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Alternative Play / Re: OCTGN regularity
« Last post by Puddnhead on Today at 07:37:06 PM »
OCTGN appears to be down today.  I keep getting an unkown error when attempting to login.  I hope to be able to play next week.  Sorry all!
Alternative Play / Re: A Call For Coders - OCTGN
« Last post by Sailor Vulcan on Today at 07:08:28 PM »
I wish I could help but I'm gonna be too busy this semester I think. Maybe you should make it a multi person project so that multiple people share the work instead of having it all dumped on one person? I might be able to help with this every once in a rare while once I know how to use python, but I can't promise anything.

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Spells / Re: Thoughts on mind control
« Last post by RomeoXero on Today at 05:28:06 PM »
Can't mind control an earth elemental. Psychic immunity if im not mistaken

Edit: apparently you can as it only has non living. Which does not grant psi immune.  That's intresting
Alternative Play / A Call For Coders - OCTGN
« Last post by Coshade on Today at 04:39:55 PM »
Hey there,

So we are looking for a coder for the OCTGN team. Currently Shark is our resident octgn updater, however he is going to be gone for a year doing career stuff! We are looking for someone that knows Python, or wants to learn to help keep OCTGN updated. If you are interested please contact me, Puddnhead or Shark.
Spells / Thoughts on mind control
« Last post by Sailor Vulcan on Today at 01:55:56 PM »
So Mind Control is a level 6 spell, and costs 6 spell points to include in a mind mage's spellbook. If you use it to take control of a beastmaster's falcon, you are spending 6 points to lower your opponent's spellpoints by 1 and then regain 3 spell points, the equivalent of losing 3 spellpoints to lower your opponent's spellpoints by 1. But what if the beastmaster enchanted the falcon with bear strength? then your opponent is losing 2 spell points, and you are regaining 5 spell points.

you can see where this is going. It's probably worth it to mind control a falcon if it has been enchanted with both wolf fury and gator toughness, because then you are paying 6 spell points to lower opponents spell points by 3 and then gaining back 7 spell points yourself. In other words, mind controlling a beastmaster's leverl 1 nature creature which has been enchanted with two level 1 nature enchantments is effectively increasing your spellpoints by 1 and lowering your opponent's spell points by 3. Now, imagine you're facing a warlord, and they are using an earth elemental. If you mind control it, you are spending 6 spell points to lower opponent's spell points by 5 and then you gain back 15 spell points. Effectively you are gaining 9 spell points and then lowering your opponent's spell points by 5.

Now, what if your opponent uses incantations to help increase the creature's impact on the game? Like, let's say you're facing a priestess using brogan, and you manage to bring brogan to the brink of dying, but then she uses a heal to bring him back down to 0 damage. Heal + Brogan costs the priestess 6 spell points, and it would cost you 12 spell points. If you immediately pay 6 spell points to mind control a brogan that was healed by the Heal incantation before it has the chance to use its action again, you are effectively benefiting from the Heal incantation that your opponent, the priestess cast. In other words, by mind controlling a brogan that was just healed with the Heal incantation, you are on net gaining 6 spell points and lowering your priestess opponent's spell points by 6.

A difference of 12 spell points! Imagine, that's like casting a teleport mage wand and then using it twice, only it takes 2 less actions (or just 1 less actions if you are casting it from range 2 instead of range 1, since you'll need to take a move action toward the creature to reveal the mind control).

Also, mind controlling minor creatures is a lot cheaper mana-wise, so don't hesitate to mind control minor creatures if their controller has invested a bit of resources into it.

Hey Sailor :)

Congrats with the Win!!

Hope to play a bit of Academy in the future. (and Domination)
Surging Wave
Hurl Boulder x2
Hurl Rock x2

Mana Flower
Garrison Post
Steep Hill
Wall of Earth

Gurmash, Orc Sergeant
Goblin Slinger x2
Orc Butcher
Skeletal Sentry x2
Skeletal Minion x4
Royal Armorer
Straywood Scout

Defend Me
Promotion x2
Press the Attack
Akiro's Favor
Critical Strike
Chant of Rage
Glancing Blow
Standard Bearer
Brace Yourself
Fire at Will

Mage Wand
Elemental Wand
Harshforge Plate x2
General's Signet Ring
Ring of Command
Steadfast Boots
Tempered Faulds
Captain's Cape
Strategist's Helm x2
Horn of Gothos
Morning Star
Champion's Gauntlets x2
Wychwood Ironvine

Gear Up
Reassemble x2
Remove Curse
Battle Fury x2
Dissolve x2
Force Push
Lesser Teleport x2
Minor Heal

Total 120 sbps

An updated gurmash book since academy warlord!

T1 barracks and flower
T2 ring and slinger or ring and armorer if i dont feel rushed
T3 deploy minion, armor him if possible, hard cast gurmash or move and ballista

I do know i have a lot i want to do with this book which is why i chose to not use a forge. I feel that mana will slow me down early on, especially with barracks.  I do have gear up for when i need it. Most equipment doesnt see play often unless i am given the chance to cast it. I will cast it as necessary since i have gurmash and barracks.But i will hard cast rings, maybe cape, and chest piece..all as needed. Gear up is for a wand - rock or reassemble-/ morning star/ horn - goes well with the helmet...(whichever i feel i really need atm), helmet, and gauntlets.

I am considering a forge for late game but have yet to make that decision.

The post is to throw on their side of the arena, useful as a decoy, to get positional advantage, and for barracks mana. Good choice overall but i want to out it near the opponents side if they stick around there.

I want to work with skeletons bc skeletal vets are so much fun! So a minion off the barracks only cost me 2 mana, not too shabby.  Sentries are pretty sweet too. I just couldnt justify 6 mana for the knight. I got 2 slingers amd a butcher for that :)
But i tried to stick with lower mana coat creatures aince thwy can get pretty nasty with battle orders and the new formations on top of the other warlords utilities, standard bearer, armory, etc.

But thats what i have for now on my newest version of this book. Constructive criticism welcome
Spellbook Design and Construction / Rally Cry Warlord
« Last post by silverclawgrizzly on Today at 10:51:01 AM »
All right so I've "recovered" enough from this past weekend. A day watching The Defenders on Netflix is apparently very curative for con fatigue. Here is my Bloodwave Warlord book using some of the new cards from Academy: Warlord.

Equipment: 20pts
Harshforge Plate X2
Strategist Helm
Ivarium Halberd
Champion Guantlets
Tempered Faulds
General's Signet Ring
Veteran's Belt
Mage Wand
Commanders Cape
Horn of Gothos

Conjurations: 14pts
Garrison Post
Mana Flower
Steep Hill
Battle Forge
Wall of Earth

Creatures: 23pts
Goblin Slinger X2
Izimballa, Daughter of Badgers
Dwarf Panzergarde
Wychwood Ranger
Torgo, Pit Troll
Bloodcraig Minotaur
Orc Butcher X2

Enchantments: 25pts
Promotion X2
Ballad of Courage X2
Critical Strike X2
Fire At Will
Press the Attack
Dig In
Rhino Hide
Brace Yourself X2
Bear Strength

Incantations: 25pts
Minor Heal
Focused Strike X3
Dissolve X2
Gear Up
Sweeping Strike
Shift Enchantment

Attacks: 13pts
Hurl Rock X2
Hurl Boulder X2
Hail of Stones
Seismic Burst

So I can already address a few questions. Yes I'm going with a Barracks build solely for action economy and yes I'm going to give the Horn of Gothos a chance. The Bloodwave isn't capable of benefiting from all of his own Battle Orders as much as in order to get the benefit from Release Volley he'll have to cast an attack spell from his hand instead of from a wand. While I'm cool with that I'd rather have the freedom to move around and not be tied to one spot to also benefit my range units and make no mistake I love the idea of buffing my range units when I'm not around. Right now this book does a lot of things well and I'll eventually decide what I want to focus on it doing extremely well. This is a rough draft, haven't played it yet. Looking for general thoughts as I plan to play it this week.
I am wondering what you believe is misconceived regarding Academy. I know that I don't play it simply because I don't want to. Thanks.
Did you read through my blog post? I explained there.

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Events / Re: Reflection on the Mage Wars Academy tournament at Gen Con
« Last post by DaveW on Today at 09:50:25 AM »
I am wondering what you believe is misconceived regarding Academy. I know that I don't play it simply because I don't want to. Thanks.
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