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Author Topic: The double-edged Wizard (Air)  (Read 3229 times)


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The double-edged Wizard (Air)
« on: April 27, 2014, 02:54:18 PM »
Hello guys,

after a long time lurking around at this forum i decided to be part of this community and share my thoughts with you :) I really enjoy playing the game, as i do reading what others came up with so far.

I chose the Wizard as "my" Mage because of all the versaility he is offering and i love playing mind games with my opponent, he just fits my playstyle.

My first post will do the following:

1)  Explain the basic ideas
2)  Show the current spellbook
3)  Explain the reason for a few "not-so-obvious" cards
4)  List those spells id like to include. but cant decide what to throw out...

This build was inspired by charmynas wizzly grizard, you might find a lot of it back here.
As i only have access to the cards in the base game, my options are quite limited, but i adjusted it to the point where i feel most confortable with, but i think it could be still improved.
Anyways, lets get started!

Basic ideas

Battle forge + bunch of equipment:

I feel this is the most useful spawnpoint right now, early action advantage, can be used both for offense and defense.

bait, bait, bait:

I LOVE playing mid games with my opponents. Quite a few cards are there because i know they want to get rid of them, if they do, good for me as i already calculated with it from the beginning, if not, nearly as good for me since it helpes me alot if its still here. They only can act wrong, at least in my opinion. They feel good with whatever they did, until they realize they acted exactly as expected and wanted  8)

double-edged wizard:

I play my wizard a little tricky, trying to stay always one step ahead of the opponent and play accordingly, let me show you how :)

2) Current spellbook  Wizard (Air) [120]

Equipment (21)
Moonglow Amulet (1)
Dragonscale Hauberk (2)
Leather Boots (1)
Lightning Ring (1)
Enchanters Ring (1)
Regrowth Belt (1)
Deflection Bracers (2)
Elemental cloak (1)
Suppression cloak (2)
Elemental Wand (2)
Mage Wand 3x (2)

Conjurations (6)
Mana crystal 2x (2)
Battle Forge (4)

Creatures (16)
Blue Gremlin 2x (4)
Gorgon Archer (4)
Grizzly (8 )

Attack spells (11)
Lightning Bolt 2x (4)
Thunderbolt (3)
Flameblast (2)
Electrify (2)

Enchantments (34)
Nullify 3x (3)
Reverse Magic (2)
Decoy 2x (2)
Harmonize (1)
Hawkeye (2)
Circle of Lightning (2)
Rhino Hide (2)
Eagle Wings (4)
Bear Strength (2)
Reverse Attack (4)
Divine Protection (2)
Regrowth (2)
Vampirism (4)
Ceetah Speed (2)

Incantations (32)
Teleport 2x (4)
Battle fury (2)
Dispel 3x (3)
Steal Enchantment (3)
Purge Magic (3)
Seeking Dispel (1)
Dissolve 3x (6)
Sleep (4)
Heal (4)
Purify (2)

My typical Opening is pretty similiar to charmynas wizzly Grizard:

Turn 1:
10 (+10): Move up, Battle Forge (-8), Mana Crystal (-5)

Turn 2: Depending on Opponent, if he sets up economy, ill do the same, if not defensive stuff, i assume this as common knowlegde ;)

I usually try to get my grizzly out pretty soon, buff him when possible with bear strenth, vampirism and Regrowth. Vamp and Regrowth are the baits, as they are usually getting dispelled, drawing 2

If my Opponent has some decent creatures out i usually drop my gorgon, weakening them whilst i chase my grizzly after the mage, supporting him with backteleports, dispelling force holds... If he tries to melee heavily on my bear or gorgon, eagle wings is the way to go

if my opponent plays the hide and seek, super trough his walls teleporting gremlin time :)

Early game on, i try to let my forge cast a mage wand with battle fury, and throw it onto my grizzly as often as possible until it gets dispelled, drawing one of those, well see how the game goes from that

My answers to swarms are pretty obvious, divine protection, damage barrier, suppression cloak, electrify

3)  Reason for not-so-obvious cards

Reverse Attack + Decoy(s)
I absolutely love that combo, when i feel my opponent doesnt care what enchant is hiding under me, and he has some big hitters out, or even better is meleeing himself, i often use the reverse attack to throw the attack back, and soon after with the "next one", most of the time it gets dispelled, or draws an unavoidable attack, after which i happily turn it face up, and go out with +1 mana (enchanters ring)

Mage Wands
i have plenty of spells i can easily abuse, like dissolve, sleep, battle fury, and one of my last favourites, steal enchantment, when equipping one of these i try to always be equipped with a nullify on me, wanting my enemy to spend a whole turn getting rid of it, just to get it replaced with the next one, hopefully drawing his dissolves, which let my armour + voltaric shield survive, these are the baits mentioned above.

Deflection Bracers:
I know the most used equip for hand slot are the leather gloves, but i dont have the use for extra armour, since no veterans belt... and since early melee on me is the thing im most vulnerable to, i thought a melee defense cant be wrong ;)

This is i guess what some of you would call a "enchantment" controlling build, and it has worked pretty well so far.

4) Cards i would like to include

Fog Bank:
This is such a superb utility spell for interrupting LoS, to enemy battle forge, enemy archers, etc....

Jet stream:
great against flyer, enemy positioning

Moongoose Agility:
Late game, combined with ceetah speed, kite and blast
i tend to use it with tele + running away, so not sure if even needed

Obvious expansion stuff:
wiz tower, vet belt, arc lightning, enchanters wardstone(s),

Any comments very appreciated, especially for things i might have overlooked to include, and ways to include the mentioned spells...
looking forward to eat some hubie pie ;)

Regards, juli
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