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Regularly-scheduled Mage Wars action continues at the Royal Canadian Legion on Wednesday June 28.

It is recommended (but not required) that each player be prepared to play Domination or Arena on a given night.  That is, it's probably a good idea to bring (at least) 2 spell books: one designed for regular Arena play, and one designed for (presumably multiplayer) Domination - although in principle these could be the same book.

I generally have a few extra Arena, Domination and Academy spell books on hand in case you don't have one for a specific format... but probably more fun (and less learning curve) if you arrive with your own spell book.

"Your Wednesday Mage Wars spell book: Don't leave home without it."
- Anonymous Wizard

See you at the Legion!
Mages / Re: Rise of the Necromancer.
« Last post by silverclawgrizzly on June 22, 2017, 04:56:21 PM »
Pfft what do birds care about steep hills? Sleep spells? Ha! Cure handles that and then some. Beast Master shall slay the new Force Master tricks and any Necromancer!

Ahem...back on topic....I also wish all the necros good luck with the scarabs.
Mages / Re: Rise of the Necromancer.
« Last post by Puddnhead on June 22, 2017, 04:30:57 PM »
I donīt know if anyone has mention it already.

I have a great hatred for Forcemaster: Sleep, Mind Control and Mass Sleep.

Thats why every time i feel like going about being a merry Beastmaster - i choose Necromancer instead:


Good luck being immune to critical damage and having a taste of your own Non-living medicine :)
Mages / Re: Rise of the Necromancer.
« Last post by Biblofilter on June 22, 2017, 04:20:58 PM »
I donīt know if anyone has mention it already.

I have a great hatred for Forcemaster: Sleep, Mind Control and Mass Sleep.

Thats why every time i feel like going about being a merry Beastmaster - i choose Necromancer instead:


Mages / Re: Rise of the Necromancer.
« Last post by V10lentray on June 22, 2017, 02:04:29 PM »
Alfiya loves Zombies!!!
Mages / Re: Rise of the Necromancer.
« Last post by silverclawgrizzly on June 22, 2017, 01:36:34 PM »
Nice responses so far, I get the flavor appeal. I'd imagine why my locals play him too.

DrMambo if you want to send your zombies into the holy meat grinder I'm happy to mail back what's left sir.
Mages / Re: Rise of the Necromancer.
« Last post by drmambo23 on June 22, 2017, 11:45:52 AM »
I know ive posted !bout the necro more than any other mage bit i like to share anythjng i can about him.

I play necro for the flavor morr than anything. But i have also made him my main for tournaments bc i do well with him, but that is only secondary to the flavor aspect. I actually started making him my main for tournament training bc he has the undead creatures. When i got into the tournament scene forcemasters were strong and mind control always got me. So use undeads, play poison cards, and go at it. Plus playing as my favorite mage was a nice bonus!  :)

But why he is great in mage wars:
Zombies are dirt cheap for what they can do
Skeletons are durable and can be healed
10 channeling
2 spawnpoint options, i am in favor of graveyard
Trained in dark, enough said there
Eternal servant ability...for no mana investment up front.
And poison immunity! I think this and 10 channeling make him a force to be taken seriously.  The 10 channel bc he is easy to upgrade it making it more difficult for a 9 channel to catch up, but also is wonderful if you use the rin and a spawnpoint to get a 2 or more mana discount each turn on top of that. 

Yes, you dont have to worry about a boulder tainting your mage. But you can apply arena wide effects and focus down a target to take them out faster while you and your creatures are fine.  And i resent your argument using a dirty holy mage!!! And i will take the challenge if zombies vs your melee paladin!

And there are plenty if cards to work against a mirror match like drain life, siphon life, magebane, chains of agony, marked for death, curse of decay, etc. All of these are in school options that are cheap, except drain life, and allow you to work around poison immunity.   But its the same scenario as if a warlock faced another warlock that used all fire immune creatures. It would be tough but can be done by prepping the right cards in your book.

But yes, the main strategy as of late is idol, zobos or skellies, and cloak. Why? Because it kicks ass! I am working on sime builds that will hopefully show that a necro can be more than just a hoard generating machine that sits in the back or the arena. But its all a work in progress. But the "necro meta" has been established that way for now and i hope it does change and we see a more diverse playstyle from players, muself included.  Bit what we have now, if played right works and i think that is why people gravitate towards him. But its not just his stata that make him great. Like always you have to know your book and possible strategies to go against.  Necro, to me, is like a game of cat and mouse. You build up, play your defense, attack, wash rinse repeat.

But that aside, if you know how to react, using the tools he has can make him a strong contender for offense and defense! 

Mages / Re: Rise of the Necromancer.
« Last post by vlad3theimpaler on June 22, 2017, 03:12:18 AM »
I can't speak to tournament appearances, but I can tell you why I love the Necromancer.  For me, style is a big part of it.  I've always thought black had some of the coolest cards in M:tg, and in dnd, my favorite enemies were liches, vampires, and other undead.  (And some demons, too.)

So when I tried mage wars, I immediately gravitated towards the dark mages.  Warlocks immediately caught my eye with their demons, and a few undead here and there.  And then the Druid vs. Necromacer expansion came out, and I still think it's the coolest expansion in the game.  There's so much style! You've got shambling zombie hordes, you've got an altar that powers up by placing skulls on it, you've got the book of the dead as an equipment!  (And if you have the sweet cardsleeves with the Libro Mortuos art, you can have your spellbook card in the spellbook sleeve, inside your spellbook.  It's like a Russian doll of evil!)

Mechanically, the Necromancer does awesome things, too, that tie into the flavor.  The poison immunity to me implies that the Necromancer is on the way to undeath himself, and the ability to use it as a weapon with impunity is pretty useful.  Having a graveyard and an evil book as spawnpoints are awesome flavor, and it also allows a cool strategic option of using both to just flood the board with creatures.  And having skeleton objects that can't be "healed," but can be "reconstructed" with an ample supply of bones is also pretty cool, and useful.  I actually prefer the skeletons to the zombies, both because I think they're cool, and because I'm a contrarian like that.   :)  They actually also work a little better against other necromancers, imo, because you're not paying for bloodthirsty effects that won't matter.  And with the dark conjurations that sap the other player's life, there's also an option to effectively set a "clock" and dare the opponent to try to kill you before that.

In short, Necromancers are both extremely cool from a flavor perspective, and have some unique strategic options open to them that separate them from the other mages.  That's why I like playing them, and I expect that's true for other people as well.
Mages / Re: Rise of the Necromancer.
« Last post by jacksmack on June 21, 2017, 06:34:19 PM »
Cheap durable hard hitting creatures. (zombies).

They have less mobility but its not really a problem because of idol of pestilence. Eventually the opponent has to come at you.

I think its kinda broken he gets poison immunity for free. I would have preferred it to be be a necromancer only equipment that could be destroyed.
It also limits his own strategies... basically if you make a serious book you cannot put more than a few points into poison cards because if you invest too heavily your at a serious disadvantage in a mirror match that spends 0 points on poison cards.

To sum it up. Cloak of shadows, Idol, Zombies.
General Discussion / Re: Essential cards pack
« Last post by Sailor Vulcan on June 21, 2017, 05:07:50 PM »
Just put them in stacks and don't use the binders. Problem solved!

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