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Author Topic: My air wizard control build  (Read 1293 times)


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My air wizard control build
« on: August 08, 2013, 04:45:54 AM »
Hi everyone!

This is the first build I'm posting here, hope you like it.
But first a few disclaimers:
First, I'm a broke student, so currently I only have a single core set, no expansions of any kind. Second, the MW community here in Israel is very young (read: close to non-existant) so I haven't got a lot of chances to try this build out - I've only tried it once against a friend who is not a very good player. I haven't played more than 10 full games of MW in general. However, my favorite part about any game that involves customization is making up new builds (sometimes even more than playing them), so here I am!

Now for the build: I've never been the full-on-aggro kind of guy, I mostly like either hardcore turtling build, or really annnoing, pesky control builds, the kind that allow me to ruin my opponents' plans on every step, adding psychological warfare to the mix.
It's a build that's built just around the former kind - It's has few creatures (the annoing ones), but a lot of means of control, mainly mana starvation and displacement, as well as a lot of attack spells for direct damage.

    And here are the cards:

    1 Lightning Ring
    1 Arcane Ring
    1 Moonglow Amulet
    1 Elemental Wand
    1 Mage Wand
    1 Supression Cloak
    1 Dragonscale Hauberk
    1 Leather Boots
    1 Staff of the Arcanum

    1 Moonglow Fairy
    1 Mana Leech
    1 Whirling Spirit
    1 Huginn, Raven Familiar
    1 Blue Gremlin
    1 Gorgon Archer

    1 Teleport Trap
    1 Circle of Lightning
    1 Reverse Attack
    1 Harmonize
    1 Reverse Magic
    2 Nullify
    2 Decoy
    1 Jinx
    1 Block
    1 Force Sword
    2 Essence Drain
    1 Force Hold

    1 Battle Forge
    1 Poison Gas Cloud
    1 Suppression Orb
    1 Mana Siphon
    1 Mordok's Obelisk
    2 Mana Crystal
    2 Fog Bank

    1 Sleep
    1 Drain Power
    1 Purge Magic
    2 Dissolve
    1 Steal Enchantment
    1 Dispel
    2 Seeking Dispel
    2 Teleport
    2 Minor Heal

    2 Jet Stream
    3 Lightning Bolt
    1 Electrify
    1 Chain Lightning
    1 Thunderbolt

After some feedback at BGG I remove Banish and 1 Jinx and added the Gorgon Archer instead (this is the list after the change)
I'll be glad to hear your thoughts, feedback etc. Thanks!