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Spellbook Design and Construction / Warlord Buddy Tank!
« on: February 18, 2017, 06:20:32 PM »
So this warlord uses several bigs and a forge to the actions it needs to defeat the enemy.
Tank!A Anvil Throne Warlord Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack1 x Fireball2 x Hurl Rock2 x Hurl Boulder1 x Surging Wave1 x Acid BallConjuration2 x Battle Forge2 x Ballista2 x Mana Flower1 x Pillar of Righteous Flame1 x Tanglevine1 x Gravikor1 x Harshforge MonolithCreature1 x Iron Golem1 x Titanodon1 x Dwarf Kriegshammer1 x Dwarf PanzergardeEnchantment1 x Arcane Ward1 x Critical Strike1 x Armor Ward2 x Brace Yourself2 x Akiro's Favor1 x HawkeyeEquipment2 x Harshforge Plate3 x Champion's Gauntlets2 x Elemental Wand1 x Mage Wand1 x Steadfast Boots1 x Leather Chausses1 x Waterfall Cloak1 x Wand of Healing1 x Veteran's Belt1 x Regrowth Belt1 x Leather BootsIncantation2 x Dissolve1 x Seeking Dispel2 x Dispel1 x Teleport1 x Remove Curse1 x Lesser Teleport1 x Minor Heal1 x Disarm1 x Defend1 x Purify1 x Force Push
Total cost: 120 pts

Regular Opening
Forge Flower
"Agressive opening"
dwarf guard flower into double leather
Safe Opening
Dwarf guard flower into dwarf hammer leather
Hope you enjoy and comment!

Mages / The Paladin!
« on: February 16, 2017, 10:09:35 PM »
The OP mage. The Mage I believe is the strongest right now. Here's why:
1. Too Scary
All a paladin needs is his sword, bear strength, and gauntlets and you are in a very tricky spot. You do not want to spend all your actions removing his stuff, but if you don't you will get hit HARD.
2. Not Weak to Anything
You can't go big buddy against him, he will just wreck it. Swarm doesn't really work etheir as he will have creatures of his own and enough actions to stop the swarm. Fast play is good vs him, but he will still got enough actions out of the forge most likely.
Massive spellbook and too flexible
Since he is trained is so many good cards, his books are always huge. He will benfit from almost every expansion since he is so god dang versatile.

These are just my humble thoughts.

Strategy and Tactics / Pally or WArlord tank
« on: February 16, 2017, 02:27:26 PM »
What would the differences be? Which would be better? How would they play?

Spellbook Design and Construction / AT Warlord Tank
« on: February 15, 2017, 10:45:05 PM »
Opening is Forge Flower into really whatever I need in that matchup
AT Warlord Tank!A Anvil Throne Warlord Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack2 x Hurl Boulder1 x Acid Ball3 x Hurl RockConjuration1 x Battle Forge2 x Mana Flower2 x Ballista1 x Hand of Bim-ShallaCreature2 x Iron Golem1 x Dwarf PanzergardeEnchantment3 x Regrowth3 x Rhino Hide1 x Armor Ward1 x Retaliate1 x Bear Strength3 x Critical Strike1 x Akiro's Favor1 x Divine MightEquipment2 x Harshforge Plate1 x Moonglow Amulet1 x Mage Wand2 x Elemental Wand1 x Leather Chausses1 x Morning Star1 x Elemental Cloak2 x Veteran's Belt1 x Wand of Healing1 x Reflex Boots2 x Champion's Gauntlets1 x Spiked BucklerIncantation1 x Charge1 x Defend1 x Battle Fury1 x Teleport2 x Dissolve3 x Dispel1 x Minor Heal1 x Purify1 x Remove Curse1 x Crumble1 x Seeking Dispel
Total cost: 120 pts


Spellbook Design and Construction / Larrick Druid!
« on: February 12, 2017, 02:37:25 PM »
Some Questions!
Are 6 tanglevines to much? They don't sync well with lashers?
6 Acid balls?
Basic dmg source?
Game Summary (maybe)
Basic deck overview?

Strategy and Tactics / Larrick Druid!
« on: February 12, 2017, 02:36:15 PM »
Some Questions!
Are 6 tanglevines to much? They don't sync well with lashers?
6 Acid balls?
Basic dmg source?
Game Summary (maybe)
Basic deck overview?

Strategy and Tactics / Druid: Weak to Fire?
« on: February 10, 2017, 07:00:42 AM »
At first glance, the druid and her plants seem very weak to fire. However if you actually think about it, 1 fireball already puts you behind MANA wise since snappers and lasher's are so cheap. And even 8+ dice fireballs are not guaranteed to kill the plants. The ring and gloves of skill help this, but those can easily be dissolved or dispelled.

Spellbook Design and Construction / Druid Aggro!
« on: February 08, 2017, 08:08:37 PM »
Another Druid book for you all! This one focuses on the philisophy of if I am agressive, my tree is safe. Opener is mana flower tree into lasher and etheir mass agression or more econemy.
The Med amulet will likely leave, does not fit with wanting to be aggro.
Burst of thorns: just a good card!
Read, enjoy, and comment!
Druid Aggro!A Druid Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack1 x Acid Ball1 x Hurl Boulder2 x Surging Wave1 x Geyser1 x Jet StreamConjuration2 x Corrosive Orchid2 x Mana Flower1 x Vine Tree3 x Tanglevine1 x Wall of Thorns1 x Meredia's Blessing1 x Enchanter's WardstoneCreature1 x Steelclaw Grizzly4 x Thornlasher4 x Vine Snapper2 x Raptor VineEnchantment2 x Mongoose Agility2 x Bear Strength2 x Rust1 x Falcon Precision2 x Lion Savagery2 x Wolf Fury2 x Nullify3 x Rhino Hide1 x Barkskin2 x Enchantment TransfusionEquipment1 x Elemental Cloak2 x Chitin Armor1 x Leather Boots1 x Leather Chausses1 x Mage Wand1 x Meditation Amulet1 x Enchanter's Ring1 x Druid's Leaf RingIncantation2 x Seeking Dispel4 x Dispel4 x Dissolve2 x Force Push2 x Lesser Teleport2 x Teleport
Total cost: 120 pts

Strategy and Tactics / Streywood Aviary with Other mages!
« on: February 06, 2017, 10:32:36 AM »
What mages can employ similar tactics and how would they do so?

Spellbook Design and Construction / Grizzlies!
« on: February 04, 2017, 10:04:17 PM »
Grizzlies!A Druid Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack2 x Surging Wave1 x Force HammerConjuration1 x Vine Tree3 x Mana Flower3 x Tanglevine1 x Wall of Thorns2 x Elephant Grass1 x Meredia's BlessingCreature2 x Vine Snapper2 x Thornlasher3 x Steelclaw Grizzly1 x Mountain Ram1 x Woolly Rhinoceros2 x Darkfenne AspEnchantment2 x Eagle Wings3 x Bear Strength2 x Cheetah Speed2 x Mongoose Agility1 x Falcon Precision2 x Rust1 x Lion Savagery2 x Nullify3 x Regrowth3 x Rhino Hide1 x Barkskin1 x Enchantment Transfusion1 x Chant of Rage1 x Wolf FuryEquipment1 x Chitin Armor1 x Mage Wand1 x Elemental Cloak1 x Wand of Healing1 x Enchanter's Ring1 x Druid's Leaf RingIncantation4 x Dissolve2 x Seeking Dispel4 x Dispel1 x Teleport2 x Force Push2 x Lesser Teleport1 x Purify
Total cost: 120 pts

This book is fun! When you get 2-3 grizzlies out, it becomes very hard to focus them down efficiently. Especially when they are buffed! They typical opening is leaf ring flower. This leaves you at 23 mana turn 2. You have several options
The economy turn 2: Double flower or flower + tree.
The aggro opening: grizzly + something.
If you're tree isn't out they can't focus it (thank you biblofilter!)

Spellbook Design and Construction / Warlock
« on: February 03, 2017, 08:31:43 PM »
Warlock Bash!A Warlock Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack2 x Flameblast2 x Fireball1 x Ring of Fire1 x Firestorm1 x Surging WaveConjuration1 x Tanglevine2 x Enchanter's WardstoneCreature1 x Dark Pact Slayer1 x Necropian Vampiress1 x Adramelech, Lord of Fire2 x Firebrand Imp2 x Darkfenne BatEnchantment1 x Cheetah Speed2 x Bear Strength2 x Vampirism1 x Rhino Hide1 x Ghoul Rot2 x Agony2 x Magebane2 x Block2 x Nullify2 x Arcane Ward1 x Death Link1 x Mongoose Agility1 x Lion Savagery2 x Enchantment Transfusion1 x Falcon Precision2 x Poisoned BloodEquipment2 x Sectarus, Dark Rune Sword1 x Lash of Hellfire2 x Fireshaper Ring1 x Elemental Cloak1 x Demonhide Armor1 x Enchanter's Ring1 x Mage Wand1 x Mage StaffIncantation2 x Dispel1 x Seeking Dispel2 x Dissolve1 x Explode1 x Battle Fury1 x Teleport1 x Knockdown
Total cost: 120 pts

Strategy and Tactics / Streywood Aviary
« on: February 03, 2017, 06:14:21 PM »
How is it doing in this meta? New card additions?

The book always surpised me at how it won Gen Con even though having very simple counters.

Strategy and Tactics / Animal Kinship
« on: February 02, 2017, 09:27:37 AM »
How good are animal kinship SBM's? I have seen a variety of builds. but just how good are they?

Spellbook Design and Construction / Beastmaster!
« on: February 01, 2017, 08:00:25 PM »
First attempt at beastmaster in a while.
Beastmaster!A Beastmaster Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack2 x Hurl Rock1 x Force Hammer1 x Acid BallConjuration1 x Lair2 x Mana Flower2 x Rajan's Fury3 x Tanglevine1 x Wall of ThornsCreature4 x Thunderift Falcon2 x Timber Wolf1 x Emerald Tegu1 x Fellella, Pixie Familiar1 x Steelclaw Grizzly1 x Cervere, The Forest Shadow1 x Slavörg, Fang of the First MoonEnchantment1 x Akiro's Favor1 x Hawkeye2 x Brace Yourself2 x Bear Strength2 x Cheetah Speed1 x Falcon Precision1 x Nullify2 x Lion Savagery1 x Mongoose Agility1 x Regrowth2 x Rhino Hide1 x Astral Anchor1 x Wolf Fury1 x Badger Frenzy1 x Iguana Regrowth2 x Tangleroot1 x RustEquipment1 x Chitin Armor1 x Leather Chausses1 x Leather Gloves1 x Mage Wand2 x Regrowth Belt1 x Mage Staff1 x Eagleclaw Boots1 x Enchanter's Ring1 x Wand of HealingIncantation1 x Dispel1 x Purge Magic2 x Dissolve1 x Teleport1 x Force Push2 x Rouse the Beast1 x Call of the Wild1 x Minor Heal1 x Purify1 x Remove Curse1 x Seeking Dispel
Total cost: 120 pts
Open with lair ring into flower, falcon, and enchant.
Notes: Might want an asp or two.
Hawkeye might go, few attack spells.
Elemental Wand
Enjoy and comment!

Spellbook Design and Construction / Blasting Banker: The Real New Deck!
« on: January 31, 2017, 06:36:38 PM »
I think I managed to do it! The book is almost finished. Things I see:
Fire protection
More attack spells
Gloves of skill
Note: This version has no curses (magebane, ghoul rot) Might be looking to add some back in.
Blasting Banker New!A Wizard (Air) Spellbookbuilt by the OCTGN SBB
Attack1 x Surging Wave1 x Jet Stream2 x Lightning Bolt1 x Arc LightningConjuration1 x Hand of Bim-Shalla2 x Mana Crystal2 x Battle Forge1 x Mordok's Obelisk1 x Enchanter's Wardstone1 x Wizard's TowerEnchantment5 x Nullify3 x Rhino Hide4 x Regrowth1 x Poisoned Blood3 x Enchantment Transfusion1 x Essence Drain1 x Agony1 x Divine ProtectionEquipment4 x Mage Wand1 x Leather Gloves1 x Leather Boots2 x Veteran's Belt1 x Moonglow Amulet2 x Wand of Healing1 x Suppression Cloak1 x Arcane Ring1 x Elemental Wand1 x Deflection Bracers1 x Eagleclaw Boots2 x Chitin Armor2 x Storm Drake Hide2 x Staff of Storms1 x Lightning RingIncantation2 x Teleport6 x Dispel4 x Seeking Dispel6 x DissolveCreature
Total cost: 120 pts

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