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Author Topic: Battlegrounds Domination: General overview and a look at all the cards!  (Read 1590 times)


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Hey guys! We thought you might like to see that we did a two part series on the new Battlegrounds Domination content.

Battlegrounds Domination: New Gameplay Overview
This one focuses on the new rules, new game mechanics, and all the ways that it's changing up the strategy.

Battlegrounds Domination: New Cards Overview
This one is all about the cards. Coshade runs through each of them giving some thoughts on how they'll with certain spellbook builds.
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Great work, Good Job! :)
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Some mistakes I've noticed in the first video:

-v'tar orbs cannot give you life, but they can remove damage.
-v'tar orbs CAN be turned back to neutral after the sslak guarding it is dead. It takes two melee attacks to steal an orb that your opponent controls: one to turn it back to neutral, and another to turn it to your control.
-a 5x20 arena is not possible unless you buy 5 copies of the expansion. There are only 20 tiles in the expansion.
-corrode pool does not do direct damage. Corrode pool deals a corrode condition to each non-flying corporeal creature in its zone. A corrode condition lowers a creature's or conjuration's armor by 1. If a creature or conjuration that has no armor receives a corrode condition, the condition immediately falls off and deals 1 damage to that creature or conjuration (since armor cannot be below 0)
-5x4 is only one possible configuration for an arena using tile zones in the domination expansion, since the tile zones are separate pieces. They don't actually come as a 5x4 arena. In fact, 5x4 isn't mentioned anywhere in the rules. The actual example 2v2 arena that is shown in the rulebook is shaped quite differently. It has 14 zones total: 2x6 with two zones added near the bottom left side and near the top right side, with a secret passage connecting them.
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good work
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Thank you to Coshade, Intangible and everybody else at Arcane Duels for their hard work, not just on this, but on providing consistent content to the community! Hat's off to you guys!
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Does arcane duels have a donate page?
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Hope you guys liked the review! I had a lot of stuff to cover and not a lot of time to record. Can't wait to get one for Academy as well! I'll talk to Intangible about getting a donation page up.
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