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Author Topic: Board Game Demo Day. September 5th, Toledo OH  (Read 1324 times)


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Board Game Demo Day. September 5th, Toledo OH
« on: August 30, 2015, 09:43:00 AM »
Event will be hosted at The Toledo Gameroom. 3001 Sylvania Ave. Toledo, OH 43613

On Saturday, September 5th, from open to close, we will have various board, card, and role-playing games hosted to try, for free!

all such games will be 10% off that day
every game you personally demo will be 15% for you
every game you personally demo earns you a raffle ticket for the drawing of random free games

 If you wish to demo a game, or need more information, contact KC at

 The list of games available to demo so far are:

 Formula D -- 3pm to close
 Imperial Assault -- Noon to close
 Star Realms-- 2pm to close
 Zombicide-- Noon to close
 Cthulhu Wars --- 11am to 3pm
 D&D 5th ED* ---- 5pm to close
 Among the Stars-- 1pm to 8pm
 King of Tokyo-- 11am to 5pm
 Kingdoms--- 11am to 5pm
 Mage Wars--- 2pm to 8pm
 Age of Sigmar-- Noon to 6pm
 Dino Race-- 11am to 6pm
 Civilization-- 3pm to 6pm
 Legendary-- 1pm to close
 Rivet Wars--- 1:30pm to close
 Shadow Run* -- Noon to 4pm
 Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn 11am - close
 Super Dungeon Explore- 7pm- 10pm
 Heroclix- 5pm- 9pm
 Love Letter- 1pm- 4pm
 Betrayal- 1pm- 4pm
 Warmachine/Hordes 1pm- 4pm
 DC Deckbuilder 8pm- close
 Battletech Alpha Strike 11am - 2pm
 Forbidden Stars 2pm - close

 Also Splendor, Fluxx, Force of Will, Zombie Dice, Three Cheers for Master, and many more!
 More will listed as they are known to us.

 Don't miss it!