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Author Topic: Questions/suggestions regarding core set 4 and players with earlier Core set editions  (Read 1859 times)

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The 4th edition core set appears to be quite a bit better than the core set I have (I think it's 2nd edition, maybe 3rd).

Will there be incentives for players to buy the new edition if they already have an older one? Like different colored action markers? I already know there's a cool new arena board and extra copies of some spells.

Of course, what I'd REALLY like is to be able to "update" my current core set's card pool to the new edition's card list for a smaller fee. Unfortunately my core set cards are all mixed in with my expansion cards and it would be a huge pain to separate them all out again. Will the extra spell copies being added to the core set be available separately as well for those who already have an earlier edition core set?

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There will be extra copies of some spells as well as different artwork on some of the cards.

I'm going to buy at least one new copy just because. I also give core sets and expansions to people to get them into the game.
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