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The Mage Wars Academy Student Handbook


Sailor Vulcan:
This is the Mage Wars Academy Student Handbook. Below you can find everything you need to play Mage Wars Academy!

Buy it!

Arcane Wonders Online Store



Or at your friendly local game store

Learn it!

Mage Wars Academy Core Rulebook

Play it!

OCTGN guide

Tabletopia (Coming soon)
-Mage Wars Academy demo ver. on Tabletopia
(press ctrl+f, type in Academy, and press enter to find the link.)

Mage Warriors Network

Customize it!

the Official Mage Wars Spellbook Builder
(Still waiting on update to the card database to include Academy cards)

Watch it!

Arcane Duels

Sailor Vulcan:
This should be moved to the Mage Wars Academy forums

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