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Author Topic: Zombie thriller  (Read 1194 times)


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Zombie thriller
« on: July 07, 2014, 10:58:45 PM »
Here is my first real effort at a Necromancer book.

necro thrillerNecromancer
Attack1 x  Chain Lightning2 x  Jet Stream1 x  Ring of FireConjuration1 x  Graveyard1 x  Idol of Pestilence1 x  Sacrificial AltarCreature2 x  Plague Zombie4 x  Unstable Zombie4 x  Venomous Zombie1 x  Zombie BruteEnchantment1 x  Enfeeble3 x  Maim Wings2 x  Nullify2 x  Poisoned BloodEquipment2 x  Mage Wand1 x  Cloak of Shadows1 x  Death Ring1 x  Demonhide Armor1 x  Regrowth Belt1 x  Wand of HealingIncantation2 x  Animate Dead2 x  Dispel2 x  Dissolve1 x  Drain Life1 x  Drain Soul1 x  Explode1 x  Force Push1 x  Repulse1 x  Seeking Dispel2 x  Teleport3 x  Zombie Frenzy
Total cost: 118 pts

The missing card in the list is Morning Star, a level 1 war weapon, that I have as a promo, but was released in FiF.

The plan is basically get some zombie on the field using the graveyard and casting them, then strap a Zombie frenzy onto a Mage Wand and make them dance, like in Michael Jackson's thriller. The 3 zombie frenzy and 2 wands are all in there in case the first wand and frenzy get destroyed, I have a back up. And if That second gets destroyed, I have one more frenzy to use.

The maim wings are in there because I have no way of dealing with fliers.

Chain lightning i just love it as a spell.

Ring of fire and repulse are in there as a "when the S*** hits the fan" strategy.

Wand of Healing because I have no way to remove conditions.

Explode is there because i just think it's awesome. Deals damage, burns, and destroys armor.

Poison blood is to shut down regeneration.

Plague zombie combos with Sacrificial Alter and Graveyard.

Drawbacks from the 2 games I played so far. I always felt like I never had enough mana to do anything. I'm not sure if i should add Moonglow Amulet, or Meditation Amulet, or if a flower/crystal or 2 is the way to go.

I learned that you don't put the graveyard in the corner, because if your opponent scurries across the board, they can easily drop 15-16 mana and completely wall off your graveyard.

any suggestions / comments from some more experienced necro players.
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Re: Zombie thriller
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2014, 05:29:51 AM »
Hi, i love the necromancer with zombies, so i just have to answer :)

Attack Spells
Normally as a zombie necromancer you should never have to use the Chain Lightning or the Ring of Fire.
Ring of Fire has the disadvantage, that it hits your zombies too, when they are protecting you. Chain Lightning is a good strategie to ensure that the enemies are vulnerable to bloodthirst. But there are better ways: Idol of pestilence comes into my mind, so you can spend the spellpoints for these attack spells in a better way. (Acid Ball!!)

Graveyard is most effective, when creatures are destroyed and it receives their level as mana. But what if you are fighting a one-man-army without creatures ... and he goes straight for your mage? The graveyard is in that case less effective. I prefer the Libro, because its cheaper and gives me the ability to spawn where i am.

Your Zombies are a good start. You should consider to put in more non-pest-zombies, so you can be guarded by multiple undead instead of only 1 brute.

As a dark mage, in my opinion, you lack diversity here. In this category there are very effective ways to deal with flyers or to protect your zombie army. Agony is a great curse that's very handy in every game. Chains of Agony, Rust, Debilitate (Valshalla, Gorilla etc.) should be considered too, so you can adjust your playstyle to the enemy. I also like Plagued on one of my zombie brutes  8)

When protected by your zombie army, you should not be attacked, because you are guarded or because your zombies spread fear. there is no need to go for a mana costly armor. Dragonscale Hauberk could be the better choice here, especially because there are now 3 mages out there using fire.
What conditions do you want to remove from your mage with the Healing wand? you are immun to poison, your zombies are too. Acid is not that scary, when protected by your army and cloak of shadows. I would take a second Armor and Cloak. last thing ... dont waste 5 mana on mage wands. 3 zombie frenzies are more than enough to win a game.

Explode is a very costly spell. What you want to do is: Pumping out the zombies and frenzy them to the enemy. There is no room for a big mana investment to explode enemy items. that brings you to the point, where you are canceling your second action because you need all the mana for 1 explode. dissolve or acid ball work better.
Repulse is in your matchup not a good solution. it hits your zombies as well and you want your zombies to stay close. and there is more ... you cannot control the direction of the repulse, so the enemy creatures could be thrown away from your hungry undead and thats not what you want. force push is a good thing and will be even better when using a wall of thorns, firewall or wall of poison gas. that way, you can separate the enemy mage from his army.

what i miss in your book:
nullify to protect you from being teleported out of your zombie army
more brutes to guard you and the graveyard
shagoth zora, even if its not eating, its a very cheap zombie
deathlock as alternative to poisoned blood
acid ball to weaken enemies armor
hurl bolder to finish off enemy mages

I hope my view can be a help for you :)

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