lore subforum here myself, which I plan to, but to me calling a Warlock evil would be like calling people with tattoos and piercings bad people as well.  :P

As for what they might value like a previous post suggests for the various schools, I'd say certainly power, but also strength through adversity, a raw will so to say.

General Discussion / Re: More Fathergeek spoilers
« on: March 17, 2016, 04:28:04 AM »
I'm surprised that the Combustion Demon doesn't have a Flame Immunity or at least Flame -X
And Redirect is going to be so fun as a defense option for any very weak creatures.

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