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Author Topic: Ninja! Mage Wars style! (outdoors game)  (Read 1498 times)

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Ninja! Mage Wars style! (outdoors game)
« on: July 13, 2015, 08:00:53 PM »
Ninja, Mage Wars style!

Note: No one wears shoes! That way no feet get hurt when stepped on.

Unlike regular ninja, each player has their own life stat determined by their choice of mage

Warlock's life stat: 2 hands and 2 feet.

Bloodreaper: on their turn, if they haven't already, a warlock can reduce their life stat by one hand or one foot to bring their bloodreaper into the game, standing next to themself in any direction. The bloodreaper's life stat is two feet. The bloodreaper player has their own separate turn from the warlock. If the warlock is eliminated the bloodreaper is also eliminated. If the warlock wins the game, their bloodreaper wins as well, even if the bloodreaper was eliminated previously in the same game.

Priestess: Life stat: 2 hands. Every three rounds, during her turn, she can regain one life of her choosing, either a hand or a foot. In a "double team" game, she can do the same for a player on her team instead.


Life stat: 1 hand and 2 feet. Cannot use their feet to attack.

Pet: 2 hands and 2 feet. Cannot stand or walk on their hind legs. Is removed from the game if their life is reduced at all. Can summon up to two pets per game.


Life stat: 1 hand and 2 feet.

Voltaric shield: can eliminate use of one foot or one hand for one round. if so, that foot is immune to attack until their next turn, or until their life is reduced by at least 1 hand or 1 foot. If it is struck by an attack, that attack is considered a miss.


Life stat: 1 hand and 1 foot

Force Pull: during her turn, she can make a hand motion like a jedi using the force to grab someone. If so, at the end of their next turn, the target of force pull MUST be nearer to the forcemaster than they started, and their move must accomplish this or they will be disqualified.


Life stat: 2 feet

At the start of the game, select a real plant organism in your general vicinity that is easily noticeable by all players and declare it as your tree bond. You can subtract 1 life to increase the life of the tree by 1, or vice versa. (the life of the tree is the number of times the treebond must be touched/tagged in order for it to be eliminated. A player cannot use the same body part to attack the same square foot area of the tree two rounds in a row.

At the start of her turn,  a Druid can summon one player from outside the game to up to five feet away from her, as a vine marker. A vine marker can't move (can't change their location/position), but they can either attack or summon another vine marker from outside the game. Immediately after they attack they must leave the field. They can be summoned again next to the Druid in a later round.

life: 2 feet
can recruit up to three players from outside the game to be his soldiers. These players must all do what the warlord tells them to do, and only one of them can slap a hand or step on a foot in a single round. All of them get a turn to move however.


Life: 1 hand

Necromancer's 1 hand is treated like 2 life. It must be hit twice to defeat him. Other hand is a dead hand that is not allowed to be used for anything. Must declare which  hand is the dead hand at the start of the game.

Players who the necromancer defeats become a part of his team and must slap/step any enemy player within reach. Max 3 undead. Excess undead players are either eliminated from the game completely or can replace another friendly undead player.

Hope you like it!

You can see the original ninja rules here:

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