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Drunken Warlock
« on: February 20, 2014, 03:50:49 PM »
Standard rigamarole:

For anyone who missed it I have just decided to start uploading my current spellbooks! Ill try to upload 1-2 a day and give a rundown of how any games I play with them go, as well as any tweaks I make to them along the way.

I'm fairly new to the game/ have only recently found a group of players to compete with. as I have only been playing new players for the most part my games are often undeserving victories!
I am trying to keep 6 functional decks so that I can have some variety and so that any new players I introduce can have their pick of interesting mages (I currently have the Kumanjaro and DvN expansions) and while I have purchased a few extra cards, some of my card choices are based on a lack of availability. I know teleport is awesome!

Anyways onto my:

(Arraxian Crown)

---  Attack  ---  ( 8 )
2 Ring of Fire
2 Fireball
---  Conjuration  ---  (7)
1 Battle Forge
2 Enchanter's Wardstone
---  Creature  ---    (15)
1 Adramelech, Lord of Fire
1 Firebrand Imp
1 Goran, Werewolf Pet
1 Necropian Vampiress
---  Enchantment  ---  (53)
2 Vampirism
2 Bear Strength
2 Regrowth
2 Rhino Hide
1 Bull Endurance
1 Cheetah Speed
1 Mongoose Agility
1 Armor Ward
2 Nullify
1 Decoy
1 Reverse Magic
1 Jinx
1 Harmonize
1 Enchantment Transfusion
1 Chains of Agony
1 Agony
2 Poisoned Blood
1 Magebane
1 Ghoul Rot
1 Death Link
1 Plagued

---  Equipment  ---  (23)
1 Moloch's Torment
1 Eagleclaw Boots
1 Veterans Belt
1 Helm of Fear
1 Demonhide Armor
1 Elemental Cloak
1 Ring of Curses
1 Enchanter's Ring
1 Fireshaper Ring
2 Lash of Hellfire
1 Elemental Wand
1 Gauntlets of Strength

---  Incantation  ---  (14)
1 Dissolve
2 Explode
1 Dispel
1 Seeking Dispel
1 Teleport

 I imagine the available strategies for my warlock are fairly clear. I can run up and punch things in the face, or I can curse and run away. I have a few creatures to support these efforts. I tend to grab the vamp for an all out rush. I grab the imp for a slightly more subtle game, enchanting him with curses/buffs/counters and using transfusion to either; massive insta-buff my guy for a shift in strategy (I had been running and cursing),
massive curse the enemy, or occasionally I just turn him into a surprisingly powerful little ally. Adramelech and Goran or in there for more situational plays, most games they see little to no play, I will likely remove ore replace one or both soon.

The games thus far:

Game 1  (win vs Beastmaster)
move, Battle Forge/Decoy, I didn't want to commit too much mana 'till I had an idea what I was up against. He Opened with a Mana Flower and a Lair. I equipped an enchanter's ring from the forge, summoned my Vampiress, and proceeded to enchant/equip/advance as fast as I could. It was a pretty straightforward mauling from there. He obviously intended to make a group of canines and get Redclaw, my vamp dealt with the creatures I focused on the mage.

Game 2 (win vs druid)
Sprint/Nullify, My first play against a druid! can't really ask for a more favorable match-up. Sprint and an enchantment set me up to bring in Adremelech. The Druid was a  fairly new player but put up a surprisingly good fight, effective use of walls and thornlashers, kept me out of the fight, and a plethora of the Nightshade Lotus kept Adremelech out of action for a while. I eventually got a deathlink on him which kept him awake and my mage healthy.

Game 3 (win vs Forcemaster)
Battle Forge/Harmonize(on the forge), My first game even seeing a forcemaster, I decided it would likely be more or less a 1v1, and decided to harmonize and let her come to me! Forge gave me an enchanter's ring, I got out and imp the next turn and planned to store curses on it though I started with a nullify and never got the chance to build up anything. She wound up summoning the flying caster's (I don't have forcemaster and cant remember the names) and the stealthy thing and coming at me with them while she equipped herself, I had initiative when the first caster got in range, my forge gave me a lash, I moved and killed in in one hit, and cursed the other one. it died quickly thereafter without any further help from me. I saved my quick-cast and the stealth guy died to a curse as well a few turns later. At this point the mage was to me and had a significant health advantage, we traded a few blows, I cursed her a few times, then jinxed her and teleported away, leaving my imp to slow her. I healed up a round or two, she slowly died and failed to catch me, conceded pretty quick after that.

Anyways I like the Warlock, though most of the games so far feel fairly similar. A match up against a necromancer seems like it might be tough as it would really cut my options down to just the go in and hit things method. Hes good at that and might be fine, but a lack of plan B might hurt. all in all I like the spellbook well enough but the lack of variety Makes me not want to play him often. I would get bored, and he would be fairly simple learn to counter. When you see it all coming as soon as you see my warlock hit the table... hes not likely to last long. Time will tell though! maybe He's just that good at what he does!