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Author Topic: Cnoedels Curselock  (Read 1448 times)


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Cnoedels Curselock
« on: August 15, 2014, 02:24:03 PM »
Attack1 x  Devil's Trident2 x  Fireball1 x  Firestorm2 x  Flameblast1 x  Ring of FireConjuration1 x  Battle Forge2 x  Enchanter's WardstoneCreature2 x  Blood Demon1 x  Sersiryx, Imp Familiar1 x  Adramelech, Lord of FireEnchantment2 x  Agony1 x  Arcane Corruption2 x  Chains of Agony1 x  Death Link1 x  Enfeeble2 x  Ghoul Rot2 x  Marked for Death2 x  Rust2 x  Brace Yourself3 x  Nullify2 x  Block2 x  Vampirism1 x  Armor WardEquipment1 x  Demonhide Armor1 x  Moloch's Torment1 x  Ring of Curses2 x  Sectarus, Dark Rune Sword1 x  Gauntlets of Strength1 x  Leather Boots1 x  Elemental Wand1 x  Fireshaper RingIncantation2 x  Defend2 x  Teleport2 x  Force Push2 x  Drain Life1 x  Drain Soul2 x  Dissolve
Total cost: 120 pts

My version of the Curselock - Sectarus and Sersiryx form the core pieces and a battleforge may help me to equip my mage! I added more Teleports/Force Pushs as usual to gain more speed. Blood Demons should trigger enemy guards and Adramelech is "the big guy" for when i am unable to handle a swarm and to create a "no go" area :D
If the enemy mage is solo as well I switch to ranged fireball-wand with fireshaper ring.

What are your thought? Less wardstones? Maybe add a bear strength and Mongoose Agility?
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