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do you play with academy cards? that makes harshforge plate defense weaker.

What i see in general are a lot of cards but only a few multiple, as you state you want to be flexible. But having a particular strategy in mind is better. Even if you try to be flexible changing gear in between takes still more time then keeping to your strategy.

Currently we are not playing with academy cards, but that might change in the future.

The reason why I do not have so many multiples is that most of the time I do not need a spell more then once. And some I can reuse with the helm of command or the elemental wand.

Do you have any recommendations to what to change ?


Ideas for rune application:

Rune of Fortification: Probably on Elemental Cloak to not make Harshforge Plate the only target.
Rune of Power: Helm of Command or Elemental Wand
Rune of Precision: Morning Star
Rune of Reforging: Probably on Harshforge Plate so my opponent has to think twice before destroying it
Rune of Shielding: Deflection Bracers ( I mean 5+ Defense? Yes please! )

Hey all - pretty new to the whole Mage Wars thing but also already pretty hooked ;)

What do you think of this spellbook for the Anvil Throne Warlord ?

Anvil Throne Warlord
Attack1 x  Hurl Boulder1 x  Hurl Rock1 x  Hail of StonesConjuration1 x  Garrison Post1 x  Harshforge Monolith1 x  Barracks1 x  Wall of Thorns1 x  Tanglevine1 x  Altar of Domination1 x  Archer's Watchtower1 x  Wall of Earth1 x  Battle ForgeCreature1 x  Skeletal Minion1 x  Grimson Deadeye, Sniper1 x  Skeletal Archer1 x  Talos1 x  Dwarf Panzergarde1 x  Goblin Slinger1 x  Thorg, Chief Bodyguard1 x  Skeletal Knight1 x  Orc ButcherEnchantment1 x  Armor Ward1 x  Rust1 x  Brace Yourself1 x  Regrowth1 x  Bear Strength1 x  HawkeyeEquipment1 x  Harshforge Plate1 x  Deflection Bracers1 x  Ring of Command1 x  Helm of Command1 x  Horn of Gothos1 x  Eagleclaw Boots1 x  Veteran's Belt2 x  Morning Star1 x  Meditation Amulet1 x  Elemental Wand1 x  Elemental Cloak1 x  General's Signet RingIncantation1 x  Purify2 x  Force Push2 x  Dispel1 x  Perfect Strike1 x  Disarm1 x  Teleport2 x  Charge1 x  Sniper Shot1 x  Conquer1 x  Flank Attack1 x  Rouse the Beast1 x  Power Strike1 x  Battle Fury1 x  Dissolve1 x  Evade1 x  Defend
Total cost: 120 pts


The main idea of this book was to be pretty flexible and be able to react to any kind of situation.
Also it has mutliple "win" options.
Keep in mind: I am new to all of this, so most of these thoughts are theory crafting :D

Generally: Gear gets protected by Harshforge Plate + Runes + Armor Ward

1. Hurl Rock + Elemental Wand + Hawkeye + Rune of Power = Cheap (only 3 Mana!) 6 Damage Spell at your disposal. (I think Warlord could actually be a cool spell slinger with his mana discount on spells)

2. Altar of Domination to apply some pressure, when the enemy mage tries to stay in his corner.

3. Possibility to build up a mana economy (but not preferred), if the enemy walls in and I can not get through quick

4. Possibility to wall in myself with earth wall and watchtower

5. In case of Forcemaster or Necromancer I can use the undead soldiers so most of their stuff is wasted (I know pretty expensive, but they come in pretty handy)

6. Helm of Command + Command Ring + Rune of Power = Most of the command spells for free.

7. Equipment for protection and / or going face to face if needed

8. Wall of Thorns combo for some unobservant mages

What do you guys think? :)


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