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Author Topic: Alternate male Druid (Leprechaun)  (Read 1054 times)

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Alternate male Druid (Leprechaun)
« on: January 06, 2014, 02:59:48 PM »
Training: Nature, Holy level 2 and Mind level 1. Creatures cost triple.
Channeling 9
Life 32
Race: Leprechaun


Blink 2 (see ACG's custom codex)

Lucky Leaf
During the deploy phase, you may cast a Lucky Leaf marker into your zone for 4 mana, or move it to any adjacent zone. The Lucky leaf marker is a plant conjuration with 4 life and a defense of 5+ with 3 uses per round. It has the finite life trait. You can destroy it to cast a vine spell. The leprechaun Druid can still destroy regular vine markers he controls to cast vine spells as if he had the spreading vines ability, but he cannot deploy regular vine markers. This Druid has four different lucky leaves.

Lucky leaf #1: All other vine plants in this Lucky Leaf's zone gain the Regenerate +1 trait

Lucky Leaf #2: all friendly creatures in this lucky leaf's zone have the Intercept trait

Lucky Leaf #3
Twice per round, you can Reroll the effect die or all of the attack dice whenever a friendly creature in this zone attacks or is attacked.

Lucky Leaf #4: as a quick spell, you can pay 6 mana so that all friendly plant conjurations have a 2 dice ranged 0-1 attack until end of round. Or, as a quick spell, you can pay 10 mana so that until end of round, all plant conjurations you control gain a 3 dice vampiric ranged attack with a range of 0-2 and the following effect die effects:

1-4 push
5-7 push and daze
8-10 daze and rot
11+ Daze and 2 rot

Unlike the original Druid, who likes to gradually take control of the whole board, the leprechaun Druid is a toolbox mage who likes to make a few "safe zones" and then move them around if he wants to. If the Leprechaun Druid is in trouble, move him back to one of his safe zones, or move one of his safe zones to him.

What do you think?
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